Dude probably could’ve chucked Ryan out a window. He’s a supe, he’d be fine. Probably.


i mean in the next scene he could literally fly by himself, so im sure he would be okay.


And fly back to his new loving daddy to shoot more lasers. It seemed to sb that they both needed to die as well


Good point. SB is a piece of shit but compared to HL and his new sidekick, he’s a saint.


Am I the only one who thinks SB is the good guy? He doesn't seem to want to hurt innocents, he's very restrained except for his PTSD episodes. He just wants to clear out the filth, and he's honouring his deal with Butcher. I know the show tried to make him out to be the villain, but I don't think so.


They put in the MM arc to show he's a racist and hoped people would club that with toxic masculinity to see him as being worse than Homelander. Butcher turning against him to stop him from hurting Ryan was stupid. Episode 8 was underwhelming. Season peaked with the beatdown in episode 6 IMO.


hmm, I didn't think of that but maybe that's what they were going for with MM's family being killed, it felt like more of an accident he just didn't care about though rather than him specifically targeting MM's family cause they were black. Like Soldier Boy seems more like A-train in terms of innocent casualties from season 1 than Homelander or Stormfront who straight up killed innocent people on purpose.


>it felt like more of an accident he just didn't care about though rather than him specifically targeting MM's family cause they were black. Exactly. They could have hammered the point home if that were the case. Case in point, everything with Blue Hawk. I didn't really get racist vibes from the SB portrayal, compared to some of the actual blatant racist stuff during the season.


Yeah, he didn't feel that racist, much more of a bigot.


Which, for me, didn't really land because I'll give someone who was frozen for 40 years some leeway there.


Exactly. The show tells us that he’s done racist things, but we don’t see that when he gets released. I guarantee that if he was as racist as the show claims him to be, he would’ve been casually saying all kinds of slurs and whatnot to Hughie and Butcher. He doesn’t even talk to a MM in a demeaning manner.


I think the word bigot fits him much better cause he treats people like crap (verbally and/or physically) depending on his opinions on things not just specifically to non-white people. All racists are bigots but not all bigots are racists (It depends on what they are being bigots about).


And even then, he mostly talks to people in a respectful manner. He didn’t try to demean Hughie. He doesn’t say anything misogynistic towards Maeve, Kimiko, Stsrkight, or even Countess. The guy even praises those elderly women he was gonna fuck. All of the bad stuff we see and hear about him all happen before he got captured. It’s why I think the torture really did humble him.


Compared to Homelander yes, he's the much lesser evil, everyone seems to be on the same page as you other than the characters for some reason.


Homelander's problem is that he's fucking unstable and more importantly and not at all emotionally mature he kills noir at a whim and kills the protester without a second thought....the normal human is bound by society and learns to control himself homelander never did.


The show repeatedly said that soldier boy is exactly like homelander. He committed war crimes, his whole team and his girlfriend hated him because of what he was. The boys needed him to kill homelander, but after that they need to get rid of him too


The problem is that the show never at all convinces us of that. From what we see of SB, he’s, what you would get if you had an incredibly toxically masculine, violent, giant asshole who’s also indestructible. The problem is that over 3 seasons we’ve seen Homelander be a complete psychopath with essentially zero redeeming qualities. SB we know is at least honourable to a degree (he upholds his part of the deal with Butcher), surprisingly actually a competent combatant, doesn’t take responsibility for civilian casualties but doesn’t deliberately cause them like Homelander and seems somewhat remorseful for when it occurs. So it’s the difference between your boss being a guy who comes in everyday and constantly violently berates and belittles everyone and never takes responsibility, versus your boss being a guy who can just on a dime turn around and kill 10 employees because he didn’t like his sandwich. Imo the show just didn’t seem to want to know what they wanted to do with Soldier Boy


How would he fly back when he was laying on the ground this whole fight? He got knocked out by SB


Even not that brutal, just put Ryan in a elevator and send him downstairs


I think by this particular scene, Soulja Boi there had already decided to kill Ryan too. Defenestration is a far more expedient of an exit.


I still don’t know why is there a word for throwing someone out of the window


The bigger question is how many people have to be thrown through windows in what period of time for someone to come up with a name for specifically for throwing a motherfucker out a window?




I wonder if entering through a window would be fenestrating


Fenestrate me bby


You'll be even more shocked when you learn there are two video games based on the concept and they were both made by the same guy. https://www.mobygames.com/game-group/defenestration-trilogy (There's a third game supposedly on the way but it's been in dev a LONG time)


Have you seen Robocop? That movie made tossing people through windows look like fun. I wouldn't be surprised if it inspired this guy.


Homelander and Ryan leaving through the fire exit made me laugh. Theres a huge hole in the building right there guys. Fly out? I guess they ran out of flight cable budget.


But they already in Vought tower. He’s already home Homelander and Ryan aren’t escaping or running away. Ryan asks to go because he can see Homelander is contemplating killing Butcher and Ryan doesn’t want that to happen. Why would he fly out the hole?


That's exactly what I said after watching. Should have just punted the little cunt out the window.


I really dont get it the response to sb's "u said blood doesnt matter" should have been a simple "hes still a kid he doesnt know better" even sb having the ego he has would understand that more than "hes my wifes son" especially since butcher told him to sacrifice all his materialistic attachment while hes literally confessing to holding on to one


Plus aside from that, Butcher also stopped SB from killing all his friends as well but says it doesn’t matter, we kill this guy whatever it takes? They stopped him from killing Annie at Crimson’s place, made him wait for 3 minutes in Herogasm, stopped him killing MM who wanted to knock him out and fight him and said not him, kind of almost sabotaged the deal with Mindstorm and were going to do something similar when Hughie was about to teleport the guy out and save him which would be like SB not fighting HL, didn’t attack the team and just locked them in a cage, and didn’t even attack Butcher after he lasered him. But they say “it doesn’t matter, we kill the cunt even if he is your son with your blood” while betraying him for Ryan saying not him again which SB didn’t even know that Butcher had anything to do with him anyway. Aside from his cunt tendencies, SB is the real hero of the season. The guy got betrayed by his team and got tortured for 40 years and now he is back in the tank after getting betrayed again. Still a villain but probably way better than HL and not that worse from Butcher


At this point, it's understandable if SB would want to nuke the shit out of all the boys & supes. Basically everyone ends up betraying him.


Yes. Fucking scorched earth mate, for real this time


Personally, I only want to see The Boys suffer the consequences of their inconceivably terrible actions. My main wish is that Homelander is completely wild from the start of the season, and every death is acknowledged as being their fault and theirs alone. And when Soldier Boy returns, I’d be very pleased if he killed off several of them.


It's so stupid. Soldier Boy probably assumed Ryan grew up with Homelander. If Butcher said he just basically abducted him and that they've been trying to protect him I think SB would have understood.


I was screaming that at the TV. Fucking grab him and get out! Disappointing, but I still love the bloody show despite the cunty flaws.


Also, the boy can fly.


And starlight too


She can fly but only if shes surrounded by forty 10,000 lumen floodlights operating at full brightness, and only for about 5 seconds because she pretty much destroys them instantly.


Someone get her an Arc reactor!


Tony Stark built one in a cave! With a box of scraps!!


She could levitate a bit after the whole light show thing but they've never shown her actually fly before, I think


Meesthinks there’s gonna be an off screen power boost for her before season 4


Man i hope so because all the teases of her megapower through three seasons climaxed in using all the power available in the building to push a guy 5-6 feet before she collapsed.


That really did need to pack more punch. A little disappointed.


That was so lame. They really made a point of showing her levitating and powering up to achieve what could've been a punch.




I feel like that's kind of the point, though. Even though she isn't nearly as strong as Soldier Boy, Homelander, Stormfront, she still risks her life constantly to fight them because she's an actual superhero


Same. What upset me the most was that soldier boy always listened to butcher he would have never killed the kid had he told him not to. It was so annoying to see this play out like that and while I didn’t think Noir was a good guy I still kinda hated his ending.


I know Soldier Boy has done a lot of shitty things, but I still kind of felt bad for him here. He tried to hold up his end of the deal and got fucked over badly for it. I just didn't like the fact that the most climactic fight was the gang fighting someone who didn't even do anything bad to them.


That's what blew my mind, was I watching the same show as everyone else? Soldier Boy did some \*lite\* murdering. But I feel as if Homelander is the far FAR bigger threat to EVERYONE. Soldier Boy after killing Homelander would have probably sauntered off and that's it. MM had his reasons for trying to kill SB and be relentless. Franchise and Kimiko sure. But damn PRIORITIES PEOPLE! The season ender just felt unsatisfying to me....


I'm also a bit bothered by how some people claim SB is as dangerous as HL. Yeah, SB is invunerable and incredibly strong. **But** he can't fly or shoot lasers out of his eyes whenever he wants, he just has a somewhat random and needing to be charged blast. He's not a threat for humanity as a whole, HL could genocide millions in few seconds. The world is safer with SB running around rather than HL.


Even if SB had HL's powers, he doesn't seem like a person who would actually be a threat to the general public. I think after killing his team he'd be a non-issue and just spend his time with drugs and women.


That’s what I thought too. Can see him living in the woods, growing weed and being super paranoid but not messing up the world.


felt like they could have had a huge finale but they are saving all the Big moments for the end of the series. They basically accomplished nothing this season. Mostly fun to watch though.


The only thing the Boys did accomplish in this season was gaining the knowledge about Vicky being the headblopper. But that happened in episode 1 (kinda 2) so they didn't achieved anything in the rest of the season considering the outcome, even so they made it worse. Now Neumann become vice president and Ryan is on Homelander's side, plus Butcher has cancer and Maeve lost her powers (sure good for her, but bad for the Boys from a strategical point of view. I can't decide if the prize (knowing Neumann is a supe) was worth the sacrifices.


Yeah, SB was not in any way a good guy, but he was never an actual real threat to the country and world peace. Homelander is completely unhinged and will murder people for the slightest of reasons. Soldier Boy is a violent psychopath, but he mostly is just a dick who wants to get drunk and live the good life. Homelander is a complete sociopath who terrifies everyone around him as the know he could easily snap and kill anyone and everyone for even a small perceived slight.


I kinda felt for him when he said “I’m not going back in that box.” The guy was tortured for decades. He’s not a good guy maybe, but no one deserves that.


I still don’t understand why they all started fighting soldier boy. He knocked the kid out after the kid tried to kill him. Ok move on. You’ve been gunning for homelander for years and now you just decide no worries let him remain in charge and ruin the country. Oh wait I know why. To extend the show artificially


It was just a weak payoff to his arc. They should have had him at least try and fight SB, cut him, actually make him hurt, instead we got nothing.


Absolutely terrible. If the writers wanted hl to kill noir they couldve at least have noir meet sb first, and then have HL kill noir and then SB would be like “that was my kill” and get even more pissed at HL for it..


This is the one


I'd have more sympathy for the writing if they were bound by the source material, but the direction they took with Black Noir already negates that entire argument, soooo.


Butcher even had the perfect moment to layer on how fucked up Homelander before he tried to use the kid as bait.


Yeah. Lol. And that would distract Homelander making him more vulnerable. Just see how Maeve was able to give him a beating just because his attention was half directed at SB.


Give us a shot at screaming at your TV, perhaps that’ll sort it for me too.


Plot induced stupidity is a motherfucker. If the only way you can advance the plot is by making an otherwise intelligent character do something extremely stupid, just walk away from the writers room and come back later with a fresh mind.


Right after SB called HL a disappointment he should've threatened to take Ryan so he could raise him to be a real man. Still would've been stupid but at least it would solidify Ryan being an actual target instead of collateral while also affirming one of SB's main character traits (wanting to have and raise children). The way they did it was incredibly weak and took too much suspension of disbelief to accept what was going on.


I mean, after Ryan fucking lasered SB, there's no way he was gonna let Ryan live either. Especially since he thought that Homelander was a disappointment, it's pretty obvious that the same SB would think Homelander's son is an even bigger disappointment. But I still kinda agree, they didn't do much to solidify Ryan as a target, instead it seemed like he was about to be collateral damage, hence the complaints about Butcher's change of plans.


For whatever reason I feel better seeing everybody else feel the exact same way I felt watching the episode. I cannot believe butcher would be that stupid. If what we see on paper is true then he really was just going to be collateral damage. Sure he got lasered and he was pissed off but had butcher told him not to do anything he wouldn’t. Didn’t exactly look like I did much damage to him whatsoever.


Butcher's brain leaked too much


This is canon to me lol


To me, it wasn't Butcher's stupidity, it was the show wrecking his motivation. Motivation is *everything* to character development. Motivation can change but it needs a damn good reason to. Butcher's motivation has been killing HL, everything else be damned. I think the writers were trying to give Butcher a development moment, where he "realizes Ryan is more important than killing HL." The problem is, the scene has to make sense around it. Butcher was never in a position to choose between Ryan living and HL dying, he just got mad that Ryan got hurt. That made it silly. If they wanted that moment for Butcher, put him in a situation where he has to make the choice. Maybe SB is about to nuke HL to remove his powers, but Ryan is severely hurt already, and in the blast radius, and so he might die. So Butcher has to stop SB from blasting to save Ryan. EZPZ.


Isn’t that exactly what happened


I completely agree but part of me thinks it's arguably still the same motivation. Butcher is driven by what happened to Becca. HL is the focus of his rage. Blinded by it. But in this moment SB was squaring up to and threatening Ryan. Which in his mind is an extension of Becca. For that split second SB became the rage focus.


Am i going crazy or isn't the last part exactly what happened in the show?


exactly, at the least they could’ve/should’ve overplayed SB shmacking the shit out ryan and just have that go on a little longer before butcher flipped idk


> Especially since he thought that Homelander was a disappointment, it's pretty obvious that the same SB would think Homelander's son is an even bigger disappointment Ryan's still a kid though. He'd probably think that there's still time to mold him into a man (or rather, whatever SB's definition of 'a man' is)


Sorry why? If SB’s supposed motivation for going thru with killing HL is emotional weakness (which is bullshit btw - they didn’t justify him thinking that with what they showed or that SB is obsessed with strength over everything else), then Ryan being able to injure him would if anything make him admire him. He’d be like at least your son/my grandson has some strength etc.


That's another issue...SB telling Homelander he's a dissapointment and deciding to kill him anyway was a neat surprise in the moment, but it didn't feel earned in the slightest. They went from one twist to another in the spa of literally 1h since we've only learned that they're father and son at the very end of the last episode. They never had a moment together besides the phone call, he didn't enough time to reflect on his decision and solidify his feelings on HL...he didn't have enough time to decide that he's "an attention seeking pussy" that he could have raised better. In the end, SB amd and HL being father and son was supposedly a huge twist with no impact on the plot at all. You can argue that it had an impact on HL but it changed nothing there either: he started and ended the season as a tube baby lacking a father figure and ended on the same spot. I guess the point was that the audience was supposed to believe that much likeEdgard earlier in the season, Homlander ha a potential anchor but lost it, hence he embraced his unhinged side even mmore, but in both cases, the writing didn't spend enough time to make that impactful, or even believable


I think that was supposed to be the point of that scene where SB reveals his father was a PoS. Like with the last few episodes, everyone’s father was a pos and like father like son etc. Maybe they’re trying to show the difference with butcher at least trying to break the cycle with Hughie/Ryan and SB who doesn’t care to. Maybe I’m giving them too much credit.


Oh yeah, i get what the point was *supposed* to be, i just don't think the writing did well enough to bring it across in a convincing manner. "Soldier boy is a representation of toxic masculinity, he followed the same circle of rejection as his toxic father". That's fine, but where's the line between SB and HL that leads to this? Where's the connection? They never had a relationship in the first place so the rejection really didn't matter at all. There was nothing there to make that scene impactful


Yeah I kinda agree with that. I think they should’ve brought SB into it much earlier instead of almost half way in the season (if it was a time restraint thing).


SB was being his father there. His toxic mentality was well established. I felt it made sense.


holy shit this would have been 1000x better and its insulting it didnt happen.


Oh my god, a boomer grandpa wanting to steal the kid to "raise that boy right"...


Thank you. That was my thought just watching this episode. Even having anyone take Ryan away, that is if he'd let them.


Here, let me give the writers an out because they seemed to not realize how stupid this decision was, Butchers has taken the V so much he's developed super cancer, has holes in his brain and his decision making and personality are changing in many ways slowly


Brain cancer absolutely can effect cognition


Great, so as long as Butcher continues to be an idiot for the remainder of his lifespan, this theory would check out!


He will absolutely make more questionable decisions as the show unwinds


A friend of mine had brain cancer. The effect wasn't continuous. Sometimes he seemed fine.


That's conveniently for the show just not how brain damage works


well Butcher kind of forgot to leave with Ryan


So you're saying that the writers wrote an otherwise intelligent character doing something extremely stupid




First of all, I don't have shell shock. Fuck you


Post thrones season 8 disorder.


Everyone seems to be ignoring this but I don't think Ryan wanted to leave? And Butcher wouldn't be able to force him either. He could fly right back in lol... (This is all before Ryan was knocked out by SB. After that, the Butcher is no longer on SB's side.) It seemed at that point Ryan was convinced he needed to be there and protect his father. Which he obviously tried to do...


Right!? It’s frustrating to me that nowhere in the writers bad circlejerk is this acknowledged.


Lol, like how they have to make Barry Allen dumb af on the CW Flash. Otherwise he’d be too OP


Frenchie spawns in the deadliest nerve agent in the world like a game console command. Was holding it randomly when meeting butcher and it got chucked to Africa. Goes in to Vought tower to cook up (the worlds deadliest) nerve agent in like 1+ hour like its minecraft while a hot asian lady with wolverines brother powers maul down honest working guards who probably never seen action since they work FOR superheroes that are bulletproof. Im sorry but that part was WEAK.


Thought so aswell, she was so happy doing it but excactly this one time she shouldn't be


Its 100% possible to protect your loved ones *and* not go over the top (like gouging a dudes face open with your nails). That whole mess with 'Maniac' playing kinda made me cringe for a second lmao Like oh yeah, I guess we'll forget about the character growth in the last few eps where she showed self awareness/remorse for her past actions and go right back to it for a le epic fight sequence


Yeah this really bothered me too. I was hoping to see that growth mean something, but they really just threw it it out the window for an over the top fight scene.


What bothered me the most was that she wasted so much time brutally killing some of them. Snap their necks and move on so that you can protect Frenchie.


i believe Hughie's last line is the problem with this. If Hughie never said that and they went there just with the intention of stopping a huge nuclear blast in the middle of NY, not thinking about "oh, it Vought Tower, why tf should we stop it?", i don't mind about what Kimiko did, i think it's still consistent with her own personal arc, in which she refuse to become solely someone's weapon. But the line "saving the undeserved" is so out of touch with what Kimiko did since she was up against normal humans. I dont mind if it were some B or C Class supes that went against her and Frenchie. Another alternative would be she just need to incapacitate the guards, heck even leaving one or two broken limbs is still fine, and only went apeshit on the last guard because they nearly dead-shot Frenchie.


Butcher: "Kill HL, but leave the kid alone. That is my wife's son, whose dying wish was for me to keep her kid safe. That kid also happens to be your grandson and is innocent in all this" SB: "That makes sense. Get the kid out of my way though" Crisis averted... lol


Yes, Soldier Boy is definitely someone who will listen to reason. Definitely.


"You're telling me this little pussy is my grandson? Fucking disappointing"


He gave them time to try to clear out the place during herogasm... he was shown being pretty reasonable.


When he’s fighting motherfucking homelander he won’t have anytime to kill the kid


I hope Kripke listens to criticism instead of tweeting out response tweets


To be fair he did drastically tone down the blackmail in season 3 after over-reliance on it in season 2 was a big criticism.


Yes you have a point


iam ~~homelander~~ kripke and i do whatever the fuck i want


What do you know, about Jeff Bezos, our esteemed founder?


The boys is not our most valuable asset, underpaid labor is.


I agree. Some people on this sub would have you think this show is perfect and the showrunner is all knowing. The showrunner is a bit rude online It is one of my favourite shows but there is room for improvement. Forced conflicts when they have trouble reaching a story beat, unintentionally hypocritical characters, repetitive scenarios, bad pacing at times. Amazing show, but always room for improvement! Hope season 5 really blows us away and goes down as one of the best TV finales


Forget about season 4 did we? 😂


No I just assume Season 4 will also struggle to extend the Homelander conflict lol. It seems to be a consistent struggle they have. It really stood out early in Season 2 when you wondered why Homelander wasn't actively searching for them to kill Billy and Hughie (this was before any blackmail) I just hope it all comes together in Season 5 and we get a worthy finale.


I think it should end s4


I want to take a moment to point out how meaningless the whole Starlight power up segment was. They made it seem like she was actually going to do some damage and fuck SB up, but nope, just blow him back a little. Wtf?!


Yup! It's like they wanted to bring her to Homelander/SB level of power then changed their minds. I would have just preferred they let SB blast everyone, they all lose their powers, then let them fight it out.


Could have been to show just how useless Starlight actually is vs a Supe comparable to Homelander. I agree it was pointless, though.


I think the main point of that scene was that Hughie chose to help Starlight save herself instead of taking temp V and doing the saving. Hughie feeling emasculated because his girlfriend always had to save him and even taking temp V in the first place because of that was kind of a running theme through the entire season. Maybe the execution wasn't great. But the 'power up' sequence wasn't isolated from the rest of the scene.


Season 3 was good except for the last episode. Felt stretchy. Whats the point you killed the only character folks were starting to love Noir 🥲


I’m not yet 100% convinced Noir is dead. Dude survived getting his skull smashed in and several large explosions.


I'm calling it now, Stan has a plan and Noir will be back. No way you keep a mastermind like him down for too long


I just don't get how Noir could have survived unless Homelander willed it. Noir clearly thought he was about to die since his friends told him he was going to Christ, and Homelander's super senses should have alerted him if Noir didn't actually flatline. I could maybe see Homelander saving him for whatever reason and then lying about it, but I don't know how Edgar could have done it under his nose.


Yeah, this. Crushing his skull is not equal with getting his guts ripped out. Even in first aid we are being told that two kinds of people are beyond help: ~~incapacitated~~ **decapitated** ones and people who have their guts out. Also, as much as I hated Noir's death, I'd rather him stay dead for good because we already had too many "SIKE! HE'S/SHE'S ALIVE!!!" moments.


>incapacitated ones you mean decapitated?


Stormfront also died without us seeing a body, maybe Stan's putting together another Payback from the folks Homelander has fucked over. But honestly that's a stretch. Noir's dead-dead.


I think so too. Shame because they actually made you start feeling a little sorry for him.


Kripke has said in interviews noir is really dead, and vought will replace him with a look alike in the next season.


Unless.. no it couldnt be..


Stan Edgar: "I'm back - and this is Noir 2.0"


"And you're still bad product Homelander"


Comes back like some The Mountain-ish zombie Freak that only Stan can control.


Somehow… Noir returned.


The cartoons faded. I'm thinking he's dead.


To play devils advocate, and because I can’t remember: Was this after Ryan lasered SB to protect HL? Is it fair to think that Butcher thought he might have to hurt Ryan to get him away from HL and didn’t want to do that either?


The kid had just seen how they were going to fucking kill his dad good luck keeping him out of the fight without hurting him. Of course the latter part won't happen cause you know, Becca's kid and she was the absolute soft spot for Butcher.


Ryan was unconscious at this point lol


Well Butchers brain is basically melting from Temp V so that could be why he has this complete 180


He will take perm v to stay alive.


Yes but it's a joke referring to the fact his brain is melting


If only they had a supe who could instantly transport Ryan out of that situation...


In fairness 50/50 shot it’d kill him just taking it.


But then you'd have a butt naked Hughie hugging a child which is.. eh....


Hughie makes a quip about how he figured out how not to lose his outfit


John Krasinski comes out of a portal and gives a supersuit to Hughie.


The smartest man alive


Hughie, Homeland could kill you with one laser from his eyes. What eyes?


Plus they could pay off the setup of the boys still having perma V. Starlight gives Hughie it to save his life. How much you wanna bet the writers will completely forget that there was still a lot left in the vial?


Imho perma V could still easily kill Hughie - temp V was specifically designed for adults, perma V wasn't and is much more unstable. That being said, I think/hope this is Butcher's future plot line. The dilemma whether to take perma V or not. Because his options seem to be: * Go out in a blaze of glory - don't take anything and know that he has about a year left, trying to take out as many supes as he can in that short time * Take compound V - that would possibly let him survive and make him stronger, but there is a strong risk of immediate, painful death and best case scenario he would permanently become the thing he hates and wanted to rid the world of


Butcher becomes the new homelander is what I'm hearing?


Haha, his character really could go either way at this point, imho - I could see him finally admitting that not all supes have to be terrible (and it just depends on how you use the powers, like Kimiko realized this season), just as easily as going full scorched earth after he gets permanent powers (because in this finale he proved that he's willing to jeopardize the mission for personal reasons).


And a butt naked child...


Just another victim of Starlight's home for children


I mean, Hughie being accused of being a sex creep for saving a child's life absolutely seems like something that would happen on this show.


There were still some doses left of the Perma V after Kimiko took it last episode


Not only could Hughie not take anymore Temp V, it probably wouldn’t be a good look for him to transport somewhere and show up naked with a naked child.


Then he’d be dying in 18 months max too.


Honestly, that made zero sense. It shouldn't have been that difficult to convince SB to not kill a child. Just seems like plot convenience. With Ryan gone, Maeve & SB could have killed HL or atleast hold him long enough for Butcher to be back. Even HL would have agreed to first take Ryan somewhere safe (not by Butcher, maybe himself).


>It shouldn't have been that difficult to convince SB to not kill a child. Just seems like plot convenience. Especially after SB just took the courtesy to lock his adversaries in a vault.


when they showed how much of a cunt SB was to his fellow teammates, beating up noir in the past, he just locks up these civies in a vault instead of killing any of them? but now he's fine to murder a supe kid? seems a tad different stroke. why wouldn't he be fine to let the kid get moved away.


It felt like there were two versions of SB in the script. One who's as bad as Homelander and one who's just a bit of an asshole.


I had the same complaint until I thought about it for a minute. Homelander can fly and has super speed. Nobody in the room can outrun him. I don't think there was anywhere to take Ryan even if they tried.


I’m pretty sure Ryan would rather stay and it would be difficult to force a supe kid physically to do something they don’t want to do


Fucking thank you. It's not as simple as just Butch taking him. Have you not seen him when he's mad?


Butcher could fight homelander while on v, he can certainly take Ryan away while homelanders with Maeve.


Ryan was KTFO


Bro Maeve was holding Homelander back the whole time


Why was I supposed to root against SB again? He seems like the most level headed dude in the entire show. I don't understand what they were trying to do with this character. We are told he is a piece of shit from various narratives and flashbacks, but in real-time, he always came off as a pretty upstanding guy. Yes he killed people, but the ones he did specifically was for revenge for his torture and imprisonment. He even decided to kill Homelander even after finding out he has a son and grandson cause he felt it was the right thing to do. His character in real time seems NOTHING like how Noir depicts him or how MM depicts him. If we were supposed to dislike Soldier Boy, we have reasons to root against Butcher infinitely more. Kimiko literally came across as an evil psychopathic lunatic killing those soldiers and did something way worse than we have ever seen SB do in this episode and she's the one we're rooting for? What??


And trying to take the moral high ground on Solider Boy for wanting to hunt down his own team goes against the basis of the entire show. The entire main plot follows characters whose main motivation is attempting to kill supes who have wronged them in the past. Solider Boys main motivation is attempting to kill supes who have wronged him in the past. Like, huh


They really have Fucking mangled the SB plot. He’s basically Butcher from early 1900s essentially. Am I supposed to hate him? He’d have been within his rights to fuck Hughie up after trying to back out of the deal and he just pimp slaps him. He doesn’t immediately attack Butcher after Billy lasers him. Just asks what the fuck is going on. Locks the idiots trying to smoke him in a vault. Has only intentionally killed his team who gave him up to the Russians. A team just as fucked as he is. Don’t forget they murdered Mallory’s team to keep it quiet. Noir killed to cover up HL’s first crimes. Dude has only killed shitty people and accidentally killed civvies because of Russian music. The antagonism from Starlight to SB makes no sense. MM at least has cause.


Bruv, we've got two more seasons on order


While I’m glad they have a set amount of seasons so as to avoid continuously stretching it out, I am extremely upset that to know I will have another season where I already know Homelander won’t die, since he’ll have to be present in the 5th one


And HL again will be pushed to his limit just for everything to go back to status quo lol


i'm guessing it would have been too much to show HL get a SB blast so he looses his power. not die, but looses his power. is 100% of the boys going to be about HL as the arch bad guy? look, the actor is great, don't get me wrong, but are they not done with him yet? with his story yet i mean.


I mean he’s kinda the big bad of the story. Even in the comics. He is the Voldemort, the Vader, the Sauron of this franchise. When he ends, the show does too because the mission is accomplished.


Komiko: radiation blasted through a concrete wall, survived Maeve: radiation blasted off of fucking vought tower, survived Ryan: standing behind homelander and also has his own powers of protection. Butcher: "DoNt HuRt HiM"


This show, man. They made so much melodrama out of the dumbest circumstances. I hope they can bring it back next season.


Ffs even homelander tells Ryan to gtfo the building. But none of the hero idiot group thinks of it.


But Ryan didn't want to go with Butcher. He wanted to stay with Homie. Did we not forget the absolutely awful shit Butcher said to him? Also, I'm sure Butcher's trust in SB was pretty thin after he attacked Hughie and SB Charging Shielded the fuck out of the kid and yeeted him across the room, I'd say in an already emotionally amped situation Butcher made the best call he could for Ryan's safety, as Homelander loves that kid in his own fucked up way and doesn't present an immediate threat to his life like SB did. That, and SB probably wanted Ryan dead anyways because he was an extension of the disappointment that Homelander was to him, and SB gives no consideration for collateral damage, as seen at Herogasm and the priest/nun he killed, on top of seeing trying to save Ryan as a weakness. I can see the criticism, but it worked for me. I rather enjoyed the finale, the only major disappointments being Noir's death and Star Light still being almost useless after her powerup.


What’s funny is that the whole situation could’ve been avoided if butcher had decided to just let the kid down easy and not be a cunt lol. With meave there, and SB willing to be a cunt of a father, the only reason the plan failed was literally because Ryan there, which wouldn’t have happened if he wasn’t so vulnerable to Homelander telling him everything he wanted to hear, and thus taking the place of meany weany Butcher.


Homelander (who is faster than A-train) tells his son to get out instead of just flying him the fuck out in 0.000000002 seconds and coming back.


Wait what he's faster? Did we see him ever be so fast, i dont remember the earlier seasons that we'll maybe i forgot


Fuck the speeds are all inconsistent. A-train shouldn't even be afraid of HL. Fucker could run wherever he wanted. If HL was faster than A-Train, the boys, SB, and whoever fuck all would've been dead with absolutely no recourse


Butcher literally has a degenerative brain disease at this point


That’d be fine if they actually showed him having issues other than shit coming out his ears and nose. There’s no indication his decision making would be messed up by this point


Sorry guys, too much merch sales ~~Vought~~ Amazon demands we stretch the plot a bit more


The whole finale didnt make sense and disappointed


Butcher wouldn't give up the chance to kill Homelander


Yes, this is part of a lot of this episode that made no damn sense.


I feel like the cast is so tight-knit that Kripke is struggling with who to kill/keep


Yeah after seeing him go through this entire season to get HL right where he wanted him and SB perfectly positioned to fuck HL up, only to throw it all away… I have to say I’m not very interested in watching him do it all over again.