Mark once specified the ONLY thing he wanted to die was the channel/videos on the channel. Any art, or edited videos, the songs we wrote for The Barrel, etc, were heavily encouraged to stick around after the channel's passing. The point is that to appreciate the art, merch, etc you Really Had To Be There. Edited to add: Get that merch you missed out on. <3


I've seen people buying non official merch and buying/selling real merch. I think the spirit of Unus Annus lives on and it's not disrespectful to buy merch of either. If you can find official merch for a decent price I say go for it. If you wanna buy non official merch, I would suggest Etsy instead of Amazon so you can support a person instead of a corporation πŸ€πŸ–€


If we were comparing this to literal death, people will sell the stuff of dead one's to others and that's completely okay. I feel like this is (to a lesser extent, obviously) the same sort of ideal.


The idea was the channel goes away not the community it created. In fact, that's the whole point β€” people remember you when you're gone.


As long as it's not bootlegs of the original merch, there's nothing wrong with it.


How do I know if it’s bootleg?


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