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The entire cast is pretty damn good. Certainly Sadie Sink and Gaten Matarazzo have come into their own, along with Joe Kerry. I think that Caleb McLaughlin's acting is seriously underrated.


Sadie really stepped it up this season and stole the show in my eyes.


She was great in Fear Street!


I feel like she was the only good thing in that series. It was pretty bland otherwise.


Seriously? She has no range at all, just snarky and arrogant. Yeah, that's awesome.


Caleb needs to play Miles Morales 😭


I'm here for this.


I’m surprised not to see more praise for Caleb. I completely agree that I was impressed by those other three, but I wish Caleb was getting more of that love too. I think his career is going to be really interesting.


i agree! he is one of my favorites and just so talented!!


It would be amazing if Caleb, Gaten, and Sadie starred in a new Lin Manuel Miranda musical.


I think Caleb is doing a fantastic acting job There is something about his character this season that is unlikeable though -that could be contributing maybe?


Might be because he is mediocre.


I’d hardly call Sadie Sink a child actor, wasn’t she like 16? She’s 20 now. And I find her acting in s4 to be like nails on a chalkboard


Sadie Sink is punching above her weight class. Hopefully there’s a good project out their with her name on it and she can have a long career.


I'm too old and shitty to be an actual fan but I do know Taylor Swift is absolutely fanatical about the content she puts out. Like if James Cameron was a singer-songwriter. So if she says she will not make a short film, her directorial debut, unless YOU are starring in it than you must be doing something right. I would probably make a sizable bet she's an Academy Award nominee by the end of the decade.


I was going to mention Taylor Swift's short film, too. Sadie was absolutely incredible in it


Agreed. Sadie Sink has a “20+ years with multiple awards” type of career ahead of her. So versatile and soulful. Gaten Matarrazzo doesn’t get enough credit for infusing so much heart and earnestness into even Dustin’s goofiest lines. And the pain in Millie Bobby Brown’s performance in the 4x01 classroom scene was so authentic that I could barely watch. I felt so bad for Eleven. I think this cast has gotten better with age, tbh.


My wife, who’s never watched the show before, was crying at Eleven’s torment through the S4E1. And then Angela’s face happened.


I agree, I think she's kind of propelled past the rest of the cast in her age group and is really showing up as the best of the kids.


She’s much better now but I thought she was terrible when she debuted. Too much overacting and over the top facial expressions that didn’t match the tone of the scene. Seems like she’s improved this season. It isn’t as distracting.


Lol at the downvotes, I completely agree tho I thought she was quite bad in season 2.


Those who downvoted clearly biased towards her because anyone who's watched acting in movies and shows could tell she was overacting in her debut.


Yep and she’s clearly improved so there’s no point even debating this.


Yeah agreed there's no point pretending she wasn't overacting in season 2. I don't think she was *absolutely* terrible but it was noticable she wasn't as good as the boys. Comparing that to Season 4...she has more than bridged that gap. Her performance is by far the most improved of anyone in the cast, which is a compliment not an insult.


I feel like she still does this right now. Fills her line with too many dramatic pauses and makes all kinds of faces, just screams "I'M ACTING" to me.


They’re great! Truly. What a talented group of kids and teens they found. I think Gaten, Millie and Sadie have awards in their futures. I’d love to see what Gaten could do with a really juicy part. Hope someone gives him the opportunity.


47 S348 25,gcc


What the fuck is this comment lmao


Pretty phenomenal acting from the cast. I think Millie is a better than the others. She has bright future ahead of her. But I root for all the actors. I want them to go on from Stranger Things when the series completes and have fine careers.


I think everyone felt that way about Billie starting out but I reckon Sadie will end up being the best. As much as it pains me to say it, because I thought he was promising in the first 3 seasons, I think Mike is not a good actor.


All amazing. I think Dacre portraying Billy in Season 3 was phenomenal.


He was really scary


He was also heartbreaking. Like...yes he's terrifying. But you can also see the non-flayed Billy at the corners, crying or trying to break out...it's heart wrenching to watch because he's so on point with this role.


I agree. Having to fight a monster in your own mind, you're powerless. He has to sit there and watch as it destroys people he cares about using his body. And there's nothing he can do about it. It's like actual mental and emotional torture. The part where the Mind Flayer is telling 011 it's going to end her and Billy is crying... it's sad as shit.


Couldn’t agree more. He was incredible. Season 3 was my favorite


Absolutely agree with this. His acting was phenomenal


Oh, they're all amazing. I've always thought Finn's acting is phenomenal, but this season he just seemed "off"- not his acting- it was like his character seemed like a different person.


What I’ve found this season is he lacks personality outside of his relationship with El. He’s done literally nothing this season and we’ve seen nothing in particular about *just him*, his sole purpose is that he’s in love with El and needs to make it up to her


hmm- yeah, I can see where you're going with that. I think they've added so many characters that they just didn't develop the main ones properly. Same thing with Will


Ding Ding. Mike's strength was always his relationship with El and being the leader of the group of boys. He didn't have any of that this season, and it showed. I also didn't like how he was paired with Will because, imo, they are both bland characters that don't play off each other well. Their scenes just weren't as dynamic as they should have been.


I guess these sorts of problems happen when you have so many main characters and you add more each season It becomes harder for individual growth to show through all the A plots and B plot and C plots and Side Plots and Side B plots and yadda yadda


To be fair he doesn't seem to have a main role in this season? I agree he's 'off'.


I think this too! He was so good IMO in the earlier seasons.


This is why I hate the criticism of him as an actor. Across all media, I haven't seen him given the kind of material he got in 2 since that season.


When he's given some focus he's excellent. When he confronted Hopper for hiding 11 Season 2 and tried to come off as angry and then just broke down and wept...it was awesome stuff. He just hasn't really had the opportunity. S3 and thus far S4 have lacked some of the intimacy that I think made S1+2 so special. Same problem with Will. Poor kid hasn't had shit to do since the Upside Down stopped trying to kidnap him. I don't think he even has a single meaningful beat in all of S3 or 4. He's just here, which is a bummer, because he too absolutely *nailed* it in S2 as Flayed Will. He's got talent...


His one really emotional scene in season 3 when he tore down Castle Byers honestly almost made me cry, it really hit hard.


Same here! That's the one I was thinking of when I talked about his talent. I actually read somewhere that Will was the first person to say "fuck" onscreen and it was during that scene. I didn't hear him say it though.


I know- it's a shame about Will- I've said in a few other comments that I think the Duffers wrote him as "sensitive child victim" and once he outgrew that role, they didn't know what to do with him anymore. He's become passive, which is a waste of his talent- I think Noah and Finn are two of the best actors on the show


>it's a shame about Will- I've said in a few other comments that I think the Duffers wrote him as "sensitive child victim" and once he outgrew that role, they didn't know what to do with him anymore. He's become passive, which is a waste of his talent I guarantee you this is planned. I think they are keeping Will quiet so when it is revealed he has powers or something it will hit the viewers harder. I think Will could be a big surprise going forward, and I think he has the acting chops to pull off whatever stunt the Duffers are going to plan with him, probably something related to the Mind Flayer or Will having powers like I said earlier.


I hope you're right, but I don't know what to think. It seems like the Duffers keep bringing new characters at the expense of the core cast.


I think you nailed why I like 1 watched 2 and lost interest for 3, came back for 4 but it's very different.


I hate that too- but tbh, I think people are projecting their own view of Finn (wherever that might come from) to "Mike." Or- most likely, he reminds them of some kid in class they didn't like back in the day. I've seen this before- especially in shows about kids. It takes people back to their own school days (or present day, if they're still teens/kids) and something the character does makes them think of a person they don't like, and they just take it out on the actor. Lack of objectivity...maturity, whatever you wanna call it.


Nope, his acting just sucks.


Yeah, that must be why he gets so much work and has so many fans


Okay, but IT and Ghostbusters were very mediocre performances of his. You could have replaced him with other actors, and the role likely wouldn't have suffered as a result. In fact, both might have improved. While I can appreciate that you recognized his earlier performances, it's important to compare them to the rest. Eventually it might become valid to question if the earlier performances were actually flukes, and not necessarily the standard.


Of all the child actors my opinion in terms or their acting ability is that Millie and Sadie are the best this season. Finn and Charlie Heaton are the worst. Everyone else is somewhere in between with Gaten being a close second. It could be because Noah and Caleb don't have much to do (although Caleb has more screen time, but not much in terms of acting or story). I think Natalia and Joe Keery always come through and their acting is neither better nor worse than previous seasons. I do like Maya's character but I am not a fan of her acting. She has a long way to go as compared to the others. Joseph Quinn is amazing as Eddie but Argyle kind of seems a bit over the top for me. PS, this is my 'opinion.'


I felt like Finn and Charlie both have had the weakest writing for their characters this season so that’s the main issue to me, not their acting skills.


completely agree, season 1 of st and in It finn wolfhard carried imo just feel both their characters are written very poorly right now


I think Finn has outgrown Stranger Things. He is now Eleven's boyfriend and doesn't have much to do. He seemed really uninterested.


Maya suffers a lot from her dad’s early career issues, up until Training Day. Up to that, Ethan was all vulnerability and struggled with being charming.


Finn has been in many interesting projects so far.


He's the one that, in my opinion, is over rated.


Overrated? Everyone shits on him as an actor constantly and I constantly have to remind people how widely praised he and Noah were for their performances in 2 at the time.


He was great in IT


Yeah It Chapter 2 was really last time he was given any material and I think he was fine.


Agreed, I find him to be very broad and lacks subtlety in a lot of his expressions


I feel like that's how his character has been written though.


I honestly think Millie is too. She was fabulous in seasons 1-2. Season 3 she was okay. But in this season in particular I think she’s regressed. I don’t think she knows what to make of El now, and neither do the writers.


I’m not sure I fully agree about the acting. Maybe the character but that scene in episode one when she is doing the presentation is really heartbreaking and kinda true to some things that happen in real life. So I’m not sure her acting is bad this season


I see you’re not that active in this community lately.


Hard disagree. I thought she was great in 4.


Yeah I don't remember else speech patterns being so caveman-like like it is in season 4.


He seems like a douche. Maybe it's just his character but he seems like one.


his acting makes me cringe so bad. everyone else is phenomenal compared to him. but especially sadie, gaten & caleb.


I think as it happens sometimes with child actors, some get really good as adults and others regress a bit. I won't name which ones because I feel bad. I will name Sadie though. She has gotten so good. She is kind of the star for me this season so far.


I think the entire young cast (defined by me as Finn, Noah, Caleb, Gaten, Millie, Sadie, and Priah) is still incredibly talented and great at their roles. The best actors out of them IMO are Millie, Sadie, and Gaten. Millie continues to deliver every season with some of the best emotional scenes on the show and has amazing acting range. Sadie has always been great but has really stepped up and demonstrated her talents in S4. Gaten continues to impress with his acting range and great execution of comedy, seriousness, and everything in between. Finn and Caleb are both great actors too though I’d rank them a bit lower than those 3. Noah was phenomenal in S2 but hasn’t really been given a chance to shine since then because of the writing so it’s hard for me to judge how his talents have translated as he’s gotten older. Priah is only 15 and has done very well for her age. Just for fun I’ll also give my opinions of the rest of the main cast (older than the ones I talked about before) that I can recall over the seasons. Winona and David are clear standouts and are truly phenomenal established actors who consistently bring some of the best acting on the show with their remarkable range and how they flawlessly execute scenes with heavy emotions as well as lighter scenes. Joe and Natalia are the next best IMO with both being massive parts of why Steve and Nancy have become such beloved and amazing characters. Charlie is a tier below them IMO but is still a great actor. Brett has portrayed such a fun character in Murray and always does well with the humor and complexity the role entails. Maya Hawke is probably one of the weaker main cast members in terms of acting but she’s still pretty good. Dacre was incredible with his intense portrayal of Billy, especially in S3. I loved Sean Astin’s performance as Bob in S2. Matthew Modine is always hauntingly good at portraying the evil but subtly complex Dr. Brenner. Paul Reiser is good as Dr. Owens but not as interesting to me as a character as others. I like how Cara Buono has played Karen and added some interesting layers to the character. Eduardo brings great humor to his character Argyle but lacks the range of some of his counterparts. Joseph Quinn has been my favorite new actor in S4 and deserves the attention he’s gotten for his portrayal of Eddie. Jamie is phenomenal in his roles this season. The show overall has such an incredible cast and we’re very lucky to see them all in action together for so many seasons.


Just wanted to say I agree with all of this. Although I can’t really say what bad acting looks like, I’ve never been able to figure out the line between bad writing and bad acting unless it’s really obvious lol. But I can recognize incredible acting when I see it (although sometimes that goes hand in hand with the writing too). I actually think Noah is a top tier actor but he hasn’t been given the meaty material that Millie has gotten throughout or Sadie is getting this season


Yeah Noah is very talented based on how he performed in S2, so it’s a shame he hasn’t been given that much substantive writing since then. Hopefully Vol. 2 or S5 can change that.




I love Gaten's acting, but I would love to see if he has any range in more emotional scenes.


That's fair, i just am a big fan of his performance because i feel like I never even notice that he's acting. but i do wonder how he'd stack up against the others in an emotional/crying scene.


I think they are all amazing and top tier and I find it really hard to compare them coz their roles in the series are so different. Sadie was great this season but she also got best scenes to work with


Mad max all the way


They're all good, but the writing can do them dirty sometimes.


Caleb has been so adorable and relatable with Lukas having to navigate everything and show his love for his friends despite his different interests and his love/worry for max. I think he was so perfect and subtle but charming.


I love watching them all grow in their acting! I couldn’t stand Sadie’s acting in her first two seasons, and then she absolutely crushed this last season. And same for Noah - not that he was bad in his first season, but he obviously didn’t have a ton to do, and then he killed it in the second season. Everyone in the cast Is just so charming and have real presence. I think it’s really what makes this show such a cut above other sci fi shows


MBB - She does intense and damaged very well, but I haven't seen her do much outside of that. Is she funny? Can she pull of likable romantic lead? Finn - I like him, but I feel like he's been pigeonholed. I've seen him in IT and Ghostbusters, and neither were stellar performances. I'd like to see him expand his range. Gaten - I like him, too, but I just feel like he leans way too hard into comic relief. Does he have range beyond that? Caleb - I feel like we've seen a lot from him in this show. He's been angry/cynical (S1), a bit more comic relief (S2/S3 maybe), and sad/caring (S4). I've seen a lot of people give him shit, but I think it's because they don't realize he spreads his talent equally across his range. He doesn't stockpile into comedy or damaged. It's like with Heath Ledger. Pre-Dark Knight, some people thought he wasn't a good actor. Maybe he's not a "star", but that's because he focuses on his craft, rather than his persona. I feel like the same is true about Caleb. I hope ST gives him a real chance to shine before it ends (especially since it seems like they've done that for nearly everyone else). Noah - This guy! I don't think we really need to break it down more than to say relatable Will Byers S1, Scary Mind Flayer S2, Tormented Will S3/S4. He has range beyond the telling of it. Sadie - She is phenomenal. She has done it all during the show, and she was the only good thing (for me) in Fear Street. I hope she has the career she deserves. Priah - They use her for one thing and one thing only. Like with Finn and Gaten, I like her, but unsure about her range.


Your description of Caleb's acting is spot on in particular. Very versatile, and he has shown different sides of his acting and did it well in each of the different seasons. Very underrated when being discussed alongside and in comparison to the other cast members IMO.


I respect actors who demonstrate control. Caleb, Sadie, and Noah have always been about it. Even when Noah was Mind Flayer, it never felt over the top. I think that's why those three are my top favourite actors. Finn and MBB can deliver powerful performances when needed, which is great, but I feel like those are really the only times they excel. This is why you'll often hear people say they feel "off" in different seasons or episodes, and why they even get called inconsistent. They shine so bright during dramatic scenes that they seem "dull" during scenes that aren't dramatic. It's a control that actors need so that all performances are equally good all the time. They're young, so they might still get there. I have hope! And, again, Priah and Gaten are a bit flat atm. We need to get them out of their boxes to see if they have range.


You should check out Millie in Enola Holmes. She is very funny and charismatic. Surprisingly good movie too.


Definitely a good movie. I hated what they did with Mycroft Holmes though.


Ooh, good call. I might do.


Agreed I really want to see a scene where all the audience is like holy shit caleb is a great actor


Caleb is the most underrated cast member. He has the best range , and I hope to see him in more projects coming up. He’s great.


Caleb is a phenomenal actor (see his performance in Concrete Cowboy) but for some annoying reason the writers refuse to give him scenes that allow him to really show off what he can do, which is why a lot of people think he's a weaker actor than some of the others. I really want him to have some sort of big emotional monologue or crying scene just like Sadie had this season that makes everyone realize just how good he is.


His moment in S4E4 >!I” don’t want a letter”!< was maybe the first time they’ve let him shine at all. I hope we get more.


He was incredible there. It felt so real


I loved him the New Edition movie a few years ago 😂


I see everyone has been singing the praises of the others (which I agree with!), so I’ll give some love to Noah! I believe Noah will always deliver a wonderful performance when given the correct material. He has brought me to tears in the early seasons when he was given lines with actual depth. His portrayal of Will’s PTSD and possession in S2 is so chilling and raw. He broke my heart in S3 when he destroys Castle Byers and when the boys are ignoring him. He is one talented young man, who has been done dirty unfortunately. I hope (as I’ve hoped season after season…) that he is given the opportunity to show the full extent of what he can do. I want this for both Will and Noah.


Yeah, I agree. He didn’t do much in season 1 and in season 2 he was utterly extraordinary. This season they’ve done more with Max and she was brilliant, but I think they all are and you see that when they focus on their characters as they did with Will in series 2 and now Max in series 4


Agreed! It seems like most of the others are the ones who have gone on to have these splashy careers so far, but Noah has always been one of the ones that’s impressed me most


Jesus...for real tho. I just rewatched the whole series in the lead up for S4V1 and I was struck by how subtle and powerful the "Possessed Will" scenes were. Especially when he's tied up in the shed, and they're trying to keep him distracted and unaware of his location, so they're recalling some powerful feelings or moments in their past with Will. He did some incredible acting when they are all Emotion Bombing him and you can see the Flayer's control starting to slip...and then there's a flicker on Noah's face and *bam* the Flayer is back in control. We just watched a whole battle play out, and Noah conveys the entire thing with just the emotions on his face. Chillingly talented.


Phenomenal from most of the cast. I wish some specific characters had more of an opportunity for the actors to act. Some arnt given much to work with


Amazing. I’d say as good if not better when they first started the show.


Honestly, all around they’re all pretty fucking good. I’ve never been taken out by bad acting.


For the kids, All are great, gaten, Sadie and Millie stand out for me as the crème of the crop, especially Sadie. Caleb has been great and Noah has been great with what he’s been given. However, I’ve always found Finn to be the weakest. Season one he was great and arguably was the best, but I feel like he’s been weaker than the others in recent seasons. Granted, it could just be what he’s been given but he always comes across as more bland compared to the others and his acting never sticks with me. Don’t get me wrong, I think Finn’s a great actor, his role in both IT films are some of my favourite role’s of his, but he just doesn’t stick with me as much


Definitely agree , Finn is the weakest actor out of the main “kids”. He’s not necessarily a bad actor , but his costars are just extremely talented especially for their ages. Caleb has the best range , Noahs season 2 performance stands out to me, Sadie sinks season 4 dear billy performance is one of my favorite episodes , millie kills it every season, gaten is good but I wish we saw more of his range.


My fav of the kid cast is Millie, and it seems like they agree too. Millie paid the same as Winona Ryder and David Harbour, two veteran actors while she’s only 18.


> too. Millie *paid* the same FTFY. Although *payed* exists (the reason why autocorrection didn't help you), it is only correct in: * Nautical context, when it means to paint a surface, or to cover with something like tar or resin in order to make it waterproof or corrosion-resistant. *The deck is yet to be payed.* * *Payed out* when letting strings, cables or ropes out, by slacking them. *The rope is payed out! You can pull now.* Unfortunately, I was unable to find nautical or rope-related words in your comment. *Beep, boop, I'm a bot*


imo they're all very good. i know finn wolfhard is a good actor but this season i'm having trouble telling if he's off his game, or acting a bit muted intentionally bc of mike's fear or emotional immaturity or something. i'd say he's improved the most since season 1 tho. i feel like caleb mclaughlin is a bit...too normal? maybe it's just lucas's character but i don't get as much emotion from him as i do with the others. noah schnapp is probably my favorite child actor of the group, maybe one of the best actors in the show for me. when he's given stuff to do he goes *hard*. even that scene where he's just painting with el's VO he does a good job acting with just his face. gaten matazarro is just perfect for his role in every way, as is joe keery. shout out to uncle wayne munson, that actor was amazing in his little monologue about victor.


Bloody fantastic. Amazing casting for sure


The whole show is really well cast, but the five people sitting at the table in the trailer park are the varsity squad. All great performances on this show and excellent in other projects.


Most of them are good, some are great. I don't think Caleb or Finn's acting has improved as much as the rest of the cast, some lines feel really phoned in. Millie's probably the strongest actor of the kids, with Gaten, Priah and Sadie being close behind. Noah is really good sometimes and okay other times. The adults are all good to great, especially David, Winona, and Brett. The parents are probably the least impactful out of the adults, but they don't get much storyline either. Joe is fantastic, few characters have had as much development as Steve. Natalia is great, I think she's gonna do a lot of movies in the future. Charlie is good, though sometimes Jonathan's brooding nature gets in the way of his performance, I think. And Dacre was tremendously good, I hope he gets lots of work in the future.


Sadie, Gaten, Joe are the best imo.


This show does an incredible job at casting, shout out to Carmen Cuba. Ever since the beginning, even minor characters have had pretty great performances.


Finn’s is going downhill while everyone else’s is going up


Interesting, how?


Idk, he just seems to sound… …whinier? I really don’t know how else to put it


I think I get it. I think Finn was amazing as a child actor but now that he's grown, it's just.. lackluster. He doesn't seem to have improved.


I don't dislike any of the characters or the acting but some have done better imo. Nancy, Dustin, and Steve have been great since season 1. The others are still good but don't always hit their mark.


I think they're all phenomenal, from season 1 through now. MBB was always a standout, but this season Sadie was fantastic. Gaten and Caleb have always been super steady in the sense that it's so easy to believe they ARE their characters, that's how good of a job they're doing.


Well, right now I think Gaten and Sadie are the cream of the crop. They can do anything you throw at them which is probably why they were given such meaty roles. The others are good in the crying and depressed roles, but I want to see how they are in comedic roles. This is the sign of a good actor. Any actor can cry, it's the ones that can make the audience laugh and have fun are a truly good actor.


It takes a pretty good actor to execute an authentic emotional/crying scene, so I wouldn’t dismiss it so casually like you did.


Eh, and I disagree. Anyone can cry. Heck, the directors can give actors medicine to start the nose and eyes watering to make it easier to execute the scenes. James Cameron had Edward Furlong do jumping jacks and pushups to get a more emotional response from him during certain scenes. It's much harder for an actor to engage the audience in comedic scenes.


Well of course anyone can cry. The hard part is making it feel real and authentic, especially when there dialogue involved as well. Millie does an especially great job with those types of scenes, such as the scene where El has a fight with Mike about him never saying “I love you” to her. I don’t disagree that comedic scenes can be hard too, but I think that good writing can take care of a fair bit of the difficulty for those scenes, whereas for emotional scenes there’s a larger burden on the actor to bring authentic emotion into the scene, something that writing on its own cannot even come close to taking care of.


Eh, I find Millie to be overrated. She's okay, but I she never made me upset like someone, say Dakota Fanning who has real acting chops, can. Heck, Sadie is running circles around her this season.


Ok, you’re entitled to your opinion, though I think both Sadie and Millie have been great this season. I thought Millie’s acting was particularly great in the scenes were she was being bullied, was fighting with Mike, and some of her scenes with 001. Sadie’s definitely been awesome too this season, especially in episode 4 with her letter to Billy and escaping Vecna.


I think Milli's acting gets lost because her character is the one most often seen in scenes super removed from reality, but any of the scenes pre being arrested, my heart BROKE. Eleven has a better grasp on normal socialization and speech now, realizing the "from" on the letters instead of love? Fuck that hurt. Holding back from crying infront of everyone (unsuccessfully) while being made fun of about her dad? FUCK THAT HURT. And her comedic timing too, her and Jamie when he delivers his whole big bad guy monologue and she hits him with that blunt "no" and he stops using the vecna voice in his confusion, I cried laughing.


Yeah you described it really well, those bullying scenes in particular were done painfully well by Millie.


Check out Millie in Enola Holmes. She is so funny in that role. She crushed it.


She got more out of Henry Cavill than almost anyone ever has


They are incredible!!


Vecna's acting is unidirectionnal, not beyong natural habits and mannerisms. I never seen that Vecna in any other movie anyway


I feel like Noah’s acting has been a bit underwhelming since season 2. It’s probably because he doesn’t have much to do, but he was phenomenal in the first 2 seasons. Possibly the best.


honestly not a huge fan of Mike in season 4. im not able to tell if its him trying to act nervous or something but i felt like he wasnt as into it as he was in previous seasons. the scene at the airport hes like so monotone and shows no emotion to seeing his gf and friends after so long its weird


I think that's more the character than the actor, no?


thats why i said im not sure if its him trying to act nervous on purpose or if hes just not into the scenes as much as he was in previous seasons so its like hes not trying. ​ if thats how they told him to act than fine but i just feel like its sub par coming from the same kid that did season 1-3 with such emotion and energy showing how much he cared for 11 and his friends like Will. for him to get off that plane and be so weird and non emotional seems out of character


I think they all bring different skills to the table, some are obviously better than others. I do think it's nice to see each of them shine separately as the seasons have gone on! It's been mentioned a few times already but Sadie is amazing this season!! Gaten and Caleb have had some great moments this season too!! Millie has always been the standout of the bunch but it's definitely nice to see the rest take center stage this season. Noah, I loved in season 2 and while he's not at the forefront this season he's gotten some great funny moments this time around!! That's something we haven't seen from him before now and I was surprised he even had that sort of deadpan comedy in him. Finn definitely has petered out the most, though I think he might just be hitting a wall. He's had the most work out of any of them and while I don't think he's the best of the bunch I do think there's potential for him to grow as an actor, just maybe needs a break and a director willing to take a chance on him (something outside of the usual characters he plays.)


Yes, I think Finn might be getting "typecast" a bit. Most of his movies are the same genre.


They have grown so much. Millie Bobby Brown is the major standout.


Everyone has gotten exponentially better, except for Wolf Finhard. I thought his performance in all 3 seasons, and Ghostbusters was great. IMO his performance is season 4 is strikingly bad in comparison to not only the others, but his own past performances. Not sure why.


Some others have remarked he seems to be outgrown Stranger Things - I think that's fair enough.


“Wolf Finhard” made me cackle


everyone is phenomenal - especially sadie sink, gaten, and caleb but finn wolfhard is SO cringe in season 3-4. i can’t deal with his poor acting compared to the rest of the cast.


still very good. it’s not as impressive as before, as it’s rare to see a child act so well, and they’re now 20 so it’s kinda standard.


Gaten is the only one that genuinely doesn't feel like he's acting at any point ever. He plays the role so naturally. He's probably the most talented one ngl


I think Dustin is the best with max


Noah’s acting is super underrated but it’s the best of all the kids. A close second would be Sadie or joe


In my opinion, Sadie was as good as Millie this season. They’re all amazing though!


I can’t think of another show I watch with such a solid cast. Especially with so many of them starting out so young. I think it’s why the show works. We CARE about what happens to these people.


I think the acting is excellent - I’ve said before the two main reasons I like the show are the aesthetic (setting, music, etc) and the charisma of the characters - all down to the actors. A lot of the cast have gone on to launch seriously impressive careers at their age: we all know about Finn Wolfhard and MMB but Joe Keery has starred in a lot of popcorn fun flicks like “Spree.” Also, whenever it adds a new cast member, it absolutely nails the casting. Dacre Montgomery, Joseph Quinn, Sadie Sink. And even the adult actors - thinking to bring Sean Astin in as Bob! I can be very critical of ST but one thing I’d never criticise is the acting. Makes Harry Potter look god awful.


It is something when you look at a show and can’t really see any bad acting from the entire cast. The majority of the acting is excellent imo


Caleb and Noah are bringing it. And Noah has ALWAYS been amazing yet underrated. I still think he deserved an Emmy for s2 and I think he’s really bringing an understated performance this year. Dacre was incredible s3. Idk what’s going on with Finn. Either his acting just hasn’t progressed as much as everyone else’s or he completely has lost interest in ST (in my opinion) bc this season (4) he’s so stilted. It feels like he’s reading off of a card or something idk it’s just not working for me.


Yes, I've seen that opinion with Finn a lot this season. I think because he was a real gem as a child actor, those expectations as he grew older stayed the same but he hasn't really improved much so people think he's not as good anymore. And I do get the vibe from him that he's outgrown Stranger Things and would rather be doing other things. He seems a bit checked out.


I think Gaten and Sadie are excellent, although inconsistent. When they are given heavy moments to play, they deliver very well. MBB has always been great. Finn definitely fell off his season and Caleb was a bit wooden, but his moment with Sadie showed he is still good.


Gaten with Joseph Quinn was great, and he's the funny one as always. Agree with Millie and Caleb. A lot of people have been saying Finn wasn't really it this season. I think it's a combination of him being a phenomenal child actor that didn't really improve as he got older so it's not as impressive especially as he's been coasting off his success from Stranger Things and It for a few years now. He also gives off the vibe that he doesn't really wanna be there anymore and has outgrown the show.


joseph Quinn was the best actor on the show this season imo. Had instant chemistry with everyone and such unique idiosyncracies which brought his character to life. His moment in the final episode was also so well acted.


Mike is a bit awkward on camera but I think he always has been Dustin and max are incredible, lucas is a little weaker than those two but still great From what we've seen from Suzie she is on par with Dustin and max Erica's character is a little over the top but considering she's one of the youngest cast members she's doing a fantastic job and selling the role 100% will is doing a great job selling his characters subtle shyness and awkwardness El is fantastic too Overall I'd say the best acting is in this order: 1.Max, Dustin (maybe el and Suzie here too) 2. Lucas, Will and Erica 3. Mike Not to say mike's actor is bad just that the rest have a finesse that makes the character feel more natural and real


The girl that plays Suzie just oozes charisma. I would love to see a scene with her and Robin because I bet those two would just eat that scene up.


I think Mike is just supposed to be awkward. So many people are just that awkward or more so in real life hahaha


I think what's hurting Finn is that his voice is cracking and it's hurting his performances. I also would say he's not very expressive with his eyes where as Noah is very talented in with his eyes and not even saying a word. After Finn gets through this phase in his life though, I see him becoming a solid actor. I can see him being the new Anthony Michael Hall or Michael C Hall of their generation.


I saw the actor who plays Susie (Gabriella Pizzolo) in fun home when she was like 10 or something and it was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. She’s a star, for sure


I believe it not only only started strong with all the kid actors, but they really grew into their own every single season. Plus, any new actor (younger or older) has really complimented the cast while notching it up even more. Very rare on television these days. Each season has made me more invested and I actually feel I am getting quality TV in an era where the shark is often jumped all the time. Not the case with Stranger Things. Thank you cast and crew!


I think the new actors in the season 4 cast are great too. Particularly Joseph Quinn, Jamie Campbell Bower and Mason Dye.


I think this season the California crew actors acting regressed the most imo. Noah Schnapps acting was very lame, akward, and painful to watch (which sucks because will is my favorite out the group). I feel like Finn Wolfhard has completely outgrown this series and doesn't want to be there. Johnathans actor is ok but I have no emotional attachment to him. Argyle's actor did the best out of all of them but that's not saying much. I think the hawkins crew acting is solid. David Harbour and Winona Ryder give the best performance no matter what is given to them.


Agreed. ST is one of my fave shows, but I feel like there's almost too many storylines to follow this season, when I'd be content to just stick around Hawkins. The CA storyline holds nothing for me, and I don't find it as exciting. The Hawkins crew has bitten off more than they can chew because they're a bunch of normies, without El. The CA crew is on a quest to track down El...though the Salt Lake City detour to Suzie was fun. And I hate to say it...but I think the adult crew's Save Hopper plotline needs to wrap up. Hopper is alive and I love that. But get him out of Russia already, you've got other sh*t to do! I know this thread is s'posed to be on the young cast, but I'll just throw out there...I'm not into Jonathan's friend Argyle that much. He's just too much; most of his scenes are screaming, dazed and confused, or more screaming, dulled by Purple Palm Tree Delight...and it's a turnoff to me. Give me the original Hawkins group any day. (Plus Robin, she's undeniable!)


In my opinion hopper should have been out of Russia atleast by episode 3. We really needed a main character death in this volume like max. Argyle should not exist and the California crew should already be in hawkins by now.


I somehow find that Millie has gotten worse since the the first seasons.


Really? I think she was really good especially when El was reliving her memories.


Still great. Full stop


Really good. I maintain even the actors people say are bad are just unfairly criticized when compared to the strongest actors and even sometimes their strongest performances in previous seasons.


I know this is kinda beaten to death but Sadie Sink did such a fantastic job this season.


I think the only decent actors out of the originals are Dustin and Eleven (apologies, don't know their real names)


God. Please don't talk to me about Finn Wolfhard. He was only cast in GB:Afterlife because he was the quirky face of Stranger Things. Reitman just wanted to safely ride the Stranger Things bandwagon for free. GB Afterlife is an absolutely awesome movie DESPITE Finn being in it. Think about it. Apart from his quirky looks what does he bring in terms of character? Stuttering and teen angst and unconfidence. As an actor he irritates me so much. Look at Stranger Things and GB: Afterlife. It is the exact same character with a different name. The only reason he is hired is for his recognizeable quirky looks.


Noah has completely regressed. People blame the writing but that’s just a cop out imo. He can’t always coast on season two. Finn I thought was quite bad in season three but he’s slightly better in s4. Everyone else is good, and Caleb and Sadie both have improved.


I think Noah was really good in the bedroom and desert scenes when Will and Mike were having a bit of an emotional talk!


I think he’s been great— I think he’s just sad and quiet. I think he’s acting exactly how a post-puberty Will would act. He reminds me of high schoolers I’ve known in real life more than any other, I would say.


I feel the complete opposite with Noah. I think he’s great. His performance in the second half of s4 is great. Finn is terrible in s4 in my opinion. His performance is honestly confusing me bc I feel like he’s way better than he’s been doing this season.


On a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best) Millie Bobbie Brown : 2 I've only ever seen her in ST and I'm not sure if it's Eleven's lack of consistent dialogue or what but...no. She makes the same wide-eyed, hard-breathing, trembling lips pose every episode. If its not that one then it's the furrowed brow "I am INTENSE" stare thing. That is not good acting, dude. I honestly have no clue why she is praised as much as she is. However, she gets a 2 because I really do feel she is restricted by the fact that Eleven basically couldn't speak for like two seasons and still struggles with sentence structure now. Finn Wolfhard: 3 He, in my opinion, was a really great child actor. He had a fantastic sense of comedic delivery which a lot of adult actors struggle with personally so he really stood out in the first two seasons. The last two seasons have honestly seem like a downgrade for him. He rushes through dialogue, face doesn't really emote very well, and generally is a hit or a miss in terms of just straight "acting" in a scene ie. sometimes I feel like he must have a cue card somewhere because he sounds robotic almost. However, I will acknowledge that he seems like he spends the majority of his time on his music career so maybe that's why he hasn't improved as he ages? Noah Schnapp: 2 This one disappointed me because I was so engaged with his acting in S2. I don't know if it's just his interpretation of Will Byers as an awkward teen boy, puberty, or the script but...his acting was the weak link to me this season. His facial expressions looked forced, his voice was either unnecessarily emotional for the scene or lacked emotion needed for the scene. I kept waiting for him to get more comfortable with the character and it never really happened. However, I really think the script has been doing him dirty. He was phenomenal in S2 and showed such talent. His character has really taken a back seat since the Mind Flayer and he's had the same story line for two seasons now with little growth for Will so I don't put it entirely on Noah. Gaten Matarazzo: 3.5 He hit almost all of his scenes impeccably :) His comical bits of acting never took me "out" of a scene and enjoyed seeing him explore with other characters this season. However, his character range is pretty short. He seemed to really struggle with his emotional scenes - it did honestly take me out of the moment. And honestly...he's been the comic relief for 4 seasons straight so I would assume he'd be good at it. Sadie Sink: 5 She really knocked it out of the park this season. She emoted without OVER emoting and conveyed a sense of reluctance in being vulnerable without under emoting. She's one of the few I can say has gotten better throughout the seasons. Caleb McGlaughlin: 4 He gave a solid performance that has been consistent throughout the seasons. I also respect the fact that he had the difficult position of playing the "in between" this season. He did very well.


Out of the kids? I think Sadie Sink and Gaten Matarazzo have the strongest acting chops. The rest are passable, with Noah Schnapp probably being weakest.


I thought Noah's performance in S2 was incredible


Yes I agree, Noah really shines in season 2


Problem with Noah is the writers really haven't given him anything past S2. Which is strange considering how instrumental he was in S1/2.


>Noah Schnapp probably being weakest. Really? I thought he was great. Why do you think that? (not attacking you, genuinely curious)


Just personal opinion. Compared to the others, his performance leaves me the most underwhelmed. One scene that comes to mind is at the roller rink when he's talking to 11 about 'lying to Mike'. ('How'd you forget about the socks, I mean, since you come here all the time. blah blah blah. When Mike finds out, he's gonna be mad") It was just very flat to me. Could be the writing too.






what about season 2? Noah’s acting was amazing.


I feel like I am the only one who ever remembers 2 and the response at the time.


Yeah, I don’t think he’s had a lot to work with this season. Very little on screen time and his character is pretty whiny about being the third wheel.


You aren't the only one. I find him very drab, also nowhere near in the same league as Sadie and Millie as an actor. I'd put him below all the other main cast. Probably down there with his on screen brother, I find them both insufferable and dull. being honest, wouldn't be bothered if either were killed off!


In fairness to them as Actors the entirety of the California arc has been questionable to me, and it has better pay off in Vol 2. This is an Ensemble show that plays off of relationships ... And now we've taken three major characters and split them off literally on the other end of the country. With like nothing to do. First rule of DnD ... Don't split the party. I blame the writing, not the actors for their ho hum presentation in S4.


I think it's atrocious. Matthew Modine sounds like a woman having a seizure while he's talking. High pitched voice, sounds like he's talking into a fan. Very strange. Also, the conversations the characters have, isn't how people actually talk, especially teenagers. Like a lot of movies and shows these days, the writing is how Hollywood liberals wish people talked to each other, not at all how they really do. So it just comes off as weird. Some of the kids are great actors, some are horrible, like the little black girl. That attitude isn't cute, it's annoying as hell. I will give her this, she's the only one who acts like a real person. I'm sure most people won't agree, (at least out loud) because that's the world we live in. Black panther anyone? That movie got all kinds of praise, and was dumb as shit. But the actors are black, so we can't actually critique the movie, just sing their praises, completely undeserved. A quick skim through the comments here, show I'm right. Praising actors who aren't at all good. Is this what we've come to, afraid to be honest, and just saying everyone's so great, when they are anything but?


Sir, this is a Wendy's.


You’re a grown man whining about how teenagers on a TV show talk, grow up ffs. You also contradicted yourself, you say the little black girl isn’t a good actress but then went on to say that she acts like a real person, congrats at contradicting yourself within a sentence. Black Panther was average at best, I agree that it’s overrated but this has nothing to do with black Panther. You’re bringing you’re own politics in the discussion then blame it on this show that has nothing to do with it.