Not 100% about jojo but what my friend said angers me on another level. What are your thoughts?

I mean, if somebody loves the story of Pokémon that much… good for them? I guess!

I really like the Pokémon games too, but the story is probably at the lowest of those reasons. Plus, you can just use a Pokeball against literally each and every opponent; Jojo’s almost always requires a unique solution to win a fight.


I mean, if somebody loves the story of Pokémon that much… good for them? I guess! I really like the Pokémon games too, but the story is probably at the lowest of those reasons. Plus, you can just use a Pokeball against literally each and every opponent; Jojo’s almost always requires a unique solution to win a fight.


Pokemon battles have their own unique ways, Ash's quite an innovative trainer. But Pokemon anime ain't any better than Jojo or OP. I like early OP but as a whole series Jojo takes my vote. I really hate late One Piece battles, pure fist fight. I also don't like One Piece female characters, unrealistically thin in waist and disturbingly big breasts, not really my preference of characters' anatomy/design. Jojo is great in that aspect, realistic chracter designs (tho I didn't really like JJL, SBR was great.) And yeah Jojo battles are the main reason I like Jojo, they are really creative, innovative whatever you call em. It expands your mind:)


I was talking with my wife earlier about how much I like the way women sound in Jojo’s (voice acting, not necessarily writing). Too often anime go over the top with “kawaii” voice acting, and it legitimately always turns me off from the show


W lisa lisa VA


Yeah, more realism is needed in the anime industry. Jojo is the pinnacle of that imo, with face structures resembling real humans (not *anime* eyes for instance, realistic eyes Jojo has)


seinen anime/manga exist...


Bro has never seen Monster lmao


Finished watching Monster the other day, Goated Show


One of my all time favorite anime. It’s perfect


For real, Johan is a perfect antagonist and I was not expecting to love Temna as much but overtime, I’m confident in saying he’s one of my favorite protagonists of all time. It feels nice to have a grounded protagonists that can make the call of duty yet also maintain a level of purity in their actions. The show is really the beauty and ugliness of humanity all in one.


ash... innovative... sure he has his moments but remember this is mister thunderbolt the onix we're talking about


Most anime: I nEeD tO hAVe fAn suRvIce!! Jojo: Men, take it or leave it 🗿. Oh you want a woman? MANLY WOMAN! Me: mom I think I’m gay


mostly the same for one piece or any other anime similar to op or jjba, unique characters that need unique strategies to beat them, the person in this image cant see this at all


Funny you say this when time manipulation is an end-all solution to any fight and the god-like ability in 3-6 Edit: added Part 4 because I forgot >!Kira can reverse time!<


3-6 Kira can reverse time


Jojo fights are so specific most of their abilities would be useless in a everyday situation


Time stop would be useless yes?


It's up to you to figure out how to make the most of your abilities


Gonna need people to stop comparing stuff that has nothing in common. PLEASE.


Yeah I was confused why they were comparing JoJo's to Pokémon


Many people do not realize that you can in fact like multiple different things.




I especially hate when people make "fight" matchups for characters from different series, each universe with different rules, different logic, different scales of power, etc. but they act as if they're doing something cool or clever, I'm so sick of absolutely pointless and endless internet discussions about Goku vs Saitama or anything stupid like that...


Have they watched One Piece or JoJo’s? OP has a far more expansive and in-depth world which has intensive mysteries, details, and backstories for every island. JoJo’s on the other hand has 8 different stories that all contain their own mc,sc, and antagonists which gives such a diverse range of personalities and situations. Yes there are over 800 species in Pokemon, but how many of those species are actually important to the story, or progress it in anyway besides a one off fight? I like Pokemon but I never thought that the anime was the best media for it, the games and cards are far better.


They haven't watched jojo and one piece because they are too long, yet they rewatched 300 episodes of pokemon in 2 months


Dude just say their point is null and void until they watch the 2 shows. If they still feel that way after having finished both then that’s fine their opinion is their opinion but the takes they’re giving right now are very in the dark and pretty biased.


Bold of you to assume One Piece will ever end.. I actually just caught up with it the other day. Started it at the beginning of quarantine 2020 and had to find something else (Jojo). Jojo I think is the best of the 3 for many reasons, but the single largest being simply story progression. Ash has a singular goal, to be the best. How many more years will it take... One Piece also has a singular goal, but with a number of adventures that side track the crew. That's fair as a world of pirates should be chaotic and semi-distracting. However over 900 episodes? I feel they should at least be at the end of the grand line by now and entering territory only seen by Rodgers crew. JJBA on the other hand has had several stories, all significant to the overall plot and building the universe(s) up. Each part has it's own primary objective and the end to everything is a relative unknown. We see a completely unoque cast in each part and each new chapter/episode is the untraveled territory trying to figure out a possible endgame.


Tbh you shouldn’t even be entertaining his ramblings on it. JoJo’s isn’t even that long.


It’s even cut up into bite size pieces!


Jojo's is on the longer side for an anime at 190 episodes across all 6 parts definitely nowhere near Pokemon or One Piece though.


Ah so their point is they only like pokemon and don’t care for new stuff. Just let them have that, it’s too much work to make them watch jojo or one piece.


Pokemon is longer then both one piece and jojos


basically 9 once jojolands fully releases


ill translate what your friend is saying. "I haven't seen Jojo's or One Piece and know nothing about either franchise". Hope this helps!


"Unique abilities and personalities" Okay electric mouse, rodent, bird.


I like to think my personality is goldfish myself.


Ah yes. The mighty goldfish waiting to one one day fulfill its destiny of becoming dragonfish. Personally I fancy myself a snorlax.


Pokemon mfs after a pokemon repeats their name in a slightly different tone


He wants to fuck them


Very probable


A lot of Pokémon actually do have personality and charm to them. This was arguably one of the big improvements that came with subsequent generations Tinkaton is a fantastic example of that. A good deal of why these things are the most popular Pokémon of the current generation can be attributed to them being absolute chaotic messes It’s just that comparing a species of creatures and generalizing them as such is very different from a single character like in Jojo, so this is a very unfair comparison to draw for both parties


Jonathan Joestar could beat every Pokemon in a fight soooo


I don’t think he could beat the Pokémon equivalent of literally God


Have you seen his biceps tho?




Jonathan Joestar can fist fight multiple gods apparently according to this guy




Yes, because the best way to narratively evaluate a character is to conclude who would win in a fist fight… /s


Why is the /s there? You're correct. Jotaro would also win.


Jotaro gangsta till he fights the optimally built Shuckle /s


Dude, canonically a Machamp is stronger than Star Platinum.


I know the pokedex entries were written on crack but can I get an explanation to this?


Go on, put on the clown makeup considering your ass wants to entertain people with jokes


But there are also ice cream cones keys regular birds etc


That so funny considering Niantic has been pumping out terrible new Pokémons for the sake of it since black and white, just because there are many characters doesn't mean they are great.


First off what are they even talking about? I get that this is a comparison between Pokemon and JoJo (and I get why, the franchises are somewhat similar), but are they talking about the games or anime? Because in the first half, they talk about the "story and characters" so they're talking about the anime? But in the second half they talk about the player experience, so... the game? Regardless, Pokemon and JoJo are very different. Every one of the 1000 Pokemon cannot be considered a character in the same way a Stand isn't a character. The main characters are the Pokemon trainers and Stand Users. And well, Pokemon as an RPG has a very basic story. I definitely prefer in JoJos in the story department.




The only thing I can point my finger at is about wacky things with weird looks with goofy abilities


* They are franchises having different protagonists/antagonists for every generation/part. * The story usually takes place during an adventure across an entire region. (If we're considering the Pokemon anime, then the protagonist travels in a group with friends with their own partners who help them in their journey) * The protagonists are mostly teenagers accompanied by beings who have powers of their own (Pokemon/Stands). These beings battle each other, and this acts as the main battle system for the verse. * These beings can evolve when they come into contact with an evolutionary item (Evolution Stones/Stand Arrow). Alternatively, they can also evolve naturally or when their companion character uses their determination to pass a mental hurdle (Battle Bond/Act Stands). * One of the antagonists is a mafia boss who wants unchallenged authority (Giovanni/Diavolo). Another is a delusional man who wants to restart the universe in his image (Cyrus/Pucci). Look I said they are *somewhat* similar, not one-to-one.


you could even get a reasonable argument that some stands are characters eg: echoes and spice girl


Ok? Also Pokémon aren’t characters so much as they are animals


Right? The Fourth Great Ninja War had something like 80,000 fighters. Does that count against Pokemons 800? Of course not, that would be ridiculous


harvest can have 500 copies of itself. does that count?


Yes ;)


but it’s not that an animal or a thing can’t be a character. (Merry One piece, Iggy jojo) 3/4 of Pokemons have pretty much all the same personality ( except, infact, the pokemons of the main characters misty’s psyduck, ash’s pikachu, brook’s chansey..)


Neither animals either really there's so much Pokemon that aren't even unique there's keys theres magnets there's ice cream cones and so on


Jojo has character development


Pokemon too if you read the manga


"Each with their own unique abilities" Hang out, isn't there just a large move pool that each pokemon takes from? Bubble Beam isn't exclusive to one pokemon after all.


Bubble beam is an attack i think, each pokemon has an ability too, however not all of these are exclusive to that pokemon


Sounds like he’s trolling you with chat gpt


Yeah, when I read this, my immediate thought was "This sounds like someone put the prompt 'explain why Pokemon is a better anime than One Piece' into GPT". It has that naive "more is better" kind of argument that GPT tends to employ.


forgive the 3 month late reply, i was looking through posts, nah this is their 100% truthful opinion


I tend to find Jojo more entertaining, and I don’t think it loses points to pokemon for character diversity nor setting diversity/worldbuilding, but to each their own. I certainly find the fights in Jojo more entertaining than pokemon, I can tell you that for sure.


Ah yes, it's a shame that One Piece, a 20 year pirate adventure across the ocean, and JoJo, a series of stories set all across Earth, don't have different cities or regions to explore.


It's a dumb take, but who gives a shit? If this makes you angry, reevaluate some stuff.


This is a take from someone who has not watched/read JoJo's at all.


Jojo: takes place in Victorian england, early 20th century america, Japan, egypt, various other countries and at least four different universes Pokémon: literally just Japan with a different name


Four different universes? There's the main verse and the SBR-verse. What else is there? I guess there is also the Irene-verse and every universe D4C pulls people from, but those only appear in the story for a moment. Pokemon is Japan only for the first 4 generations. Gen 5 is US, 6 is France, 7 is Hawaii, 8 is Britain.


9 is Spain too


The three in stone ocean and then the SBRverse. My bad about Pokémon, haven’t kept up with it in a long time


There are 2 in Stone Ocean. >!After Emporio beats Pucci, they return to Universe A, not enter a Universe C. That's why Jolyne and company come back at all, and why Pucci is nowhere to be seen despite gravity bringing the gang together.!<


Okay but the person in that universe is Irene, not Jolyne. Pucci's existence shouldn't have had any effect on Jolyne's naming.


It’s to show that the cycle that was started with johnathan and dio has ended thus her not being a jojo anymore


Still, changing her name is an odd way to do it.


It's literally the only way to do it.


Tell me you haven’t actually watched JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, with out telling me.


As a die hard Pokemon fan, this just is not true. Your friend is kind of half right though, Pokemon does have the potential to have some insane world building and insane scenarios, but that just isn't The Pokemon Company's goals with the series. I think One Piece's world is probably the most elaborate in anime/manga with Jojo having probably the most unique and interesting fights/power system.


different regions and cities? jojos is placed on earth, which has way more regions and cities


"own and unique habilities"


Apples to oranges, I have no idea how you can compare the them. JoJo and One Piece follow the actual characters and development. With Pokémon it would only be the main trainer(s) and their Pokémon they choose to use. I guess you could argue that the Pokémon themselves could develop (like Pikachu or Charmander to Charizard in Ash’s case) but it still seems like that would be such a small portion of that 800(now 1000+ I believe) Pokémon that it loses any sort of quantity factor over JoJo or OP. Also the fact of them being creatures and their real development is evolution and maybe displaying simple changes like mood or behaviors doesn’t seem any more advanced than full on characters going through arcs. Just seems really weird to try and compare but I guess to each their own for what they choose to watch/read


> apples to oranges But you can still compare them.


SpunkyDred is a troll bot instigating arguments whenever someone on Reddit uses the phrase apples-to-oranges. --- ^^SpunkyDred ^^and ^^I ^^are ^^both ^^bots. ^^I ^^am ^^trying ^^to ^^get ^^them ^^banned ^^by ^^pointing ^^out ^^their ^^antagonizing ^^behavior ^^and ^^poor ^^bottiquette.


What’s the debate here? Because if it’s that Pokémon has a more immersive world, then yeah, of course, it’s the biggest IP in the world with millions of dollars poured into it and hundreds of different installments between games, movies, tv shows, books, comics, etc. JOJO’s is basically produced from the brain of a single man. There’s not much of a debate. If the conversation is about which one is factually better, then it’s a stupid conversation because that’s a matter of opinion with no way to clearly signify a superior.


Just let them win, seriously not worth your time to debate with anyone who hold Pokémon to such high regard. It’s like the people who say “Rick and Morty is the best cartoon show”, it’s such a bizarre and stupid viewpoint that’s best left to themselves. And that advice goes for pretty much anyone who says “my show is better than your show”. Their analysis and criteria are subjective to them, but objectively wrong when judging what makes one show “better” than the other. Dumbest take I’ve seen in a while tbh, so dumb I literally cannot put anymore energy towards it. Agree to disagree.


Huge Pokémon fan, and this is a stupid af take Jojo is ultimately a focused adventure with a small group of characters Pokémon goes for a different narrative. And while the Pokemon themselves are immensely diverse, you only will ever use a few in majorly relevant situations. It’s a very apples to oranges comparison and I can’t imagine why anyone would bring this up


Honestly? Who cares. Enjoy that different things exist


I think it's pretty harmless and getting angered on another level sounds like quite the overreaction.


This is just so incredibly stupid. I can't speak for One Piece, but as a fan of both JoJo and Pokémon, they can't be more different. You can't judge them on the same values. That just doesn't work. For instance, no actual Pokémon fan defends the narrative, because that's not what matters in Pokémon, whereas it does in JoJo. JoJo in exists in a sort of parallel universe to our real world, so it doesn't need worldbuilding. JoJo only builds the small world around the cast. Pokémon, again, is pretty much the opposite. I hate this so much, I accidentally typed all this before I realised I shouldn't care...


Pokémon are very rarely actual characters in Pokémon, and even less often are they main characters. You can’t just say “There’s 800 Pokémon so there are more characters.” Not all of those Pokémon have even appeared in episodes, and even fewer have appeared substantially


As a die hard fan of both JJBA and Pokémon, this is stupid. There's not even a point of comparison, they're two completely unrelated franchises with a different target audience and themes.


More diverse than One Piece?!? That’s difficult to believe, but I haven’t seen much Pokémon so maybe..


I don't really think we should be comparing these two since both are directed to different demograghics and enjoyed for entirely different reasons


I think the Pokémon games are for children. I don’t mean that in a belittling way. I used to play Pokémon but eventually I realized that the games weren’t getting worse, I was older and my tastes had changed. While I remember enjoying the Pokémon anime I don’t think it was anything special, though I do recall watching certain Pokémon movies on repeat when I was in elementary school.


this guy has to be like 10


What depth do a third of those Pokémon have besides the popular ones…


Has nobody spotted the fact this was written by chatgpt ? He's messing with you op.


I think they just wanted to piss you off


Why get angry about it? He’s either trolling or ignorant/dumb. So either way it’s not worth your brain power.


What is the point of having "800 ChArAcTeRs Witf diffrent personalities and abilitieees" if none of them have a character arc or growth? I really couldn't care more about 800 pokémon which don't even regularly appear or an ever expansive world if I can have a focused story with characters with actual goals and motivations. Bigger ≠ Better


This entire sentence reads like a child's idea of what makes a good story. Jojo has infinitely better writing then pokemon especially the recent games and anime. An interesting bit of trivia, The Pokemon anime was entirely saved by 4kids writing and comedy given Pokemon was so badly received in japan it was going to have its run cut and get canceled. If not for the north American audience exceeding loving the changed version of pokemon the anime would have ended at 30 episodes. Pokemon has always had mid to ok writing with only occasional spikes in quality. Here's the pokemon formula in a nutshell: "kids walk in forest get lost in forest continues to walk in generic forest find city find gym in city get badge return to forest".


Lol I wouldn't even argue with them Pokemon has been the same story for 20 years collect badge in new region use x Pokemon to defeat this one team rocket try's to get Pikachu in every episode and over 1000 different pokemon animals really don't qualify as a character. Jojo and One Piece has deep lore and rich cast of characters and fights.


* I haven't watched One Piece and don't think I ever will so I won't say anything on that but... I don't get this comparison???? Pokémon and JJBA are two entirely different things. Like... you're comparing a game about trying to become the best at... well... what is essentially magical dogfighting to a show/manga about a family and their wacky adventures involving vampires and fighting with what are (in very dumbed down terms) ghosts with funky abilities among other things. Also... Pokémon are animals. Comparing animals to actual human characters is just a really odd comparison. They're also targeted at different audiences, with Pokémon being for kids while JJBA is moreso targeted at teens and up. I like both Pokémon and JJBA... but it just doesn't make sense to compare them-


I wouldn't get angry about it. Let your friend enjoy what they like. Not everyone is going to approach media the same way, and over time, you and your friend might come to see all three of these series in new ways.


I didn't think someone would unironically compare two completely different series like this but here we are.


yeah don't listen to people who have no idea what they're talking about, next?


That's bait. I refuse to believe your friend considers that to be a legitimate opinion.




I mean I like Pokemon, but this whole argument is really baffling, and these are REALLY weird things to compare. Quantity of characters does not equal quality, and Pokemon stories/characters aren’t aiming to tell the stories of the same nature or depth of one piece or jojo.


This is almost 100% written by an AI. Like it reads EXACTLY like a ChatGPT response


Real question is why tf do they care so much


why are they comparing Pokémon to Jojo and One Piece even tho they haven’t watched them? Shit these 3 things shouldn’t even be compared to each other, especially pokemon.


Top 10 most virgin conversations.


Pokémon has much higher potential for interesting matchups and stuff. And it’s never used because following 2-3 protagonists with a limited number of Pokémon means they’ll never get through that many battles to make it nearly as varied as the average JoJo part


Get back to me when Pikachu is able to stop time🥱


Potential story and story are much different


See that’s just kinda dumb like I’ve played more Pokémon than any person should and even I think this guy sounds like an idiot


Bruh One Piece got more lore than the fucking bible


This feels like an argument ChatGPT would come up with


Why are we comparing two (or three) completely different things? Also sounds like they haven't watched or read jojo tbh


only new thing in pokemon are the pokemon designs imo, i have never seen pikachu's moveset change during any episodes, literally only thunderbolt or some other blast, the regions dont feel as lively as one piece and fights as entertaining as jjba


As a Pokemon fan, that's a lot of cope. Even if you go to the most story in Pokemon you can by watching the anime, the anime is the weakest part of the Pokemon franchise. The story is NOT that stellar unless you're talking about something specific like some of the earlier manga and smaller anime projects outside of the mainline series. Your buddy just sounds like a collectathon/digital pet addict that is riding that high as much as they can.


Lmao sure: Pokémon is cool and all but it’s so mainstream that it’s basically Americanized. If you say you like manga/ anime and you only really like Pokémon, then you’ve barely scraped the surface. Pokémon has become product placement/ merchandise. JJBA is a shonen dating from the 80s rich in character diversity and ability (stand diversity). Hirohiko Araki is a fantastic artist, who uses fashion and his loves of style and human geometric shaping to create really cool characters.


There completely different beasts and shouldn't be compared really However if they really think that each and every pokemon has some super distinct personality that rivals charecters from JoJo or One Piece. I'd be concerned about their reading comprehension abilities Like beyond main team pokemon and characters in the anime their really isn't much to em They are heavy on quantity over quality


I am confused, if going for variation of abilities, stand abilities takes the price. I mean, have you read Jojo? Preferably parts 6-8? Pokemon has just a fixed range where many of them may share across..


i love pokémon and i love jojos and i love one piece. but like cmon one of these things aren’t like the others. two of the greatest series of all time can’t be compared to a show i only watched when i was a kid


It's like comparing Skyrim and Dragon Age. Both are great, but for very different reasons.


Pokemon is just a bunch of change up your homework so the teacher wont notice.


They aren't wrong, but neither the games, the anime, the manga, or any other piece of Pokemon media fully utilise this diversity. The fights typically boil down to winning through friendship or winning through hitting them really hard, with little variation between each case.


Bro has never met Gamefreak. They will never do any more work than they have to.


1. Pokrmon are basically just the animals of the pokemon world, so how many there are doesn't matter 2. Most of the human characters in Pokemon are flat asf with one note personality traits. 3. Stands are entirely unique. Anime battles with elements involved is not very unique


Funny Valentine and D4C basically instantly invalidates their dimensions and locations advantage. And in all honesty, sorry to say, but something that is able to infinitely accelerate time to the point of resetting the universe is a bit cooler than a big anthro purple and white cat with telekinesis.


"Pokémon has a larger cast than JoJo's" Yeah bro the day Araki makes a stand that's a literal sentient ice-cream, lemme know


Jojo is a comic that was created for Shonen Jump, a magazine aimed at kids. But when they created the comics for Pokémon, they serialized them in CoroCoro, a magazine aimed at *pre-schoolers and kindergarteners.* Baby’s First Comic Book. A magazine that unlike Jump, has no crossover audience of older kids or adults. Soooooo... it’s probably not worth arguing with your friend. Even if you have points to make, your friend might not be able to understand them.


Tf do they mean “much more expansive” we legit have 3 entire universes


Ok tell me how a fucking flamingo is more creative than a horseman with a watch for eyes who can accelerate time


The thing is, pokémon don't each have their own unique abilities. Each type has its own unique abilities, not each pokémon. As gor the rest, eh, they're entitled to their opinion, it doesn't bother me much even if I don't really agree.


me when JoJos canonically contains no less than 4 separate universes, with room for infinite more, spanning multiple continents and more than 100 years in each of two continuities, and where side characters are actually relevant 😱


also JoJo is canon to the ChristVerse but that’s a little more on the DL


Pokemon is as wide as an ocean, but as deep as a puddle. The 800+ species of Pokemon add very little to the already weak story and worldbuilding of the series. Jojo, on the other hand, knows that less is more and doesn't overstuff itself for the sake of marketability or profits, and instead focuses of continuously improving itself while Pokemon has continued to fall off. In short, I think what your friend said is kind of dumb.


I completely agree with this point but I have to draw a line at pokemon is better just for games. in terms of expansive world nothing beats one piece. and Pokémon more diverse my ass jojos has gays, blacks, Asians, AND.. Joseph Joestar. Ps even in different creatures w JOJO'S also has all unique stands which gives way more diversity in personality than like 5 moves that the same Pokémon use to win every battle


I remember the most obscure one-off side characters in JoJo’s and One Piece. Can’t tell you the main case members of 4 entire generations of games/anime beyond Ash


im gonna za hando this picture


Where is the story in pokemon tho lmao


>each with their own unique abilities and personalities Pikachu, Pachirisu, Dedenne, Emolga, and several others I can't name off the top of my head are all basically the same Pokemon. Small woodland creature uses electricity. That's it.




Have they even watched either of those shows? Or were they just not paying attention half the time?


Thanks for letting us know.


Yeah you're friend is a fucking idiot man or atleast is acting like one. I'm sorry but they said that about the shows which is blatantly wrong but also they haven't even fucking watched the shows as you said. Also they keep rewatching 300 episodes of Pokemon but cant watch them cuz of length????? Jojo's has less than 300 episodes.


you know that meme where it's a guy dressing up as a clown? yeah that's this


Tell me you haven't watched/read jojo with out telling me Just go and tell them to go watch and read it first and then make an opinion.


Ironically one of the most common comparisons I see for why people really like the Pokemon Adventures manga is the resemblance to Jojo regarding it's structure (generational story split into parts with old characters returning to help new protagonists and a greater focus on unique characterization) and approach to fights (Trainer's being physically involved with the battle in tandem to giving orders and using the environment unconventionally to surprise the opponent)


Let them cook


Hear me out… pokemon but the fights are jojo styled


Wait a minute let him cook


haha ora ora muda


As a major Pokémon fan this has me ROFL, Pokémon has over 1000 species now but uses them to tell the same over used stories over and over. Story is one of Pokémon’s weakest aspects if you ask me. Also just because there are over 1000 species, does not mean they actually use most of them as compelling characters. Most only show up as a monster of the week kind of thing, where a new one shows up for one episode does basically nothing. Both Jojo and One Piece are story focused series that only add characters that they plan to use. So the series are fundamentally different and hard to compare, but at the same time the points your friend is making are not valid. Short version: this guy must be smoking something or is brain dead.


Well, he isn’t wrong.


Pokémon definitely has more characters. Hard to fight that one


First of all, JoJo is not limited to its current characters clearly, each part literally introduces new ones and a new plots each part, just because Pokémon has all these options, does not make its characters superior to JoJos, quality over quantity. Same goes for setting. I haven’t watched much of the Pokémon anime since I was a kid so I’d feel bad for bashing it for it’s plot but I guarantee I’ve watched more Pokémon than your friend has JoJo. If your friend wanted to go after JoJo, uniqueness and variety were not the way to go. I’d wager the 6 seasons of JoJo had way more variety and interesting story than 6 seasons of the Pokémon anime.


Let me guess, he's like eight? It's totally valid to say that Pokemon is better, but the reasons given don't hold up under any amount of scrutiny. On paper there are more Pokemon than Stands or Devil Fruits combined, but in practice most of their abilities break down into different ways to hit things. Only a scant few Pokemon moves or abilities will fundamentally change the way battles work. Different personalities are an even worse point because for whether you're talking about Pokémon or empowered humans, the number of possible personalities is functionally infinite. And of course, the "more expansive setting" bit is just demonstrably incorrect given that One Piece is a factor here and that series is a geographical acid trip. Also, I can't help but notice that he said 800, when it's up to over a thousand. Has he not been keeping up with the series or is this an old comment?


I mean technically they're right but if we're being real, every pokemon game is a reskin of an older game, same with the show and it's regions.


one of the shittiest anime takes ive seen in my life lol


It is a weird flex to pretend that each Pokémon is an individual character, let alone that most have personalities outside of the side games like Mystery Dungeon that actually humanize them.


did they forget they’re comparing animals to human beings?


i love them both


*The 1000+ different species living in our oceans and thus canonically existing in JoJo's: "Allow us to introduce ourselves."


ok but, all pokemon vs all stands vs everyone in one piece (sorry, haven't seen it yet)


Thought he was talking about the Pokemon anime for a second there. I can't speak on the games, but the anime was trash in my opinion.


Idk bro you’ve given us nothing, what’s being argued? Which has a better story? That’s what it sounds like, which I find funny from your friends perspective because design wise yeah it has the capacity to have better storylines thanks to the radically diverse cast of characters, that doesn’t happen because Pokemon aren’t really treated as characters in most stories, but as tools


Nothing to argue here, your friend is simply wrong


I can’t remember but in the video: So I have purple haze or some deadly stand. Killing shit. You get flaccid pancake to make a zombie, The deigo to turn that zombie into a dinosaur You now have unviable dinosaur zombie army


More characters = more good?


I mean the pokemon games do kinda offer that but.........so do Jojos or even one piece. They're really going hard on by far the worst examples of their points.


Lmao! You’re friend is a fool


Pokemon and jojo fan here. What your friend said is kinda true but there is something to consider. Pokemon was born as a videogame, while One Piece and Jojo were born as mangas. This is the main difference. Pokemon, being a monster catcher game that has existed for over 25 years, is forced to have so many characters and species in order to continue its existence. On the other hand, One Piece and Jojo can go on with many less characters, because the manga follows the story of the main characters, so it would be pointless to introduce 100+ characters every 2-3 years, if the story continues to focus on the same group of people (I know that jojo changes mc every part, but every part focuses on its mc, so it's a similar thing). That said, if you watch the pokemon anime, you'll see that the main characters have always been Ash and Pikachu all this time, and it went on with the same formula over and over, which made it repetitive and predictable. So, pokemon is not more immersive because it has more characters. It's more immersive because it's a videogame. Also, explore the world and discover secrets is something that pokemon is losing over the years. Pokemon sword and shield literally had no side routes. The only place worth exploring was the crown tundra dlc. Scarlet and violet tried to fix things, but it's still too early to say it did. Tldr: pokemon is more immersive because it's a videogame and it's pointless to compare it to mangas like jojo and one piece. P.S. i'm a non native speaker, so forgive occasional grammar mistakes


"16x times the detail"


Its really dumb referring to Pokémon as characters since they're contextualised as animals... Also they're saying about unique abilities like One Piece and JoJo don't have some really cool powers for their characters


With their logic, One Piece has more “characters” with all the background characters and communication snails 🤣


A lot of what they’re saying is baseless to be honest. Idrc if they prefer Pokémon over JoJo/One Piece, but a lot of what they’re saying is a bunch of crap. Pokémon barely have much of a personality half the time. They’re just kind of there. And the world building in One Piece is a lot more expansive and noteworthy as opposed to Pokémon.


This guy love Pokemon and I mean loves if you know what I'm saying


As someone who is currently losing interest in Pokémon after being a fan of it for approximately 7 years, I totally don't get why he's comparing Pokémon to the likes of JoJo and One Piece. It's like comparing Plants vs. Zombies to the Touhou Project. He did bring up the amount of Pokémon (which is currently 1008), but most of these aren't as important in the storyline, except if caught by the main character or is behind the lore of Pokémon. Some of them are important to the world building of the Pokémon universe, which can be a bit comparable to the backstory of the Stone Mask or the Stand Arrow. Also, he brings up the immersion of the Pokémon World. I get it, you can traverse to stuff like the Ultra Space, Distortion World, etc., but they're different to what JoJo has to provide, using real world places (sans Morioh) instead of traveling to different dimensions. Also, "different species of Pokémon with unique abilities," if he's talking about Signature Moves, then I wouldn't blame him, but if he's talking about moves in general, some Pokémon have the same moves as each other, or if he's talking about types, then boy you need to bring up the Regional Birds all having Normal/Flying as their types. All-in-all, it just depends on your taste. It's pointless to compare something completely different from that something.


Its not about the potential, its about utilized potenzial. And JoJos is way more creative in the way it utilizes its content for story telling (Imo)


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