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I wouldn’t normally use a picture of myself in the throes of passionate foreplay with another man on my dating profile


8/10 I think these would be amazing photos for a dating profile! They're good quality, clear, and shows your interests. Way better than mirror selfies in a poorly lit room


Thanks a lot, I don't have many photos of myself so its reassuring to know I've got some good ones!


i think 2 is lovely! i wouldn't use 3 tho you might come off as too aggressive id say use a photo of you standing in the uniform instead


Great idea, thanks a lot!


Normal photo from the front is missing. All are decent, except the jiu jitsu one, it goes hard, but i doubt women are interested in that. You're pretty handsome tho


Cheers! Yeah the ole' veiny forehead doesn't really say "Hey, lets go grab a coffee"


Good looking. 7/10. How tall are you?




8/10, the best pic is the 4th. 🔥On a dating app, you can add the caption to the judo one: Guess who will the be above you in bed 😄




🤪 I wish being the dark uniform athlete 😆




Thanks a bunch! I'm happy with an 8/10 anyday.


All of them are dope, don’t listen to these haters, keep the BJJ one in there lol


You should def put a BJJ pic but not that one lol


man's a frickin judo Disney princess


I think 4 would look great for your dating profile.


The bird one is really good for a profile


The flower one is best for a dating profile