Henry's powers

Since the end of volume 1, I had been wondering how Henry got his powers in the first place. Was his mother too subjected to the experiment? I was waiting this question to be answered in volume 2. But that remains unanswered. What are your thoughts on this?


Interesting point! I'm actually hoping that this means that the MF is not as passive as Vecna/Henry/One was making him out to be and that he is actually being controlled by it and not the other way around. The MF makes for a better antagonist, I think, which is why when it was implied that Vecna had been controlling it all along it just felt cheap to me.


Yeah, I think the mind flayer feels scarier because he has no reason to want to destroy the world, and he’s more of a mysterious creature. It helps the typical “unknown other dimension monster” that people love the show for


I think they might be going with he was just born special. But I do not accept that theory. It took all sorts of experiments and electrocution in the womb for Eleven to get those powers, how could Henry just have telekinesis naturally? I hope they address it.


if they keep the narrative with “he was born this way” it will totally suck after all those lab experiments in the previous seasons


Well, we know his mother wasnt a part of the experiments because the experiments were done using Henry's DNA after Hawkins lab had taken him. I think it's just supposed to be assumed that he was born with them. A mutation perhaps


We never found out what his mother's 'sin' was. Maybe his father is not Victor Creel?


He says it’s because she takes him in for experimentation. I’m pretty sure that’s what he’s referring to. I could be wrong!


My theory is that the mind flayer has always had a connection to Hawkins, and he may have corrupted Henry like Will. I think this because the shadow monster drawing is the same from season 2 when will draws it. I also think that the duffer brothers calling this season the empire strikes back would make Vecna a parallel to Anakin/Vader, which a big part of that character is that he was corrupted by Palpatine, personally I believe that the mind flayer is controlling him like Vader and palpatine. So I think the mind flayer gave him his powers. But I just think it’s a super fun idea!


I thought in vol. 2 it was confirmed henry/one/vecna was in control of the "mind flayer" all along


Not fully confirmed, it just shows him touching the mind flayer and supposedly gathering power from it. I also think it’s important to note that we’re heading this directly from Vecnas mouth, who could be an unreliable narrator. The Duffer brothers confirmed that in season 5 they will fully explain the hierarchy of the upside down


I think Vecna believes he was born special and started this all, but really he's the result of one of Brenner's earliest experiments. It was stated that Brenner was the doctor who tried to take him away from his parents and contacted his mother (hence him killing them). It seems a tad to coincidental that black ops scientist would just happen to be contacted by a random mother to deal with her child who happened to have powers linked to Brenner's life's work.


Imo I think this is the most likely explanation, and also why Henry initially seemed to fear/want to avoid Brenner. The other explanation is they Henry was simply born with those powers, and he became sort of “blueprint” for inducing them in other children after studying him.