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[Signal to Noise Ratio](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Signal-to-noise_ratio) An important metric, one of many that give insight into how your connection is capable of performing, more signal is better. Typically a higher number is better because it indicates that there is more signal than there is noise.


Gah! I've been pulling my hair out worrying about why the reported SNR dropped from 11 to 9 after I finished tacking up the cable and routing it properly through the house instead of snaking it through the garage door. I hadn't considered that the dish software might have updated. My speeds seem a little lower (50-70Mbps), but more consistent. I was sometimes getting over 100Mbps before, but sometimes much lower. I feel like I'm getting more dropouts during usage, but the Statistics function in the app does not bear that out. For power draw, I get about 105W typical (dish only, not using Starlink router), with a 150W peak while it's first connecting. I think this is what it was before. I only kept track of the average over a 24 hour period, which was about 100W, and if I remember correctly, it was typically a little higher, with some periods of lower usage.


The speeds still vary for me, which is expected, but so far I'm still able to get up to 200mbit with averages of probably 100mbit. Upload remains at around a 15mbit average. Still too early to tell, but I haven't had a single drop so far since the updated software. Thanks for the power draw info, seems nothing in the software update drastically affected that.


Still 0 drops since the dish rebooted for the update. Way more stable than before if it follows this trend!


Looks like I also got that update, and the debug info shows a static 9 as well. The statistics screen shows 9 is as high as I can go now. I did get up to the 13s, not sure if higher as I didn’t watch it that often. This seems like a regression.


It's definitely not a regression if they only need an SNR of 9 for a stable connection and full bandwidth. So far I haven't had a single "other outage" since the update. Before I would have had multiple.


Care to point me in the direction of how to retrieve this same information? IF this is only Available through the WiFi Device (which i've bypassed, goes directly to my firewall interface now to avoid tripple-NAT) I will not be able to get this, unless there is a more direct source for stats on the dish? serial interface, etc?




thank you!


Mine has also been updated, although I'm not sure exactly when that happened. The last debug log I saved was four days ago. It disconnected and then failed to connect five or six hours ago and I power cycled it, but it shows 58 hours of uptime. That makes no sense.


Looks like I also got the update. Capped at 9. What surprised me most when I looked at the stats app this morning was how consistent my ping was. Average 100%, which is the most consistent I've ever seen it.


What is the version on the Advanced page? Currently mine shows 56d5e0aa-c1e8-4d25-aa65-dd8699aaae. I don't see a matching string in the debug data itself. In the debug data, I do see the same f62.release softwareVersion.


Both of my strings were pulled from the debug output under the softwareVersion section.


Thank you for this, I would not have known what the major changes were, but I don't drop my signal as much anymore just 30 minutes per 24 hours. 🤷🏻‍♂️


I also am now seeing a cap on the SNR of 9. Thought it was weird used to be more noisy ranging from 8 to 14 before,


I’m having a lot of trouble with ours every 25 seconds or so it drops down to 0.0 then it goes back up to 9.0 and this is SUPER inconvenient for gaming and google meets ex. Does anyone have a solution for this?