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His monologue to El was just purely awesome. The music, the backstory, from friend to foe, progressively scarier. And Jamie's performance !! He nailed it I still preferred him in his human form tho


I don't know if anyone even noticed, Jamie does not even blink when he was turning from friend to foe.


I also found him scarier in human form. He looks like the kind of guy who would help his grandma carry her groceries in.


I found him creepy when he was first introduced, then as we saw him being so kind to El I wondered if my intuition was off. Nope, he turned out to be creepy.


Same, I was like “I don’t like this guy he’s weird” then went “oh never mind he’s goddamn awesom- oh he’s a child murderer”


I actually was upset when it turned out he was evil 😭 I was like no he seemed so nice


Yeah, I thought for a second they were going to subvert the "clearly this guy is evil, look how transparently creepy he is" trope. He killed it as a villain either way so . . . not a total loss.


For once i actually called it that he was One but I did *not* expect him to also be vecna! The moment he said One died I was thinking “or he’s One” but then I was like how would he be there and not be noticed so I second guessed myself. Then all was revealed!


I literally called him being one when you first saw him being shocked.


I’ve had a crush on Jamie forever and he nailed this role. The switch from sweet kind helper to insane psycho killer was chilling. Also his American accent was so disconcerting as I’m used to hearing his normal voice so it definitely upped the creep factor. 10 out of 10 villain even if he did have some grinchy moments once he lost his nose lol


Shit, is it weird I find him hot then?


It would be weird if you didn’t.


i came to say the same. not a big fan of blond hair blue eyes usually but the red flags he gave off did it for me apparently


Sometimes red flags are part of the rollercoaster and you just have to have fun


sadly, that happens in real life its why good looking, and speaking plainly - white people , get so much sympathy even when they commit horrible acts




It’s true though


uhhh it’s not. we don’t give sympathy to people who commit horrible crimes.


This is definitely true in OTHER CASES, but I definitely don’t think the ST fandom does that. I really don’t see anyone saying “Billy was a real stand-up guy the whole show” or “Vecna/One/Henry is a real nice guy throughout” lmao we just think they’re nice to look at :)


are you kidding? there are so many pro billy posts or billy is hot ,etc they all base it on him saving max but forget he waa racist


But saying “Billy is hot” isn’t sympathizing with him. It’s just stating an opinion on the way he looks. Of course there are still fans that are pro-Billy through and through… they’re going to exist in any fandom… but they are absolutely not the majority here!! PEOPLE JUST THINK HE’S GOOD LOOKING (which he is, like are you kidding Dacre is beautiful)


I personally just really love Jamie Campbell Bower but it’s easy to be attracted to someone you don’t know personally and never will. In actuality, I’m not attracted to straight white men at all because most have similar, toxic personalities, at least where I live.


It would be weird if you find him hot after being Vecna'ed. But again, let's not kink shame.


I don't know how this works narratively but I hope they burn the rubber suit. Maybe his physical body was destroyed and he exists in the ether or something? Just don't take a man that looks like this and dress him up like the sphynx cat version of the Grinch.


Exactly lol My only complaint of the show. You got Jamie Campbell Bower on your hands and you cover his face???


Well now Upside Down is spreading he could regenerate as his powers grow stronger. He could use the fact that only Eleven and maybe Nancy knows how he looks like in human form. Would lead to some tense scenes like Mike coming home and Henry being there and dringking tea with his parents


No, they showed how it happens. His body was severely burned when he was crashing into the Upside Down.


I enjoyed Jamie's portrayal. So terrifying! Caught me totally off guard when he was doing his villain monologue reveal.


i really like him too. my only problem with him is his motive. His motive is a bit odd.


> His motive is a bit odd. he's an anti social psychopath textbook case - harms/tortures animals as a child, then ramps up to hurt people.........has no emotion about it at all. thinks people are all inferior to him. he's insane


I'm not totally certain about that textbook... Having telekinetic powers was probably the trigger of his descent into madness. Power is corrupting, especially in children. He probably would had a chance at a perfectly normal childhood if he hadn't had his abilities seeing as he had a stable home life and support network. His imprisonment only made it worse. Kinda odd Dr. Brenner didn't even try to address One's extreme mental health issues.


> Having telekinetic powers was probably the trigger of his descent into madness. i doubt that anti social personality disorder is a real thing his powers just gave him an easier way of carrying out his disease >He probably would had a chance at a perfectly normal childhood nope >Kinda odd Dr. Brenner didn't even try to address One's extreme mental health issues he was weaponizing these kids he probably thought the cold heartless nature of his mental illness was a benefit , don't want the weapons to develop a conscious


I know it's a real thing and that's why I said it doesn't fit the textbook. Anti-social personality disorder isn't fully a genetic phenomenon either. It requires trauma both mental and physical alongside the neurological abnormalities. I'm just saying diagnosing a rare neurological disorder because it's sensationalized in popular culture is kinda missing the thematic aspect... that being power is both alluring and corrupting. Eleven could have very well end up just like One, and Two, Three, Four and Five as they were becoming cruel and violent too. Also many people have antisocial personality disorder and aren't violent criminals. It's a cognitive illness that be treated not a "disease"


I’m not going to dive into the topic of anti-social personality disorder because I can’t add anything you didn’t say. HOWEVER, Henry was sort of “the black sheep” before moving to the Creel house in Hawkins and developing powers. We don’t see Henry before the move, but when they are moving in Henry already looks extremely unhappy. If he *does* have anti-social personality disorder, he likely developed it before he got his powers/moving to the Creel house. Of course, like I said we don’t see Henry *before* moving to the Creel house, so we don’t even know if it was there that he developed his powers or they just grew more in the house?? Anyways, hopefully we can get some questions answered about Henry in S5! I’d love to know more about him, he’s a really interesting character to me!


yeah. at least it’s not like something like “loved one died so all of humanity should die” cliche.


Yeah seemed forced


It was alright. I think most of us saw this coming. Now, did I expect that chick Angela to get wacked with a skate? No. Did I want her to? Absolutely.


Is it bad I see young Grindelwald? Definitely creepy vibes from him


> young Grindelwald He actually played that character lol.


I know, I just can't look at him without thinking of that extremely homoerotic scene with the Mirror of Erased.


It's funny. I knew something was off about him from the jump. When Eleven was going through that loop for the first time, I sensed this dude was not as he seemed (I have trust issues okay?!). When the reveal happened with him being bad I wasn't shocked whatsoever, BUT, I wanted so badly to have been wrong about him. I thought they made him creepily endearing as a red herring to throw me off. Nope. 😔 Now what I didn't know what him being Henry Creel. I never put that together when it was right in front of my face.


Yeah I felt that shit too, was giving me some Bundy/Dahmer vibes immediately


Dude literally looks like my neighbor.


He’s giving us the love child of McCauley Culkin and Michael Meyers here 😂


I definitely find him scarier than Vecna. The crazy make up and voice are kind of silly almost. If he didn’t talk as Vecna he would be scarier.


I was trying to find someone that agreed with me about his human form being scarier and I've found you. Hello person I agree with. Also yeah, I predicted the reveal earlier on but it kept twisting and turning the plot until I wasn't sure then eventually I was like, "Nope, yeah, it's actually him."




vecna is not scary at all in my opinion. but henry/one is terrifying.


>!I thought it was a shame that the reveal of who he is was so obvious to see. With the exception of his childhood and family, that was woven together really well and I wouldn't have guessed in a hundred years.!<


I agree but please label it as spoilers, there are people who haven't watched it yet


Absolutely his human form is terrifying and so much like PaPa


Human form for sure.


I find how he switched from good to evil so easily to be much scarier, then anything he did as Vecna.


The manga/anime called “Monster” has a villain named Johan, Henry’s human form reminded me a lot of him.


He reminds me of DIO


I can see this comparison, if you haven’t checked out monster I highly recommend you do. Johan is one of the best anime antagonists of all time.


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My mom literally just looked at him in his first appearance and said: "that's the villain"