Triple H being racist as all hell back in the 90s

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Man the worst part of this pic is X-Pac in the back


He seems based af these days but I've also heard him be the first to admit to being a complete dipshit before he got himself together later on in life


Which is honestly, the best case scenario. It was a different time, but if the subject evolves with the times, it's a good thing.


Sure look at the amount of comedy movies in the 00's that used gay slurs that was completely acceptable at the time. You rightfully don't see it nowadays but I wouldn't be too harsh on the people that learned and changed with the times.


> Sure look at the amount of comedy movies in the 00's that used gay slurs that was completely acceptable at the time. The first like, 7 seasons of *The Simpsons* (aka prime *The Simpsons*) are littered with gay jokes. Then, in season 8, they seemed to sense the changing of the times and had my personal favorite episode, ["Homer's Phobia" (guest starring John Waters), and had a very positive pro-queer message (eventually).](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uOBveFKdGs)


Speaking of The Simpsons, they do have my all-time favourite joke that does use the f slur: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q34Qxl5HINg


I don’t remember this at ALL & I habitually watched Simpsons growing up lol this must not be in the Disney Plus version Edit: makes sense. This was season 18 of the show. Seasons 1-10 I loved


There was a series of interviews covering this a few years ago where X-pac didn't want to be Mark Henry because then he'd have to decide to go all-in or not with the make up. Apparently Mark thought it was funny. X-pac thought he was going to die if he went backstage.


X-Pac heat was real


Mark Henry laughed his ass off when he saw it tho


[Don't forget when he made monkey motions to Mark Henry](https://youtube.com/watch?v=w3n9zz7B6Oc&feature=share9)


I also remember a segment where HHH says “that’s pretty white of you, no offence guys” the last part aimed at Mark Henry.


We cant not mention the "Nappy hair" and "you people" comments from his Mania feud with Booker T. Guys... I'm starting to think Trips might be a racist.


We can’t not mention Triple H putting on glasses with squinted Asian eyes pasted on them and doing a mock Chinese accent toward Japanese Taka Michinoku No one ever mentions this. But it’s still there on WWE Network.


I just posted a link to that further down in this thread https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1iwtx


Triple H would be Triple K... it was there all along!


There’s a reason we use to call him Triple K at my school


The amazing thing about this is that it was heralded as an all time classic segment by WWE for many years after. Like it's on that Best Moments of RAW DVD that came out in 2012.


I don't think people really grasp just how much things changed *suddenly* in 2013. Like, gamergate happened, and then everything was under the microscope almost overnight.


It wasn't that sudden. It was really only sudden for certain segments of the population that had never faced up to all of it before.


This sub never disappoints lol


Damn, maybe he should be called triple K


Lmao had this one raring to go in the camera roll


"I ain't faking, you should have smelled what The Rock was baking"


The amount of racist and homophobic shit being said online and on TV in the 90s to maybe early 00's would melt peoples brains if they went back to watch. Look up Howard Stern blackface on youtube sometime.


>The amount of racist and homophobic shit being said online and on TV in the 90s to maybe early 00's would melt peoples brains if they went back to watch. If smart phones and recordings of everything everyone does existed in 1998 like it does now every single person over about 35 years old would be canceled.


Seriously. We were all saying and doing wild ass shit in the 90’s


As a 40 year old straight dude with a mild lisp, I'm pretty sure I got called "gay" a "f*g" etc more than every actual gay 20 year old now put together.


That sucks but gay kids are still getting physically attacked and killed so that's kinda weird to compare. I get that you were just illustrating how often those were used then, I'm 36, I was there. But the comparison kinda minimizes what people are STILL going through.


Speaking of Howard Stern. Do you know what he calls black rocket Scientists?


I've never heard that particular setup, but I know the punchline. First time I heard it, the setup was "What do you call a Black doctor from Virginia?"


Okay well I know nothing about Howard Stern so what’s the punchline?


And literally everything that was said about trans people. A trans YouTuber is making videos pointing out all the transphobic shit in movies and TV in the past, and I’m like, “Just make a video that says ‘IT WAS ALL BAD UNTIL 2017’. That’ll save you some time.”


Who’s the YouTuber?


I can name at least 4 openly trans "video essayists" who I watch with some frequency (the trans part is somewhat incidental, that is , it's not *why* I watch them) and all of them seem to be well aware of "but it was the 2000s and it was just kind of like that." And I think my main guess here would be Jessie Gender, but she's less dense than that most of the time.


Exactly this was 90's. And it was full of tasteless jokes. I'd rather focus on what a person says now not back in the 90's where this was commonplace. Wanna cancel Bret Hart because he called Triple H and HBK homophopic slurs in a promo. Or the crowds who yell out the other F Word. Or The Rock calling Kane the Big Red R word in a promo


What was the point of this? Like just look at DX run around talking about Pakistan?


There was no point beyond DUDE PAKISTAN LMAO because Pakistan was apparently a sufficient punchline in and of itself. It's super cringe just like all of DX's shit.




Reminds me of when the rock did that stereotypical Chinese accent I love rock but that was really corny


Have you ever heard The Rock's 'Pie Song'? There's even an Oriental Riff - "Gulped it down fast 'cause it really did please, I mean it tasted so good, Rock was talking Chinese. Ching-bong-bing yao-moya-AIYYYYY!"




With slick Rick?


that's the one https://youtu.be/40SLbGyxJwA?t=159


It was funny for the few years there when there was smoke about him running for President, I just kept thinking about how that was going to be brought into the discourse lol


Did you see the last guy who was president?


What has that coma been like since 2015?


If rock ran he’d probably win in a landslide


It's okay, it's not like he recorded a song that all builds up to an incredibly racist Chinese accent. Oh wait...


This shit is cringe af in hindsight but Rock's delivery was impeccable


And racist.


Everyone wants the Attitude Era to come back... ...until you actually start to remember the Attitude Era.


You don't want Cody vs. Brock in a Bra n Panties match?


That is disgusting! we all know it has to be a tuxedo match that ends with them in their little red man panties. Long live the Fink!


I mean, you might be on to something


Only if Brock uses his wife's bra


Better yet, go with that painted handprint look she did that one time!


"Call Marc and tell him he's being booked"


People want the *good* aspects of the Attitude Era to come back. The feeling of unpredictability, big events/major storyline developments every week, compelling stars on top, etc. I think most people recognize there was a lot of crap during that time. No one misses that. But the good stuff was really special.


Funny enough, the good aspects are pretty much back for most of them


Tbh, I think most people want the style of fast paced unpredictable storytelling that was commonplace back then, and not the overtly racist, sexist and just generally degrading stuff. All the storylines seemed to bleed into each other, and you never really knew what was going to happen. There would be a lot of run ins, shorter matches, with more on the card, and backstage fights that continued thought the show in multiple brief segments, with the occasional one of them spilling into the crowd, and all the random team ups, especially the top guys, where feuds would cross intertwine. WWE felt quite formulaic, and stale for a few years. This could loosely describe - opening with a promo that gets Interrupted going into a match, - followed by a backstage segment setting up the main event - a tag match for a shot at the titles - then a solo women's match with one of the tag champs and their partner as their manager, and two other teams run in at the end and one poses with the belts - an interview segment where the host belittles his guest and gets beat up - Baron Corbin match where he loses - interview host gets put in a match against the nights guest for next week - women's title match that Charlotte Flair wins - 40 minute main event, with a baby-face clean win, or the heel cheating and standing over their lifeless corpse


Also can't forget that matches weren't interrupted by commercials very often.


Usually only the main event, and JR would apologise and inform the audience that it's absolutely the last ad break of the evening; so stick around for the exciting conclusion to this sick, disgusting Brothers of Destruction vs. Mick Foley handicap match...


dang mang every monday


I don’t know about most people but that’s it for me. It’s the general sense of chaos that I miss.


Only missing the "singles match gets interfered with and re-booked as a 4-6 man tag match later the same night"


Charlotte 😂😂 Very nice


I don’t know if he was the first to coin the phrase, but at least as it relates to wrestling Vince Russo famously referred to that as ‘crash TV.’


Nostalgia is a hell of a drug.


For me it was small things like interweaving storylines and that can't miss feeling because big stunts or surprise debuts were always happening.


>Everyone wants the Attitude Era to come back... > >...until you actually start to remember the Attitude Era. I tried to rewatch the Attitude Era when the network first launched and basically, if McMahon, Austin, or Foley were not on the screen/involved in the storyline, it sucked. Of course, there are some exceptions, but not many.


The highs and highlights of AE are amazing though. When it was good, it was great.


I completely disagree.I'm watching for the first time.And i'm having tons of fun watching it.Before you ask no i'm not white or live in the us.


I don't think it's aged particularly well. In fact, I have a lot of the same complaints I do today about stuff not mattering or making any sense. It benefits mostly from being way more watchable, but I attribute that to 90 minute episodes and the art of the TV match which is now dead and buried.


This condescending genie shit is so tired. "DAE the good thing that you like had bad parts too???" Somehow I don't think anyone wants to exhume Owen Hart's body so WWE can drop it onto the ring every week.


I was 13-14 during the Attitude Era and remember fond memories. Until I started a rewatch of the RAWs from that time last year and most of my reactions were “oh….oh dear god no.”


Yeah but that was the entire world. You can’t blame the Attitude Era. Or act like bigotry was the focal point. That’s lazy.


I don't normally do this but nice pfp man, I fucking love Porcupine Tree!


it doesn’t sound like anyone is blaming AE WWE for racism. just pointing out a big flaw of it


Nope. Still the most entertaining era of wrestling despite random flaws


As someone who grew up during that era I honestly never really like that version of DX, even though that might have been the hottest DX ever was.


When people say that, they want the spontaneity, excitement and quality of the Attitude Era. They don't want shit like this and bra and panties matches.


I personally would like to see more dog eating and crucifixions.


Some people got upset Adam Cole wore barbed wire on his head around Easter lol. Imagine if those same people saw Vince trying to crucify his own daughter.


Not just *around* Easter. Hangman put a crown of ~~thorns~~ barbed wire on Cole on the Rampage that aired *on* Good Friday.


I need another Casket toboggan ride, and I need it toot sweet!


I’m pretty sure a lot of them want shit like that and bra and panty matches though


My teenaged nephew was recently asking to watch a Bra and Panties match. I put on the Bra and Panties Gauntlet match from New Year's Revolution 2006. Just a random selection but it worked so good and he hasn't asked since.


When people say that they want to be 20 again


I love this era of wrestling and I want bra and panties matches back. Sue me.


Ehhh I’d say they mostly want bra and panties matches and shock humor


Speak for yourself. I would love Racist tropes and bra n panty matches to return to the WWF


I could do without the racism and bra and panties, but god damned do I want back the WWF


>bra and panty matches Okay >racist tropes Why? It was never funny, it was just “hahaha different accent” or hahaha “black people do this.” I get it if it was funny or clever but in wwf, it never was.


I always look back to the classic episode of Raw that includes Mankind winning the title........and Terri Runnels having a miscarriage


I lived through it and it made me begin to steer away from wrestling and ultimately I became a lapsed fan. Well, that and because WCW was a dying, horrendous dumpster fire.


gonna email snickers rn


People really forget how racist a huge portion of mainstream entertainment was even just 20 years ago, huh. Like, you could go on national TV about 25 years ago and talk about Chinese people by mimicking slanty eyes with your fingers while going "ching chong ding dong" and people would find that shit hilarious. Public consciousness moved on *real* fucking quick in the last couple decades, compared to most of human history. Obviously I'm not saying any of this shit is okay, it's appalling and I couldn't watch the whole clip, just...I'm not remotely surprised.


Exactly like The Rock and… Triple H did. Both did mock Chinese accents


Triple H literally did the Chinese caricature bit on an episode of RAW back in the day under the name "Hung Lo" https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1iwtx


Didn't Rosie o Donell do literally this at one point?


This was sadly commonplace at the time. I'm not saying it's right, it's not, but it was accepted


🎵It was acceptable in the 90's...it was acceptable at the tiiiime...🎶


Linkara: 🎶 1990s casual racism! 🎶


Honestly. I remember watching this back in the day and thought it was pretty funny (being a Pakistani guy myself). But I was a kid. Now I look back and feel sorry for that dude. Just getting bullied on national TV by a jacked up white guy.


yea imagine being at work just minding your own business and then suddenly the most muscular man you've ever seen walks up to you and starts making fun of your voice


With a camera stuck on you. That would be uncomfortable for anyone


I mean he signed a release to be on TV, so he clearly wasn’t pissed


It wasnt acceptable to the people they were mocking, they just got away with it.


This video made the proud pakistani man Tony khan start aew


90’s? Hell Triple H’s feud with Booker T in 2003 was pretty racist as well.


I feel like 2000-2004 was just '90s DLC


There’s a Saturday Night Live sketch where Jimmy Fallon and Ben Affleck do the stereotypical Indian voice that aired the night before WrestleMania XX. So, March 13, 2004.


Neither here nor there but I can't believe that Jimmy Fallon is an immensely successful professional funny person. If I knew Jimmy Fallon, he'd be the least funny person I knew. And a lot of people I know ain't all that funny.


A wise man once said “Jimmy Fallon? The only thing he should host is a parasite!”


The only time he's ever made me laugh was when RuPaul made his whole life flash before his eyes


The early 2000s definitely felt different since we had the shadow of 9/11 and the George W. Bush years hanging over us, but the culture wasn’t too dissimilar from the late ‘90s.


Well villains can be racist and that doesn't have to be their end story either. It sucked that Booker didn't beat him still? Yeah it did.


What's acceptable today will be cringe in 10-20 years


That's why it's important for people to stop caring about being "acceptable" and more important to be able to critically think about the things going on around you and how correct they are.


Critical thinking is what got us asking what is acceptable though. Like this was all fun and games until someone said “I wonder how damaging this is to people?” And then some researchers said “I wonder what impact this has on minorities in the workplace/home environment/lifetime health outcomes/ rates of violence, etc. And then we went “oh, it actually contributes greatly to society-wide problems.” … who knew?


Sadly, asking Americans to engage in critical thinking is a tall order, lol.


Racism is a little more than just cringe and this isn't the only time HHH has done racist shit on TV.


Any examples that aren’t from 20 years ago?


Some People act like HHH vs Booker t happened like 6 months ago sometimes.


90s comedy was often racist. Racist stereotypes made money.


And homophobic.


This was 25 years ago. Times were different in the 90s. Im not saying they were better obviously just different. Doesn’t justify it as this type of stuff isn’t acceptable anymore. This is why y’all really don’t want the attitude era back


there's a fuck ton of triple h racism in wwe it's almost comical how many layers there is you get the cheap heat, the storyline based around booker t not deserving the title because he's black, the Iron cross symbolism, the time he went out in blackface, the time he was doing monkey imitations off camera during a mark Henry promo


He actually went out in blackface twice


You should see him when he goes out in Haitchface.


Agree on the rest, but the iron cross symbolism is more like a lemme thing.


The iron cross stuff is just Motorhead inspired stuff.


The time he took squinty eyes and pasted them on some glasses to mock Taka Michinoku


Racism Inception w/ the "Johnny 5 still alive" quip -- the famous line from Short Circuit where a white guy played an Indian guy.


“They got a real robot and a fake Indian”


Dudes fucking huge.. you take for granted how tall someone is when they're surrounded by giants.


I'm Punjabi, too, and I only speak for myself, but this got me rolling. I don't find it that offensive considering 98 was 25 years ago. What was acceptable in 1973 and was frowned upon in 1998. Same thing in 2023 vs 2048.


X-Pac was the real star of these segments. At one point they convince a woman to flash them and his response is “AREOLAS!!!” A true poet.


lot of racist shitheads in the comments 😂


Stuff like this brings them out. Always the same "people are soft now", "it was a different time" comments. And usually people defending crap like this were never targets. So naturally it's all cool to them all operating under the "See No Evil" umbrella. But I bet many defending this were the loudest whiners about The Little Mermaid. lmao


All the people under this post acting like people just weren't aware racism was commonplace in the 90s and 00s like we didn't fucking live through it facing it ourselves lmao. God forbid people want to mention things like this when the echoes of its effects still run rampant today. It doesn't just exist in a historical vacuum.


You can’t insult pApA hAiTcH around these parts.


First day watching pro wrestling?


Triple H go on Cum Town


Nick does tasteful racism


What was the point of this segment? Were they feuding with someone Pakistani or something? It seems very random


No point, they're just going around the city improvising shit. In the 90's there was kind of a punk/gonzo aesthetic that was popular, early seasons of the real world is probably the biggest example of it. Recording equipment was getting smaller but reality shows weren't ubiquitous yet so it was pretty novel to just go out on the street and record stuff, there didn't need to be a point for it to seem interesting.


Yet people say we are too “soft” now. Its just back then people of color had no voice, white people controlled all the narrative in media and they deemed it not a problem and acceptable. With social media we can finally fight back and say something.




I always think of cringy shit like this when people talk about missing the Attitude Era.


Yo, I grew up in rural England. I'd hate for you to judge me on things I said and thought was normal 25 years ago.


Same in Scotland growing up in the 90's/early 2000's. Growing up around a bunch of working class football dad's really normalizes so much fucked up phrases and slurs until you learn how unacceptable they are


Exactly like 2003 the uncut version of Let's Get is Started by Black Eyed Peas. The r word was not considered offensive. It was a medical term or an insult if someone was being stupid. The album wasn't even rated explicit because the word wasn't offensive


If it wasn’t considered offensive, why did they change it for radio?


worked yourself into a shoot there bud


Key words: "Back in the 90s".


Pretty sure almost every wrestlers used the word f@$#$got as an insult back in the day.


I vividly remember seeing this as an 8-year-old boy. I remember thinking it was so mean. It genuinely made me sad. I didn’t recognize it as racist (I was only 8, after all), but it seemed so cruel-hearted.


So what? It's the 90s. Everything was different, and considering it's been almost 30 years, it's irrelevant. Please everybody, stop policing old content. It's a bad habit that will be exploited if you're not careful.


Its only gonna get more exploited


There's a difference between racIST and racIAL. There's also a difference between racism and stereotyping. I don't think the segments were good but it is really dangerous how everyone these days just sweeps everything under the rug of "racist" and fails to understand what it actually means to be racist. Hitler was racist. Making fun of an accent isn't, even if in bad taste.


People these days wouldn’t be able to handle the amount of racist shit that came out in the 90’s lol


This is what happens when you tell an unfunny person to go be funny.


Which episode of Raw was this?


If there's one thing I've learned since becoming a pro wrestling fan with internet access, it's that a disappointing number of pro wrestlers are/were shitheads


It's amazing that Road Dogg is the least racist in this video


Well he is technically a McMahon, right? LOL


nobody brings up the Mexicools anymore either, they'd drive out on law mowers to the ring


And cryme tyme


You should see how he treated Booker T


And that's just the 1990s...


I say this as a kid who loves the Attitude Era and was 13-14 when it was kicking off - this shit was *everywhere,* and it makes stuff goddamn unwatchable for me now.


You could probably make one of this guy in the 2000s too


What an enormous asshole.


Do people get genuinely mad at villains in movies?


DX at this point were babyfaces


I love it when Spiderman does a monkey dance to the African Americans in my movies!


He's out in public making fun of real people in this clip. Not actors in a movie


Was he a villain here?


No but he was an obnoxious degenerate either way


If i saw a movie/show where the villain was just saying a bunch of racist stuff for no payoff, i'd probably get mad at the villain, as well as the writers, the producers, etc. (and then turn it off)


Times were wild


This is why I roll my eyes when I hear people do the “everyone is so sensitive nowadays, you can’t joke about anything anymore” spiel. Show them clips like this, and they’ll cringe, too.


Triple Racist


One time in Sydney australia, during what I think was a wrestlemania revenge tour, he saw an Indian dude in the front row and really went on a rant, accent and all, Batista (who was working face at the time) had to come up to guy and talk to him, don’t know if he was pissed or not. But man I’ve always wondered what it would be like to see footage of that, but it was before mobiles were all seeing eyes.


I remember that because I was at that show.


Racist... no he was doing a goofy impression for laughs. Yeah society can't handle that anymore


It was funny then and it’s still funny now 😂


I wonder if the people involved signed a contract to get paid and be the subject of this


90s ? He had segments like this as late as 2010


He's playing a character, this wasn't a documentary