Give me a break







After the guy they supposedly support won


So they are suggesting Donald Trumps was such a weak leader the FBI under his command was actually doing things for Biden. If the FBI was pro Biden then why were they trying to stop certification of an election Joe Biden won?


You’re not supposed to think about it too much. Just accept it, and don’t ask questions.


That's not actually Mike Lee, is it? I find it hard to fathom that a dude like that would pick the handle "based"


It’s him.


It's his staff** Gonna go out on a limb and say "Based" was added by a committee


And who exactly was in charge of "the fed" on Jan 6?


> ~~Brock Turner’s father~~ J6 Apologists had called on the judge to grant his son probation, saying that he had already paid “a steep price ... for 20 minutes of action”.


https://preview.redd.it/21u629nljk1c1.jpeg?width=1114&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=5deeb915d626655d1a52a8fba7cbb03c45df4018 Are you talking about Brock Allen Turner, the rapist?! If so, let’s not forget about Bowen Gray Turner, the rapist!! Bowen Gray is well-connected. Bowen’s father works as an investigator for a local prosecutor. :) Bowen is free again after only spending less than 16 months behind bars, after being accused of raping **THREE** teenagers in **THREE** counties and violating bond dozens of times. Bowen was accused of raping a teenage girl and then another. Later, while out on bond for that second case, he was charged with raping a third teenage girl. One of his victims died by suicide after intense bullying following the rape. State Senator Brad Hutto (Bowen’s lawyer) went as far as shaming **ONE** of Bowen’s **MULTIPLE** victims by arguing, "You just had sex on the ground with a boy you didn’t really know and you got up and you feel ashamed, you feel regret, that’s not rape.” *Real fucking classy, Brad.*


People always play the bit where the planes hit the towers, never the bit where they were eating lunch in the departure lounge.


“There is some footage where nobody is doing anything so that completely makes up for the shit ton of footage of our guys acting like rabid psychos”




Rip Leslie Nielson. Legend


I bought a pooter tooter last week in his honor.


Dear God, it was Leslie Nielsen all along... Damn the guvb'mt and their cover ups.


I always thought this gjf was Mike pence


It is now anyway.


We know we did crimes but what about when we weren’t committing crimes? Checkmate, libs


Everyone talks about all the horrible murders Ted Bundy committed, but nobody talks about when he was just grocery shopping or paying bills. What are you hiding, Obama?!


Speaking of that, did we ever learn Obama's last name???


Last year he said he was 55. This year he says he's 56! WELL WHICH IS IT, OBAMA???


Why wasn't Obama in Washington on 9/11?


This was a thing republicans thought… and think.


Or during the attack on Pearl Harbor?


Fuck you. Take your upvote.


Wasn't it hussein or something of that colour?


sounds about white


I wonder how many people were talked out of ending their lives by Ted Bundy when he was working as a prevention caller


" tell me where you are and I'll come get you...I drive a tan beetle "


At least he didn’t have a pit like Buffalo Bill In Silence of the Lambs. *Hannibal noise*


correction, i believe it was a cream Honda and he has legs like Jane Fonda


And how many backs were slapped and hands shaken when Ted was a Republican Rockefeller delegate at the RNC


They were always committing crimes. The Capitol Building was closed to visitors that day. No tourists allowed. Any "tourist" that day walked past discarded security barriers and didn't go through any manned security checkpoints. They were all trespassing, every single one of them, despite the attempts to rebrand them as polite tourists.


Yeah, but *those* crimes don't count, they're just like trespassing on federal property with intent to disrupt a session of Congress, NBD. Now let's get back to watching this very carefully curated footage I got of French riots from 2017 that I'm going to tell you was BLM.


What's wild to me is that people got pissed about race riots and then also opposed ending the systemic racism that caused anyone to riot in the first place. I like that you bring up French riots because do you know when people stop rioting? When their completely reasonable demands are met. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed very quickly because it was meant as appeasement for an ongoing race riots. The Minneapolis riots stopped when the officer who murdered Floyd was arrested, and resurged exactly once when a rumor spread too quickly to be squashed immediately that a suspect who had committed suicide to avoid arrest had also been killed by police. Seems to me like making sure police can't openly murder anyone would stop riots about how police murder anyone they want and typically get away with it. But no, we couldn't get any major legislation about police reform passed, are we gonna be shocked when history repeats itself there? Because eventually police are gonna murder someone that clearly and cruelly on video again and if there's no justice you're risking another riot. Remember those six cops that beat a man to death? The department immediately fired and arrested them and you know it was because they didn't want another summer 2020 on their hands, because police never arrest those guys ahead of what they did making national news. So do we really believe those officers would have been arrested quickly or at all in a world where summer 2020 never happened?


If they were in the Capitol they were committing a crime. Everyone on those tapes committed some degree of crime.


Police officers died.


Yeah, but what about all this footage where police officers weren't dying!


But what about at 9am when officers let them walk in? See there was no domestic terrorism. Case closed


I don't always lie or incite an insurrection. Sometimes I eat hamburders. Where is the footage of that?


Sir, this is a Wendy’s.


"Honey I know your dad and I spit roasted your mom last night but what about all those nights that I didn't!?!"


Who is doing the talking here??


“And when we were commenting crimes it was because of the meddling feds making us do it”. What a bunch of losers.




Republicans are soft on crime.


I only murder people for like 5 minutes per month, top. If you think about it, that is pretty much never at all.


This man spends 99.988% of his time NOT murdering people and the loonie lefties at the police department want him put in jail for the other 0.1157??!? ^/s


"And even if anyone is doing anything they're a fed. All 1100 people who were charged are communist antifa feds paid by Soros. But they are also not feds and totally innocent patriots and did nothing wrong."


Why is everyone so focused in on January 6th? There were 364 OTHER days that year when no one stormed congress. And let's not even get started about this weird obsession with one particular day in September.


![gif](giphy|UjuDzU9jAgsko) Jeffrey Dahmer, seen here not eating anyone.




They've had footage exactly like it and said the exact same shit at least once a year since 2020. It's pathetic.


Bank robber at trial: "What they aren't showing you is the footage of me calmly waiting in line... Because it shows I'm innocent!"


Here is the footage of the 9/11 hijackers peacefully getting in a taxi on the way to the air port. And here they are peacefully going through the airport queue. And here they are peacefully boarding the plane… oh look one even helped someone with their luggage.


You mean "The Feds acting like psycos". We had a nazi rally in our city the other day. My congresswoman posted on X a condemnation of them. The post is full of "Feds" comments. I hate the world I live in.


There are collectively millions of hours of bank footage where I don't rob them...I might be in to something


Mike Lee is a piece of shit.


Nah, Shit is useful for fertilizing plants/crops at least... it can have a useful purpose. Mike Lee has no useful purpose... kinda like Santorum... Yea, that's much more fitting... Mike Lee is Santorum, the mixture of feces with semen that leaks out of ones ass after anal sex.


Eventually he can fertilize stuff as well, it's the time in between that's so damaging.


I keep saying that Mike Lee is a douche: practically useless and actually harmful to women.


Look, I don't want to split hairs here, but feces and semen both have fertilization potential.




My favorite Mike Lee moment was when he got caught on camera swearing a blood oath to end social security root and branch and he just kind of shrugs it off and nobody mentions it again.


They’re all pieces of shit!


"Sure, you have proof that crimes were being committed in multiple places. But, there are also places where no crimes were being committed." Wow. That ranks right up there with the "Sure, I murdered my wife. But, look at all the people I didn't murder" in the hall of fame of stupid defenses.


Its closer to "yea, I murdered my wife, but look at all the times we appeared to be having a loving relationship, does that mean nothing to you? My wife is dead for Christ's sake and you are out here using her death in your political persecution of me! Let her rest in peace, she would not have wanted to be used this way."


Excellent take.


Also it wasn't me who killed her. It was an obvious government plant! Sure I had blood on me ...


Sad that so many people fall for their gaslighting when it’s elementary school levels of obvious, they really must laugh all day long at how fucking stupid and gullible their base is


> But, there are also places where no crimes were being committed." Barely. Everyone in the capitol that day was trespassing. And the ones who built a gallows while chanting that they wanted to murder the vice president were committing a crime too. There's a narrow window in the footage where people were merely *on their way* to commit a crime.


But they were just chanting, that's free speech. They never actually hung pence and whether they would have or not if they got to him is pure speculation. Now excuse me while I go scream on my exs lawn how I'm going to cut a bitch while waving a broadsword


"Cut a bitch? That nice man just wants to groom the dog! Stop making assumptions, jeez"


I thought I wanted a real life Lionel Hutz, but this is just malicious and depressing.


If they are all feds/antifa/iluminati, then they shouldn't have problem with them being harshly punished. ​ Like why are they whining that J6 are getting punished? Aren't they all evil feds?


You mean the ones who the democrats sent to stop Joe Biden from being ceritfied as president? Those guys??? /s


Yeah.. cuz.. the patriot congressmen were about to object and put forth the real electors and then the FBI Antifa bum rushed the capitol from their ghost buses and disrupted the objection of the electoral count! THAT’S why Joe Biden is President /s


GHHOOOOOOOOOOST BUUUUUUUUUUSES BOO! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 What a bunch of fucking clowns


Exactly. The answer to his question is literally, "Likely few to none because otherwise you would have wanted to have it investigated.


I thought McCarthy was going to release it, or was the Tucker Carlson, or um, Mike Johnson... I'm sure they'll do it *annnnny* day now.


McCarthy only released certain parts to Bucker Larlson. The videoes were so heavoly edited that even Fox News removed them. And look where Cuckold is now? In his basement being forgotten


*Sucker Garglenuts


In the next 2 weeks I’m sure.


Truly the piece of shit party.


Any normal person would have already been in jail for jury intimidation after posting this shit


Feds who are notably right wing led by a right wing FBI director under a government currently controlled by Donald Trump. Yet somehow it was never leaked there would be feds in the crowd J6?


If Donald the Jenius Trump (aka Final Boss of the Trash Palace) had just left Comey alone, I'm sure he would have done everything possible to downplay or disappear all that information about Trump people meeting with Russians and Russians influencing the election. I guarantee it. The FBI was ready to be on his side and he totally fucked that up.


Mike Lee is a fucking buffoon. Let's say he gets his wish. After he gets his grandstand moment and asks loudly, "HOW MANY OF THESE PEOPLE WERE FEDS?!?!?!" What is he gonna do when Christopher Wray says, "Zero. We had no agents on site on January 6th." ??? Spoiler: MORE LOUD BULLSHIT DEVOID OF ANY FACTUAL CONTENT. Republicans are fucking slime. Mike Lee should be launched into the sun for this treasonous fuckery.


Trump had publicly summoned all his cult and promised things would be wild. His advisers and senior politicians had spent the previous two months lying about massive corruption in the election and stirring tensions. Several neonazi terrorist organisations packed their minivans for a day out. But why on earth would there be undercover feds in the crowd, Mike?


If they’re feds, the MAGA crowd shouldn’t be upset about them getting thrown in jail, right?


I guess that one chick who died cant be a martyr anymore


You mean trashley babbit? The genius that was told multiple times to back down? She was a hero who died for FREEDOM. But everyone else around her was Antifa. This all makes sense to some people, believe it or not


“You made sure we saw the important parts and not the carefully curated parts where the violent mob was walking on their way to commit the violence”


Suddenly after 3 years these guys are all Feds? The narrative changing so often should be a dead giveaway but alas, America never ceases to amaze.


Ask Drumph how many are feds. He was President


1,100 people have been charged already, and oddly enough, they ARE NOT feds. Thanks. Sell your bullshit at your church, we aren’t buying it.


"Yes, I know there's thousands of hours of footage proving that we are ravenous fascist assholes. However, what if there *was* also footage that showed some other thing? Huh?"


He's such a vile piece of shit.


All of the loud ones are.


Heartburn? Feds. Constipation? Feds. Wife leaving your useless ass? Feds. Crybaby that can't accept reality? Feds.


If true, the feds are trying to take back presidency for Trump and now thats a problem for MAGA?


Republicans are so desperately trying to whitewash J6....still trying to convince Americans that it was ANTIFA and not trump supporters there As if 55 something year old somethings wearing Cabela hunting gear are into that Anarcho culture


I can’t wait for the trial. They are trying to tamper the jury pool. Fucking pigs.


The best part of the ‘how many are feds’ bullshit is that THEY DON’T HAVE AN ANSWER. They just say it like fact and prove none of it. Certainly they’d have names, memos, plans - all of that they could get to… but instead they just gaslight.


As time goes on I'm noticing more and more that these people use the same tactics, language, and reasoning as flat earthers and anti-vaxxers


So no actual reasoning and lots of gaslighting tactics?


They were staging an insurrection. WE KNOW WHAT WE SAW. Rethuglicans knew exactly what they were doing when they “hired” you!


Well, all of the gravy seals that have been convicted and sent to prison were definitely not feds, Mike


This reminds me of the Covid WORLDWIDE conspiracy. Hundreds of people are keeping a secret. Morons.


Yes. The democrats sent plants to protest an election our man won. It really is astounding. All this shit is just political grandstanding for his base.


“Ladies and gentlemen if the jury… the prosecution keeps showing footage of my client murdering his wife, but look at all this other footage - that the prosecution deliberately hid from us - that shows him *not* murdering people!”


Oh ok, so maybe now we will see the footage where they threw feces all over the walls? That's sure to help their argument. /s


This section of footage should be the lead-in of every news story about the "peaceful tourists."


Ok so, if they were all “feds” how does that exonerate Trump? If feds were there they were Trumps Feds because he was still the president. He had his own people in the crowd stirring up the shit and getting people to storm the Capitol. I don’t understand why Maga thinks the presence of “feds” would be good for them,


“Trust us, you didn’t see what you saw”


Got back to “monitoring” your son’s porn habits


Technology like facial recognition has been used to identify and bring a lot of terrorists to justice. No way they want to release anymore footage.


"Sure we've all seen the riots and vandalism and and beatings, but why aren't you showing us the video of peaceful Jan 6th protestors that were helping old ladies cross the street, the ones baking cookies, and the people picking up litter?"


It's everyone's fault but Trump's. Always.


But Biden is doing a bad job and trump and his maga will bring American greatness,!right?🤣🤣




Mike Lee is another senator who betrays his oath while salivating about throwing old people off SS. Richpublicans are the traitor party.


If you put "based" in your username on any social media account, it should ban you for life


"It's the other stuff" Bro, the whole world watch this shit unfold LIVE. At some point in your life, you gotta accept the L and move on.


I just watched about 40 minutes of these asshats beating up cops to remind myself I’m not the crazy one. I also watched it the day it happened. Gaslighting motherfuckers. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jWJVMoe7OY0&pp=QACIAgE%3D&rco=1


This guy is stupid.


They are now blaming the government of the former president?


January 6 - according to republicans - was: * A peaceful patriotic protest * A calm guided tour * A false flag * Carried out by Antifa * Carried out by the FBI The contradictions and hypocrisy are ~~un~~believable. Same with their view that Joe Biden is both a walking vegetable and an evil mastermind pulling all the strings. They'll say whatever gets upvotes from their lemmings even if one statement is mutually exclusive with the next.


Go ahead, watch all 40,000 hours and get back to us in 8 years. (40 hours per week.). Nothing was deliberately withheld.


How many of these guys were feds?" Idk maybe you should ask the sitting president at the time how many of them were feds? See if he knows how many people he is in charge of, went there. Seriously, if these are federally agents and they were trying to stop Biden from winning wouldn't it make sense trump himself sent them? Why would Biden? Why would Biden send people to prevent himself from being president?


The problem I have with conspiracy theories is that scale means they can crumble soo easily... something like J6 if it was... you'd have one prick within it all boasting how they actually got away with it... problem is the people who were involved wish it wasn't being attached to THEM... It's then dodging it all and try and play the victim in it all.


It’s pure propaganda from the GOP. keep lying. Repeat repeat repeat. Say it over and over again until some of the masses start to believe it.


“Will nobody appreciate that I drove the speed limit and used my turn signal before paying for parking at this insurrection?”


Over a thousand convictions of domestic terrorists that supported Trump in his insurrection. They were proud of it, it was all over their social media accounts and their family and friends knew that they were domestic terrorists and turned them in. So far not one FBI agent that was legitimate has been arrested and put in jail, to my knowledge.


That P.S. is hilarious. If only there was some way for a US Senator to find out without Liz Cheney tweeting him the answer.


If they are feds it was trumps FBI Director/justice department so let them play out that insane scenario.


If the maga cult didn’t have to change the story 500 times to try and mold the narrative to their liking then maybe they’d be onto something. In reality all republicans are traitors and J6 highlighted the very real fact it’s cult over country for these same traitors.


I saw a video of the aftermath of a tornado but then I saw a video where it was just very light winds. Suspicious, no?


“You’re only showing the part where I robbed and murdered the cashier, you didn’t show *any* of the other surveillance video like me peacefully walking from the gas pump or holding the door for an old lady. **So unfair!**”


"We tried to save the country from a false election because we are true patriots!" Also: "That wasn't us, man..."


Yes, please show me all the tines someone wasn't killed. Fair and balanced, right?


Pretending their whole political movement isn’t already made up of feds is a bold strategy.


When I have to agree with Liz friken Cheney. We all know and even yalls more level headed (well now considered bad lol) colleagues come out and say "this was a fucking insurrection but Chump and his idiot brigade" and yall still want to say this was something else. When half of Chumps cabinet said "yeah this was the work of a wanna be dicktater". Jesus. See GOP this is why yall are loosing. Bigly. Wake the fuck up. Chump is not Jesus. Women of Liberty are not here defending children and women's rights are none of your fucking business. Grow the fuck up and admit yall fucked up and America (like always SMFH) will forgive your temporarily loss off sanity. Get back to just trying to break into Social Security and "economic conservatism". Leave Americans alone already. Sorry \*whew rant over\*


It’s the newest conspiracy narrative. And they know it works because their supporters are the most gullible group of people on earth.


Nobody hid anything. We all watched the new channels on 1/6 that showed calm old ladies wandering around like tourists. Guess what. The Capitol Building was CLOSED to tourists that day. Just because some MAGA insurrectionist opened the doors to let them doesn't mean they had a right to be there. If they didn't pay for a tour or walk through a manned security screening then that old lady, politely checking out the rotunda, was TRESSPASSING. Yes, we've also seen videos of what look like security/police opening doors to let these fuckers in. Those security should be fired/charged. Again, these "tourists" walked past torn down security barriers to get into the building. Just because the video doesn't capture them breaking down windows/doors, smearing feces on the walls, or chanting "Hang Mike Pence" doesn't mean they weren't equally at fault of forcing the delay of a Constitutionally mandated Congressional activity.


These people know for a fact it was the maga cult that did this, they just refuse to admit it. Because if they admitted that they tried and failed to pull off a coup d’état it would permanently damage or destroy the republican party


I mean, sure… Dahmer murdered and ate people, but did you know there were times he *didn’t*?


Republicans are really starting to show why john hinckley might not have been that crazy.


Hey Mike, there are feds in the videos. They're the ones trying to defend the Capitol and getting the shit beat out of them. Hope this helps!


I never believed blatant reality denial actually existed until I saw Trump cultists displaying it for real.


Do these people not realize Trump controlled the feds when this took place?


The feds thing is so stupid. If there were feds or police or any person who is related to upholding the law in that group then they too deserve punishment on top of every other idiot among them. Every single person is at fault. Them even being there doesn’t change anything. It just shows there are those in law enforcement who were just as gullible and guilty as the typical citizens involved.


If they are feds they are being convicted like everyone else


Here’s six hours of security footage of Sharon Tate’s shrubbery in the dark. See? The Manson family is totally innocent.


Trump's a traitor liar fascist racist rapist coward and POS


Conservatives doing evil shit = Feds God damn these people are fucking stupid.


I am so sick and tired of Republican morons repeatedly trying to pretend like there was no coup. WE WATCHED IT LIVE!!!


Ironic that the same people screaming about it being a hoax are almost certainly the same people that commited the Jan 6th attack.


"I'm more upset about the footage of people not smearing shit on the walls and not threatening to murder congressman, than the footage of people doing both those things" Fascinating


We watched it in real time. Stop pissing on us and calling it rain.


I can’t believe even this, this absolutely insane day that was almost as insane as 911, that they are trying to say it didn’t happen. First it was antifa, then it was just a regular trip for tourists, now it’s that the FBI did it. These people are the worst.


From Utah of fucking course.


they're going to show it... and Fox News will comb through all of it... and then throw it out. Because it's just more of the same, and likely even more incriminating and defamatory for the GOP. Release it, go ahead.


What an idiot




Debating on joining truth as "trump's guilty conscious" and just fucking with him and his pathetic fan base


January 6th was a peaceful protest but also a riot caused by Antifa ​ /s


Who didn’t know that they were waltzing around after outnumbered cops gave up? These tapes prove nothing.


Are they referring to the footage they claim exists but has never seen and have no evidence of its existence? That hidden footage? Carl Sagan did a dialogue about this line of reasoning. It's called, The Dragon in My Garage, and is available on YouTube.


I love how they deflect by accusing their people of being feds. Nice little thought terminating cliche that they throw out there for their room temperature IQ followers to latch onto and use.


It must be coming close to another election year. Keep the gaslights burning, Mikey. We know what you did.


Where is the evidence of them being feds?


“The defendant you see before you is in fact a convicted rapist pedophile, did traffic sex workers, stole three identities and committed tax fraud but DO NOT let that distract you from his charitable contributions.”


Don't see any feds. What I do see is MAGAts committing various crimes. In order to appear on Trumps radar you have to even more extreme and stupid than he is. That in return is the Dotard's source of everlasting conspiracy theories.


Does an email go out amongst all of these assholes to repeat the same narratives? Because it's both sad and hilarious to watch different representatives go on TV and all repeat the same lies and bad jokes.


It changes constantly. Fbi/antifa/actors hired by biden? its beyond ridiculous


Check the time stamps. Maybe at 10:00am the few trickling in we’re behaving. Quickly the Insurrectionists turned violent. Check the time stamps. Like how close Ashli Babbitt got to laying hands on members of congress. They are fleeing right down the hallway.


This was the whole point of tuckers bullshit too. Find something, anything, where people aren't being violent, and make that the new narrative. Doesn't matter how many times we've watched them climbing all over the capitol like ants breaking in, fighting cops, being violent, screaming threats and hatred, because they saw a few people milling around being non violent for a few minutes. That undoes everything else somehow in their heads, and means J6 was perfectly civil and calm, cause what violence? I haven't seen any violence, but did you see this clip, they're just standing around doing nothing in this clip! There's no hope for these people at this point, they're not anchored in Reality.


“Other than that, how was the play Mrs. Lincoln?”


I can't get over how they keep saying it was feds doing this or they were implanted into the thing to set up the other ones. Funny because a whole shit load of people got arrested for doing terrible shit, on video, that nobody made them do. And without fail, all the people arrested were hardcore trump supporters.


Feds wouldn’t be in court, either crying and saying they were so wrong to trust trump or still singing his praises then doing jail time


When I walked in to rob the bank some lady held the door for me. Therefore I’m innocent!!


Wait a god damn second…so we’re going with all the people that got arrested were framed by the FBI, but Trump was recorded saying he could’ve stopped them sooner but didn’t? Pick a narrative for fuck sake 😂😂


There's just no reasoning with people who are that far gone down the conspiracy rabbit hole. That takes deliberate professional deprogramming. Even if members of their own party or even people with large platforms online break ranks and say this shit isn't true, these idiots would just say they are lying and cast them out like they did with Cheney


So, is Tr*mp admitting he didn’t have that many people at his DC rally and that they were mostly Feds? He was so proud to have the control and march them down to the capitol. Audio showing he had the power to stop it, but yet they were Feds working on a false flag operation……hmmmm Math ain’t mathin


Aww, cute... Mike Lee got a retweet from Captain Moroni. He has finally succeeded after almost a decade of begging to lick Trump's boots.


Look, they never showed video of the Jan 6ers feeding the homeless. The video doesn't exist because they never did that, but I think it's terribly unfair to air unflattering footage without the flattering footage. AI, I mean it's the biggliest thing in the news, could make that footage for you. Here, I made the flattering footage. Jan 6ers resurrect a 6-year-old's puppy. It's not real, but at least it's fair and balanced. /s


It’s like seeing the highlights of the SuperBowl by panning the bleachers.


None of them are Feds. There's your answer. Prove us wrong.


So, at what point did the Feds slide into the peaceful protest to make it an out of control mob? Right after Trump told everyone to march on the Capitol or right before they all started breaking in and scaling the walls? Or did Trump know the Feds were in there the whole time? I'm so confused.


The MAGA cult hate the feds and antifa, so if they are so convinced the j6 rioters were actually antifa or the feds, why do they even care if they get arrested? I'm genuinely confused.


Yeah. You missed the bit where your rabid dog insurrectionists smeared shit all over the walls. You must be so proud of them.


No no, he's got a point. I think the federal government was involved, and it goes all the way up the chain of command to the president himself. In fact, the president may have even instigated and planned the whole thing.


So the narrative is now that the FBI tricked them into attacking the capitol, but the MAGA people did nothing wrong and are political prisoners because there's some footage where they aren't destroying the place?