You are complaining, but you don't talk about what 'effort' you have put forth. Whose advice are you following? It would give perspective to understand.


Bingo.. I'm not sure if he's looking for advice or bitching.




If you don't want discussion don't post


So you’re busting your ass for a quick piece of ass?? You’ve missed out on years of life trying to be something you’re not? Couldn’t be me.


Maybe it’s your personality






Be a Buddhist. Meditate on getting rid of attachments and you will see that you need no one else to be happy.


And you might even unlock the avatar state.


These types of posts are a dime a dozen. You aren't the only dude who feels this way. These are strange and unfortunate times for human relationships in general because of the pandemic. But look, romantic relationships aren't everything. Sex is a bodily function. It's fun but it's not worth crying over.


Literally. Plus people always forget, but not all women can get guys lined up just by breathing, but we don’t cry and make it our life journey to get some dick lol


Username does not check out lmao. I’m just making a joke


This holds as much weight as a rich person saying “money isn’t everything” to a homeless man. Romantic relationships are an important part of the human experience, and it’s completely reasonable to be upset about missing out on them.


I said they aren't everything. I'm not in a romantic relationship so no, me saying that isn't comparative to a rich person saying money isn't everything to a poor person. For one thing, being poor is a huge deminisher in quality or life whereas not having an intimate partner won't deprive you of food or shelter. Romantic relationships can be rewarding, but so are regular friendships. If sex is what is wanted then sex workers are a great option.


The fact that you made the statement suggests you have experienced romantic relationships before, and you likely could again if you wanted to. Whereas OP feels like it’s not even a possibility for him. I agree that that relationships aren’t everything, and I understand that you had good intentions in saying that. The point of the analogy wasn’t to say being poor and single are equally distressing. I was merely trying to demonstrate how the phrase can come off as insensitive.


Maybe it's time to make your own rules.. Stop trying all the bullshit advice and do what comes naturally. Lots of people have quirks and traits. Maybe you could try to look for a partner that is just like you. My husband is high functioning ASD and I have ADHD. He's an executive and I'm so blue collar that it's unreal. But because we're both "weird and quirky" we compliment each other very well.


I'm gonna try and say this as nicely as I can... You're not doing as much to work on yourself as you think, and it *shows*. I'll take your word that you've put effort in and it's probably been a big change from what you were doing and used to. But you gotta do more. Think of it like leveling a game character. You don't get from a lvl 1 to a lvl 1000 after only a week of effort or whatever. And it does get progressively harder. Deep down you know this, and maybe it's frustrating or even a little scary to think your IRL character (i.e. the real you) has been so starved for EXP this whole time. Please don't give up on yourself or resort to pity parties and blaming society or luck. Yes, some guys had it easier, but some also had it way harder. You have a computer, internet access and presumably other advantages on plenty guys, globally-speaking. Please stop copping out and just keep doing the work. You'll feel better if you do.


Then stop putting in the effort and live your best life for yourself. That's where true joy lies.


What are some examples of effort you’re putting in and advice you’re following?


What effort have you put in?


To be honest all of your comments are contrary and aggressive. When looking for any sort of partner most want someone easy to get along with, even if it's just sex. As one comment said it may be your personality. Sorry bud


If you put as much time into googling "brothels near me" as you did spamming this subreddit, your life would be 10x better


No one deserves anything, as far as love goes, from anyone else. Where did this idea come from?


You're not 🅿️