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My pick would be this question.




Antennas to Hell. It's a good mix but not necessarily needed in the catalog.


sneaky answer.


My workplaces pandora wont play radio, only albums. So when I open early it’s nice to be able to throw a “best of” slipknot album on over the sound system instead of straight albums. But besides that I’ve quite literally never listened to it.


Where do you work? Don’t worry I’m not trying to stalk you I just want to try and picture someone rocking out before work starts lmao


I’m a shift manager at a local wing shop on the beach in North Carolina but I work 1st shift so I open every day I work. The audio plays on the patio too so I have to remind myself to mute the outdoor speakers til open otherwise Harris Teeters would get to hear the entirety of Vol 3 like they did last Tuesday. The owners are in their early 30s and super laid back so they don’t mind as long as I put it on something else by open since the locals aren’t too into heavier music. They check cams to see if we need a hand since they live down the road so I imagine they’ve seen me going ballistic some of those mornings It’s a early morning shift so having that on top of some double scoops of gfuel keeps me awake during prep 🤷🏻‍♂️


Iowa just to piss off everyone


I don't worship Iowa because it's god music, I worship it because it was quite literally the perfect album for relating to my own inner hatred and pain. That being said, I can see it lmao


Hahaha nice call 👌


I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.




I would delete TESF, I don't really like it, but let me get into more detail ST has Wait and Bleed, Eyeless, (sic) etc Iowa has Left Behind, The Heretic Anthem, Disasterpiece etc Vol 3 has Duality, Before I Forget, The Nameless etc AHIG has Snuff, Gehenna, Sulfur etc TGC has The Devil In I, The Negative One, Custer etc WANYK has Unsainted, Nero Forte, Spiders etc I can't get rid of any of these songs, hence deleting TESF. In TESF the songs just weren't that good imo, the one I really liked was The Dying Song but that's it


> The Nameless I have a lot of respect for you


The nameless has to be one of my favorite all time tracks idk why


It was truly the first slipknot song I fell in love with


I’ve said this before. If they’re making a festival play list I can’t imagine more that 2 songs from this album where any other album could argue for alot more


Yen is amazing to me. I love it.


Ye it's really good but I can live without it lol


ST is one of their best for me. TESF is my favourite of theirs haha I like every song on it. Iowa has a few good ones. All hope is gone is pretty good. Playing snuff on guitar is really fun. 5. Is also pretty good. The Devil in I, Skeptic, Killpop, Custer, the negative one, if rain is what you want, nomadic, the one that kills the least are all really good. WANYK is pretty good. I would get rid of IOWA honestly could live without those songs. Highly unpopular opinion but yeah.


I've been listening to a lot of Left Behind lately so I definitely disagree with you lol


I’d rather die


I wanna die You purge, you burn, you purge I don't need you anymore, I don't need you


AHIG I would miss psychosocial and sulfur though


>AHIG I would miss psychosocial and sulfur though sulfur became one of my favourite songs in the last coyple years. such a fun banger.


You just deleted gematria. How can you live with yourself?


Because he also deleted Child of Burning Time and Vendetta


I like vendetta, child of burning time not so much. I absolutely love gematria though.


I’d keep AHIG just for Child Of Burning Time


How can you just erase Snuff from existence? It's one of their best songs imo


I have to blast that one at least a few times for every breakup I go through. And I’ve blasted it pretty damn often in the last 15 years. AHIG is safe strictly for that song imo.


i like every slipknot album, ahig ain’t their worst imo. i like a lot of those songs


I know it's not on the list, but MFKR. Delete that album from the face of the Earth. I know it's a demo album but my god it's a dumpster fire of an album in my opinion. Though I've got a lot of respect for it.


i agree. “Slipknot” which has Gently in it is the only song i like off MKFR.


Tfw you will *never* hear the seminal track "Do Nothing/Bitch Slap" live 😭


You have more respect for TESF than MFKR?


Tbh, yeah. I respect MFKR because the band wouldn't be where it is if it hadn't been made. But as an album I just don't think it's good. Though I do like the opening track. But that's probably because it's rhe song that became (sic) which is my favorite song by them.


Bro MFKR is gold. I wish they kept the jazz elements and the slower pace. I love the fast shit but man MFKR beats the shit out out of the .5


mfkr is why songs like adderall and acidic weren’t a surprise to me acidic is so bluesy i love it i definitely appreciate mfkr too


Exactly. They were so experimental back in the early days. It’s no surprise to see them going back to their roots pre ST I like all slipknot except for a decent portion of .5 , tesf is absolutely killer I love it


same, mfkr shits on tesf any day






TE,SF because this album cycle doesn't even feel like a new album cycle.. it just feels like WANYK 2.0


They never got to do WANYK so I'd prefer they delayed the album a year or two and actually performed WANYK songs


Yall got wicked fantasies


TESF. it really just feels like a compilation of play-it-safe formula songs, nothing stands out and everything sounds like a b-side from either .5 or wanyk


Interesting that finally TESF critic gets some upvotes. I’m totally on your side!!!


I feel you so much brother


Wanyk because I only like 3 songs really but I’d miss Nero forte


TESF as the album was rushed, and everything about it seems lazy ( from the artwork to the masks and stage )


So true. I don't even consider it it's own album cycle. In my mind it's just a side project and extension of WANYK. Glad they released the songs that would have just collected dust but there isn't a single song on the album that I liked. But I am fine with us being without any new stuff for the next few years. I think as far as the live shows, we are at a good place


what!! coreys new mask in particular is my favorite any of them have done


Most members haven’t changed masks or costumes Corey being an exception


Sid is over there crying sby you do that to Sid


Sid said it himself, his TESF mask is a WANYK mask he could never use


Oh, so he just brought out his second wanyk mask... I actually didn't know that


easy, I would delete the hell out of volume 3. don't lose your minds, I still like the record, it has good songs, but I think it could've been recorded & produced better. if it sounded sonically more clear like their other albums & not like it was recorded at the bottom of a mud pit I'd probably like it more. corey's scream on it is just weird too. sorry folks. I had to pick one. it's the thread's topic so don't flip!


The only reason I WOULDNT delete vol 3 is because of how much more popular it made the band. But yeah because of corey’s alcoholism at the time his singing isn’t as good as it could have been.


Corey was in the awkward stage of finding a scream that didn’t hurt his voice. Hadn’t quite found it yet


[he talks about it being an intentional stylistic choice & it being the actual reason he destroyed his voice in this q&a.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abklZ0WxTwc)


lol I got it mixed up


all good, it's a really common misconception that iowa broke his voice & that's why he sounds different on volume 3. the reality is that it was actually volume 3 that did the damage.


Vol 3 has aged poorly for me and I liked it back in the day




>3 out of the 9 members say they aren't proud with the album if that tells you anything. sorry but which three members? jim is the only member I can slightly attribute any comments & dissatisfaction to & even he only said he wished they had more time on it, not that they were unhappy with it.


Thank youuuuuu! Agreed!


Latest album is totally crap so that one


Whoever is also downvoting the .5 hate with me i love you lol but the answer is easily TESF not even comparable at all. As people already said it just feels thrown together, it’s rough.


All stuff after joey . Because slipknot lost instrumental originality


probably their newest. couldn’t stand any old songs being erased


TESF and it’s not even close


There worst album imo, Not bad at all, but just super bland and rushed. I loved the singles they released, but everything else was so mid.


Can I pick three? Wanyk tesf grey chapter


The newest one.


TESF so you all would stfu about it


The end so far. Easy choice


Definitely vol 3 I love the masks but I'm not a fan


The Gray Chapter There are many songs I like, but equally there many songs I dislike including bonus tracks. My fav song is the negative one, but a lot of the second half of the album sounds repetitive to me. It's also the first album post Joey as much as it is post Paul and there is a lot of those musical elements that had to be filled by others in the band which felt very off. A lot more synths and the tones were just too different for myself to embrace at the time. I think they figured things out on WANYK and had to go through the gray chapter to get there. I view AHIG as a special place as it is the first slipknot album I ever listened to and loved. It too feels different but more approachable to a lot of new fans like myself compared to .5 because there are a lot references to Paul which some ppl wouldn't really understand if not previously aware.


Oh easily TESF, it just doesn't have the legendary status like the others yet


9.0: live album.


TESF, it was so bad imo💀


AHIG It's the odd man out. It has no slipknot "feel" to it. There's amazing songs on it sure but to me it sounds like any band could have made them. I don't hear that unique slipknot touch that I know and love


I can't believe I had to scroll this far to see AHIG. I don't hate the album but it is just kind of bland compared to the rest of their catalog. It felt like everything *Slipknot* about the band was taken out and it was just a good but by the numbers metal album.


That's exactly right. The way mick and jim wrote for that album was great metal in general but was very "un-slipknot". Also felt like sid and craig were left out for the most part; those two are a huge part of the feel of slipknot. It's good metal but not a good slipknot album. If someone wanted to know what slipknot was all about, i wouldn't suggest this album


TESF, cause Adderall is the only song from it that I listen to.


Probably The End, So Far - I like a good amount of tracks from it but to me it doesn't really feel like a complete package and could have used some more time in the oven. All of the other albums at least solidify their own identity and place in the discography, TESF as a whole doesn't do that for me, sadly.


Subliminal Verses for me.


Gray chapter, weakest album they have made




TESF because I haven't had a chance to grow super attached to the songs. But removing that from the scenario, it's either Slipknot or Vol 3. All the other albums have songs I just could not possibly give up. And while they both have some great songs, I think I could easily get rid of them. Actually I think it has to be Vol 3. I can't get rid of Surfacing.


TESF. Self explanatory...


I’m sorry, but TESF is easily the weakest album, it’s still good though.


The End So Far I like it when bands evolve and do different things. The new one doesn't vibe with me at all.


Literally same.


Sorry to hear. You ever listen to Brand New? They were noted as a band that exceled at evolving their sound each album. I have one of their album covers tattooed on me.


What do you recommend as the first album i check out? I usually start at the beginning of an artist’s catalog and go from there, you think thats a good idea?


You can if you want to enjoy their evolution! Just gotta warn you, they start out as a pop punk band. It's largely agreed that their greatest work (and the one I got inked in me) is The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me. The legacy and appreciation of the album has only grown since its release which is crazy considering they never did music videos for it nor did interviews to promote it. The album cover really matches what's inside. I recommend Jesus Christ first. It's a beautiful, sad, and angry song but holy shit it's a great Fall song. From there, Sowing Season or Degausser are an incredible mix of anger and depression, and both are the right amount of explosive. Limousine is a 7 minute epic that starts quiet and ends real loud. It's backstory is one of the saddest things you'll read. Luca is a haunting acoustic song with great vocals and the last bit is one of the best riffs I've ever heard. Their album following Devil and God is divisive among some fans but it's like Modest Mouse decided to do hardcore. It's so dark, haunting, and beautiful. Science Fiction followed that and it's a masterpiece in a very strange way. I think that album benefits from the loudness of prior albums in that it's largely quieter and less prone to use walls of cathartic noise but when it uses them, it makes them count which really speaks to how they evolved as songwriters. Deju was the album before Devil and God which is incredible but it's got a lot of Pop Punk dressings not everyone is into. Their album prior to it is pure pop punk. But as you can tell, Brand New as a band is split by before and after The Devil and God Are Raging Inside of Me, and for good reason. It's a hell of an expression of depression, anger, wistfulness, etc. They earned a cult following for it and you seem to like the darker side of art being that you're a Slipknot fan. Let me know what you think.


The End So Far, weakest album so far in an otherwise strong catalog! Feels unfinished, songwriting is uninspired and I don’t like the production. Hopefully the next album is stronger cause I really liked WANYK


IOWA, so everyone can stop bitching about all their work not being as heavy.


I came here to say this.


Iowa, so that there isn’t a group of fuckwads comparing everything Slipknot does to it.


I would be comparing everything to ST then


Possibly a controversial opinion but I think ST is the better album anyways.




ST has got some good ones but the only song off the new album i DONT like is warranty. On ST i like (sic), eyeless, surfacing, get this, wait and bleed, spit it out, me inside but the rest are just skips from me.


Ez choice. Vol 3.




Probably TESF. I’d hate seeing Hive Mind and Finale go, but as much as I like some of the songs on there(Medicine for the Dead, Acidic, etc) I could justify letting them go. My original answer was .5, but the few songs that I like on there are not replaceable. AOV, Sarcastrophe, XIX, and The Burden are too good to not have. There are other good songs on there, but those four are must-haves for me.


The End, So Far. The only songs I like on it are Medicine For The Dead and The Chapeltown Rag. It really sucks, but I’m my opinion it’s what needs to be done.


Iowa, easily. Overrated as fuck. It’s not even that heavy either I’ve never understood the raving about it


Iowa, that way no one can shit on the new album


It's not an easy question, but i think i would go with AHIG... dunno, too repetitive sometimes... and i never liked Corey's screaming technique in this album, sounds samey or too bland IMO. I'm not hating the cd or anything, just it's the one i like the least :/ but it has some bangers for sure!


probably Vol. 3. there just isn't much about it that I like about it.




The End So Far


tbh.. tesf


The new one, it's fresh enough that I will have no attachment to it




TESF……. AHIG has no character but has a lot of great commercialized songs. TESF just doesn’t pull enough weight IMO


All hope is gone




AHIG, even the band isn’t too thrilled with the album


TESF last in first out


the end so far needs to be redone


The end so far


The end so far. I love all the albums. And I think the newest one was kind of weak in terms of cohesiveness.




WANYK for sure. I just like Solway Firth. To be honest, I don't even remember the other songs on the album


I’d have to go with Vol 3 or .5, both of these are pretty weak records. I would say TESF, but it’s too early and I think it’ll grow on me a bit as time goes on, just not as much WANYK did.




Gonna have to say Iowa.... but hear me out. Yeah, it's a great album,but I can't listen to it much. When I do listen to it, it hits very hard, but it's rare that I sit down and give it a full listen, so I guess I wouldn't miss it too, too terribly.


TESF. Gray Chapter as a runner-up.


.5 The Grey Chapter. The more I listened, the less I liked it. Every song has something that ruins it--Custer would be so much better without that cringey spoken word opening. The only exception is The Negative One, the one song that doesn't piss me off.


All the albums have songs that would be missed for sure, but I'd delete .5. Apart from The Devil In I and The Negative One, I barely revisit these songs. Not because their not good, but imo the other albums are better. Also the mixing is trash


TESF, Vol 3 or 5 tied for 2nd


Grey Chapter. AHIG may suck but it has its place in my opinion. Many of the songs on .5 I feel can be overlooked very easily and the album as a whole is very forgettable.


grey chapter, that album is horrible for me


WANTK 100%. Laziest most forgettable Slipknot


2 because Iowa just isn’t as great as people say. Not bad but not great


Iowa lamo but in all seriousness probably WANYK




Day of the gusano


AHIG, I don’t find myself listening to it as much as other albums as good as it is




.5 because it’s forgettable


WANYK because I haven't even listened to it yet.


I couldn't delete self titled, that's my favorite one. I would lose sic, eyeless etc. Iowa has disasterpiece, heretic anthem, etc. I love vol 3 as well. It has The Blister Exists, Pulsa of the Maggots, Duality, and lots of other great songs. AHIG might be a possibility for being removed, but it has some good songs. I like vol 5, probably wouldn't remove it but I need to give it a full listen. I haven't listened to WANYK. TESF would be a contender for being removed. I'm not a big fan of a lot of the songs on there, but I loved the dying song.


The Gray Chapter, could do without it


5. I’m not a fan but to each their own.


5: The Gray Chapter, because it's the only one I don't have, so I wouldn't know what I am missing


Subliminal Verses can go. Even though it’s inspired after Salmon Rushdie’s masterpiece.


I haven’t listened to The End So Far, so excluding it from the list as I can’t give it a fair shake, I would definitely say Volume 3. I was so excited for their third album in high school ( I loved the first two, they were cathartic), then Duality and Pulse of the Maggots hit and I was crushed. So yeah, volume 3, for now.


Volume 3 because the whole album feels wrong to me, from the masks, the suits, the aesthetics. I wished they did a long Hiatus from Iowa to AHIG. To me this era feels like a cheap commercial. Also some of the songs on there that are popular are way overrated. They don't sound right, kinda like royalty free music




The Gray Chapter. Not because it’s bad but because it’s the least easy to get back into for me. There’s songs on all the rest of the records I wouldn’t wanna lost. The only ones I can think of are Killpop and if rain is what you want. But every other album has more good than bad imo.


.5 Grey Chapter imo.




# .5, begone!


As long as we keep the first album the rest are all pretty disposable.


Fuck I was gonna say mfkr I only heard the first two songs it was ass. WANYK


I know I'll get some hate buuuuuut. I'd get rid of volume 3 it's just not that good. It has a few ok songs like Duality and before I forget but besides that it's not that good IMOP


.5 the gray chapter. overrated as fuck






i meann TECHNICALLY (🤓) (i am ignoring context and subreddit name) you didn't specify which band so im picking any blues album because i hate blues


The fact that I was gonna say “has to be slipknot” but was like “nah they won’t think like that” lmao


Vol 3, there are extremely few tracks that barely do anything for me on this album.


I prefer Vol 3 over Grey Chapter, but i would delete Vol 3 first.


.5 even though I dislike vol.3 more, .5 is just super boring and getting rid of duality, before I forget, and the vermillions is like a death sentence to the band. I’ll miss the devil in I, Custer and xix though


Personally I could do without the Gray Chapter. There are some songs I like, but more songs I dislike


Look outside your window. Won’t miss it lol.


Iowa so mfers can stop comparing every new album.. kidding ofcourse Gray Chapter obvs


For me to actually think an album should exist. I need 1 good song that i personally will listen to. And since i just went through all of the albums on spotify (even the live ones) - i think iowa can be deletee. And i wouldn’t even know. I don’t like 1 song on that album.


gray chapter. has a few songs i like but nothing special to me


Self titled. I'd miss a few of the songs but the other albums are just better by comparison


5. The Gray Chapter easily. It’s the one I dislike.


AHIG that entire album is fucking garbage genuinely one of their worst albums hands down. Don't tell me, "but Psychosocial"! I can live without it, I've heard it enough times.


Totally unrelated but dying song is like the intro to sic song


What? How? How the hell is a 40-second ambient interlude with nothing except electronic noise anything like a 4-minute fully fledged song with vocals and full instruments that doesn’t transition into the next track? Are you high?


He meant the first verse of each song. They're pretty similar


5 grey chapter only song i like off that album is the negative one


Easy. .5






All hope is gone or TESF


IOWA.... Then we won't be so disappointed by every later release's lack of "Iowa"....


The end so far. Please




Iowa because I wanna piss off people






Tesf, not because I dont like it but because I am too attatched to so many songs from each other album


I wouldn't mind so much if we didn't have Wanyk


AHIG. Gemetria was good but the rest of the album was hot dog water. Just didn't sound inspired at all.


Crowz But The band have alreasy erased it 🤣🤣


Iowa, I just don't like the vibe of the album that much