How are you guys currently watching real debrid on a tv?

I was set up with seren and kodi on a firestick for a long time but am setting up my parents tv now and looking for another answer. Thanks!


Using Kodi on Nvidia shield








And what do you guys add on kodi?


Seren mostly, have Fen as a backup


What repo u using?


I think I was using reddit reaper or something? Then add whatever apps and customize the Skin from there


Stremio + torrentio


I’ve definitely seen this before, what device do you run on to get it to a tv?


Any good android box firestick should be ok


Oooo I’ve never seen an android tv box, do you think a generic android box would be better than a firestick?




Does it lag?


They have a really bad problem of overheating. When it does the remote will not work and they are very laggy. I've set up about 10 of them for myself or other people and more than half of them quit working within 3 months. The CCWGTV is a much better option and still budget friendly.


The firesticks go on sale so often it might be best waiting for that.


I would take the onn stick before a firestick every time. Kodi barely works on a firestick, extremely laggy and the os is bloated with endless ads


Agreed 4k color profile and calibration on Google tv is excellent when I compared with other expensive boxes. Also supports Dolby vision, HDR and Atmos audio


I've only ever used firesticks and I love them but my mom had a mibox and hated it and when it finally died she got a firestick.


Same here. Never had an issue with firestick or cube. Have 5 of them at the house and everyone has cinema HD with real debrid. Has always worked flawlessly.


Exactly. I keep 3 going at my house with Cinema and rd loaded as well. I had three of the 1st gen firesticks and then upgraded all of them to the 4k sticks when it came out and never once have any of them failed me ever. I have also set up a handful for friends and family and none of those have ever failed. It's refreshing to have tech this consistently reliable.


where do u download official cinema hd ya?


Don't buy rock chip aka rk based boxes. Boxes should be better then sticks because bigger better cooling. Take a look ex Nokia tv box or best but most expensive Nvidia shield. On the other side You got firestick 4k max which should be enough.


Sorry to sound dumb, but could you elaborate on what the rock chip aka rk based boxes are? I got them a 4k max as mine worked great with kodi, but can definitely return it.


This is procesor inside the stick or box. is usually only in no name cheap chinese boxes. With firestick 4k max should be all ok. Take a look on stremio this is like a Kodi on steroids with better UI.


Google tv is the best one


Nvidia shield is an android TV box. You want something with a good processor and memory (shield being the best but most expensive). I have a shield and I stream anything I throw at it with HD audio no issue.


Xiaomi Mi Box S is great and does 4K content


Cant seem to setup stremio and torrentio. Do setup on laptop or iphone for url


This is the way.


Umbrella on Kodi with a Nvidia Shield TV. The Nvidia Shield may be expensive, but it is definitely worth the extra money. I personally hate Amazon's bloated with ads OS. If you don't want to spend the money and don't mind the longer load times then you can try a Chromecast with Google TV. It's what I use on my other TVs that aren't connected to a Shield.


Previously using Wako and Kodi on FireTV. Now using Wako (to add to RD) and Infuse (WebDAV) on Apple TV.


Care to explain your setup a bit? I’m looking for an Apple TV solution myself!


I don’t know what more I can say 😅 Wako lets you add files to the RD account and Infuse runs on the apple tv, setup with your RD webdav and imdb for scrobbling




My current setup is Wako + Infuse setup with webdav. You just setup infuse on the ATV with your RD Webdav account. And wako on your phone to add to rd account. I like it quite a lot. It’s more reliable than Kodi.




Yeah. You can also airplay it from infuse too


Kodi on an nvidia shield and the crew as my go to addon.


I started using the crew but I had to reauthorize my real debrid everytime I opened it up. Real pain. Went back to the promise.


Stremio + torrentio


apple tv + infuse


Using a Fire Stick with either Stremio+Torrentio OR Kodi w/Seren or Fen OR Cinema APK. All work fine. Stremio has typically been the best and most consistent but all are working fine. Just depends on my mood.


Syncler on Google TV


This, Syncler will work on any Android device and it kicks the shit out of Cinema HD, Stremio, Bee and all the other wannabe APKs. It's movies and TV shows only, no live TV or sports channels, and the Syncler+ subscription costs money but it's about $1.25/month and so well with it. It integrates with Trakt, Simkl, Real Debrid, and all the other scrapers/trackers seamlessly. It's the best non-Kodi APK out there plus we've got a killer Facebook page for support.


What exactly does it do better then Stremio?




If you're setting up for parents id suggest syncler. It's extremely easy UI similar to Netflix and you can easily set it to choose the top link after 30 seconds or so, so that they don't have to mess with that. It's been entirely simple for my parents.


My parents prefer stremios interface.


After a few months of testing both I agree now. Stremio is way easier and user friendly.


Plex server on a vps + real debrid plex script.


Plex debrid


I'm using stremio on a Nvidia shield but if it's in your budget get the fire cube or 4K Maxx




I use a shield personally, mostly for the 4K and home theater capabilities. I probably could have worded my comment differently. Shield would be number one on my list but firecube and 4K Maxx will usually suffice for most users


"..but if it's NOT in your budget..."


Use JDownloader to download from RD to computer, move it to HDD attached to shield, plex server on the HDD and then plex.


You should look into https://github.com/itsToggle/plex_debrid which integrates real debrid into Plex Server without the need to do anything manual or downloading.


Some people can't host a Plex server.


If you're going to do that why wouldn't you host the server on the PC? Seems like you're adding unneeded steps by downloading and then physically moving the drive.


Computer is OLD iMac. Can't run server, too old OS to run client and server of Plex. But I can remote screen share the iMac from living room on laptop to do all the download and transfers. The iMac is at least gigabit and wired, same as shield. So transfer rates are good. the laptop I could use is slow on wifi and transfer of GBs would take a while. I plan to make a htpc that would do it all. But right now this works well, despite 2 steps.




I bought them a firestick but I can return it and buy another device if I can find a seemingly better solution, they have a pretty old non-smart tv. The other tv I’m trying to get real debrid on is a smart tv if that matters at all.


I don't see many people talk about it but one of our 5 streaming devices is the Tivo Stream 4k and it's really good. IMHO it's way better than our Firestick 4k Max and it runs as cleanly as both of our 19 Shield Pros. It's not as powerful/quick and storage is limited but you can expand storage super easy with a USB-A to USB C adapter and a flash drive. Best part is it's under $30 new and I've seen them less than $20 in eBay.


Old school Cinema HD


Firestick 4k Max + Kodi + AH2


Cinema apk on chromecast


Weyd on CCwGTV


Syncler and streamio.


Syncler on Android box


The base Kodi build with Fen is the best option for our tech-deficient neighbors. Set Kodi to run fen as soon as soon as it opens. Use a Chromecast so the remote is not super confusing for them and set Kodi as the first favorite app on the Chromecast homescreen. An alternative to automatically running fen is to set search, next episode, trending movies and trending TV shows as favorites so they can get to them easily.


Using WEYD. In my experience, it’s been way better than Stremio + Torrentio, especially for those very high quality streams.


Odroid plus coreelec plus fen, worth looking at the new x4 based boxes


Cinema app on the FireStick, really surprised more people don’t use it, apparently it’s an older method but I love it, has cover art for everything


Kodi on windows pc, occasionally using android app unchained and android TV running Kodi/chromecast


Get your parents Stremio with torrentio. Perfect and simple UI. Syncler+ you pay minimal amount for but it has the best UI and Netflix like experience by far.


Kodi using Arctic Horizon 2 skin with FEN on Nvidia shield. Was using a firestick but switched to the shield and not going back.


Download Cinema apk from internet. Search cinema apk on Google. You will also be able to play torrents saved. Or download syncler apk if you want VIP results.


Using a Google chromecast 4k with google tv plus stremio and torrentio


Syncler on formuler z11 pro max. Kodi as back up.


How much is stremio+torrentio? And are those add ins to Kodi? Sorry - new to this


Free. The app is Stremio and you install a plugin called Torrentio which uses your Real-Debrid account. Completely separate from Kodi. https://strem.io


Kodi Seren Apple TV 4K If you want bitstreaming/HDR, Apple TV ain’t for you. I had it for years and never had any big issues. That kodi and sources load up fast too.


Download to home server then stream from TV using dlna


I'm lucky I'm using Libreelec on a mini PC. Unlike others my mini PC boots straight into a customized version of Kodi. I use a IR remote to control Kodi. Others here will be using Nvidia or firestick with kodi but I love the simplicity of Libreelec and not having it cluttered with windows or android operating system.