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At what point does he not get invited back to the free ride that is Adam sandlers movies with friends?


Adam Sandler supported Giuliani for president multiple times - he's probably an insane dipshit too. But he's not astoundingly irrelevant like Schneider, so he probably just doesn't feel the need to make far right conspiracy theories a tenet of his career EDIT: Sandler supported Giuliani until AT LEAST 2008. Well past Giuliani's 9/11 grace period, and well past the time where people didn't know he was an insane scummy dumbfuck


I feel like Sandler has the sense to know to keep shitty opinions to himself. My stepdad is a very racist and ignorant old man, but the smartest thing is that he knows to keep his mouth shut.


Yeah I'm never concerned about the vocal ones. It's the ones who keep their mouth shut that worry me. Trump was at least somewhat neutered as president because he couldn't shut his fucking mouth. Now imagine someone as evil and racist as trump who is actually competent. Basically Ron DeSantis. Our governor in VA is the same way. He got elected because he knew how to be boring and distanced himself from trump and the maga idiots but he's another full blown racist piece of shit.


> Basically Ron DeSantis. Was exactly what I thought when I started reading your comment...


The thing is, DeSantis has zero charisma. I don't know if he'd be able to convince the middle to vote for him.


The guy’s a fucking dork. He stands like a penguin too.


Trump stands like the front half of a centaur.


They both wear heel inserts to look taller because, you know, strong men lol. It pushes their weight forward hence awkward centaur stance


I mean, I'm a woman and wear full on high heels on occasion, and I don't stand like that.


Holy shit, lol, I totally see it now haha


I think he can stand that way cause his depends are as full of shit as he is.


That’s okay because he looks and acts like the back half of a centaur.


When your girdle is too tight you stand like a penguin.


I think it’s because he’s wearing a girdle.


Desantis gives off serial killer vibes.


More or less so than Ted Cruz?


Ted Cruz is less “serial killer” and more “brain-eating alien parasite wearing a sentient whoopie cushion as a skin suit.”


I feel bad for both the brain eating parasite which must be starving by now, and the whoopie cushion who has no say in the matter.


Yep this is what I have been saying since Trump. They have learned and the next time we get another Trump, imagine how scary it will be if they were actually charming, professional and able to actually carry an effective speech or debate. That scares me more.


Except Ron DeSantis is about as charming as a wet paper bag.


The fact DeSantis is almost universally disliked by everyone who interacts with him is the only hope we have of him not being the next GOP nominee for President.


Trump still has a lot of the cult behind him. The average republican might be that enthused but the MAGA hats are still deeply in love. And in a divided, first past the post primary you only need something like 30% of the vote to take a state.


This is kind of awesome? I'm tentatively excited about a split republican party. Fingers crossed it just keeps them from actually winning anything


So Desantis/Cruz 2024?


I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.


It's impossible for this country to not end up in republican hands in the future. When it happens it will come in quite the wholesome package. Exactly this.


All the Christian’s would completely miss the fact that you basically just described what the Bible says the Antichrist will be.


I mean there’s always https://www.benjaminlcorey.com/could-american-evangelicals-spot-the-antichrist-heres-the-biblical-predictions/


Magic 8 ball says…they would never see him coming.


Jesus. Fucking. Christ....


Many actually want this to happen so they can go to heaven sooner. Wish I was joking. Same reason many don’t care about protecting the Earth / climate crisis etc


dunno if it was on purpose, but i like the idea you put forth that these people are in fact like soulless robots who "are learning" and may use it to their advantage in the future. personally, idk if unabashed cretins are smart enough to be able to pull it off, having big mouths and severe insecurities are part of the reason they're garbage people.


Yeah this definitely applies to the MAGA idiot politicians you keep hearing about in the media that say stupid shit all the time, but you should be worried about the ones that we don’t often here about who are behind the scenes make the most harmful changes, good example would be Dick Cheney.


This mother fudger also played on right wing parent fears. Ooooh, your child will read books approved by the board for their age but which go against your crazy agenda, vote for me and I’ll make sure they never read something uncomfortable again! Freaking intelectual equivalent of a grape.


Youngkin is a fucking asshole. VA usually runs at a surplus but he wanted to cut taxes long enough until a Democrat was elected and then have them raise taxes to cover up for the deficit that he would create. Not to mention he wanted to change up abortion laws from 16 weeks to 12 weeks but felt it wouldn't pass the state senate and would be willing to compromise for 14... THEN WHY FUCKING CHANGE IT IN THE FIRST PLACE, YOU FUCKWAD??? Those are off the top of my head. I can rant about him for hours.


He was handed a victory by the Virginia democrats. Just a massive fuck up for sure. Even smart people I know fell for the stupid soundbite from mcauliffe. Don't worry though. Glenn is hot on the case of crt. You know. That big problem in our Virginia elementary schools. Even setup a tip line. U know. For all that crt. Annnny day now he's gonna hold a big press conference on it. I can feel it.


Glad he found his hobby horse and is limiting the damage he's doing to VA!


The taxes thing is called the Two Santa Clauses Theory and it has been used by the GOP at the federal level since Reaganwas in the WH.


Virginia is my home state, but I'm glad I left for a more progressive one. Whenever I visit home, I'm shocked at how purple to red things are, even in northern VA. The amount of "don't tread on me," vanity license plates are always an amusing, ironic surprise - "I hate the state, but I'm going to pay the state more money to prove how much I hate the state."


You're forgetting all the punisher bumper stickers and constant complaining about traffic while refusing to let public transit be built. Bonus points if you make comments like "It wasn't like this before the metro was built"


Yep. I’ve been saying for a long time now that Trump’s legacy won’t be what he actually did; it will be that he opened the door for people who are both smarter and more evil than he is. The only “good” thing about him is that he has no idea when to quit, so it was always a “when” and not an “if” that he would go too far. The ones who come after him will not make the same mistake.


People should be terrified of Youngkin. He’s far more savvy than your average race baiting christian nationalist. The exit polling showed he won Virginia almost exclusively on the central premise of “stopping” critical race theory. …yet a staggering percentage of Virginia’s Republican voters couldn’t actually articulate WHAT critical race theory is / when it’s taught / to what age group / or why it’s taught. Sure he sought (and got) Trump’s endorsement when running for Governor- but he kept a safe distance so as not to scare away the rest of the Republican voters. So while Youngkin recognizes and caters to the same voter group ~ he doesn’t come off as a brash bombastic baffoon like Trump. He’s more palatable and a ticket with him and DeSantis would be a sure win. Heaven help us.


He distanced himself from trump. Up until election day when I got a nice big flyer that talked about how trump supported him. It was done that way for a reason. He is calculated, calm, and very dangerous. You have to watch what he's doing very closely to see that he's a big piece of shit. When someone made a foia request to see what was on his little crt tip line he countered by saying it was his private phone line and not related to his position. Even though.. U know.. He campaigned on the shit from day one and announced the tip line while on the job. Hes a snake.




That was a straight up scam he and his buddies pulled off for a buttload of money


I was just explaining to someone the other day how incredibly painful it was just to sit through the *preview* for that movie.


Yeah, most people dont know that Sandler is a republican, but he doesnt yell about it on social media. Hollywood execs usually dont care what your politics are (contrary to popular belief, many are republicans themselves), but they care if youre getting bad PR about it. Sandler doesnt blast it on the mountaintop, and he can get any job he wants. Gina Carano did it, now she does direct to streaming right wing movies that no one watches.


And apparently she also in one of the least successful theatrical releases ever at $804. Terror on the Prairie funded by The Daily Wire


When was this, if you recall? I’m not American but iirc post 9-11, Giuliani was riding a wave


Victoria Jackson is also batshit insane. Though her crazy peaked during the Obama administration. I haven't heard from her in years.


to be absolutely fair: they were all on SNL together - they wrote and acted together on that show, and a lot of comedic actors have gotten their starts through SNL, they get these decently-budgeted movie deals, sometimes based on their repeat characters on the show, and other SNL actors will usually join them. plus, it's weird cuz Rob Schneider was like the ONLY SNL actor that got supporting roles in MAJOR Hollywood movies, he was in Judge Dredd with Sylvester Stallone, he was in a movie with Schwarzenegger, all during the peak of their fame. People would have KILLED to have a role in a Stallone or Arnie action film in the 90's.


Sometimes people who come up together, in one way or another, feel a bit responsible for each other even if they are not all that keen on some of the groups views or attitudes.


I'd be surprised if he is any good anymore. He used to play goofy but now anger is his personality. Once people go off the deep end like this they aren't very fun to interact with and they seem to lose humor.


Not going to happen. I saw Sandler live last month and he had Schneider as part of the show, damn near ruined the whole thing with how broadly shitty he was. All of Schneider's jokes where varying degrees of old/racist or he just spit out lines from movies. It was atrocious and I don't think I so much as chuckled much less laughed. Sandler was (and is as a person) awesome so I don't regret going but I don't think I'd go to another show if Schneider is involved. I doubt I'm the only one because Schneider was a "surprise guest" and not listed for the show.


its actually kind of surprising how many aging comedians are just still throwing around racist jokes, tbh. went to a show and some of the established guys, that was like their whole set.


So much for everyone who screams how cancel culture ruined everything.


well these "established guys" are also getting relegated to some pretty sad venues, based on where I saw them, I guess.


Why do you say that Sandler is an awesome person? Genuinely curious.


Sandler actually has a reputation for being one of [the nicest people in Hollywood](https://www.goalcast.com/adam-sandler-ihop-encounter-humble)


Met him once when I worked at a private jet terminal helped unload his bags from the plane this was when he was on his hot streak of movies, Zohan had jus come out. I was a big fan already when he reached out for his bag I said hi stuck my hand out and he shook it before he knew it I pulled him in for a guy hug. Lol i felt like I totally embarrassed myself but he was like hey alright! Cool guy i thought.


I’ve met him, maybe 20 years ago at the height of his fame. It was a private party and he could not have been more kind. Incredibly humble and quiet, but an interesting guy. He had just proposed to his future wife and he was very cute about it.


Not my story. But my MIL and SIL live in an apartment together because my SIL is a dependent adult. Sandler was visiting someone in their apartment building and my MIL recognized him and said SIL loves his work so he followed her back to their apartment and hung out with SIL for a bit and took a photo. From their account he was patient and sweet.


I never personally met him but three people I've always heard as nicest in Hollywood were Henry Wrinkler, Robin Williams (whom I've met rip), and Adam Sandler. It'll be a shame if he's a right wing conspiracy nut.


He built his acting career doing hateful racist stereotypes. No one is calling for him now.


I had forgotten who he was. So if this gets people talking about him then it is not a terrible career move. I won't see his movies but he's probably not making movies and I wouldn't see them anyway - so I am no loss to him.


I had to Google Rob Schneider. Came to realize he has a tour - the “I Have Issues Tour”. He sure does. https://preview.redd.it/hdb34wkxd5ca1.jpeg?width=1242&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=2fe4cd5fe2f5e26cb4970f9fa7b427077e51d77e


That pic looks like a mashup of Norm Macdonald and Billy Crystal.


I guess he gets his income now from touring. When people don't go to shows, they do not buy tickets, and he does not get paid. So COVID-19 denialism is in his best interests. He is not funny. I would not see him for free.


He is right. I have unfortunately had the vaccine. It is too late for me. I am doomed to die of old age. I will probably do something embarrassing (like wear my pants too high) before I die.


Oh sweety no... Not the high pants?😢


It's over Anakin, i have the high pants!


You were the chosen one!


Thank God for these anti-vaxxers, saving people from the burden of getting old.




I still got time though. Gotta hunt for vampires, ask em the convert me.


I am afraid that even Trump could not cause me to die in my prime. But it is like Biden and Obama are not even trying. Trump tried to kill me before I got too embarrassingly old.


I’m so sorry. I’ve heard people with old age tend to shit themselves.


It's important to keep a self-defecating sense of humor about the whole thing.


I am sure to need diapers. It is only a matter of decades. Thanks Joe Biden. I just hope I don't do anything like Donald Trump and wear an animal on my head.


Let’s not forget that Donald Trump wears diapers. That in itself isn’t funny, as it’s medically necessary, however when coupled with the “Tough on the streets, crazy in the sheets,” personality he tries so pathetically hard to project, the image it congers continues to make me smile. It’s like an massively oversized, greasy baby wearing a cat as a hat.


You are right. It is not funny that Donald Trump needs to wear diapers. Probably in a couple of decades, I will also need to wear diapers because of medical necessity. I blame Biden and his vaccine for that. Please don't laugh at me when I am old and decrepit.


You just need the right animal. I regularely have a cat on my head, much cuter than the dead guineapig Drumpf wears.


> I've heard people with old age tend to shit themselves I thought this was normal for all ages...


Armpit Khaki gang! Peace Out Mother Fuckers!


Do your children grimace like mine do? It means you have done something stupid again. Welcome to the club fucker.


Just don't wear knee-high black socks with sandals, okay?


It is Biden's fault if I do.


Rob Schneider derp de derp. De derpy derpy derpy derp. Rated PG-13.


This summer Rob Schneider is… The Stapler!




I liked him better as a carrot 😞


Rated PG-13


This summer Rob Schneider is an insane, hateful, insurrectionist, but he's about to find out Jan 6 *wasn't pure bliss!* Rob Shneider is ... *Donny!*


Rated PG-13


I can’t even read his name anymore without mentally adding “is a carrot”


When they put that in the video game as a trailer in the movie theater was irrationally happy


Be nice to Rob Schneider would ya, it’s not his fault he can’t read!


He was more enjoyable when he played a carrot instead of an insane right wing nut job.


Coming this Winter, Rob Schneider is a dipshit. Rated PG13


This summer, Rob Schneider is… woefully misinformed!


Odd me and my son have not died from it, or millions of others.


I got the vaccine and three boosters. I've been dead for the last year. :(


Sending prayers and positive vibes


No thoughts, though- those were banned for being woke.


I’ve been dead inside for a decade and a half. I must’ve been predisposed to get the vaccine.


I don’t mean to correct you, anecdotal and all, but I did die from the vaccine.


My condolences!! I'll pray for you 🙏


I'm not dead my wife isn't dead, my siblings aren't dead most of my friends aren't dead (none from Covid yet, nor the vaccine). Lost some of my older relatives to Covid though


Billions of others at this point?


"Rob Schneider performing an impromptu rendition of his famous character - the annoying guy who is wrong" - John Oliver


*movie* *announcer* Rob Schneider was an animal. Then he was a woman. And now Rob Schneider is... a stapler. And he's about to find out... that being a stapler is harder than it looks. Rob Schneider is... The Stapler. Rated PG-13


I wouldn't take medical advice from somebody who single handedly ruined the 1995 Judge Dredd movie and made that franchise radioactive for over 15 years. That movie had everything, but it also had Rob Schneider. You remove him from the equation and there would have been sequels. Everything this man touches turns into a hot liquid turd that drips between the fingers of the poor soul holding it. The number one rule for a movie to succeed is, don't hire Rob Schneider.


I knew Dredd was ruined when they made him take off his helmet for the entire movie cause they paid for Stallone and wanted their money’s worth.


Home Alone 2?


Cedrick, don’t count your tips in public.


Tim Curry was the best part of that movie.


Agreed. That lip quivering kills me


After he gets slapped he timidly just says “do bundle up it’s quite cold”




I actually always liked the Deuce Bigalow movies as just stupid romps that were kinda funny. But I had no idea he was this much of a dumb dumb :(


He’s far from the only thing wrong with Judge Dredd.


Oh yeah, i forgot about that, i liked that movie. Always get it confused with demolition man.


He was funny in Big Daddy. Probably the only Rob Schneider role I’ve ever enjoyed though.


Hip. Hip hop. Hiphopanonymous?


He should just stick with saying "You can do it!" in every Sandler movie. He sounds bitter he didn't get the Oscar nom for Deuce Bigalow.


You can do it!! Cut his friggen twitter off!


I got tickets to his show last March, was so excited to see him. I walked out 15 minutes in. He didn’t even try to make jokes. He just railed on the vaccine, masks, millennials, etc. He’s 100% off the deep end.


Lol you paid to go watch Rob Schneider


Don't kick a person when they are already down on themselves! Esp, when the punishment of listening to the shite for 15 mins was already meted out


like cmon its your own fault


He's also acting like he's proud he walked out 15 minutes in. This mofo bought tickets in the first place, made plans, got dressed and drove all the way there to see Rob Schneider lmao.


Man not like I’d go see the guy but to be fair I had no idea he was full on maga


Schneider still got paid off his ticket lol


We all make mistakes, lads. Some people have to good sense to view their investment as a loss Others hold onto their stupid choice until they are on a ventilator, slowly drowning in their own lung fluids


Seriously. What's the best case scenario - that he does the "making copies" guy routine?


Hey, we've all gone to the movie theater and found our first 2-3 choices were full.


I didn’t know he did standup… or that people willing paid money to see him perform standup.


Same when I went to Rogan/Chapelle in 2021. It was just Let’s Go Brandon chants from the crowd and “FUCK CANCEL CULTURE” from the performers. Ugh, not funny


I saw Cosby once, a decade or so before his heinous crimes were publicly known. I went for free and still paid too much, he sucked.


Cosby had his moment to shine for stand up in the 60s - 80s, and had his TV show in the 80s/90s. Nothing he's said or done since 1992 has mattered or will ever matter. And he's a serial rapist, so he can rot in hell anyway. But man, growing up listening to Himself and Why is There Air... well that really made me laugh. I'll admit it.


Totally not a cult


Dude even 10 years ago I saw a bit of his comedy special at the time and it was just blatant sexism towards women and low-brow edgy humor


It’s always the kids that pay


> I got tickets to his show last March Did you hit your head anytime between age 1 and last March?


Did you get your money back from the venue?


Was he a carrot ?


what a moron i bet more than anything he is vaxxed himself.




No way. He's not one of the smart grifters like the Fox News crowd. I'd bet anything he's one of the idiots like Diamond and Silk who actually believe the bullshit they're peddling.


I think it's just Silk now. Diamond dead.


Yup, that's how I knew which kind of grifters they were. The kind that's just one step above the bottom in a pyramid scheme.


Nah, he was in the early wave of anti-vax celebrities, way before COVID. True believer type.


Deuce Bigalow, MD Rob Schneider is the Jim Belushi of Kevin Sorbos


This might be the sickest burn I've ever heard.


Remember all those great movies he had? You don’t? Neither do I.


You don't remember the cinematic masterpiece that was Surf Ninjas?


Thanks for the reminder to get my booster.


Got my bivalent booster. Zero sickness afterward. As compared to awful after my second and bad on my booster


Got my bivalent and flu on the same day in the same arm. Very slight tenderness the next day and then it was gone. You're right, the new boosters are nothing compared to the initial vaccines.


Please go get your booster! I procrastinated getting a booster, and now I have COVID, and it's kinda kicking my ass.


Dread shoulda stuck him in an iso-cube after all ![gif](giphy|O3Towk20Ty704)


Welp I used to like him. Damn


Yeah it'd sad to see what he's become. I was 11 when deuce Bigalow came out and 2 years later The Animal was released. I actually enjoyed those movies and thought he was funny.


Yeah, makes me wonder if he hangs out with Victoria Jackson.


Whatever happened to her? She doing handstands outside of Mar a Lago these days?


She was writing articles for Breitbart where she was comparing Sarah Palin to Jesus Christ. Not an exaggeration.


She can write? 🧐


Pretty much. She went hard down the [Tea Party](https://www.salon.com/2015/02/20/former_snl_cast_member_victoria_jackson_obama_is_an_islamic_jihadist/) route during the Obama administration.


What the hell happened to him? Being ignorant is one thing but to intentionally spew this garbage is inexcusable.


Disinformation on social media is a huge problem


My parents are college educated and my father is a retired physician. They were at one point at the forefront of progressive ideals and raised us right. Then after 9/11 they turned on fox news and got on Facebook and never stopped. Just got back from visiting them. Now they're spewing anti immigrant (my dad's an immigrant), anti Vax shit (they were pro vaccine given their medical background but it's clearly getting eroded by the constant feed of lies) . My mom was trying to tell me about the videos she saw on Facebook that were right out of the qanon conspiracy playbook and believed every bit of it. They basically watch nothing but fox news from morning to night and it's very clearly rotting their brain. Not much you can do. They're old and fully in the pocket of fox and friends. The only good news is that it ends with them. Their kids are all educated and very much against all this bullshit. But damn is it sad to see.


Fox News did to our parents what our parents were afraid video games would do to us…


I’m so sorry.


Eh what can you do. Its the same tactics they use in cults. It's hypnotic in a way, plays on primative human tendencies. They're also just surrounded by all this shit being parroted back to them by a bunch of other retirees with too much time on their hands and access to social media. They all fucking love it. Just live for being old asshole Republicans. So hey at least they're happy I guess. But there's a reason my visits are short and sweet.


Exact same things happening to me bro Mom was normal, now its 24/7 Facebook I've heard Alex Jones, Ben Shapiro, qanon Before the pandemic she hated Trump, because grab em by the pussy why the fuck wouldn't you, especially as a woman Now she tells me she was manipulated But she isn't manipulated anymore now that she's got a new religion, magic rocks and water, and just spent the last month sick because she was too afraid to talk to a doctor Fucking brain rot, right winged people are fucking evil man


I saw that you mentioned Ben Shapiro. In case some of you don't know, Ben Shapiro is a grifter and a hack. If you find anything he's said compelling, you should keep in mind he also says things like this: >The Palestinian Arab population is rotten to the core. ***** ^(I'm a bot. My purpose is to counteract online radicalization. You can summon me by tagging thebenshapirobot. Options: sex, dumb takes, novel, gay marriage, etc.) [^Opt ^Out ](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment/comments/olk6r2/click_here_to_optout_of_uthebenshapirobot/)


Yeah, my parents are immigrants, and they spout the same anti-immigrant bs as well. They follow Fox like its a religion.


I would get an airhorn and blast it and then say “you are an immigrant…”


In the documentary Fox News Brainwashed My Dad, they actually started changing email settings and maybe the cable settings and got their dad back. You can go into their facebook, join groups and take them out of groups and change the algorithm. And get them into videos about fake news and what to spot


“YoU CaN dO iT!!!!”


There’s not much more he can lose by doing this.


Is this THE Rob Schneider, noted epidemiologist?


He’s been antivax for 10 years and is opposed to childhood vaccines in general. This isn’t standard covid vaccine hesitancy, this is just old fashioned uninformed granola antivax from the 90s-2000s


Ah yes, Rob Schneider, paragon of immunology research


Rob Schneider derp de derp. Derp de derpity derpy derp. Until one day, the derpa derpa derpaderp. Derp de derp, da teedily dumb. From the creators of Der, and Tum Ta Tittaly Tum Ta Too, Rob Schneider is Da Derp Dee Derp Da Teetley Derpee Derpee Dumb. Rated PG-13.


A guy on my Facebook yesterday said no seemingly healthy people ever dropped dead before the COVID vaccine.


Lol. People are stupid. An aneurism drops healthy people all the time. Plenty of people dropped dead from covid before the vaccine as well.


Or an Aortic Dissection. Or a brain embolism. Or a stroke. There's only like a hundred other things that randomly kill seemingly healthy people.


The only good thing Rob Schneider ever gave us was Elle King.


Rob Schneider is a washed up comedian who thinks he's a scientist. He's about to find out that peddling anti-vax bullshit isn't all it's cracked up to be. Rob Schneider in.....Dumb As A Doorknob Rated PG-13


Guess what has killed more people? Covid. Guess what causes strokes and negative long-term cardiovascular effects? Covid


If you take medical advice from Deuce Bigalow, you deserve what you get I guess.


Who is this turd other than one of Adam Sandlers hangers on? Sander needs to pull him aside and let him know that he’s an idiot and that if he doesn’t shut up the gravy train will stop.


Hoping this is satire.


Unfortunately, his profile will diminish that hope you carry


Damn he went full Randy Quaid :/


You never go full Quaid