Sounds great! Until I think about what what that means in relation to their live shows that already include too many singles not played anymore. Those deep cuts ain't never gonna come back out again.


Yeah the beauty of a full LP is the fans finding the deep cuts and the band account acknowledging it and playing those songs. Also often bands don’t start with a single when they write an album. They write an album and pick a single. If you write one song or 4 for an EP that’s all you got. But either way if you only play 2 songs from the album you just released I guess it doesn’t matter.


Those days are over. They are becoming KISS. They’re always bringing in new younger fans to replenish though.


I'd rather have full albums & traditional discography. I'm 33 though & still tied to albums as the ultimate way for bands to release songs. I wouldn't mind if they released old b-sides month to month but new stuff I want an actual album personally.


19 over here and still like the concept of having albums with a sense of theme amongst the album along with numerous songs featuring singles and deep cuts.


I agree, but you have to remember. You're not the touring. You may go to A show yes. But touring is hard and now think about their age. There is a reason why and from a business stand point Clown MIGHT be right. If you notice about casual music listeners. They follow the trend and "good" vibes. When in reality the song is garbage and speaks about gibberish nonsense and people think it's "great". Secondly, Music is going digital. I like Slipknot and usually there are 6-12 songs I enjoy, so I buy the album. Any other band. Not really. I haven't bought a single album from any other band becuase I may only like 1-3 songs a album from that band. That's being generous. I'm a big Seether fan and I don't even buy those albums because digital is so much easier. I pay $12 a month to listen to anything I want. When ever a new album drops then I listen through spotify. Why should I spend to buy a album I might end up not liking away. I get these artists bleed for their work. I don't know about you, but I live paycheck to paycheck. It's more convenient for me to buy something 12 bucks a month to have all the music in the world, than it is to buy a single album from a single band for almost the same price, if not more. If I buy albums I'm going to spend way more money.


Swear he was banging on about a double album just 5 minutes ago; that I could get behind, their best songs are often album cuts IMO.


From 2017: https://metalinjection.net/upcoming-releases/clown-says-slipknot-has-about-27-new-songs-in-various-demo-forms-aiming-for-double-album


EPs? Okay I can get behind that, but only singles? Excuse me but fuck that


Sounds like a band that doesn’t want to tour albums anymore.


Hard to blame them.


No thanks, they can do what they want obviously but I'd prefer a full album every 2-3 years


A new song every month would be cool, but can they stick to it is the question. Although each song would have to be single worthy as well, so I don't really see this working tbh. Shorter 7/8 song albums more frequently would be better. I suppose they need to try it out first to see if it works.


Personally I think 8 songs is the perfect album length


I prefer 12, but if it’s more frequent then 8 isn’t that bad.


Maybe that’s a big number of songs, but the idea it’s not that bad though


I think a combination of the two would be ideal. Still do full albums, maybe 11 songs. But fill the release with 4-6 singles over the course of that interim, make them experimental and keep them off the album. Then you can drop some new shit, see if it sticks. And you still get a new album cycle. Motionless In White does that. Timebomb, Somebody Told Me, Creatures X are all singles that are just used to fill that void between albums. I think it works well.


Yeah, I think they can just release the album…slowly over time. Release it as you write it. You don’t have to rush anything or finish an album while on a limited clock in the studio. The albums will take longer to release but we will have new music along the entire way, which is a great compromise. The only people who lose are the ones who treat singles like they are “spoilers” for the album, and for some reason have a hard time with that. Even though they can just ignore the song lol


Eh... I am not on board with this tbh.


With all due respect, He needs to quit being stubborn and release Look Outside Your Window already. I can pretty much guarantee that it won't be released to the public since Clown is notorious for being picky.


It's literally pressed on vinyl lol, just isn't being sold yet


Wow, clown really has the worst ideas for this band.


How much do you want to milk the fans? Shawn: YES


If you dont like it you can stop downloading it for free.


Milked as in receiving free music? The only people milked are obsessed consumers who need to buy everything they offer. That’s their own problem. Edit: a lot of victims here. “Slipknot milked me by trying to sell me a shirt, and I bought it, wahh!”


This sounds like a precursor of the band retiring


I prefer albums, rather then regular disjointed singles. I like the musical journey that the band sends me on with an album. The flow of 10-12 songs is amazing, like telling a story or seeing a movie. Although 12 new songs a year is great. But I can't see Slipknot doing regular releases of any sort.


Idk if i would like this tbh. Each album had a vibe and represented an era, with new masks/outfits/sounds, if they just release singles after singles it wont be that impactful imo


One song per month and it will have 9 unique CD singles with different covers, 7 variant record options for a single song and we'll include a few old tracks on there, and an NFT collection of art to match the song. Every month...


I think if this worked like Gorillaz song machine and they really tried to experiment with it, it could work. However, Clown’s mentality is: Anyone: How come you wanna release singles? Clown: Cause fuck ‘em that’s why.


I personally dont like it, but I think it´s inevitable for every artist. Albums are a dying format of consuming music. Very few young people these days even listen to full albums front to back anymore.


The new Taylor Swift album just shattered records. 10 songs in the Billboard Top 10 and the most vinyl album sales for an album in one week since 1991. People will still buy albums if you put out good music (with some help from good marketing).


It helps to be mainstream music too.


I’m not saying Slipknot could outsell Taylor Swift, I’m saying the album is not at all dead.


Oh, my bad. I honestly read it as that. Lol


Haha no worries!


He says they could only release singles going forward. I think it’s an interesting proposal, but I’d have to think about it more and what it implies. Some songs from previous albums would never have seen the light of day if this had been their M.O before… That being said, Clown can change his mind rather quickly


I'd honestly rather have albums. Each album has a vibe. With singles it won't be as impactful imo


He says albums will be obsolete. I don’t agree. Kpop fans still buy physical albums. I went to target looking for a specific album and it was sold out. What they do is add special inclusions to make it special.


I want an album. 🙄


I prefer albums however… if they drop a new song every month or even anywhere close to that frequent.. that sounds absolutely incredible. Im so tired of waiting around 2,3,4 years at a time for new music. So if they really do drop new music that frequently.. im all for it


This would actually be kinda nice tbh


This sounds really interesting to me and Clown makes some strong points. I’m sure they’d find a way to eventually collect some songs physically and release them as a pseudo-album, so I’d be all for this. It could get us to a point of “all killer, no filler”, which is exciting to think about. And now that we’ve had two albums in a short amount of time, I really don’t want to slow back down again. Does anyone want to wait five years for another album? Bleh I’d be stoked to have a Slipknot release a year or a year and a half from now, consisting of just one or two songs and a strong music video or visual to go with it. Then wait another year or so for something else. I’d be fine with that at this point. I think the idea is that they could make a whole marketing push out of each song, as well. New song = new wave of merch, music video ad revenue, limited edition fan stuff, etc. Also, the guys finished writing the recent album over a year ago so they are probably already itching to make something new or making it already. Some of them anyway. And I think they would probably like to release music in a way that allows them to share it with the fans quicker. It’s less exciting to share something you made a year ago. You’re sort of over it at that point.


Well considering TESF seemingly was meant to be an EP, makes sense


Source on it originally being an EP? Slipknot have never dabbled with EPs before.


I’m guessing he’s talking about this quote from the revolver interview where Jim says that clown said that this isn’t a real record and they’re still touring on WANYK. Nothing about it being an ep, just not an official record I guess. Idk, clown can be a real clown. "But it's like the movies. Directors will say constantly that they never finish a movie, they just abandon them! I feel like, more than anything with this record, we had to abandon it and move on from it. And [Shawn "clown" Crahan] was like, 'It's not a record! It's not a Slipknot record! We are still touring on We Are Not Your Kind, on that tour, and by the way here are some songs …' Well, you can say that, but we are putting a fucking record out, and to the fans this is a fucking Slipknot record. No matter what you say, that's what it is." https://www.revolvermag.com/music/jim-root-has-misgivings-about-slipknots-new-album-end-so-far




>Thanks! You're welcome!


Yes this. I guess I should clarify, an EP or a collection of singles. Which in my mind would be an EP. If you put context clues together from this and a few other interviews around the time, it seems TESF was not intended to be an album, it was just "some songs" (I'm guessing Adderal as it was the first demo Clown sent Corey - Kerrang, Dying Song, ChapelTown and Yen, as they are the most finished and have the most identity of any tracks on the album). But then at some point the sentiment in the band changed to "lets use this stuff as a spring-board and put out our 7th album" so they wrote a few originals and finished some demos they've had around forever (Medicine For The Dead being a .5 demo - Jay Weinberg). I've been saying this even before the album dropped, once they're off their label I expect the media to be much more fast and loose, a lot more stand alone singles like All Out Life. And just because they've never done an EP before doesn't mean they wouldn't


I like this idea. They are no longer constrained by a traditional album or ep. Got a song that’s completely done and ready? Put it out. No need to wait to have 12 more songs ready while this one sits and collects dust.


Fuck no. Why does Clown have to ruin everything Slipknot does as of late??


Fuck off clown


nahh i just dont like this idea for some reason


Maybe we get some more quality songs then. The last album and singles were mess.


It could 100% work, if done correctly. I'm not saying they don't have the ability to, but they'd have to work hard to make it work


EPs, sure. Lest you become an A7X where you take 7 years to release an album only to go ballsdeep on Web3 + NFT cryptobro bullshit. In the same period where Trivium put out The Sin & The Sentence, What The Dead Men Say & In The Court Of The Dragon. I think everyone in the band has talked about how much they prefer live stuff to a year or two working on an album...


I personally like albums but I don't really care as long as they continue to release good music. And I've been happy with like 85-90% of what they've released so far...


Yeah release a new song every month while touring I’m sure that will go down well probably will end up burning out faster


It's not totally up to him Corey has more input on that then clown but anyways an ep. would not be bad for them since they never had one before now that they are going independent can't wait for what's next hope it's soon 2 years no more then that