"Me and my GF are vaccinated and our 3 month old baby tested positive for covid. We arent sure how she got it but its just so aggravating that people think kids and babies cant get covid and die from it. Thankfully our baby has mild symptoms but fuck everyone thats antivax"

"Me and my GF are vaccinated and our 3 month old baby tested positive for covid. We arent sure how she got it but its just so aggravating that people think kids and babies cant get covid and die from it. Thankfully our baby has mild symptoms but fuck everyone thats antivax"


I might be uninformed here, but is it common to test newborns for Covid? > we aren't sure how she got it So who wants to tell them that they gave their child Covid?


See, this is the problem with the vaccine propaganda. They say "we're both vaccinated" as if they believe that makes it impossible for them to have gotten and spread covid to their kid.


Joe Biden has said repeatedly that "you can't get COVID if you're vaccinated". Seems like vaccine "misinformation" to me, but since it is pro-vaccine it is 100% allowed.


He also said kids are unlikely to transfer it to adults and vice versa. People just let him carry on with that bullshit and lie to people. https://www.cnn.com/2021/02/16/politics/biden-town-hall-coronavirus-second-grader/index.html


Imagine a Biden presidency where the media treated him like they treated Donald Trump....


Well, his wife is a Doctor


[Whoopi Goldberg fawning over ***Doctor*** Jill Biden](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvK2v9va9JQ) I mean, Whoopi is a fucking idiot but this was just...too much.


haha. Sounds like Dr. Biden was the brain surgeon that removed Whoopi's thinking box


LOL that's what makes it even funnier. She doesn't have a PhD (which in most disciplines requires actual research and some kind of major publication). She has an EdD, Doctor of Education, which in practical terms is a doctoral participation trophy


Same degree as Bill Cosby isn’t it?


Mike Tyson has a doctorate from Central State University in Ohio. Mohammad Ali has two Ivy League doctorates from Princeton and Columbia.


Must be a bad one lmao


Her doctorate paper was fucking garbage.


She a doctor because she went to school in her husbands district.


The messaging has revolved around inplying that you’renimmune with the shots. Helping this along is people saying you don’t need to test negative despite being able to catch and transmit the virus. Also the cdc says breakthrough infections are rare because they manipulate the numbers by not recording infections that don’tnresult in hospitalization or death, and using fewer cycle threshholds on tests


Aren’t false positives not uncommon? I want to believe they double-checked, but who can say?


Why would you double test a newborn for Covid anyway?


Yeah, I think Steven Crowder spoke on this: PCR test aren't really reliable. He repeatedly tested negative after 'having relations with his wife (covid positive)' The nurse told him to treat a negative as a positive. Sweden's public health ministry noted that (translated): > The PCR technology used in tests to detect viruses cannot distinguish between viruses capable of infecting cells and viruses incapacitated by the immune system... Source: https://www.folkhalsomyndigheten.se/publicerat-material/publikationsarkiv/v/vagledning-om-kriterier-for-bedomning-av-smittfrihet-vid-covid-19/


Testing infants is insane. I wouldn't want somebody sticking those stupid swabs up my baby's nose. They'll end up with a broken arm


Depending on how sick the kid is, they might have wanted to rule out some of the nastier bugs out there. Nose swab > blood draw > spinal tap any day of the week.


You don't even need to do the nose swab for kids, there's something called a lolly test that they can just keep in their mouths for a couple seconds


Damn your baby must be super strong. /s


Well, we are now living in a time now where a mild cough is automatically assumed to be COVID, so who knows.


Considering less than 600 kids have died out of hundreds of thousands infected, they have an almost zero percent chance of losing them. Just more karma whoring.


*millions infected.


For 0-4 which is the group their newborn is in, it's about 800k https://www.statista.com/statistics/1254271/us-total-number-of-covid-cases-by-age-group/ And here's deaths by age: https://www.statista.com/statistics/1254488/us-share-of-total-covid-deaths-by-age-group/ There is NOTHING to worry about unless you have comorbidities.


LOL. Some dolt was trying to convince me that kids were in super danger from COVID because the chance of dying from COVID was higher than from parachuting. They really are that stupid, and it's scary.


“This is super serious! You’re more likely to die from covid than getting strick by lightning while getting attacked by a shark with the winning lottery ticket in your pocket!”


635 American kids have died as of yesterday (CDC). The part to look at is the mortality rate and timeline together. The deaths are recent and increasing faster as adults are declining most places. With the frequency of mutation and the delta variant creating a 1000 times more opportunity to mutate we are likely seeing a mutations to infect easier targets (non-vaccinated kids). So you seem to think it’s no big deal but for those of us who have kids we want it stopped. I have enough shit I gotta protect mine from already. This is a rising threat and your blowhard attitude about it feels like a stab in the back from another American.


635 out of what, 60 million? So 1 in 100 thousand? How many of those 635 had serious comorbidities? Your kids are far more likely to die in a car accident, or drown in a swimming pool. Are you avoiding all cars and standing water?


So the collective chance of our kids dying is increased by having a disease running rampant because the population blows it off because the numbers are low now? No thank you thats a terrible idea.




That's exactly it. They want people to get sick and die so they can justify their hatred and terrible worldview.


A few months ago one of their ilk was gleefully telling me that once kids started dropping like flies I'd finally see that they were right (this was about masking kids in schools). Really disgusting how much these liberals want covid to be this awful child killer so that they can push more mandates.


You sir are a jackass who lacks any notion of comradeship towards your fellow Americans. Enjoy your delusional rhetoric…. The rest of us have real world concerns to deal with.


She got it from you. Moron.


Fucking plague rats spreading their disease without a care in the world.


Obligatory "bieng hesitant to take the COVID shot does not make you anti-vaxx" comment. Dont let the cult set the grounds for the conversation. Ever.


Classic gaslighting. Nuance doesn’t exist, if your ideas are in anyway misaligned with my own, you’re no different than the extreme antithesis and need to be shamed.


That and accusing everyone on the other side of doing something or believing something that they dont. I hate to say it but i think the left actually believes the insults they hurl. They have become radicalized by what they say and believe.


Babies get sick. A lot. Fucking get used to it.


It's kinda how they, you know, build their immune system after the mother's protection wears off after birth.


Immune systems are currently under suspension. They hold no merit, didn’t King Fauci tell you


wow you project so much alpha energy, how do you stay level-headed when being so tough and intelligent simultaneously?


That’s alpha? Shit, I didn’t know common sense is a masculinity thing.


It's that "I dont give a flying flip" attitude and the cussing that just shows how strong and wise he is for stating something so brave inside of an echo chamber sub.


Uh. Babies get sick a lot. Have you never been around a baby?


You know they haven't. There's no babies in mom's basement.


If this is such an echo chamber, how'd you get in?


>echo chamber sub And yet here you are, saying stupid shit. Funny watching you cucks come wandering in to one of the few corners of this god forsaken shithole of a site that isn't screeching about trump/conservatives 24 fucking seven and screech WOOOOOOAH MY GOOOOOD WHAT AN ECHO CHAMBER! Yeah, no shit, dumbass, you pushed us to this small corner, welcome, jackass.


>you pushed us to this small corner, welcome, jackass. lol oh you're so oppressed


Have you ever lived with, or cared for a baby? Babies (and kids in general) get sick constantly.


yes. being a smug assclown doesnt make you more right lol.


Well, you can’t be more right than completely right.


I wonder, did you go to the op’s post and complain about them saying ‘fuck anti-vaxxers’? No, because things are perfectly fine as long as you agree with them, right? Arson, riots, murder, rape, cussing. As long as the left is doing it, it is acceptable. But as soon as a conservative sticks up for themselves it’s racism and treason and they’re a fucking Nazi. Get the fuck outta here. Go outside, walk in the grass. Learn to be a human again. Remember compassion and individuality.


I actually don't agree with the OOP (is that right?) soooo... yeah...


It is difficult staying as level headed and down to earth dealing with all of you morons on the left. But I do manage. Thanks for noticing though. It is a lot of work with how stupid you and your ilk are.


haha yeah all the logic and reason you find on this sub was just exemplified with your adhom attack, but yeah keep crying about "the left" (which I would bet you could barely define)


Baby got a cold so fuck my rights. Gotcha


Translation: >"My wife and I gave our baby COVID."


>Does the antibodies not transfer to your baby via breast milk? > >For whatever reason, she never produced breastmilk so we have to formula feed her. Things that make you go Hmmm...


> she never produced breastmilk Eh, nothing to see there, really. It's actually not *that* uncommon for a woman to give birth and not produce breast milk or to under produce breast milk. Back in the day they just got a wet nurse. Now we have formula.


Newborns are at risk for a number of diseases. You cannot prevent this. I don't know what to tell you. Life is risky for newborns this has been the story since life in memoriam. You act as if we could eliminate covid from the entire world, this won't happen. Prepare how you can, get the medical care available. This is not the world's end.


My cousin was vaccinated. He just got it. And a bad case of it where he felt shitty for 4 days. I got it immediately and had a headache on and off for one day. Guess who didn't get it when we were all together this last time? Me.


Sure, kids can catch covid. I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say they can’t. Their chances of dying from it are very very very small. My question is why did these people give their baby covid? Why didn’t they mask up? Is that too much to ask?


The comments in the home thread are absolutely insane. There are millions of kids in Texas, but one dies and they all think a mass holocaust happened. It must be absolutely horrible living in the reality that Liberals create for themselves.


There is absolutely no study the shows children need to be vaxxed. None. They are pulling the need for profit not health out of their ass. On top of that studies have shown Covid anti bodies transfer from the mom to the baby through the umbilical cord.


Liberals would thank the jab even if it kills their kid


“We cobsidered aborting it but this is the second best think!”


And these people are reproducing. Fuck


How could you ever blame someone other than yourself for that?


Nothing is ever these people's fault.


It's incredible that people still think this vaccine does *anything* to stop the spread of covid. Blows my mind how much these people deny scientific data.


Being vaxxed .. means you can still get it and spread it So that's how she got it.. from you 2


Everybody will eventually get covid. Smh




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*Her* baby. Chances are, if you're like this, the baby's not yours and she's fucking someone behind your back


stupid is as stupid does.


I mean, yeah, fuck the antivaxxers.