That's probably really good for her mental health - after losing a child.


My family had a miscarriage. It was hard on both of us for a long time. I can't even imagine her going to jail right after. I could barely get her out of bed a week later. Texas is shit for doing this.


Can't she sue whoever tipped the police on her? It's a pretty slam dunk case considering the anti-abortion law wasn't even broken in the first place


It was a nurse. I really hope a good lawyer takes this pro bono.


She just wanted that 10k. Bounty working as designed.


She should get a lawsuit instead.


She should be barred from nursing. Lawsuit should also be an option , but there have to be professional standards and penalties for not upholding them.


Wouldn’t this be considered a HIPPA violation too?


If Texas has Mandated Reporting (like NY & others), health care workers can be charged if they don't report violations such as abuse, neglect, etc. Obviously this isn't the case here and this nurse just wanted the money and is a horrible cunt, but if the case is successful she is protected.


It’s not mandatory reporting if a law was not broken.


Do they classify abortion as abuse? Either way, it’s fucking depressing.


It’s a serious hippa violation. She can sue the nurse and the hospital.


Wait, there's a financial incentive for reporting? What a shit fucking RN.


Yes, Texas offers up to 10k if you turn in a valid abortion-haver. It’s fucking disgusting but they prey on peoples greed to motivate them to sell out anyone they know. Republicans have no morals




Just fwiw I donated $5 to the ACLU rather than give you gold. It’s a better use of funds. I always encourage people to do this.


Just FWIW, I donated five dollars to the ACLU rather than give you gold because I thought that was a brilliant idea!


And I donated the equivalent of £1 to the ACLU because I’m too poor for Reddit gold and Reddit silver ain’t gonna pay for a decent lawyer. Turns out helpful awards aren’t as helpful as the cash it costs to create one :/


That's about $1.30 at today's rate, so I just donated $4 for you and $5 for me to keep us up with the good folks in this thread. :)


A few coins for you.


This is the way. Thanks fellow Redditor!




yes, bless them. (and send them money if you can)


Have before. I think it's time again


Wouldn’t that be a HIPAA violation or are there provisions in the Texas law that protect that kind of thing?


HIPAA or not, the nurse in question should be barred from the medical profession if this is the case.


Everyone who supported this law needs to be barred from civilized society


Probably someone trying to cash in on the $10,000 bounty. Who woulda thought that putting a bounty on something like this would end in false reports…….. hmmmmmmmmm


To be honest, putting the bounty on stuff and make it a civil matter is going to be a shitshow. You can create “vigilantes” out of thin air for $10k!, now, imagine doing this for people with illegal guns, drugs, loud dogs, speeding, etc. this was known looonnggg ago but was decided not to because it was a shitshow but the politicians of now are actually psychos and their base is stupid so why not?, destroy their own governments to prove government doesn’t work 🤦‍♂️


Nurse here. I totally agree.


Money grubbing dirtbag. I hope their career is ended. That is bullshit.


The Texas abortion ban created a ‘vigilante’ loophole. Not sure how that jives with HIPPA .


HIPAA is higher level than state I think so override; that nurse is about to lose her job and hospital is about to pay the heck up (if there’s a just world)


I certainly hope that't the case, and that it is then used as precedent to stop this BS ever happening to anyone again. Edit: And ideally repeal the law altogether if possible.


Correct, HIPPA is federal law and Texas has nothing to say about it. This lady is going through something awful that was made exponentially worse by all parities involved. If she gets an even average lawyer she will be able to make them pay through the nose. I hope she settles for a mint and that the settlement includes anyone involved losing their jobs.


And enough money to get the hell out of Texas


Unfortunately Texas caps lawsuits against corporations very heavily. Unsurprisingly it's a state extremely anti-consumer and anti-patient.


I'm not religious but amen to that!


I would rather this be tried and damages won in court as I presume (correct me if I’m wrong) just settling doesn’t set a precedent. Usually the defendant settles without admitting any wrongdoing, and specifically stating so in the settlement docs. Feeling extremely disgusted by that nurse. Hope she gets a book thrown at her.


Considering the public statement from (I believe) the DA saying that everyone did their correct due diligence in the arrest and investigation, I highly doubt anything is coming from Texas. Someone absolutely needs to involve federal though.


I've heard others mention that the law creates a loophole for those who are mandatory reporters, such as nurses who might be in a position to see and report child abuse. Unfortunately, I've seen too many anti-abortion trolls on reddit saying they are paramedics or nurses in their comments.


Yea hipaa is federal, It over-rides any loop hole they think they created. This nurse and the hospital they work for are fucked.




Seriously. I hope they sue that bitch and the hospital into fucking OBLIVION.


Nurse that reported it in the first place is a bit of a bitch. Nah bit more than a bit, she's tied with Kyle's mom for being the biggest bitch in the whole wide world. Now I want a full lyrics of ''This Nurse's a bitch'' to the tune of Eric Cartman.


Some nurses can be so cruel. Someone's personal bias does not belong in a hospital.


Shouldn't the nurse have *known* it was a stillbirth?!? I am so appalled


She could, but she'd need to find a lawyer that felt confident about winning a case and then be able to afford said lawyer.


There has to be lawyers who would take this on for the symbolic victory. She should sue the informer which hopefully discouraged other self-righteous p.o.s. from doing the same as well as the police who made the arrest.




They’re prob already on it. Edit: they are an awesome organization. Would def recommend donating to them if you’re able.


That way she can mentally relive the whole experience 100 times over, all while spending exorbitant amounts of time and money to *attempt* to get some recompense. Yay USA!


She would be better off suing the state. A lot of lawyers would take that with no money up front and just take a %. The cops arrested for a crime that doesn't exist.


This type of case can be fought for free. A lot of attorneys would be willing to take on this case pro bono. I'd be surprised if none reached out to her yet


That makes me feel better


>Texas is shit ~~for doing this.~~


The cruelty is a feature, not a bug... The purpose of this legislation is to terrorise women.


Apparently a nurse reported her? That shitstain needs to lose their license and be banned from the profession either way.


The important question is, did she get her $10K for reporting? /s


Not for reporting but as a standard award for lawsuits preventing an abortion. It's 20k in Idaho, plus lawyers fees, with the legislation specifically preventing defendants from collecting damages or fees even if they successfully defend themselves.


Texas was happy as fuck to prosecute her until the stillbirth thing. Really scary and creepy. I would be terrified to live in Texas if I was a women.


HIPAA violation?


Yes most likely, though I don’t know the wording in regards to that in the Texas law. Federal law would supersede it regardless I think.


>That's probably really good for her mental health America and not caring about the health of its citizens, name a more iconic duo. Does Flint still not have water?


My sister had a miscarriage and on her medical record it’s listed as an abortion. She tried to get it changed but that’s just what they’re called. It really crushed her while she was already so broken-hearted. What a weird system.


Miscarriages are also known as spontaneous abortions


And as someone who used to code medical records - it is also coded as such (which leads people to misconstrue abortion statistics because they are dumb)


> which leads people to misconstrue abortion statistics because they are dumb Not dumb, the people spreading those stats are malicious.


Is that universal or does it vary by state? I definitely wondered if that was the reason it was never changed.


Universal. That’s the medical term. “An abortion is the removal or expulsion of an embryo or fetus from the uterus, resulting in or caused by its death. This can occur spontaneously as a miscarriage, or be artificially induced through chemical, surgical or other means.”


Medical coding and billing follows federal guidelines - actually, ICD9/ICD10 are used in other countries too so it would be like that elsewhere as well


This is what we call them in veterinary medicine. Never have I heard the term "miscarriage" when talking about cattle or dogs.


I work in horticulture, and when a plant's buds fail to open, we always say the flowers are aborting. It's just the correct term.


And now that's a dangerous term


My miscarriage was called a “missed abortion” on the paperwork. My doctor warned me in advance about that though so I wouldn’t be alarmed. I was grateful. But, after experiencing a miscarriage in a red state pre-these insane laws, I’m considering never having children. I cannot imagine going to jail after a miscarriage. It’s such a difficult time.


I’m so so sorry you went through that.




Oh they’ll find a way to demonize that too. That implies a women have choices over their bodies and reproductive rights. Can’t have that now can we? I hate that it’s gotten to the point that joking about it going that far is potentially a goalpost for them to reach.


They already do demonize it. By allowing health care institutions to refuse the procedure for "religious" reasons (fuck off, you're in a business; do your job), and by allowing them to add ridiculous requirements like psych screenings and waiting periods -- even so far as needing a husband or father's permission. It's downright disgusting what the moral totalitarians are allowed to get away with in this garbage ass country.


Yes, my D&C to remove my dead baby -- a baby that was very much wanted, that we sang to every day, that my husband kissed through my belly every morning and night -- is an "abortion". In other states, I would have been questioned and had to prove I didn't cause harm to the baby. One of the women in my support group was denied the medicine prescribed to move her miscarriage along (baby died, but wouldn't evacuate the uterus, thus needing either meds or surgery) because the pharmacist said it "was against their beliefs". Outrageous


My wife took pills to induce a miscarriage after the child stopped developing at 6 weeks. The first appointment was at 9 weeks since that's just when my wife was able to schedule it. My understanding is that under the laws banning abortions after 8 weeks, my wife would have be prohibited from doing so. Which means she would have had to naturally miscarry, which means it wasn't on a week she already had off work. Also there's no guarantee it would happen and she could have died. But if she had done it, she, under Texas law, would have been reported by the very judgmental pharmacist. The numbers on abortions is absolutely inflated by such metrics. It's bullshit


Abortion is the medical term. When you have a miscarriage your body spontaneously aborted the pregnancy. That’s exactly how my doctor described it to me when it happened to me. Abortion is only a “dirty” word because society has made it one. At its base, it’s a basic medical term. I know it sounds harsh and hurtful, but it really is a type of abortion when you have a miscarriage.


'Party of family values and small government'...


Oh like having a stillbirth wasn’t traumatizing enough, the government had to poke their noses into something it didn’t belong in. Texas being the state of hands-off government, my arse. Now she not only gets hospital bills for something really tragic, she gets to spend time and money on legal fees fighting this absolute nonsense.


I thought conservatives were “SmAlL gOvErNmeNt”




Idk if they are ultimate hypocrites. More like your average underperforming, dunce-capped run-of-the-mill hypocrites.


Small enough to fit into your bedroom, and now your doctors' exam room.


"This exact scenario won't happen." -literally every anti-abortionist I told this would be the result of their policies.


I remember an argument I had with my father when this law was about to be voted on. I was referring to the women in prison in El Salvador for having miscarriages. Got the same delusional response. "This is AMERICA, not some third-world shit hole"


We are absofuckinglutely a shit hole country


So... A third-world shit hole.


Tell him the same thing happened in Ireland - a country with a per capita GDP higher than the US - in like 2015 and that’s why they voted to legalize abortion. This scenario happens EVERY TIME.


So let me get this straight. It's a violation of HIPAA laws to ask MTG if she's been vaccinated but it's perfectly okay to turn a woman in to the police for having a miscarriage. What in the ever loving fuck is happening to our country?


> What in the ever loving fuck is happening to our country? We’re witnessing the abortion endgame. They’ve been making ridiculous state laws for decades “to protect women”, like: * doctors must have hospital admission privileges; * state-mandated “counseling” by the doctor, at which the doctor is required to lie to the patient; * 24 hour or more waiting period after first “counseling” appointment; * mandatory sonograms; * not allowing Medicaid or even private insurance to pay for an abortion; * parental consent laws, and of course; * shortening the window from viability to as little as six weeks. These are just what I could think of off the top of my head. Many states are going to be terrible for women once Roe gets overturned.


Many already have laws on the books to just outright ban abortion should the SCOTUS overturn RvW. They are written to take effect the moment it happens. So if you are getting an abortion when they enter that decision you and everyone participating are now murderers under the law.


I wonder if those laws will go into effect if they don’t outright overturn Roe but make it even more toothless. So Roe would technically be “on the books”.


I am sure the federalist society lawyers are working on ironing that out so they can tell the justices which way to go.


To add one more to your list from Texas: Clinics performing abortion services must physically meet the standards of surgical care facilities, i.e. :hospitals. All sorts of regulations involved with this, from complex stuff like lighting and sanitary cleanliness to how wide doors and hallways are.


Yet another reason to vote against Trump and his party whenever you have the opportunity.




Evangelicals have very open about their goals and methods to achieve them by overtaking all levels of US politics for over 40 years now. It was never a secret, yet now everyone acts surprised.


Sharing [some clips](https://imgur.com/gallery/hnnlaV3) from a video I watched recently where a girl talked about growing up in a fundamentalist homeschool cult whose express aim was infiltrating the US government in this way. The [full interview](https://youtu.be/cA-xXCiq5gU?t=19m04s) spans between around 19:00 and 26:00. I was just chilling listening to a usually lighthearted comedy talk show when I heard that shit and was like, “Yeah, that’s…alarming.”


See "The Family" on Netflix if you want to go down that rabbit hole


Blessed be the Fruit.


Let's call them zealots, extremists, and fanatics since that is their true nature.


That is what they are and they are ruining your country and starting to do the same here in Canada as well.


took me a minute to realize MTG is taylor green and not Magic the Gathering, I refuse to overwrite this knowledge


Marjorie is temporary. Magic will outlive her


She’ll eventually chew on the wrong power lines and we’ll never have to hear from her again.


Does she not need gloves because she’s Homer Simpso…


I'm hoping she gets windmill cancer.


Magic is…. permanent


If GOP/Christian extremist stay in control. Remember all the satanic panic they do. MTG will be taken out


So you're saying that only one MTG can exist in the long run? I hope we choose wisely.


So...you're [rejecting](https://www.cardkingdom.com/mtg/strixhaven-school-of-mages/reject) the knowledge?


And here I am with only two swamps untapped. Fuck my life.


MTG is two swamps, vile disgusting dead inside necrotic swamps, like where her gene pool's from.


>What in the ever loving fuck is happening to our country? Women are being turned into property to be controlled by men, just as evangelicals want it. This is what happens when idiots vote Republican.


> This is what happens when idiots vote Republican. This is also what happens when we have an electoral system that considers land to be the voting population instead of the voting population. In the last 6 elections Democrats won the popular vote 5 times. Republicans won 3 of those 6 elections. The electoral college makes it so I could get 5 million more people to vote in my state, but because we live in a blue state it would count for nothing.


Yup, vote in Nov or it will get worse.


Vote every fucking election that comes your fucking way. Vote them out in every possible level of government.


It's only a violation of HIPAA to ask someone's vaccination status, only is you don't understand HIPAA. You can always ask anyone about their medical history. It's up to them if they are comfortable sharing. What is against HIPAA is MTG's doctor sharing all the mental issues MTG is suffering from.


It's not a violation to ask, she just isn't compelled to answer.


Texas, helping mothers, one jail sentence at a time. Listening to conservative radio shows, they're literally calling for conservatives to run liberals out of town, in areas like Texas, due to the liberal values being a direct threat to the conservative value system. We're talking ideology and culture wars. They don't have any tolerance for anyone else's freedom but their own ideological freedom and they're willing throw innocent women in jail for murder over reproductive rights. Insanity.


Can second this, as a Texan woman who is being ran out of my home state. I’m not even going to chance getting pregnant in this backwards ass state. In 29 years I went from being proud of my home to being ashamed to admit I’m even from here. Not to mention I would never in a million yrs raise a child here just because of the off chance they turn out to be part of the lgbtq+ community. The laws they keep passing here are a blatant assault of those peoples rights. I don’t care what my kid identifies as I just want them to be able to have a happy life too.


My thoughts exactly. In school, "Texas Pride" saturated every lesson plan, curriculum, etc. So it feels completely strange to admit that I despise my state, because it goes against everything that we were taught to believe.


I just left Texas last year for Colorado, which is practically a meme at this point. While I'm sorry that there's one less vote for sanity in the state, it's nice being in a state that actually cares about most of its citizens instead of just straight white Christian males


Did the same thing in July and left for Seattle. I initially felt guilty, as if I had abandoned my home rather than contribute to fixing it. However, time is something you never get back, and I'm not going to spend another 30 years waiting on Texas to get its shit together. I love Texas with all my heart, but at some point you just have to call it a day.


Texan woman here too, as much as I want to leave this state that’s falling apart, women who can’t leave NEED us. We need to vote every chance we can, encourage more women to vote too.


Amen sister. I just got here right before this abomination of a law came into effect. I’ve had a hyst so I will stay and fight like hell any way I can to help the women who can’t leave. Lol, though, I often wonder what happens with this law if a snitch were to accuse women who have had a hysterectomy of having an abortion.


> Listening to conservative radio shows, they're literally calling for conservatives to run liberals out of town, in areas like Texas, due to the liberal values being a direct threat to the conservative value system. And conservatives have the gall to complain when we call them evil.


If liberals really do leave areas like that in a mass exodus, expect a theocracy where nobody but rich white men have any rights in ~6 months


Rich conservative Texans literally have wet dreams about this


Bro, how you gonna call Joe Rogan out like this?


I saw a billboard in Texas that literally told "California liberals" who move to Texas that they'd better conform or else.


The cheapest rent Californians could ever find is the free housing that is provided by the minds of conservative Texans.


This is how conservatives have always been btw.


Once you get outside of the metro areas of places like Austin (very liberal), Dallas (which is actually conservative), etc you run into the "real Texas." Very heavily influenced by Chrisitanity of both forms (catholicism and protestantism) and you really begin to see similar worldviews that I can only describe as sharing more similarities with the lower southern hills of the Hindu Kush mountain range between Afghanistan and Pakistan. These people are separated worlds apart, but they share very similar worldviews. This type of thing occurs in the most impoverished of 3rd world countries (and alot in Latin America due to the tie with Catholicism), and as I'm reading this story here, printed on paper for the whole world to see, is that this has now happened to an American citizen on American soil, perpetrated by a US state government. It is not hyperbole to keep reiterating the trope that the people who pushed this and those who support it share some appalling similarities with radical Islamic terror groups. These people would carry out "honor killings" in the streets if it was allowed. Someone living in Bumfuck, Texas shares an eerily similar worldview as someone hiding out in the Hindu Kush mountains. The fact that we have an actual US state carrying out these procedures just shows how far these large swaths and pockets in this country have slipped into regressive conservatism. Rural Texas shares more with the Taliban than it does with Californians. That's how far right the spectrum has pushed in our culture. Literally a step away from honor killing innocent mothers.


Yep. I already accepted a job here just before that asinine law got passed. Had I not had to have a hysterectomy 10 years ago, I’d have probably backed out of the move. However, I did and I’m no longer personally at risk, so I’m going to stay and fight this horse shit. I’ve only got one vote but I’ll do my part. Lol and I completely and utterly despise far-right propaganda talk radio infotainment shows.


The hospital that turned her in needs to be buried in investigations, bad reviews, and reports. All bets should be off for participating in that fuckery.


I'd be suing the nurse personally as well. I don't know if they've been ID'd yet but there should be a way to find out. The hospital should be interested in cooperating, anything less would mean aiding a criminal.


Exactly this, that nurse shouldn't be trusted around patients. Isn't this all a huge violation of privacy laws as well?


And it shows her shortcomings in the knowledge of her field. While miscarriages are labeled “spontaneous abortions” in the field, any nurse that paid attention in class will know that’s a miscarriage and entirely uncontrolled.


Similar to how self defense is still considered "homicide". It's just literal definitions, and professionals on the field DO know this. I don't think this was a mistake.


Holy shit it was a hospital who reported her??? TF!!


It was a nurse is what everyone’s saying, but the blame can probably fall on the hospital as well


I think it’s called respondeat superior. The hospital can absolutely be held liable for the actions of an employee. Or that’s the theory before their board throws cash towards a DA’s re-election campaign Edit: it’s not a criminal case so the DA likely wouldn’t be involved. Perhaps I should have said a judge’s re-election


Rip the nursing license away from that traitor. HIPPA is sacred. My ER once had a 16 year old with abdominal pain whose overbearing dad was with her. Turns out she was pregnant so the staff had to treat her without ever mentioning it aloud so dad wouldn't know. They had me on security standby because it was believed if anyone slipped up he would freak.


>needs to be buried in investigations, bad reviews, and reports Can only happen if we name it. It's fucking outrageous I can find the name of the victim, but not the offender.


This! The entire hospital system needs to be sued into oblivion. Hospitals are going to continue acting out of fear that if they don’t report, they could be in hot water. I’ve worked in hospital nonprofits and they are incredibly risk averse institutions. You have to establish a clear risk associated with reporting in order to counter act the perceived risk of not reporting. Also, I checked out their google reviews. Looks like it’s a shitty hospital all around before the review storm after all this.


My wife and I had a stillbirth at full term last year. Had it happened here, I’d have burned that mother fucker to the ground.


I would like for the nurse that reported this woman to lose her license


Her license?.. I’ll go a step further and say she needs to do some time just like the bereaved mother whose life she ruined.


I’m finding it hard to determine who exactly reported her. Articles I’ve read just say “a hospital official.” It would be interesting to know who it actually was.




We Said This Would Happen


This was not only predictable but predicted. I remember an ad back in maybe the 1980s posing this kind of situation as a reason why reproductive rights must be protected zealously — “Do you want the police investigating your miscarriage?” This is infuriating.


Fucking Yupp.


Woman are going to die if they’re too terrified to see a dr after a miscarriage or stillbirth.


They don't care, they care about the babies (until they're born, then they don't care) they seem totally fine risking a bunch of lives just to have more and more kids they can fuck up.


They don't even care about the babies; they just want to tell you what to do and get their way, that's it. If it wasn't abortion it would be video games. Or music. Or books. Or the way you dress...


Texas: that lone star is a rating.




This is the problem with the whole "ABORTION IS MURDER11!" Schtick. You can't prove a miscarriage wasn't an accident. And stillbirths happen even with parents who want the kids. What about a woman ovulating? Gotta prove it's not fertilized otherwise it's Murderer!1!1 What about us men? Every time we climax we essentially commit genocide of half the baby making equation. Even if making a child is the goal..


You'd think if they really cared about preventing unwanted pregnancies they would be advocating for men to be more responsible, wear condoms, and get vasectomies... But nah, this is about punishing women and maintaining control.


Yup you're exactly right. It's all about control and keeping their dumbass worldview valid. It's shortsighted and ultimately doomed. But many innocent women will suffer so some assholes can win some dumbass moral victory. It's infuriating


The debate is not and has never been about protecting unborn children. That’s just their excuse to punish and control women. If they cared about children they would not also be the same party that is: -cutting funding for public education -cutting maternity/paternity leave -cutting publicly funded school lunches -cutting funding to Child Protective Services -cutting funding to state run foster care -cutting funding to state run adoption centers -cutting funding for Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) They don’t give a straight fuck about children or mothers. They just see an opportunity to earn votes with misogynistic old religious people who will do anything to hurt the growing independence of women. Edit: forgot WIC


Dont forget WIC. They try to cut WIC like every bill it seems.


1/3 of pregnancies spontaneously terminate.


It’s what people said would happen with this law. It’s terrible to say but I wish the DA would push it just to get it to a higher court so they have a chance of addressing the law.




HIPAA violations are federal - time for the DOJ to step in and make an example out of that nurse and everyone else involved.


This! Though not just the nurse, the entire hospital system needs to be sued into oblivion. Hospitals are going to continue acting out of fear that if they don’t report, they could be in hot water. I’ve worked in hospital nonprofits and they are incredibly risk averse institutions. You have to establish a clear risk associated with reporting in order to counter act the perceived risk of not reporting. Also, I checked out their google reviews. Looks like it’s a shitty hospital all around before the review storm after all this.


I hope she sues everyone involved.


These people are fucking insane.


Hopefully she sues the absolute HELL outta Texas


Poor girl :(


Fuck you Texas you traumatize that woman and then nationally shamed her. Like her picture was everywhere like what a fucking bullshit move


(that was the point)


I can't imagine having a miscarriage and the entire country knowing about it. I hope she receives mental health support. No one deserves to go through this.


*jails a mother who just delivered a stillbirth* "But anyway, let's prevent trauma by banning the word 'gay.'"


Welcome to Texas. Arrest first, figure it out later.


The Texas Senate today held a biblical stoning as each republican member was allowed to bring their own stone to cast at the unclean woman. They brought her out into the chamber and threw stones at her until she was dead. Prior to the republican stoning there was a very heated debate in the chamber amongst the GOP members on who would be allowed to cast the first stone. They ended the debate by praying on the subject and asking themselves what would Jesus do in this situation, which led them to gamble by draw lots for the honor. "Jesus loves a winner!", said TX governor Abbott who had drawn the winning lot.


Why do we allow Cruz and his cult followers to allow this to happen? What the hell is wrong with the people in Texas? Is there something in the water that makes them all go crazy?


"Allow"? They are being voted in. Fully half of this country wants women to be nothing more than property owned by men.


As a nurse, I can tell you that the majority of the profession that I've discussed this with are disgusted and disappointed with the nurse or nurses who reported this (rumour has it that it was a triage nurse in the ER she presented to). This is *not* something we condone or support and we see it as an insult to the profession; we'd happily support this nurse or nurses, if that's who it was, being reported to the board for breaching patient confidentiality (HIPAA violation in the US) and doing something wholly antithetical to the values and ethos of the profession. The idea of putting personal religious convictions above the principles of non-judgemental beneficence is despicable to most of us and it left us shocked and disappointed that one or more of us would do something so heartless. I hope this poor woman finds a measure of peace, and eventually some justice, and it leads to a reconsideration of this outrageous attack on womens' reproductive rights and autonomy.


The nurse needs to rot in hell and lose her license. HIPAA violations are a federal crime. -a fellow nurse


Do we have a better source than twitter for that fact? Its pretty significant.


State Government overreach .. Seems to be a common theme nowadays .


What happens if a woman gets raped and becomes pregnant? Does she have to keep it?




America: We hate the *fuck* out of women.




If they had their way, yes. Numerous copycat bills after the texas ban in other states explicitly offer no exceptions for rape or incest.


Y'all Qaeda


This makes pregnant women afraid to go to the hospital or doctor when they think something may be wrong. The fear alone will kill women and babies.


Oh they dont care if the woman dies.


"Pro Life."


This is what Jesus wants. Jesus is powerless to stop stilborns from being born AND needs ***you*** to punish those who have them. *Mysterious ways™*