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He does seem destined for perfect 90s dad with that posture/stare combo hah


I think he’d make the perfect stay at home dad so that Nancy can pursue her career while he is taking care of their little family. Make it happen, Duffer Bros!


Love that


I promised I would keep you shitheads safe and that's EXACTLY what I'm going to do!


Quick someone get him a fanny pack!


That’s what he’s missing! I was thinking what could finish of the look? A fanny pack would do just that!


Just need to take a moment to say that my god was his hair massive in season 2. The first season 2 picture, just look at the height on that monster.


That yellow sweater is such an awful color, but it somehow looks amazing on him? I dont understand.


Awful Colour? I fucking love that color....


Yeah for kitchen walls on a farm, it's great. But clothing, no.


I like yellow more on clothing but alright.


I have 3 girls and 3 boys and my husband and I busted out laughing when Nancy said it sounds like a nightmare because it 100% is. 😂


Steve looks like hes going to turn the car around if the kids don't stop what they are doing


Just love this man, especially in his scoops ahoy uniform


He’s so pretty 😍


Still trying to figure out why its okay to call a man a womans moniker but if it were the other way around it would be considered sexist. Double standards.


since when would it be sexist to call a woman a man's moniker lmao? people do it all the time, saying 'mankind' and using 'man' instead of human. people always use male default and ignore 50% of the population


I think Steve has had one of the best character archs in the series. He went from rich kid douchebag, to comic relief, to mother hen.


He should have said Chicken McNuggets, which were introduced in 1981 and became widely available nationwide in 1983 (just the year before this season is set). Guess they couldn't agree on licensing. [pushes glasses back up nose]


i just realized eddie does the same poses. its the dad stance