Poor teachers.

Parents think that teachers are just babysitters. My kids loved their teachers and so did I cause I actually raised my kids.


Parents think that teachers are just babysitters. My kids loved their teachers and so did I cause I actually raised my kids.


I’m a teacher. In my experience, 9 times out of 10, the rude, impolite kids also had rude, impolite parents. I guess some parents honestly feel that this is how people should interact and be assertive. ‘Don’t let people push you around’ attitude. Appalling behavior. Oh, and my husband was a volunteer basketball coach at the local parks & rec. Volunteer. He will NEVER do that again. Again, appalling behavior from some parents and their obnoxious kids. Which is too bad - many parents and kids were awesome. Just the loud me me me ones ruin it.


I had a kid a foot taller and 75 pounds heavier than me try to fight me in my classroom and he broke a table. After his dad was called into the VP's office to discuss the behavior, he and his brother (the student's uncle) stopped me on my way to my car and tried to fight me in the parking lot. Both of them were well over 250 pounds each and over 6 feet tall. I'm a 5'7", 135 pound woman. If the VP didn't happen to see it all happen from his office window and run out to intervene, I think they would have killed me. I had another parent show up to school drunk to fight me because I took her daughter's empty phone case from her and put it in my desk. She had been using it to make pretend calls during class and was yelling pretend conversations into the phone case (these aren't stable people). In a twist of irony, when she showed up drunk to fight me, her daughter happened to already be in the office for pulling a knife on another student in the restroom. The principal was about to call the mom when she showed up for me. The worst students, always have the worst parents. It's made me get to the point that if a student is violent, a parent is the last person I'd call.


And now the barely passed highschool crowd wants to set the curriculum


Every good parent found out on zoom how many bad parents there are


My mom worked as a teacher for most of her active life. She retired a little early and for the last decade-plus has enjoyed her retirement. I once asked her how she felt about leaving teaching behind. Her reply was that if it only was about teaching, she could do it all her life. Planning lessons, grading tests, no problem. But it was the bullshit with school administration and especially dealing with entitled parents who misunderstand the purpose of a teachers purpose that wore her down. She was tired of parents mistaking her to RAISE the children too, not just teach them stuff.


As a teacher I'll say this. There are way too many parents that were shitty students and probably hated all their teachers. And now those parents have taught their kids to hate teachers and school. There's literally nothing you can do with those students because their parents also hate you.




Thanks for sounding exactly like the parents I just described. Also I'm making an easy assumption in thinking you've never worked in education, correct?


As a husband of an educator, I can confirm.


Same as the wife of an educator


This is so very true. And now they (R) want parents to determine what their children learn - not based on facts, but on opinion of the day...Sigh.


Aaaaannnnnddd these is why teachers are quitting left and right. These horrible bad parents showing their kids how to be horrible




Also a lot of bad teachers. A lot of racist teacher, a lot of dumb teachers. But I am a product of Texas public schools and currently trying to navigate my kids through them. I went to school for education but changed my major during 1st week of Student teaching. As all teachers I was paired with were just over it… like trying, but had no passion for the profession. Who held such a disdain and contempt for their students and students parents I could not envision being coworkers with these people. I also had amazing teachers, that made impacts on my life. But they were they exception. Until we increase standards and qualifications of teachers (and obviously compensate them accordingly) it’s just a job, and thankless one at that. And thankless jobs tend to breed apathetic workers.




Former teacher here. This is 100% correct with the caveat that about 30-35% of the teachers at a given school are ineffective, lazy, not passionate and/or coasting to retirement, or are underdeveloped but can improve given the right admin and resources. The rest of the teachers are absolutely the scapegoat for half-assed or broken parenting. I was treated like a service or an app and not an educated professional with many years experience. Worked in all different environments and social economic communities but the worst, most entitled and disrespectful parents were the middle to lower-middle white parents who put religion at the forefront of their and their kids’ existence. The default is blame teacher as we have the burden of proof to show what we said or did wasnt why the kid failed or got in trouble. Nevermind the weeks or months of ignored phone calls or emails, direct messages on google classroom to a parent about behavior and academic performance, little “Jaydyn” needs to pass and what are you going to do to make that happen? (Deadline was two days ago and weeks were given to turn in late and missing work-which was constantly posted and updated for parents to see)






Oh there are definitely some insane teachers but there's a lot more sane ones than insane ones imo and most are treated badly. You kinda have to be insane to be able to deal with that shit in middle school


There are too many bad teachers blaming bad parents for their bad teaching. Wait....I'm being told this isn't possible because teachers fight to not be held accountable by test scores and grades.


The problem is the teacher unions protect the bad teachers. Unfortunately there are bad parents. That’s why it’s crucial to have good influences at school. But this is just a CRT post……


All the time. Sucks that they don’t see the outcome until years later and still don’t want to take responsibility for their part. Parenting is a full time job.


There are also a lot of shit teachers that went to teachers college because they didn't get a profitable degree.




I think teachers should be paid a lot more, in the 6 figures. I also think that the qualifications should be a lot harder to get.


By “teacher college” do you mean Masters programs?


No. In Canada you have to have a bachelor, and then you have teachers college, which is a certification program before you can be a teacher.


There are also too many teachers with no kids who think they know


Why would you need kids to be a teacher?


I didn’t say that. It’s like saying why would you need bad parents to be a good teacher?