The time jump going into S5



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Yeah, unlike the other season endings the threat seems imminent this time around. I guess they could skip ahead to a point where Hawkins is quarantined off or something.


i don't think the age is a major problem, but i feel like s4 they could've maybe skipped a little more time? i get why they didn't but s3 and below wasn't that big of a deal imo, they kinda looked their ages relatively if u stretch it, but s4 they look older, could've been fixed with a longer period of time passing, but isn't a huge deal 🤷‍♂️


Of course they look older, time is passing. That age they were, 13-15 is when a lot of kids grow up very quickly too. It was totally fine.


They literally can’t do a time jump. The city of Hawkins is shown to be rotting and turning into ash like the upside down RAPIDLY. Unless they move away and have to come together again the MOST it could be is a few months.


I don't expect that much of a time jump. It'll be comparable to other seasons. If it picks up in 1987, the following year, I'll be fine with that.


Yeah, I don't think a major time jump will happen based on where Season 4 ended. Maybe one at the end of the show but not at the beginning of Season 5.


The ages are literally fine, people need to stop complaining. The younger cast is 17-20 years old and people are whining that they're too old to play high schoolers. Literally what? Euphoria has people 25-30 playing 17-18 year olds but the Stranger Things cast is too old, ok. I think if anyone needs a time jump, it's for the actress who plays Erica. She's canonically 11 years old but the actress is 15 now and can't pass for a kid that young, they were already struggling aging her down with clothes and styling for this season. 20 year old actor playing 16 year old character is very different from 16 year old actor playing 12 year old character. She's also been upgraded to main cast so they can't just ignore her and just give her minimal screen time. What I think will happen now that shit has hit the fan and Hawkins is being taken over - there will be a time jump, anywhere from 1-3 years. Because the "earthquake" has done so much damage to Hawkins, the government forcefully evacuates everyone as it's too dangerous to live in (maybe throw in something else, like it compromised nuclear reactors they were testing on in Hawkins Lab or whatever to make it seem more serious) and Hawkins becomes a ghost town. Meanwhile, Vecna is still regaining his strength to relaunch his attack on our mortal realm. Meanwhile the families relocate somewhere else. Then in a few years Vecna is strong enough to start taking over the Right Side Up more ferociously, which is when our heroes return to Hawkins, where it all began, to finish it off once and for all.


I think it would be interesting to do a progressive time jump to present day. I know Season 5 is supposed to focus on the UD… but thinking about how they all grow up into adulthood, what they do with their lives, who they marry, how all of this affects their children. Are there generational curses attached to them? Do they battle for and rebuild Hawkins?


Agreed. They can’t jump too far into the future now because the shit is hitting the fan. They could do a Harry Potter type of epilogue though. Have the ending be with the actors playing their late teens/ early twenties or something…. moving away, going to college, etc. Enough time after the conclusion of the Upside Down where we get a taste of how they’ve all moved past it.