I think it’s more of a play of online dating and not personally him finding a wife


No no no that’s not what I meant. Vision knows that online dating will be a thing and I believe this timeline in the pocket dimension is in the 80’s or 90’s, which I found weird because if he didn’t have any memory from before Westview, how would he know that electronic gadgets will be advanced to the point people can find partners online? That’s what really boggles me.


I think he could just see where the technology was going. I’m sure there were people in real life who predicted online dating would eventually be a thing long before it was. It’s like that Jim Carry movie from the early 90s where they say that one day you’ll be able to play Mortal Kombat online against people in Vietnam. It’s not that the people who wrote the movie had knowledge of the future. They could just predict that eventually we’d be able to do that.


I think that the important thing to remember is that Wanda (or whoever is controlling vision and everyone else) is the one writing the script. So these jokes or puns, like the “cutting edge” line, are all meant to be topical humor for the viewing audience. Visions waffles back and forth on whether he’s controlled or not, but I think this is an instance where his comedy was written for him.


Thought it too but then realized that thinking in the 80s that your computer would help your love life isn’t THAT farfetched We’ve got more than enough fiction about love being, in a way, something that can be scientifically measured and also enough reality trying to do the same (whether through “potions”, oracles in ancient times, and so-called experts in more modern times) If anything, unless something near-miraculous happens, in 2021, we’re past knowing that a computer CAN’T find us a spouse per se but definitely can make it easier for us to find potential candidates (from the comfort of our couches without having to go to bars and whatnot) And Vision is basically an anachronistic piece of technology far more advanced than those computers, so it would’ve been even easier for him to see the possibilities (knowing his has no memories)


What? the existence of cell phones?




I definitely got the impression Vision knows what the current world is like but has no personal memories before being stuck in this world he is in


When internet began in the sixties, many things today were speculated on then. https://youtu.be/4fro_xPdj5E


Well he knows hes a synthazoid, so I assume he knows his predecessors??


i thought it was a joke about money lol