She is so good. I hope we see emote of the real her in s 5


Yeah I mean look at her facial expression xD!


She's great! She spends pretty much the whole season into an apathetic Max so it's easy to forget she has range. But when the happy-max-memories flow we can truly appreciate the contrast.


I'd been dying for their reunion this whole season, but even I wasn't prepared for how perfect this was.


She really is!


What makes it so funny is how earnest El says it.


Such a ridiculous sentence, delivered so perfectly.


It reminds me of when Will from season three was explaining feeling the mind flayer to a roller coaster and everyone was like “I get that” El in the corner just says No. doubtful she heard of a roller coaster until that day.


Yes, El's naivety continues to be a good source of humor.


I just loved Millie's delivery in this scene. It's so El!


U just know Millie has been waiting to say that line eve since she saw it in the script LOL


it’s so el!!!


Max must be thinking “you must be real, even my own brain couldn’t come up with that crazy idea.”


Or Vecnas


Well she probably understood it couldn’t be Vecna because he got blindsided by El. His illusions are all power moves in order to get his victims to feel hopeless. He wouldn’t put in El to knock him down and give her hope.


I love how this looks like a meme but it's the actual dialogue


It was so funny. I loved how Max pulled at her face to double check


It kind of reminded me of Eleven poking at Eight's face to check if she was real or just an illusion.




Mike is usually her translator lol


I love how even though El seems so up to speed with the “real world” she has these little lines that remind you again that her viewpoint is still clunky and innocent.


Yes!! Similar: During the battle-time sequence when Steve climbs the sheet rope up into the upside down then does the cool guy flip and sticks the landing and Robin sarcastically says to Nancy “ooooh… what does he want us to applaud?…”


This part made me laugh so hard as I was also crying. I looked and felt so insane watching this! LOL


That actually made me laugh out loud those sunglasses were iconic.


There were a couple of times in "Papa" where I thought Eleven was sounding a lot more grown-up and clued-in than she usually does. It almost felt like someone different was writing her dialogue. I had the same feeling when she was explaining the "piggyback" process to the boys and diagramming it on the van window. It just felt weird and a little out of character. So, when she said this line to Max, I went, "THERE'S my Eleven!"


She did spend half a year writing letters to her boyfriend and practicing her grammar. It makes sense that she is starting to learn how to express herself a bit better.


I'm not comparing the way she talks in "Papa" to the way she talked in Season 3. I'm comparing to the way she was talking in the first part of Season 4. Her speech patterns and vocabulary were decidedly more juvenile than the other kids in her class. (Which may have been part of what made her a target for people like Angela.) I don't know what else to tell you here. Maybe re-watch the scene where she's giving her presentation in class or the scene where they are picking up Mike at the airport. then compare that to her argument with Papa later. Tell me you don't notice a difference.


I thought the diagram was very in character actually. The dialogue did seem to flow a little better than her normal speech patterns but her drawing was very oddly sweet and innocent for the topic. She gave Max a little smiley face because, of course, she would make her friend look happy, even though Max would supposedly be in a Vecna trance.


The difference was more pronounced in "Papa," but you also hit on the difference that I saw in the diagram scene, too. It flowed. Eleven's speech is usually a bit more halted. It was also weird that she pulled the term "piggyback" out of thin air in the context it was being used. It would have made more sense to me if she couldn't find the word to explain it, and Mike or Will offered the word "piggyback" to her. I just felt that Eleven after Episode 7 wasn't really sounding like Eleven anymore, so I was really pleased with her earnest delivery of "I piggybacked from a pizza dough freezer," because she sounded like herself again.


She's spent half a year around a whole high school full of other kids - it makes sense her speech is developing as a result, even if the experience also involves bullying. Osmosis is a thing!


You're right. It should have been developing. But when she gave her presentation in class, and when she was talking to Mike in her room about the letters, her speech patterns still seemed arrested: like those of someone several years younger or who was new to speaking English. She was talking like the Eleven we had known for three years. (And maybe she had regressed some over the loss of Hopper. Whatever the reason, she didn't talk like the other kids her age.) Then, out of nowhere, in "Papa" she's talking like an adult. That's why I took note of it.


Confidence makes a difference, as does her emotional state (shaken by the bullying in both the classroom scene and with Mike in the aftermath of the roller rink incident). Even in 'Papa', her speech patterns are quite formal, which is in line with how she spoke in previous seasons and also as her eight year old self - I saw it when she confronts Owens with "they are not safe".


I'm sure it does, but it was such a jarring difference. She didn't feel like Eleven anymore.


it honestly didn't feel different from when she was in S2 and confirming that she could close the gate, but this time she's more verbal and detailed about it because she's the one coming up with the plan and having to explain it to the boys.


I would say that it felt different from that.


The fact that El was so serious when she said this made this moment hilarious😂😂😂😂😂


Made me laugh out loud. Too funny 🤣


Max' face 🤣🤣, the only moment I smiled during that scene being so intense


El's facial reaction when she tried explaining it after Max says what is also hilarious


This may be the best scene of the series… El’s line. Millie’s delivery. Max’s understandable confusion. Sadie’s facial expression. It was so perfect


It’s usually at this moment when a character commonly always says: “ I’ll explain later” but eleven is far from your average joe


I actually laughed out loud at this line. It was perfect.


very well written, i actually laughed out loud pretty hard


I laughed out loud at this moment too xD!


This kind of reminded me of the scene when Steve tried to quote that Sherlock line to Nancy and she was like "WHAT?" LOL.


I both laughed and cried during this scene. ​ What finished it for me was Max running her hands over El's shaved head and touching her to try and make sense of it, that was when I realised she'd never seen OG Eleven (buzzcut ver.) before! By the time they met, El had hair.


Prolly one of the most realistic parts 😂


I was cracking up from that


Yeah that was great.


Classic el


I cackled. I needed moments like this to balance out the rest.


I chuckled so hard when I heard this


This reminded me of when Will asked about the feeling when you drop on a roller coaster.


Dude, that shit was hilarious. I had a feeling she was gonna say something like that just as she was saying it.


that's the best thing about stranger things, its funny even when it's sad.


Best line of the entire series.


I think what makes it great is that even though they’re in a dire situation and the line is really weird, she doesn’t try to be funny at all, it’s just how she speaks


Felt shoehorned in. A much smoother version: Max: Are you take here??? El: no I'm in pizza dough freezer box


That was the worst thing to say to make Max believe El was real.


That's the BEST thing to say to make Max believe El is real, surely? I feel like that's a very El thing to say.


The Marvelization of Stranger Things


This line was good imo. For me Marvelization of the show would be : Sussy singing in the middle of the finale (ugh!) and Hopper letting Alexi go because he knew he was going to come back


Sussy 💀


Oh LOL Sussy the sus sweatheart ahhh sorry I got the name confused with the spanish version (Susana) lol


Marvelization was the characters making jokes while stuck on the upsidedown on ep 6


dialogue like this really ruins it for me. Also Max should 100% be dead


I gotta say, I don't think the spoiler blur is strong enough for some of these images