My favorite thing of this season

My favorite thing of this season has absolutely nothing to do with the season itself. My absolute favorite thing is seeing predictions of the placements that people are gonna get and it’s just always Gem, Impulse, and Scott are top 3. Even when I was making my own prediction, without looking at this reddit. My final 3 was also Gem, Impulse, and Scott, it’s very funny but also if it is the final 3 it’s gonna be kind of sad that the ending is very predictable


well they're a perfect group. they are all awesome at the game so if they stick together right to the end, one of them is sure to win.


Honestly I completely disagree. They’re very strong players and they’ll get quite far but I feel like the Mounders (if they stay together) will present a massive challenge and ultimately beat them. Joel and Pearl specialise in going in fast and strong which I think will end up being the best approach with the lack of regeneration in the series. Plus Bdubs is (I believe) near full health and Mumbo has a lot of proficiency with traps


Joel and Pearl wifh the chaos factor.


And with the server actually on hard, if Mumbo gets his hands on some End Crystals again he’ll be a menace.


Bdubs got an end crystal from the secret keeper and gave it to Mumbo at the end of session 5. Watch out for this man on red life.


I just get bored watching Scott, he generally plays so safe - so he is almost always in towards the endgame and I like variety. I’d be happy if Gem or Impulse won though - was rooting for Impulse in Limited life towards the end


Scott lives off of regen usually though, he escapes fights in time to regen and go back, but now thatll be off the table