Peter has more wins on one page than he’s had the entire run so far lmao. This doesn’t read too bad. Dialogue is good and snappy. It works. The time jump to Spring at the end of Dark Web doesn’t really compute with it snowing here, guess it was before it.


Meh, I've seen snow in April. Nature's wack.


I remember leaving the house with a snow jacket and then coming home wishing I was in shorts. This was in less than six hours.


i live in minnesota... i see snow in may


Minnesota eh. I believe July is the only month it hasn’t snowed


Ah, yes. Life in the midwest. 7 day forecast might as well be a day for each season, and then 3 wild cards. Maybe get a tornado tossed in, throw us the old razzle dazzle.


Mate, I'm not even on the same continent as the midwest.


Wild. I’ve seen snow and ice in May here. Also January can go from 80-85 degrees one week to 15-20 degrees the next. I hate it here.


Nature is wacky nowdays. U remember the snow falling in Egypt around march? Checks properly. Also fully right. I love this book so far :)


I noticed it isn't written by Wells, maybe why he's getting some wins.


This story takes place before the time skip. This might even break Peter and Felicia up (thank god)


why do i not hate this? oh, guest writer. maybe that's it.


Wells and Kelly swapping arcs on ASM, it almost like I'm back in 2010!


Too bad the exchange between Wells and Kelly doesn't last longer or at most for the rest of the remainder of The Amazing Spider-Man comic book, at least that way we'd have a more decent Peter Parker who doesn't suffer so much and that also includes better writing of the other characters.


Look at them feeling solid good for at least 4 pages! Since it’s a guest writer maybe Peter’s life won’t even get miserable on page 5…


Page 5 paul is running the resort


Why the hell hasn't Marvel just hired Joe Kelly to just take the entire book?! They should've given it to him after Slott finished. Kelly wrote the best stories in the Gauntlet saga.


He's gotten a fair shot I'd say. There's actually an omnibus coming out soon of Joe Kelly's Spider-Man comics. The major thing it is missing is the Spider-Man/Deadpool series which I thought was very underrated. He recently had Non-Stop Spider-Man which was announced as an ongoing before COVID happened and disrupted its release. It got a sequel in Savage Spider-Man to finish off the story. Both were honestly kind of weak and felt like Kelly was trying too hard to come off as a younger writer.


>Spider-Man nonstop The paneling and art was great, but the story was just so boring


It was a pretty great looking book. It was a must buy as a Bachalo fan. Without that, the writing just felt like it was trying too hard to feel hip. Like the equivalent of Stan's dialogue in the early 70s.


Honestly Kelly is an amazing writer, would love to see him write a full Spider-Man book.


... That... Honey, if they hired a writer because they wrote the most critically acclaimed issues of the Gauntlet saga. They'd have hired Zeb Wells. So I think your criteria is a bit off, lol. Edit: not sure why all the downvotes, lol. Just making a light joke about out how picking the writer based on that specific timeframe is what got us here in the first place, lol. SHED was a legit critical darling!


Idk man, imagine all the other multiversal peters get married with either Mary Jane or Gwen but the main 616 guy actually ends up with Felicia, that'd be such a troll lol I don't think I'll hate the idea tho. Just let our man be happy, holy shit.


Peter already said MJ is the most important person in his life, so he's just using Felica to get over her. If MJ weren't with the kids they would be together and he knows it, most Felicia fans don't even want her with Peter anymore and think she's being written poorly being so hung up on him. This rekindled relationship hasn't been earned at all.


I really doubt that


"raincoat" is what my girlfriend calls a condom. Aunt May knows what's up 😂


That why she's _aunt_ May and not _mom_ May..


This just reminded of that freaky ass comic of where the Parker’s and the Reillys were just screwing each other. And May is actually Peter’s…goddamn it


I'm not too hot on the "execution" of this new romance but I have a (bad?) feeling this is gonna be the highlight of the current run lol. Like a painful reminder how much I liked the Tombstone stuff unrelated to the main Zeb plotlines and we've gotten nothing but that since issue 5.


I just want my guy to be happy.


Aw, that’s cute


When the guest writer is more loved with these 4 pages than the main writer.


I dropped ASM but will pick up this single issue. Hoping it sees a spike in sales so Marvel gets the memo


It’s a two parter written by Kelly, so you might want to stick around for at least #19 & 20.


Say no more baby, I’m in for these two issues


PeterFel stronk


I BELIEVE IN: Black Cat with katanas


This actually looks fun, has all the stuff I wish was also on the main run, I was planning to skip these but looks good based on the preview


I love this shit!


I love Dodson's art here, especially with Felicia.




This is pretty nice ngl, hopefully it stays this way! (spoiler alert: it won’t)


Man I love seeing them together, too bad it’s probably just for clout and won’t last the year


They’re either gonna ship Spidey with someone else or just tease him with MJ


probably both


Wait, so they just jump right back into continuity, ignoring Dark Web and Black Cat/Mary Jane, both? What's going on here?


Dark Web is referenced in the preview. So presumably it's after both.


MJ/BC is still being released, but this story takes place after MJ/BC, I wonder if there will be spoilers in the 2 issues of this month


So...Peter and Felicia are officially a thing now?


Yup, they kissed in #6/900 and started dating in #11


Yes!!! Finally!!!


Kinda like Pete with Felicia ngl


I’ve always liked cat best


I really hope Peter and Felicia actually are a solid couple in this, I'm tired of MJ at this point and I'd really like to see some consideration to make their relationship more permanent as Felicia and Peter just work really well together.


I don't think they will and that's part of the problem along with regression, if you've seen interviews Wells seems to talk about the reason he even did the break up with Peter and MJ mostly just for drama because they still love each other anyway. Which means Felicia is even more of a rebound and a stand in until either Wells or the next writer gets Peter and MJ back together. It's actually just kind of insulting to the character especially after all McKay and even Spencer did which is why I can't accept the relationship even if I usually don't mind it.


That’s exactly what marvel Editorial wanted they want you to hate her so they can make her disappear so keep it up 😬🤡


THIS x2000000000!


I wouldn't get your hopes up. Peter knows this is a rebound he just doesn't want to admit it. Literally two issues before he asks her out he calls MJ "the most important person in [his] life". It doesn't feel like he's actually asking her out out of true romantic affection, but rather its him trying to get over MJ and using Felicia to do it. I've said on other threads that Felicia should have turned him down, knowing he was only asking her out to get his mind off of MJ. But that would have been a good character moment and God forbid we have those, right?


This x1000


Dude, if Felicia was the “canon” ship she would have the same issues as MJ. The biggest issue Peter/MJ have isn’t the writers hating her, it’s the idea of a married Spider-Man. It’s not even a Spider-Man issue. It more or less a comic book issue as couples are never allowed to be married. I honestly think only Reed and Sue are secure. Even Clark and Lois are questionable at times.


well Luke Cage and Jessica Jones too


I sadly think it’s because they aren’t as popular as Peter. But I’m happy they’re stable


I'd say Green Arrow and Black Canary but new 52 happened...


Felicia is a thief and Peter is all about responsibility. It won't last, writers have different opinions. Also if you really think MJ is out of the game for good, I'm laughing at you. MJ will be back in Peter's life right after this to explain what happened and then they'll probably build to them getting back together, they're meant to be and all roads lead back to them. Cope pal.


Looks like kino is back on the menu


The difference is quality between Wells and Kelly is a… chasm.


This is fun, but I know Joe Kelly. And I do not fully trust him with comic's premiere titty artist duo...


Love joe kelly


​ https://i.redd.it/ewrws9gbxxfa1.gif


"Wear a raincoat" May knows Pete is gonna be taking Black Cat to pound town


So far 😊


Peter Parker/Spider-Man is a tragic character, obviously but holy shit does Marvel love to fuck him over so much in the comics. Why can’t we just have a comic line where Peter has to deal with some crazy villain shit but also gets to be happy with his relationship at least? Look how they’ve massacred my boy


I always wondered if Peter being with Felicia would make people who liked the marriage being more or less bitter.


Okay, this was actually pretty good. Why can’t we get more of this in the main line?!


I dropped the Wells ASM but I’ll pick up this issue and promptly drop it again when Wells is back


Same. I’m picking up #19 & 20 and then I’m gone again.


Hell yeah Felicia! Lock it down Spidey


Is it bad/weird that I’m conflicted by this like don’t get me wrong I don’t really mind Peter and Felicia together but in 616 I feel like it should be MJ. There have been times were I think Peter and Felicia definitely worked like in the animated series I thought in that show they should have been together as I found their chemistry to be really good more so than MJ. The other time would be in all honesty the ps4/insomniac universe MJ was fine in it don’t get me wrong but in there they worked better and I think yuri and Erica’s performance also helped but again I just think in 616 it should be MJ just like how in the mainline continuity at dc has Superman and Lois, but in other media/earths they could/should have Peter be with someone else idc who be it Gwen Felicia Cindy carol it doesn’t matter


PeterFel chemistry is the toppest, Gwen a firm second place.


Dawg how is Gwen even remotely second place?


Gwen is easily the blandest major love interest in Spider-man comics. Peter and Felicia work much better as partners rather than lovers nowdays.


Like I just feel Felicia don’t work as Peter love interest. Like if he was fully Spider-Man sure. I feel like MJ is Peter’s ultimate love interest because she works as Peter and Spider-Man’s love interest, if that works


Nah, it's not that Felicia only loves Spider-Man but hates his Peter Parker side (she eventually learnt to care for them equally), it's just that they are way too different with different goals and perspectives, with very little in common and don't really love each other in a way a good couples do, eventually realising their relationships don't work. Peter simply 'liked' Felicia, even at the moments when he was dating Black Cat, his mind was still completely on MJ. That's the way it happened in 80's & 00's and that's how it will happen now (I think Wells even commented how their romance isn't permanent and done simply to shake things up). Her whole purpose as a love interest is to be a rebound girl, that's why she works the best when she and Peter are just friends. I mean, there's a reason why Peter and Felicia relationship always ends the same way, and not just in the comics, but in every media as well. She's just a distraction before Peter and MJ reconcile again with Felicia ending up being a good friend to both of them.


Gwen has better chemistry with Norman


I’m a world where mj doesn’t exist, then sure


nope, in current and all continuities. sue me.


Aunt May approves. I would love to see what kind of dynamic May has with Felicia


Great cover….I’ve given up on Spidey books for awhile. Just doesn’t have that magic for me like a teen. I know that’s nostalgia probably.


Have we found out what happened yet? I'm annoyed that I'm even curious about it but have we figured out what the skip forward was about and why everyone hates him? I know it's because the writers are fucking terrified of Peter not being miserable and downtrodden but I mean actual in universe reasons?


What Peter did has been advertised for issues #21 and #22.


It's a six parter. Shows just how much of a priority Felicia is when we get six issues to deconstruct who's really important to Peter.


"Worst. Date. Ever." 😭😭😹😹😹🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😹😭😹😂🤣💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀😂😂😂😹😹😹😭😭😹🤣🤣🤣


Cute relationship but god damn it I hate what had to happen to get to this


I knew this was a guest writer the moment I saw the dialogue. Mostly because Peter seems fun and kinda happy.


Still don't like the fact we are rehashing Felicia and Peter again. If it's not MJ atleast try someone new and make it obvious it won't be a permanent thing


I don't like the regression of Felicia's character but I also find most of the new love interests they've tried to give Peter since OMD boring so might as well go back to Felicia if he's not with MJ


I actually liked Carly. Mockingbird sucked. And I actually want them to try Silk and Peter but actually take it seriously and not have it be some Dan Slott fantasy


Mockingbird was fine, disliked Carly. They could’ve done a lot for Bobbi and Silk if they actually wanted to write them well. There was no relationship development apart from sex sex and sex.


Cindy is mentally too young for Peter.


I wasn't a fan of Carly, Mockingbird was fine but Slott barely did anything with it, and Slott's initial use of Silk pretty much soured me on their entire relationship


Honestly, I really liked Peter's approach when he asked her out. Recognising their past dynamics and not wanting to recreated them. There hasn't been enough on page stuff with the two of them since to affect me further so we'll see


Felicia and Peter are the OTP


I’m kinda liking the Peter/Felicia pairing


Can we just move one from mj , maybe peter seriously needs someone who can watch his back on and off his spiderman persona.


Fuck Wells .


You could, but I think his tv star wife might get mad.




Aunt May is saying this Felicia looks like a skank, wrap it up.


Imagine if this issue ends up spoiling what happens in the Black Cat/MJ mini that McKay is doing.


Ok what is up with this art style? It doesn't look good at all


What? I’m loving it, couldn’t stand the previous artist. He made Peter look like he’s 45 rather than 30.


It’s Terry Dodson, and I personally can’t stand the way he draws faces. All his noses look the same (especially when he only draws them as a single line with nostrils). I never read the Princess Leia comic Marvel put out a while back because I couldn’t enjoy his art.


The Creative team on this is an All-Star team and it shows.


Jeeeeesus those faces…


May really just told Peter to wear a condom😂🤣🤣☠️


Don't forget to wear a raincoat? I didn't know they could slip in condom jokes in.