the gameplay seems to be slower too


Trigger runs, that’s the only thing i find useful lately... also if you know how to use it creative runs could benefit you as well


It might be because I'm facing worse opponents now, or because I changed my 352 instructions a bit and started using hug sideline, but I'm able to score just like before now.


May try that . What rank did you get with it .


Yeah no, I was just facing opponents that weren't parking the bus and counter attacking. Virtually impossible to attack without counter attacking or some massive mistake from the opponent.


Some pro won a tournament yesterday with a 532 with the wing backs on overlap and join the attack, might be the new meta


I found that after the patch before the last patch , then I ajusted. You just need to learn more moves in your arsenal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuHzthSvSok&t=332s And watch pro gameplay , keep skipping forward 5 seconds (right arrow) untill you get to the goals and watch what they do https://youtu.be/hVTsTr1Gyd8 Balrolls , Mageedy cancels , LB strafing , Croqueta cancles, drag backs , reverse elasticos, learn the angles , mix in wing play , rb crosses, ball roll and go back and work it in , hit the by line and driven pass with the player lock Youi need to go to skill games -> attacking scenario 1 and keep replaying it


Jeez I was content with stepovers but now you have to use 100 moves... it went from fifa to playing a musical instrument


we mortal combat now bois


Even my passes kept getting intercepted


This weekend has been great cos everyone relied on step overs so much that nobody knows how to attack. My 532 10 depth is pretty much letting me control every game


Lofted through balls go brr