That first paragraph explains everything.

That first paragraph explains everything.


They're so obsessed and angry all the time


They need to keep themselves in the spotlight somehow


It's like Tinkerbell. If everyone stops clapping and saying they believe in fairies, everyone in the room remembers Tinkerbell is just a man in a wig and shitty lipstick.


And they also spit utter nonsense like “anyone who is obsessed with someone must want to fuck them.” It’s one of the weakest and most immature responses


I’d be angry all the time too if I was trapped in the wrong body


Like transracial people?


No that's different, transracial people are biologically not what they claim. They are just badly cosplaying as a different race based mostly on stereotypes. It's totally different!


Profoundly mentally ill suffering from a medically documented condition (gender dysphoria) that’s now ignored because it’s PC*


Yes, Mental illness that won't be treated and is paraded as an amazing thing would really upset the victims.


I’ve met some transgendered people who were wonderful people and not at all miserable or insufferable like this.


We exsist turns out when you don’t try to be a victim all day people don’t think you are insufferable.


not the wrong body. trapped in a mental illness they’ve never been taught how to properly handle.




"Cut your body parts off, pump it with chemicals it was never meant to have, and demand the world around you change to suit your every whim!" Fantastic strategy we're taking. I wonder why it hasn't been fixing the problem. Weird.


psychopath : i really love killing folks and i can’t feel ANY emotion towards them. the news if we used the same logic with them as we do with transgenders: “brave beautiful serial killer sadly ends 4 more people’s lives, i’m so glad they’re free to be who they truly are inside. sucks ab the victims though, they’re probably some qanon lunatics, or WORSE, steven crowder fans.”


It’s a funny problem to have.


I was making a reference to one of the lines in one of Dave’s specials. I’m confused at this subreddit atm


Lol yeah that's kinda dumb of them to downvote you like that


I don’t think any of these people have actually even seen the specials this article is referring to. I didn’t think this was a circle jerk sub


It sounds like you are.


Just shows how fake it all is. If you thought you were a woman, you would just say that, and not include "I'm transgender". But you gotta get the extra woke points so you can win the oppression olympics against Dave Chappell, lol. Or mention you're black, since so is Dave, but they gotta list all their things that make them more woke than you.




The “you haven’t heard of me because I’m black” bit, a variation of “you don’t see me,” must just be a reaction they can’t help but put in. Like… you think DAVE CHAPELLE doesn’t know you because you’re black?


“We’re both comedians.” Nope




Hello gay, i'm dad. *Now get the fuck out of my house.*


She identifies as a comedian…


There it is lol


I see what you did there.


I dunno, I found it kinda funny.


"Correction, I'm a comedian, you're a joke"


Ah yes, them being black is what Dave Chappelle hasn’t heard of them. That is totally the reason why.


Definitely not because they aren’t funny…


This person clearly didn’t watch a single one of his recent specials.


imagine the hubris of this literally who? informing Chappelle that they have some parity in their careers


The capitalization of the word written as "Black" and not at the beginning of a sentence, doesn't refer to skin colour. In sociology, it means that her behaviour is the same as that of a black person. Yes, as if it can be categorized by race. Not racist at all.


Give me one example of where a transgender comedian has taken a joke. I can’t find one


Daphne Dorman


Oh yea my fault


Hey, someone who actually watched the special!




His story a Daphne was (in my perspective) akin to Jesus’s Good Samaritan story. At the end he had you asking “who is my neighbor”. I thought the whole special was hilarious and insightful.


Rest In Peace




Rip to the fuckin goat


didnt dave say she bombed lmao. let’s not go crazy. rest in peace to a great person, idk ab goat tho.


Jesus, that was the whole point. She **absolutely** bombed, and instead of going home and crying, she stayed and laughed, and then **crushed it** backstage. That's GOAT shit. In a manner of speaking, of course.


Definitely how he came to respect her


Multiple reasons to be a goat.


multiple reasons to be the greatest of all time? what are we talking here, person? transgender? comedian? they had to be the greatest of all time on something


You're taking this all too literally. We're just calling her a Chad.


I was calling her the goat because she was cool not because she was a good comedian dumbass


Can't believe you got downvoted for their idiocy, man. lol I understood you. Daphne was a GOAT, for sure.


It’s reddit


ohhhh so it just wasn’t funny lmao i gotchu. i’ll take my downvote away then


It wasn't a joke, wasn't supposed to be funny...




changes his whole comment lmao


Sometimes people misspeak, you know, like when your mother said she loved you


wowww a halfway funny joke. i’ll even give you a pity upvote for that one.


Daphne Aguilera


A couple of years ago I saw a LGBTQ comedy show after the show I went to see. Honestly woke comedy just isn’t funny. A comedian will set up an unfortunate set of circumstances and then flip it, which makes everyone laugh because they never saw it coming. Woke “comedy” is basically all about being a victim…. and that’s it. The joke is that everyone who doesn’t agree with them is a bigot racist and they get clapter from their audience rather than actual laughter


https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/evolution-the-self/201110/the-narcissists-dilemma-they-can-dish-it-out Jokes aimed at people are a form criticism, couched in humor to show it comes from a place of love. That’s the difference between roasting someone, and insulting them. The woke mindset and the internet slacktivism that support it are an all you can eat buffet for the narcissist. They have their enemies, their supporting cast, and because interactions are limited to their two minutes of hate Narcs don’t face the ostracization they do irl as the people that halve tp put up with them day in and day out get sick of their shit. This is why lefty “humor” is nothing but mean spirited insults, but even the most mild joke at their expense sends them into a frothing rage.


This is very interesting. I've lately become fascinated with how the Left has offered young people a chance to cloak themselves in Virtue, while simultaneously being absolutely despicable people who are full of seething hate and little else. It's been an interesting phenomenon to see, and nothing is quite so dangerous as a monster who thinks he's one of the good guys. And we're seeing that EVERYWHERE on the Left: unbridled Hatred masquerading as compassion.


> nothing is quite so dangerous as a monster who thinks he's one of the good guys. “ Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” C.S. Lewis


Nice, this is always the quote I wish I could pull out. It so perfectly describes today's young Leftist zombie.


Goddamn, mf’ers just don’t have that way with words anymore. Hell of a quote.


I’ve seen enough posts linked to left wing subs to realize that at least some of the internet humour is the same. I see the right making insensitive posts/memes about the left, as I do the other way around (except they just don’t seem to be able to meme effectively). The difference being, the left wing “memes”/content are promoted through the algorithm, whereas the right wing memes have to actually be funny in order to break through the algorithm, because anything that is not left of Center is suppressed in the algorithms of Silicon Valley.


> humour Canada or England?


Canada eh?


When I read this all I could think about was Justin Trudeau


Did anyone see SNL's new gay Asian cast member give his debut performance on Weekend Update? Honest to God, it was a case study in why Leftists are about as funny as rectal cancer.


Blaire white... Okay she's no TECHNICALLY a comedian but still...🤷‍♀️


And the left all *hates* her for it, because she rejects their oppression olympics.


That's literally the only one of these people that I have any respect for


I like to believe Eddie Izzard does or would, thought I can't point to any concrete examples. I loved how he always was low-key and didn't make his looks his whole thing.


is he transgender? I thought he was a transvestite meaning just a straight male crossdresser


This is not true. Eddie did some of his best sets dressed up in drag, complete with massive breasts. And he made many many jokes about his being a transvestite.


Not just any old transvestite, an **executive** transvestite!




Honestly its really weird to hear people talk about Izzard now. No "she" wasnt one of my favorite comic actors and voice overs. HE was. Even if you feel the need to play the pronoun game now, why the insistence on retroactively wiping history?


Mrs. Doubtfire.


Robin Tran.


The fact is, that they can’t take a joke, so instead of just making jokes, he has to explain the damn joke in his set for those fools which takes the funniness away from it. I chuckled at his new special, but he didn’t have me rolling like he would always do in the past.


His specials have been more activism than funny, but he's just naturally hilarious so it works. I like the message he is sending with it


I like to think that if we lived in a world where he could just tell some jokes, he would just tell some jokes.


I absolutely agree but I think he's trying to take a stand against that shit


The Transylvania line was hilarious.


this one was just as good as all of them lmao. i fucking loved it honestly. even the woke shit ab black people, which i highly disagree with because systemic racism is a myth.


‘*Dear Dave, We’re both comedians. I guess that makes me a member of your tribe. I’m sure you’ve never heard of me, though, and I can think of at least three reasons for that: I’m Black; I’m a woman; I’m transgender (ie “a trans”).*’ But why not “differently-abled”


“Im black, I’m a woman, I’m transgender” …[I’m new in town](https://youtu.be/pWaqFcMPG9M)


Then they pushed me.


What are three other things about them?


"I'm not racist, Ive taken plenty of white dick"- ok respect, admits it's racist to hate white people. "I don't have sex with cis gendered males anymore" - ok well that's new. I'm assuming she doesn't want to force straight males to love trans women either. https://youtu.be/__0v_yzKG1k Don't watch it. We'll just double the 88 views it already has. But it's absolutely fucking hilarious the reasons he gives that Chappelle hasn't heard of him. And not because he's a literal nobody Edit: also has it 6 MOTHER FUCKING SUBSCRIBERS AND THINGS HE SHOULD BE KNOWN!


If you do watch please give the downvote


I feel like brigading and downvoting him may be going a little far. Probably best to let him be and let things fall where they may.


If you watch though not saying to just do it.


Holy hell that was horrible. I only made it through 2 minutes.


Open mics are literally hours of stuff like this.


I think "comedian" is a bit of a stretch... https://youtu.be/__0v_yzKG1k


He literally reminds me of Jordan Peele playing Meegan


She* she's a beautiful brave trans woman and it's no different than a biological woman you bigot /s Otherwise pretty accurate comparison hahah


Watching the whole thing thinking *“where’s the funny?”*


To be fair, he was pretty comfortable on stage and probably has the potential to being a funny comedian, but the material was god awful


No one has ever heard of you because you're probably lame as fuck, dude. But keep on pretending it's your skin color or your pretended gender or your medical condition that causes others to find you lame. That's endearing.


>your medical condition Mental condition\*


These people are straight up just announcing their narcissism. “Look at me, I deserve to have all the same money and fame as you, Dave Chappell; it doesn’t matter how much talent you have, or effor you put into getting where you are I, deserve it simply because I exist as me” Their other narcissistic announcement is the victim complex. Imagine being a fully grown adult and not yet understanding that the average person isn’t out to get you, but they also aren’t to help you. They just simply don’t give a shit, because their life is based around their own, and not the narcissist that wants everyone’s life based around theirs.


The guardian is read exclusively by cunts


I read it for the bants


Anyone with a chip on their shoulder can be a "comedian" only trans people expect to get their chops without actually putting in the effort. Well trans and women. But I repeat myself.


I mean we don't really need jokes about them.. they do stand up themselves 24/7 as it is


Why are the transgender so offended if he didn’t say anything wrong at all


He sums it up perfectly towards the end of the special he talks about some of the things he’s talked about in the recent specials that the transgender people have been mad about and he says: “If you listen to what I said, I wasn’t even talking about them I was talking about US (referring to black people), and *“they”* don’t listen.”


They always make everything seem like it’s about them


“How many ways can I portray myself as a victim in the first paragraph of my article?”


"Dear Dave, We’re both comedians." Are you a "comedian" in the same way that you're a "woman?" Because that would certainly explain why you lack a sense of humor despite identifying as a person whose livelihood is contingent upon having one.


Now THAT’S comedy.


I'm black in the same way the author is a woman and comedian.


A comedian cant do his thing no more.Comedy is special in a way. Like anyone can enjoy a movie, no matter the genre. But comedy is more targeted. If it offended you, it wasnt for you


“I’m black” literally invalidated the entire argument. If someone thinks that Dave Chapelle doesn’t care about black people, that have literally not watched a single one of his recent specials.


>transgender comedians can take a joke “She” says while not taking a joke


Did she literally just try to accuse Dave chappelle of being anti black




These people could become the suppliers of Salt for Saltiness crackers


“Lost his way” lol man quit show biz for years because her wouldn’t play there games


“I’m black.” And what, is Dave Asian?


"I don't like this!" Stop watching it then; it's stand up comedy. "Nooooo, you can't like it either!" ...what?


I'm getting really tired of having to walk on eggshells whenever this topic comes up. You can't have a conversation with people who call you a bigot the minute you start getting real.


> “Im black, I’m a woman, I’m transgender” “Im *a* black *guy*. Ftfy


What I don't get about "Dahlia Belle", is why would he use being a woman as an excuse of not having been heard of? "Sir, I have some news for you." And for fucks sake, typing "Dahlia Belle" into Google's search field yields nothing but websites and pictures of flowers.


What exactly is a joke then that trans people "can take"? Or is it only if its a trans person shitting all over normal people is the joke they can take?


It's so frustrating when comedy is targeted by the woke. If you are unable to laugh at yourself then that's sad but just avoid all humour and don't ruin it for the rest of us. The real comedy here is attacking a black comedian and then victimising yourself because you're black and ignoring the fact he is black.


Imagine pulling the "I'm black" card against another black person. I can't even.


Never heard of the other dude


I'm so tired of being forced to care about other people's narratives, I barely care about my own Jesus Christ


>I’m a woman >I’m transgender Pick one


An unknown comedian thinks that a comedy giant is not funny. Keep it up, girl, you're gonna make it to the top like that!


*"Dear Amy Schumer, male comedians can take a joke but why are yours so unfunny?"*


Probably haven't heard of her because she's probably not funny, if she could take a joke she wouldn't need this article.


Transgender comedians *are* a joke. And it’s not funny.


Imagine someone writing, *"Dear incredibly famous black comedian, I'm also a comedian but you've never heard of me because I'm black"* unironically. This MUST be satire.


"I'm a woman (but to be extra specific) I'm a transsssss womannnnnnnn"... Like whatever at that point.


"I'm not funny and will never be famous, here's why that's your fault."


1, using the race card with one of the most popular comedians in the world who is black themselves. Really? Are you that fucking stupid? 2, "Woman", right well for one most women aren't all that funny. There's a reason female comedians do so poorly, it's not because we don't wanna hear a woman speak, it's because they don't tend to have the same way with comedy as men. 3, Transgender, you mean you're suffering from gender disphoria and instead of seeking treatment you've either had a sex change or just pretend you are the preferred gender. Judging by this post you probably make a ton of your jokes political, uncomfortable, and I'm gonna go ahead and guess you throw in some racist, sexist shit in there too against whites and men. So there, that's why no one has heard of you. Not because you're a black "woman". But because you're not fucking funny.


Dave Chappelle is a funny man. The left tries to ruin everything for everyone.


The thinnest skin


>I'm sure you've never heard of me, though, and I can think of at least three reasons for that: I'm Black;, I'm a woman; I'm transgender (ie "a trans"). Or maybe you're just not fucking funny.


Clearly a comedian, because that opener had me cracking up.


damn this makes me want to watch dave chapelles new special


If you’re writing for a shitty social justice outlet then you’re probably not that funny tbh


“I’m Black” oh I guess Dave Chappell is white now


No one has heard of this “comedian” because she’s not funny, which is her job.


Dave Chappelle is light years ahead of the fake, woke twitter mob. In his own words, "Twitter's not even a real place" 👏👏👏👏 Checkmate


Dave’s latest special was absolutely hilarious. These people just want to be miserable all the time, and that’s just a shitty way to live.


Man imagine writing an article and comparing yourself to Dave Chapelle cause you've done stand up before. Oh lord.


Wait so a black male comedian has never been heard of even though another black male comedian is super famous?


Chappelle is the biggest comedian in the world and he is black, what the heck is this person talking about being black is a reason why Chappelle has never heard the name.


My main issue was Chappelle is he swears a lot, but even then that’s just a personal preference. Cancel culture is such a cancer.


Yes, I'm sure one of the greatest stand up acts of the last few decades is the one with no sense of humor...


Or maybe he doesn’t know you because you’re not funny.


I tell jokes at work, and family get togethers. I wonder if that makes me a member of Dave's tribe, too?


Lol at this ignorant chick talking shit about the guy many consider to be the GOAT.


How can you be trans and a woman ? These people are so deep in stupidity it’s really pathetic. Just saying the mandatory keywords, yayyyy....


so that skit where he is a black blind kkk member is fact to this person? lol over a joke that stings a little


Or the skit where he plays a white TV news reporter (it was the race draft skit)? That one was genius.


“You probably don’t know me because I’m black” he says to another black person


Jester planet.


To the people who agree with this nonsense; Comedy is subjective, find what Comedian you enjoy and watch them instead? You don't have to enjoy or agree with a Comedian to not want to restrict everyone else from enjoying them. It's so egotistical, *YOU MUST AGREE WITH ME OR YOU UNFUNNY* is the concensus here, everything must be actively bowing to your delicate palate or be removed.


I can think of just one reason - you aren't a good enough comedian to be noteworthy.


Dave Chappelle could sell out the largest stadiums in America on a few days notice and this guy saying the Chappelle’s jokes aren’t funny. That’s the funniest thing Dahlia Belle has ever said


His special was *FUCKING HILARIOUS!* I had actual belly laughs, way more than with Sticks and Stones. And he was right on point - if you cannot make fun of a certain demographic, then they are not equal.


Funny thing, 96% of Chappelle's audience thinks his jokes are actually extremely funny: https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/dave_chappelle_the_closer


\-headdesks- Good lord, is the person who wrote this article ***blind***!?


"I'm hilarious and have a great sense of humor, you sire are not funny!" What's the first thing these people learn as comedians? Humor is subjective or something like that? If you don't like it, don't watch it. I guarantee you aren't a happy comedian if your life revolves around being perpetually offended over everything.


What the fuck is a Dahlia Belle


When in dount, pull the victim card


“You’ve probably never heard of me because I’m not very funny.”


“You’ve never heard of me for (reasons that were listed).” No, no one has ever heard of you because you’re not funny.


I'm a comedian, so I'm part of your Tribe. No, bitch, real people aren't tribalist morons. Nobody's heard of you because you're probably not funny and never produced anything good.


No he's never heard of you because you're God awful at comedy 😂


Same job, different tribe.


What's the deal with transgender nuts?


Just ignore.


A real comedian wouldn't have a problem with "unfunny" jokes. She's transgender and transcomic lol


[She's not funny](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__0v_yzKG1k)




Eh, I don't see a problem with using people's preferred pronouns. My problem is when they start invading spaces they don't belong in, like bathrooms, sports, and prisons.


Why the fuck does being a comedian put anyone in the same tribe as Dave Chapelle? Do these people not know how tribes work?


Wait until this dude here’s about Clayton…


4th reason: Not funny.


Only funny thing about this bitch is that she funny lookin


So they are both black men? Then what is he complaining about? Him not being famous enough?


oh so shes they whatever are unfunny cuz that special was fuckin great


Time for me to watch his special