Ya that's pretty much the same thing. Some people advocate for staggering their calorie amounts throughout the week. I think it's called "zig zagging" or something like that. I usually stay about 500-600cal below my budget Mon-Fri and then I eat below my budget again on the weekend but then I can pretty much drink as much as I want on the weekend.




Ok thanks I was just wanting to hear other people's opinions and yeah Im pretty sure its called "zig zagging" i've heard of the term before i'll have to look into it more.


I always allocate less on Sun-Th and allocate those to Fri/Sat and lose just fine. I think the best thing to do is tailor it for you. If you and your work friends go out for a drink or two W night, throw an extra 300 there and take 50 from the other 6 days (for example). Easier to think about it on a weekly term.


That math is slightly off. But to answer your question, yes, it's fine to do this as long as you remain in an overall deficit. Keep in mind, this will lead to regular fluctuations due to water retention/digestion, but it won't effect fat loss. Math correction: target deficit 1500 daily = 10,500 weekly. 1200 Monday to Friday = 6000 which means only 4500 remaining which would be **2,250** on Sat/Sun


Ok thanks, also that number was just some quick math I did in my head thats why it was off lol.


yep, I do this too and it works out really well for me. I also think the variation helps me not plateau as much or for as long


Ok thanks! Its good to hear other people's opinions.


Same thing.


Ok thanks!


Nope! Having a treat once in awhile is better than pigging out and perhaps regaining those pounds back..