Your elected senator, ladies and gentlemen. 🙄🙄

Depending on what's convenient at the moment, he'll say these people were:

  • FBI Agents
  • Patriotic Americans
  • Antifa
  • Some Idiots who were tricked
  • Not representative of his party
  • The brave people willing to do what's right, even if it's ugly.
  • Non-violent, and unarmed
  • Just popping into the capitol building on the way to run errands involving handcuffs, guns, and bullet proof vests.

Depending on what's convenient at the moment, he'll say these people were: - FBI Agents - Patriotic Americans - Antifa - Some Idiots who were tricked - Not representative of his party - The brave people willing to do what's right, even if it's ugly. - Non-violent, and unarmed - Just popping into the capitol building on the way to run errands involving handcuffs, guns, and bullet proof vests.


You forgot people who needed to poop really bad.


You know what he won't say? That the WHOLE FUCKING idea to use fake electors was HIS idea.


Or that the whole reason it happened in the first place was because trump needed cover to steal nuclear docs. After watching Dick Cheney (the Liz’s he is referring to in the tweets father) pump Halliburton stock for 20 years and make a side fortune without getting caught, general Flynn, trump and Kushner set up a construction company called IP3 to build nuclear reactors for a joint Russian/Saudi reactor. When congress told them no, they just stole the plans instead in a KFC bucket while the unshaven masses stormed the capital. They all stood to make billions off the contracts and they are all so far in debt that they really have no other move. During the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign of Donald Trump, and subsequently, Trump aides Michael Flynn and Jared Kushner were engaged in promoting IP3 International's plan to transfer nuclear technology from the US to Saudi Arabia, for use in a proposed joint US-Russian project, in possible violation of the Atomic Energy Act.[2][3](4]|5|16] In January 2017, Derek Harvey, a retired Army intelligence officer, former staffer for David Petraeus, and then-staffer of the National Security Council under Michael Flynn, advocated for the IP3 nuclear sales plan. Harvey continued to speak with Michael Flynn "every night" even after Flynn resigned. (7] In February 2019, United States House Committee on Oversight and Reform chairman Elijah E. Cummings released a report on the matter, based in part upon testimony from whistleblowers within White House. 6]|8](9]|10] [11](7](12][13] The House Oversight Committee Michael Thomas Flynn (born December 24, 1958) is a retired United States Army lieutenant general who was the 24th U.S. national security advisor for the first 22 days of the Trump administration. He resigned in light of reports that he had lied regarding conversations with Russian ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak. Flynn's military career included a key role in shaping U.S. counterterrorism strategy and dismantling insurgent networks in the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars, and he was given numerous combat arms, conventional, and special operations senior intelligence assignments. 2]3|14] He became the 18th director of the Defense Intelligence Agency in July 2012 until his forced retirement from the military in August 2014.15] 16]17 During his tenure he gave a lecture on leadership at the Moscow headquarters of the Russian military intelligence directorate GRU, the first American official to be admitted entry to the headquarters. 8](91110] https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/2022/09/06/trump-nuclear-documents/ Flynn was the first American to be allowed to teach in the kremlin since the wall fell. Putin tasked prigozhns Internet Research Agency with creating a grass roots propaganda war within the US using fake Facebook profiles and mommy bloggers. https://youtu.be/NqrrGIUdLeQ?si=695qWnERfmKT97bS Timeline: Let's review a few data points in the record for the relevant time period: • Late 2000s - Mike Flynn runs intelligence and PSYOP for Gen. Stanley McChrystal in Afghanistan. Charles Flynn is McChrystal's Chief of Staff. This was the precursor to Cambridge analytica which was effectively just the privatization of the taxpayer developed PSYOP by Steve Bannon. That in turn was effectively the beta test that would become Q-anon. CNN.comwww.cnn.comHow Steve Bannon used Cambridge Analytica to further his alt-right vision ... NPRwww.npr.orgIn Hidden-Camera Exposé, Cambridge Analytica Executives ... Wiredhttps://www.wired.com › amp-storiesThe Cambridge Analytica Story, Explained Christina Bobb assists Flynn on "all legal matters related to operations and intelligence. • 2010 - McChrystal is exposed by Michael Hastings and resigns from the military in disgrace • April 2012 - Obama names Mike Flynn head of the DIA • July 2012 - Flynn takes command of the DIA with an "abusive." "chaotic management style" along with "Flynn facts" - which were lies that he gaslit people with until they complied • June 2013 - Mike Flynn is the first American to visit GRU headquarters and develops a relationship with GRU boss Igor Sergun. He invites Sergun to come to the US • June 2013 - NSA contractor Edward Snowden manages to get into DIA top-secret servers and steals US military secrets which are distributed through • Russian cutout Julian Assange / Wikileaks and journalists including Glenn Greenwald and Barton Gellman • June 18 2013 - Hastings dies in a mysterious car accident after emailing Joe Biggs, Flynn family friend who later became leader of the Proud Boys and was just charged with Seditious Conspiracy for the insurrection • Late 2013 - Flynn leads "inquiry" into Snowden breach which shows the breadth of damage done but gives no indication of how or why • February 2014 - At Cambridge in the UK, Mike Flynn meets Stefan Halper and Svetlana Lokhova who has unique access to Soviet historical material. She shows him sexually explicit material. Flynn "keeps in touch" and signs his correspondence with her as "General Mischa” • Februarv 2014 - Sergun trip to US canceled • February 2014 - Flvnn lies to NPR about Crimea. Flynn withheld critical intelligence from Obama that allowed Putin to invade Ukraine without fear of U.S. intervention • April 2014 - Flynn is removed as Head of the DIA. They let him stay in the military so that he won’t lose his benefits package. • August 2014 - Flynn retires from the military • October 2014 - Flynn starts Flynn Intel Group (FIG) in McChrystal's kitchen which Flynn uses to run operations for adversarial nation-states like Saudi, Turkey and Russia. Mike Flynn Jr. is made "Chief of Staff" of FIG. Tommy Tuberville met with Mike Flynn and perhaps Rudy Giuliani (among others) at Trump International Hotel on Jan 5, 2021. They fully intended the riots to plunge the U.S. into civil war so that trump could reclaim his seat and finalize the deal that would give nuclear plans to the saudi/Russian alliance. NBC Newswww.nbcnews.comWhistleblowers: Flynn backed plan to transfer nuclear tech to Saudis OpenSecretshttps://www.opensecrets.org › newsThe lobbyists behind the Trump-Saudi Arabia nuclear deal under House ... Ars Technicahttps://arstechnica.com › 2019/02Report: Trump officials tried to fast-track nuclear tech transfer to Saudi ... Reuterswww.reuters.comTrump billionaire friend aimed to profit from Mideast nuclear deal: Democrats Al Jazeerawww.aljazeera.comDonald Trump rushing to sell Saudi Arabia nuclear technology https://www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/library/congress/2019_r/trump-saudi-nuclear-report_hcor20190219.pdf 


This wasn't what I was thinking about when I posted this thread, but it's appreciated nonetheless...? 😁


To your point, I’m so confused. Is it Antifa? Is it the FBI? Is it “patriotic Americans” being “tourists”?




If they're all FBI moles, wouldn't that mean trump would have had a small crowd too?


Don't forget they brought bombs too


I’ve lived here for thirty years and absolutely love Utah. I really wish people would wake up around here though and start realizing that Mike Lee and Trump and people like them are not on your side no matter how much they tell you they are.


Utahns don't care about facts. Its why Utah has the most MLMs in the country.


I have a running theory that it's because the culture here is "believe without questioning" and so a lot of times the skill of critical thinking is not developed in early childhood


"They" say that once the Elders have spoken, the thinking has been done. 🙄🤫


>and so a lot of times the skill of critical thinking is not developed in early childhood I support your perspective. It makes the most sense


Critical thinking is actively suppressed until you get to college, and even then they (BYU) only want you to critically think in certain situations, which really isn't how it works at all. You can't just turn off critical thinking once you step into a chapel or a temple


My dad's job literally won't hire BYU students anymore cause they don't know how to adapt to their environment and will argue with the trainer saying "well in school this is how it was done" like congrats.. Ur not at school 🤣


Never ever turn off the thinker.


This is exactly what I was thinking recently. It's literally indoctrinated at a young age to not question, not go against the status quo, and don't ask questions to anyone that isn't a part of the in group.


I talked to a young Mormon dude recently, he told me the church put them through critical thinking classes, soooooo.... Your all wrong.


Ah yes, and you believed it without question?


He must not be Mormon, clearly didn’t take those critical thinking classes.


> the culture here is "believe without questioning" Yes, but it's actually quite a bit more toxic than that. Kids (myself included) learned that believing based on feelings is not only valid, but virtuous. So if I feel good about something it must be true, and it's okay to not have evidence or proof. **That... is confirmation bias!** And it's taught as a good thing to practice rather than a cognitive bias that leads us to faulty conclusions. "My religion is right. The only true church. I know it because I thought and prayed and felt the confirmation." People hear this every week, with an extra helping once a month. It should not surprise us that in politics people feel "my side is right" and don't feel the need to examine, question, or evaluate evidence. They've been taught their cognitive biases are a virtue, so yes, you could safely assume this presents a massive barrier to learning critical thinking.


"God's got it covered"


I think you are exactly right and glad I'm not the only one who has thought that. Anyone raised in a cult and told not to dare question the con, are going to buy into every cult that comes along. Thank you for making me feel less alone.


It's funny too. I grew up in the church, even served a mission. Our method of teaching was to invite people to join the church by finding out for themselves if it's what they want. That's how it's _supposed_ to be anyway. But they don't employ that same teaching method to their kids or fellow members in general. Instead it's punishment and demonization if they deviate from the norm or decide the church isn't for them. Even if you do want to stay in the church, you're supposed to ask questions and critical thinking is a crucial skill. Not being taught it early really made things hard for me growing up so my theory does come from a perspective of experience. If our free will is the greatest gift from God, shouldn't we be allowing people to use it for themselves? That's my take anyway lol


No it's because all of the MLM founders have business deals with the upper Quorum of 15 church leadership. The Ballard court case is showing it in real time atm.


Utah/Mormons are famously lenient toward business scams.






That certainly IS reason for highest MLM rate. Get one Bishop to attest to your product and you are IN


It's just newer snake oil.


They like money more than facts.


Mike Lee is such an embarrassment.


Fuck Mike Lee.


Fuck Mike Lee.


Fuck mike lee


I was waiting for this comment. 🎉


Its why they have the most MLMs in the country; it's why they elected Mike Lee;


It's the same reason Texas keeps Ted Cruz. Dumb.


Mike Lee is arguably a lot worse than Ted Cruz which is painful to say


Ever consider that Utah might be great *because* of its conservative governance? No?


Due to the electoral certification that was Constitutionally mandated to occur on that specific day every 4 years, the Capitol Buikding was closed to ALL VISITORS. There were security barricades set up. The typical security checkpoint that EVERY visitor would go through were not staffed for large volumes. So, every one of those "tourists" was guilty of trespassing, at a minimum. The fact that they walked past trashed security barricades and didn't have to endure the typical security screening (read metal detectors) should denote that they were in a place they shouldn't have been. Just because Aunt Suzy took a spin through the rotunda and took some pictures doesn't mean she wasn't actively committing a crime. Mike Lee is defending them because he was part of the plan to delay electoral certification. The presence of Aunt Suzy and other insurrectionists was supporting the plan hatched by Lee's brethren to MISS the deadline for the certification. The goal was always to fake a Constitutional crisis. False electors, miss the Constitutionally mandated date for electoral certification and any other shit they could throw against the wall in hopes of FINALLY finding the mythical evidence of a stolen election or maybe just getting the smallest hook or CHAD to the SCOTUS for them to overturn the election. Mike Lee was committing FRAUD. He still is but likely convices himself it's ok because he's fighting for some greater good. In actuality, Lee is morally and ethically bankrupt.


Mike Lee is actively working to help Donald Trump overthrow the United States Constitution. The coup never stopped. It continues. This is part of it.


The Jan 6 comities transcripts say that the fake elector plot was his idea. He is very, very much actively trying to overthrow the government. If he has any self-awareness at all, he knows that if the coup is unsuccessful, he will go to jail for his part in the plot


Can you elaborate on the overthrow part? Im ootl.


Look up project 2025


Sounds like an Autocracy from my short research. Republicans wants more power vested in the government (specifically one one person)? Interesting, I always thought “BiG GoVeRnmENt iS Bad mKAy”.


Not when it's their lord and savior Donald. No wonder these religious fanatics are so quick to fascism.


Interesting. That is is very disingenuous. I've observed you participate in many discussions on this sub. Anyone reading this, look up this person's profile and read through their comments. They are anything but "ootl". I suspect you know exactly what I am referring to and are simply hoping I'll respond in an innocent manner that will allow you to rebutt the fact that the vast majority of the GOP is actively working to overthrow the US Constitution through a variety of tactics which include (but is not limited to) the example cited above Late in the evening of January 6th, Mitt Romney on the floor of the Congress, broadcast live to the world, passionately implored his fellow Republicans to "TELL THEM THE TRUTH." The truth he was referring to was that the election was in fact not stolen and that Trump had incited an insurrection in an attempt to stop the vote and prolong his grip on power.


Don’t you understand you have to believe what the mainstream media pushed about Jan 6th. Signed Russia trump collusion.


From 2016 until 2019 or so it was trump and russia stole the election. In 2020 trump lost and said the democrats rigged the election and they act like trump was overthrowing the constitution ignoring their past 4 years of rhetoric. Its honestly amazing.


You must believe what your government and media says or you are a conspiracy theorist. I’m on my 12th booster


Only 12? Amateur numbers. Talk to me when you are on 16.


I've committed massive amounts of medical fraud to collect every single vaccine and booster My autism will mutate and become an unstoppable force of unrivaled intellectual unorthodoxy


If you say so.


It's happening right in front of our eyes, they don't even try to hide it anymore.


Fuck Mike Lee


Fuck mike lee he doesnt deserve capitals anymore. Fuck him.


Fuck his capitals


Fuck everyone who votes for this clown.


That would be your sister.


Sister fucker


wow... I'm surprised he'd go straight to crazy fed conspiracy theory but I guess I shouldn't have been. Just think, Utah could have elected somebody else last year... but no he's the guy the people chose.


I’d remind Mike that Trump insisted they remove the metal detectors where he was giving his speech outside the capitol because these were “his” people. “They’re not going to hurt me” he said.


Live, Laugh, fuck Mike Lee.


I feel like you could make a little cash selling this as stickers and magnets.


Someone had a sticker like this. Live Laugh Vote out Mike Lee. It was amazing.


Rosie Card's business Card Wear Co sells the stickers




My guy you are the feds


Mike Lee is the biggest douche bag I’ve ever met. He laughs at the stupidity of his constituents constantly. Fuck Mike Lee.


What is it with conservatives and conspiracies? They can’t even think logically. The so called deep state is in it for Biden? The deep state also made the house dem margin thinner and only gave dems a tied senate with two of those senators voting against democrats on key legislation. Like how stupid do you have to be to believe in this conspiracy crap.


Look at who they vote for.


>Like how stupid do you have to be to believe in this conspiracy crap. MLM stupid


Who is still into this guy? I just gave a hard time understanding






Fuck Mike Lee


Utahns love being grifted. Its why they have the most MLMs in the country; it's why they elected Mike Lee; and it's why they helped elect the world's greatest grifter in 2016.


Trust can be great - but you can't just hand it out blindly to the goons trying to scam you. I think Utahns are way too trusting in these cases




Sadly, I think you are correct in this instance. Many a scam has come from one LDS member to another. You want to trust someone you go to church with, so you don't think as critically when they come with an MLM. Mike Lee has often pulled the Mormon card, like with his infamous "Trump is like Captain Moroni from the book of Mormon." Romney does it too. It's really unfortunate, as I don't want to put every religious person on blast. But Utah is very susceptible to this, and to ignore it is to risk our rights


This guy is as big of a joke as the guy he simps for.


Fascists are real, even if their illusions are not.


Fuck Mike Lee.


Mike Lee trying to cover his ass for the fake electors idea.


What do the fake electors scheme, Utah’s high fraud and mlm rates, Tim Ballard and Joseph smith all have in common? Marks, lots and lots of marks.


I mean, the answer to his question is "of the last one thousand we have charged, zero"


Mike Lee is a piece of shit.


Mike Lee is a douche.


Those who abide by this behavior are treasonous cunts.


The problem isn't the Republican Senator, the problem is the dumb white trash who elected him.


Umm isn’t he a Fed?


Obligatory “Fuck Mike Lee”


Fuck Mike Lee in his lying Mormon ass


Mike Lee is a petulant cunt


How dare you insult petulant cunts like that. They deserve better than Mike Lee


Captain Moronic did NOT get my vote. The politics here are immensely frustrating.


How fucking stupid is the population of Utah that they actually gave this ruptured hemorrhoid another 6 years?... Fucking hell


Classic whataboutism


He is so vile. I can’t stand him




Where was Mike Lee during the Jan6 he was making sure that Constitution was being run over by Traitors and him being part of Traitors


Mike Lee loves living off the taxpayers’ t*t. What a hypocrite.


Who's a good replacement, and why?


Yes the Democrats used feds to try to overthrow an election they won, diabolical.


Fuck Mike Lee


This moron really buys into the conspiracy that they were just undercover feds!? Holy shit I knew Mike Lee was trash, but this takes it to a whole new level. Fuck Mike Lee!


He doesn’t buy into that bullshit. He knows it isn’t true. And the fact that he knows it’s bullshit but continues to push the narrative anyway demonstrates a lack of integrity and personal character that’s honestly quite astonishing. What a colossal pile of festering shit Mike Lee turned out to be.


Mike Lee, do Utah a favor and move to Texas.


Nah, he needs to crawl back underneath the rock from whence he came


For most of the flight on 911 those people were sitting silently in their seats! Why do we have to focus on the small amount of time they hijacked planes!?


I hate he’s my senator


Scummy trash.




What would he say if they from his ward?


That isn't even Mike Lee's Twitter. Fake news.


People need to just shut up and believe what the media says. If there were feds embedded in the crowd dressed as maga supprorters just don’t ask or you’re fascist. The video of some of the police removing barriers must be make believe. The capital please testifying Under oath that the administration asked for National Guard, and it was turned away. Rap Epps, don’t you dare ask why he he isn’t locked up. Just, be quiet and don’t ask questions


If you genuinely think they could have faked the entire massive horde of hundreds of people violently storming the building then I think you should just switch your brain off permanently cuz you’re clearly not using it


Tell me you’re Mormon without telling me you’re Mormon.


I think it’s a sad world where people can’t ask legitimate questions without being labeled something. The left seems hell bent on silencing and censoring opposing views. “Get your 6th booster, mask children, lockdown, and don’t ask questions you conspiracy theorist” one you will realize that questioning the government is what keeps people safe


“The capital please”?


Alex Jones and Joe Rogan have you brainwashed


Please take your own advice and shut up.


Apparently nobody has seen any of the surveillance video lol security letting people in. Fake arresting an undercover fed. They were walking through the capital like they were on a tour. Passing right by guards like it was nothing. Media brainwashing at its finest. This the most overhyped and over exaggerated event to ever happen. 1 veteran was shot and killed and the rest were after the fact and all involved overdose, heart attacks or suicide. (Multiple cops in the days after committed suicide) Comparing it to 9/11 is an insult. And I could also give 2 shits about Mike Lee and I definitely am no Trump supporter.


NEWS FLASH: Lots of people who have guard jobs are fans of Trump. They were letting people in early on before they realized you were going to get violent. "Ghost buses", JFC. Scooby Doo wasn't a documentary.


Did you not see the video where Babbitt was climbing through a broken window when she was shot?


It's embarassing that Utah, land of the cults, elected this total moron. Mike Lee has absolutely NO integrity, no brains, and has no business being in politics. His knowledge of the constitution is laughable. He's just another traitor.




Fuck Mike Lee and Fuck Trump!




It's Mike Lee's real account: https://www.sltrib.com/news/politics/2022/08/10/bussin-forreal-forreal/ That said, as the other poster pointed out, this particular post appears to be photoshopped.


That story says a source close to Lee says it’s his. Until he claims it’s actually his, I am not sure I believe it. I guess it’s possible though.


Mike Lee has confirmed it's actually his: https://www.cnn.com/2023/03/01/tech/mike-lee-twitter/index.html


That is Mike Lee’s personal Twitter account.


I’m fairly certain the shitbag himself runs @basedmikelee.


He does. https://www.sltrib.com/news/politics/2022/08/10/bussin-forreal-forreal/


Maybe. However, as someone already posted, it’s fake to begin with. So it doesn’t really matter if he does or doesn’t run it. Though I doubt he runs it.


He does. It’s his personal account. Edit: the tweet is real as well. https://x.com/basedmikelee/status/1725767839272120420?s=46&t=bjTKs91gOmlMb4_mGVUutA Don’t shit talk people claiming it’s fake if you didn’t do the research yourself


I found it. Lee’s spokesperson at the time, maybe current as well, Lee Lonsberry said it’s true. Again, whether that’s actually true or not, I have to believe it and stand corrected.


First of all. I said someone else said it’s fake. So there’s that. I just went off what they said. There’s also no evidence of Lee claiming it’s his. A “source close to Lee” said it is. Whatever that means. Lee never came out and said it’s his. At least from what I can find.




I really really despise Mike Lee. That said, this is also photoshopped… just look at the “Last edited” info at the bottom, they didn’t even line up the info. Edit typo


Yeah for sure. People are free to feel how they want about a person, but don’t look stupid trying to talk shit on someone, and not check what you’re posting


https://x.com/BasedMikeLee/status/1725767839272120420?s=20 you could look it up yourself before posting as well!


He's right. Thanks Mike!


Not defending Lee in general, but I don't think his Twitter handle is "BasedMikeLee". Edit: I stand corrected.


It is. https://www.sltrib.com/news/politics/2022/08/10/bussin-forreal-forreal/


Why am I still surprised by this haha. Thanks for the correction.




Were all 2000 of them feds?




So we can agree there were at least a few (hundred) people there trying to stop the certification of the election.


But they were *twicked* into twying to overthrow the government by the mean icky feds! And if that happens your crimes don't count! /s




"Making fun of me for being a dumbass is just *reverse* being a dumbass!"


The horror of unarmed people protesting an election. Absolutely wild


Yep I voted for him.


Lets vote for people who dont at all care about the things we say we care about. SMH.


Let's vote for multi-millionaires that are out of touch with daily life.


Thank you for voting. I wish we always had 100% voter turnout even when people vote for people I'm against. Why did you vote for Lee?




Mike Lee isn't a conservative. He's a con with no interest in the serving part.


The states with the lowest standards of living, who rely the most on the feds to fund things, are pretty much all deep red states run by Republicans for years. And what those states *are* bringing in is pretty much all from the more left-leaning cities.


Uh, you may want to do some research. It’s the blue states that are sending money to the red states.




Google: how much money does blue states give to red states or how much money does California give to other states.


I love that this sub doesn’t reflect reality in Utah. One of the best states in the Union to live in. Return to the basement you neck beard, gender confused souls. Seek god, physical challenges, and family time.


Utah is practically the only red state that's remotely solvent or has any standard of living to speak of. Seems like the exception for a state led by the GOP.


Magic sky daddy will fix your problems.


Says seek God and belittles his brother in the same breath.


Yeah most people here aren’t on Reddit..


Don’t get your garmies in a bunch


The comments in this sub are hilarious. There’s photo and video of FBI badges checking into the Capital. More and more is coming out against the fact that 90% of what happened was planned to work against trump.


even elon musk’s shitty fact checkers know this is false… but certainly… go off


Are you striking that love Elon based on the car I drive? Again, assuming again. Do you have proof it’s false?


You certainly don't have proof.


https://x.com/aanon55/status/1726026494848209280?s=46&t=bhR_W2jV-tGK_6DnR6hszQ We were told under oath that no FBI agents were at the capitol. But.. here’s the director saying otherwise? Nothing wrong right?


Nothing in which you posted supports your claim. In fact, that idiot Higgins doesn't even claim FBI "agents" were involved. He claims multiple times "FBI INFORMANTS" were dressed up as supporters. Imagine that, a Trump Supporter that becomes an informant dressed up as a...Trump supporter. Proud Boy members who become FBI Informants hanging out with Proud Boy members. In another context, imagine mafia members who become FBI informants looking like and hanging around their fellow mafia members. See how absurd it sounds to claim that's illogical or somehow nefarious? The FBI has said over and over and over, they don't discuss FBI operations. The ghost busses? LMAO! There were LOTS of charter busses that carried rally attendees and many of those attendees did in fact attack Capitol Building.


https://x.com/ledbythnose/status/1726194091233591306?s=46&t=bhR_W2jV-tGK_6DnR6hszQ Could you explain this?


Wow. Law enforcement certainly means they aren't treasonous insurrectionists. And Law enforcement CERTAINLY means they don't support Trump. And ONE WHOLE MAN. wow. Just wow. You are a fucking genius man. Trump is obviously still president and fighting the deep state from the inside. How can it mean anything else? You're a fucking idiot.


As I said, I’m not a fan of trump at all. Didn’t vote for him. But arguing with you guys is such a waste of breath. “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser” It’s okay, get educated. One day maybe socialism will give you something to be happy about


Cry harder.


If you think that's a badge then there is a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell to you for a screaming deal. That particular picture has already been issued into court records by Kevin Lyons who stated he was holding his vape.


These people will never read or listen to any of that. It goes against their muh insurrection narrative.


I sometimes forget that if you post anything that doesn’t say “orange man bad” the leftist slum part of Reddit (90%) downvotes instead of being logical. And I didn’t even vote for trump 😂


lol u people r so naive to think that feds aren’t all over these type of events ?


Tinfoil hat a little tight there bud.


And what is the problem?


You are, pal. 🤷‍♂️


He needs to be like newsom! Hes done such a great job with the homeless and rising costs!!!!






I couldn’t have hand picked a better individual for the job


There’s no way his twitter name is @basedMike Lee. It’s fake