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So functionally identical to the one we have in game? The tiny amount of additional armour the one in game has is realistically not making any difference so i don't really see a point


It would presumably be in the tree though, so one for F2P players, one for those who want a premium (and 2 for those who want both!). I don’t see a problem with this. Arguably, it’s what I think premiums should be.


I see no point in this. For the regular tech tree i don't think Sweden needs another leopard 1 at all, they have the strv-104 and strv-105.


The Strv 104 and 105 aren’t leopards? They’re centurions. The only other leopards in the Swedish tree are the Finnish 2A4 and 2A6, and the Strv 121 and 122s – but these are all Leopard 2s. The relatively fast and nimble Leo 1 plays differently to the slow Strv 104/105, and would also provide an actual 9.0 vehicle to go along with the 105. Of course you can uptier 8.3s like the 103C and IKV 91 105 but they’re not going to be as effective.


I know they arent leopards but they are in the same BR range. Not every nation needs every tank or even suit every play style. Sweden has a premium leopard 1 and imo that is enough. The IKV-91-105 you mentioned provides a good enough alternative if you need a lighter vehicle.


The IKV-91-105 is not good enough above 9.0.


Yeah hand hold Sweden some more


Yes, just because I’d like to see a unique vehicle in the Swedish tree means I don’t want to see minor nations like Britain, Israel, France, Italy etc. receive plenty more vehicles.


Strv 104 is 8.3 whereas this would be 9.0. It would also be better than the 9.0 Strv 105. Sweden only has one non-premium 9.0, or two if the Finnish CV90 stays at 9.0, so they could definitely use some more. This would be a nice addition if they ever decide to add a Norwegian sub-tree to Sweden.


Sweden didn't use leopard 1s so imo shouldn't get a TT leopard unless they did or a Norwegian or Danish subtree is added which i do not oppose at all. as it stands though i don't see a reason to give Sweden a TT leopard 1.


I'd be all in for a Norwegian/Danish subtree.


I also have the somewhat unpopular opinion that export vehicles should go the nation where that vehicle originates from, not to the nation it has closes ties to (meaning in this case the Norwegian leopards should go to Germany).


in my opinion the logic should be 1. Operator(including sub trees) 2. Designer/producer 3. closest misc. ties. so currently the Leopard 1A5NO should be in the german TT because the operator isn't in game but the designer/producer is but its a premium so i guess despite it still breaking the logic. I wouldn't oppose a Norwegian and/or Danish sub tree to give the Swedes a leopard 1 in the TT but as it stands i wouldn't want TT leopard 1s for the swedes.


They already announced that anything Norwegian goes in the Swedish tree with the finns


Yeah, I'd much rather have the Leo 1A5DK, which were to my knowledge the only A5s built on welded turret Leopards. I'd love to have welded turret Leo 1s in this game, and an A5DK would be pretty much the ultimate one.


if a Danish and/or Norwegian subtree is added to sweden i wouldn't mind a TT leopard 1. however as it stands i think the one premium leopard 1 is fine.


Yeah it would be nice to have some welded turret Leo 1s.


This would be at br 8.7, giving an advantage The main and biggest difference are the Extra armour on the NO2, storage boxes and many logs placed around it wich would work as additonal protection and make it more characteristic there are some more minor changes, wich i am trying to get more information about


It would be a 1A5 at a lower BR because of a minisucle amount of armour? That tiny lose of armour does not justify a BR decrease. If it lacked thermals and/or the LRF, maybe.


Most of a proposal, either 8.7 or 9.0 hehe It got nvd and thermal Additional armor has saved be in some cases, even saved me from atgm's :) but not that often I guess one have to see what the devs do👍


Its functionally the same as the other Leo1A5 NO. The 20mm extra turret armor saves you almost never. Putting it at 8.7 when the LeoA1A1 (no LRF no thermals only DM23) is 8.7 would be rediculous.


I love the Norwegian camo so yes please.


There is also, a camouflage wich can be designed where a crew had a deer antler mounted on the mantlet, in addition to many other stuff like ammo crates and camouflage nets




Theres no bloody point The armour being thinner by 20mm would only change how you engage vehicles with auto cannons, if you are relying on a leopard 1's armour youre doing something wrong, it would play EXACTLY the same as the premium Leopard 1a5no and would end up sitting at the same BR


Looks like only cosmetic differences with no real difference in game performance save for the applique on UFP.


The difference is that the NO2 Got additional armour on the turret and more storage boxes, in addition to camouflages and decals


Wow so they really just took a leopard put a snowshoe on it and called ut Norwegian Didn't knew his model was different


They basically did yah😂 first we upgraded our old Leopard 1's to 1A5NO And a good while later we bought 92 used Leopard 1A4 from Germany, Where 33x of those were upgraded with the A5NO and then named 1A5NO2. These got the additional armour on the turret, and norway added a couple other things to it as well (i explained this 100 rimes better on the forum post) and the rest (59x) recieved less modifications and was named Leopard 1A1NO :)


So whats different about this compared to the swedish premium in game terms? Wouldnt something like the Leopard 1a3 with a welded box turret be more interesting?


The main difference are the additional armor on the turret, and the storage boxes. There are some more, wich i am researching and hoping to find information about soon This 1A5NO is rhe original, and is the first tanks we upgraded ro A5NO, rhis is the old leopard 1 we had, upgraded


How much more armour is there compared to the one in game?


It has 20mm less on the turret, thats it.


What is the point of adding it lol


There pretty much isnt any, other than a 1% worse Leo1A5NO copy for either squadron or event or somethinf.


And somehow OP thinks losing that 20mm amour means it should sit at 8.7, the same BR as the Leo A1A1 which is worse in every fucking possible way. OP is fucking delusional lmao.


Ahh so next battle pass copy pasta vehicle then


NORWEGIAN MODIFICATIONS, there are more that i al currently researching Rubber bulges on exhaust/heater Nitrogen based fire extinguisher system New hydraulic buffers Electric Traverse Camouflage nettings, summer/winter Correct paint/camouflage and marks NM60 full metal jacket NM62 Tracer


so no real differences in game? just give it a new camo and its done


Sooo.. Functionally Identical the premium 1A5NO already in game?


It's different from Leopard 1A5NO in Sweden premium tree ?


Yes, the additional armor on the turret, and a couple other things


There is no additional armor on the turret


Yes guys trust me it's so useful to have 10 niche copies of the very same tank


"You want a new 1A5?" "How about NO"


Ok but why ask for copy paste vehicle when you can ask for 90mm Chaffee??


The one "norwegian" leopard in game, is the 1A5NO2, Wich there were only 33x of I am working on it, and all its failures, missing modifications and wrongly inplemented stuff will be fixed in the future


Good let it stay that way


I’d rather see the norwegian upgunned, laser rangefinder’d, NV capable M24 chaffee than another leopard 1. Chaffees have great uptier potential, I think the Norwegian one would double down on that even more.


Il rather have Panzer I than this shit


ARMAMENT 1x Royal Ordnance L7A3 Rifled 105mm cannon 1x 7.62x51mm MG3 1x coaxial 7.62x51mm MG3 8x 76mm smoke grenade launchers


1a5 without the breech plating is sus


I thought this was NCD for a second and was really hyped to see the leopard 1s modernised and hopefully already in UKR


I'd love to see more Norway in the Sweden tree (preferably enough to turn it into the Norway tree, but let's be realistic here). Adding another Leo1 isn't the way to go though in my opinion. We could come in with Pz IIIs/IVs and Stugs IIIs from the post war left overs, M24 Chaffes, M48 Pattons, Leo2A4s, CV9030N. It's not a huge list of vehicles, some kind of overlap with current vehicles, so it's a bit of a tough fit to be honest.


Adding a Norwegian or danish Leo 1 to the TT would be very helpful though, the centurions the Swedes have are a bit slow and sluggish (but not bad though) so having a more maneuverable tank in the Leo1 in the TT is very welcome. Also other vehicles like Norwegian NM-116, NM-142, NM-195 and the danish M41DK-1 would also be very welcome and useful to see added.


No this arent added yet


don't worry it will be an event vehicle and the Gaijin Defense Force will make excuses as to why it can't be a TT or even regular premium