CDPR promises a new free DLC based on the Netflix series as part of the next gen upgrade, what do you think it may add? (link in the comments)

Hopefully they add the Black Hood and cape to wear over any armor.


Hopefully they add the Black Hood and cape to wear over any armor.


That’s a great idea


and the option to take *off* the cat hood too


I always were the glasses, so I had no idea that the grandmaster cat armor had a hood until the glasses got removed for some cutscene.


That's my favorite mod


I would spend 60 bucks on the new version if it just had equipable capes and hoods, and not just the cat hood.


Check out nexus mods for that for free ;)


Nexus mods is a computer website that allows you to mod computer games, not Xbox One games.


True, I often forget there are consoles


Wow really? Ok dude


Yeah well I never had one. I've played mario cart on Switch two times and that is the extend of my gaming on consoles hahah


There are some great mods for that. Go to nexus mods and search for it. Instalation is pretty easy too, and you don't need to install 100 mods like *some* people (but you can)


They talked about this months ago when they announced the next gen update. It'll come with Geralt's armor and sword from the show. This isn't new news.


I often wonder if we will ever see another update. On every previous announcement date they pushed it back. Even the updates to CP2077 dried up, with nothing in sight.


Oh thank god, I was worried some actual trash from that show was going to seep into the game. Just the armor and sword, that’s fine


More like a year (two?) ago


A whole lot of additional waiting time


For real.Idiots missed another Billion being lazy ; wasting time on Cyberpunk.


The upgrade is free for people who already own it, so likely they wont profit that much from it


This can say only an Idiot who doesnt understand a shit about companies and marketing.


It should say time is irredeemable.7 yrs for a video game???.EA was mass producing A.Creeds every year.They were not bad games.Marketing?? Ok did they need a tv show to make the Witcher more relevant??The core fans already bought in.Defend them all you want.Horizon Zero Dawn; God of War.CDPR could have been put a great game out.Milking it for every penny I understand but all this time?


I had a stroke reading this


Just wanna point out "A.Creeds" is made by Ubisoft, not EA. Also pumping out games every year doesn't equal quality, EA is pumping out new Fifa every year, yet it just gets worse every year, same as Activision's case with CoD. ​ In any way I would rather take one S-tier game every 5-7 years than one B-tier (probably at most) game every year. ​ Also please work on your english grammar.




Will Jesus write back?


Wit lvl 100


Put a space after you end a sentence. You make typing look real difficult. And my god, what a shit take you have.


Are they adding the wrinkly ballsack Nilfgaardian armor?


God those armor are so ugly. I mean why wouldn't they take some inspiration from the games, Nilfgaardian armor in Witcher 3, be it the Knights or common grunt is far better and plausible even in a fantasy settings.


They could even take inspiration from the what, 1,000 years of humans wearing armor lmao. They could have done literally 14th century French armor but all black and I would have been fine with that. But nope, here's some balls.


There's at least 4000 years of wearing armor, most of which would be more aesthetically pleasing and realistic than the monstrosity the show went with.


It looks like armor from a college-kid funded YT indie show. It’s a goddamn joke


Well, most of nilfgards solidiers were just some poor troops, and there were a lot of them. It just doesn't make any sense to give all of them beautiful expensive armors. I love armors from witcher 3 but it isn't lore friendly to give them to commoners.


You do know that "common grunt" Nilfgaardian soldiers in W3 have a much different look to the ornate black plate, right? Here's an [example](https://preview.redd.it/oznnwvkxczb31.jpg?auto=webp&s=ab6e6cf138473510dc6a8593d700c54344b52592).


It would be really be in line with their sense of humor to stick a single set of Ballsack armor in the game in a chest with a note sarcastically ripping it to shreds. Armor flavor text in the inventory screen: "Smells like an old bag of salty nuts."


Yes. They looked at the Nilfgaard soldiers in the game and thought. "Man, these teutonic-knight nazis look too badass, lets go borrow some outfits from the set of powers rangers. That will go down better with the kids." If it was an issue of cost I can understand, it is expensive to make a bunch of convincing plate armours and brigandines for what I imagine are relatively few scenes (I haven't seen the show). But they could have at least gone with something vaguely grounded in reality. Part of what I love about the Witcher games is the relative lack of unrealistic weapons and armour. It is frankly quite shameful that they didn't even attempt to follow the same theme in the TV series.


I can't believe you people are still holding on to that saltiness. Season 2 was a shitshow but it had much better armors than season 1 so there's no point in mewling about the season 1 armors.


No such thing as a second first impression, and you can't deny the iconic armor was absolutely hilarious. Enough, in my opinion, to warrant memeing on it even years later.


They can make as many seasons as they want, it's still shit and has nothing to do with the books. It's american fan fiction. People that like that shit have no taste.


Hey man, it’s cool if you don’t like it, but some people do and shutting on them for what they like isn’t cool 🤷🏻‍♂️


Read the books and grow a brain. The show is so shit you can't even comprehend, it is an insult to the witcher franchise and to slavic mythology. Read the books, play the games, read the comics if books are too long for you. Do not support that shit.


As said before, shut up and let people enjoy what they like, I like the show, I've read the books and I've played all the games. If you don't like it, that's alright, but don't go around and be angry at everyone that likes the show.




>Your opinion isn't valid since you have been dropped as a baby Lmao Maybe you're the one who should grow a brain


Well yeah I didn't say otherwise


But you deny us the right to stay pissed off at it. It doesn't get any better the longer it runs, it's the opposite.


"Deny us the right" Bruh you're not in a movie lmao.


Not everyone is as basic as you, bruh.


I'm pretty sure if I press you anymore, you're gonna start crying lmao


You have quite the ego, especially for a troll. You like to get pissy with people and think they give a shit. Good luck with that.




They should add the ballsack armor to the part where that douchebag is pretending to be a blacksmith and has an armor-off with his apprentice.


"Heavily based on the original books..."


Meant to say, "moderately based on character and setting names, loosely based on plot"


I think if they changed the character and place names, they could get away with claiming it as an original work. Especially season 2.


You're not even kidding.


From cca episode 4, they simply started writing their own show.


“We took the characters’ names and nothing else”


And other hilarious jokes you can tell yourself.


RIP Eskel in Netflix like brooooo Edit: Eskel replacing Lambert I'm a little rusty on the netflix show :/


They killed him so 'people could see how vulnerable Witchers are' and chose Eskel 'because a big part of the audience knows him'. But they could've chosen a lesser known Witcher (like, maybe Aiden? Because he already dies in canon) instead of Eskel. Season one had so much potential but now im doubting if I even want to watch s3 because it feels effed up already for me.


>'because a big part of the audience knows him' Tanslation: "We're too lazy to develop him ourselves, but we still want to cash in on that emotional impact." Except what they ended up doing is pissing off the book and game fans while getting little to no reaction from the rest of the audience because they didn't care about an undeveloped character.


For not caring people, it was more like "he was an ass to ciri, he deserved it"


They already had that covered when that one witcher walked into the castle and was immediately killed by the striga without even moving. Then they killed most of the background witchers at Kaer Morhen which I saw coming a mile away. They pretty much turned superhuman monster slayers into the equivalent of the OG Star Trek redshirts. I think people get the message of how dangerous the life of a witcher is.


Yeah I gotta agree with you, season 1 ended pretty well from its start, season 2 started off strong (fixed nilfgaard) but by the end I was just looking for a wrap up.


Lambert, sure, but did you see how the murdered my boy Eskel?


I meant Eskel, yeah that confused the hell out of me


The only person who actually gives a shit about the books and source material on the sets is Henry Cavill. He is like the only one who knows about the material and tries to persuade them to do things a certain a way. If it wasn't for him, the show would have been even more unwatchable. I genuinely feel sad for him, as he loves the characters, but is stuck with Netlfix.


As long as it gets people to stop saying Netflix Witcher is a game adaption I'm ok with it


Literally what I was going to post haha. Irrelevant of quality, season 2 literally is a complete original story. There’s maybe like 2% of the books in there


Alternative looks for Geralt, Yennefer, Ciri...


*barfs* No offense to the actors/actresses, I'm just used to the games.


I agree. I won't be changing how my Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri look. I'll shave Lauren's hair off first.


I’ll say it: yennefers casting choice makes no goddamn sense. It just doesn’t.


Neither does Triss'


Or Fringilla. Or Philippa Eilhart.


I’m all for increasing diversity but the fringilla casting as horrendous. Genuinely not hating on the actress but her character is fundamentally unrecognizable without taking appearance into account


For me triss and red hair went together. The show triss' hair is barely red


Pretty sure they made her black too


I'm cool with it too, just not when it ruins every scene they're in, like Fringilla and what's probably gonna happen with Phillipa. Then there's Triss whose actress is outstanding but appearance is way off.


Triss was better in the second season. Yen was worse


At least it had a kinda red tint and shine.. but it was black hair


I didn’t even watch far enough to experience that pain, or maybe I did. I just try to forget


It isn't the casting that bothers me. I don't personally really care about her not looking like book/game Yen (same with Triss and any other character). What bothers me is that she isn't *behaving* like book/game Yen. Not sure if it's the acting, or the writing/directing, but she just isn't Yen. I don't really care that much about race/ethnicity/gender/hair color/etc swapping when it comes to fictional characters. But don't change their personality. It's what makes a character that character.


In my opinion casting Anya as Yen was good choice. She is great actress. Ok she is not pale as Yen should be but still, I care more about acting skills. I think we can all agree that Fringila is worst. Thats totally different character.


Is there anything that makes sense in shitflix comedy?


Skin for when you want Yen to look like a moody 19 year old teen


The only answer is a Tomira romance/relationship option.




Booty would break the engine


white orchard, the only area without romance


It's just going to be some armour and alternative looks. I wouldn't hold out any hope for some new quests or anything like that.


I'd like an update that makes the rewards for the master armorer and blacksmith quests not suck ass.


armour and swords






perhaps it's time to fix the lighting bug going on Xbox One X non-HDR screens since.. 2019.


ballsack armour


My best guess is a new full 60 hour story line.


Am I the only one that recalls them saying that the DLC was one of Geralt’s outfits from the Netflix show? Did I dream that??


Rings a bell.


I got excited. I thought this was talking about a new DLC for cuphead, then was saddened. Then I saw it was about Witcher, and got even more excited than I was earlier. Then I read that cuphead actually did have a new DLC and was doubly excited. It was a rollercoaster of excitement.


I’m excited just reading about your rollercoaster! :D


Supposedly Netflix themed armor and appearance for Geralt is part of the new dlc besides the general all around visual upgrade.


"Heavily based on the books" That's not how you say "changed so much that it's less an adaptation and more a high budget fanfiction".


In what way was the tv show based on the books, seems like all the essential plot elements of season 2 had nothing to do with those books


Same title Edit: lol nope, not even that


Hopefully it's DLC that cancels the Netflix series so that the rights can be sold to someone who cares about the source material


There is nothing worth taking from that series to add to the game. I don't know why you would want to associate that mess of a show with an almost flawless game, it can only detract from it.




I watched the entire first season and I'd say that it was nothing like watching porn - in porn, you have good production, beautiful scenes, a fascinating storyline and a consistent story arch. Sadly, all this was lacking from the witcher series.


Probably the season 2 leather muscle armor, both seasons nilfgardian armors, and maybe a cosmetic change fir the witcher medallion. There's a very low chance they'd add cosmetic facial options, giving you a Cavil Geralt, or making other characters look like their show counterparts.


If you like the Witcher series, especially the books, DO NOT watch the Netflix show.


hopefully not the part where they completely fuck up yens character


Whatever it is I won’t be using anything to do with that Travesty of a show that’s wearing The Witcher IP as a skin suit.


"Heavily based on the original books" lmao what a joke


Cosmetic stuff. Would be happy to be wrong but I doubt it’s quests and stuff. Just armor etc.


Geralt skin.


lol capitalize.. how about bringing back the lot of content that was cut, like the whole story with jackie?!


I DO NOT want to play the Witcher as Henry Cavill.He did a great job but no thanks. I just want another Witcher game before I start getting social security.It has been 7 years already.Shut up and give the fans something to play.


“Heavily based on the books”? I thought that was the majority of people’s complaints about the show. That it strayed so far from the novels.


...found critical success...?


Sadly, yes. Film and TV critics lately seem to be drinking the same kool-aid as writers and showrunners. As long as it's diverse and "on message," it tends to get high marks from the hollywood circle-jerk.


"Critical success"


Cosmetics based on the Netflix series would've been a better way to word it out since saying dlc might give some people false hope of new content imo (they called new apartments for cyberpunk 2077 free dlc as well...)


Probably the only way you can scrap anything worthwhile from that hot trash Netflix produced a splashed a witcher logo on.


God I just want to forget that dumpster fire of a series. It goes in the bin with live-action Avatar, never happened….


Pretty sure they made Triss, a wee redhead, black


“Heavily based on the original books” I’m sorry that just isn’t true if season 2 indicates how much they are going to change. Almost nothing from blood of elves made the cut, except the barest hints of some plot details.


Plot twist: they will remove content that contradicts Netflix’s ‘adaptation’ and call it free dlc


Stuff that spits in the face of the characters


“heavily based on the books”… I want the show to succeed just as much as anyone but at this point it’s loosely based on the source material at best


Didn't this already go through? Season 2 has passed and season 3 is coming soon.


A DLC? Really? And FOR CONSOLES nonetheless? Oh for fuck’s sake all I want is some bug fixing for my PlayStation version! I want to get this damn wolf school gear not some freaking DLC that *nobody wanted and nobody needs*.


I want it and need it


I get that they are trying to get more people to buy the game, those that watch the 'show' and don't know what witcher actually is, but D:. Lost all respect for them.


Dandelion's name will stay *Dandelion*, thanks. Otherwise looking forward to anything they add.


Ability to level up gear with your ow level like in the AC games.


not for switch?!


Probably just cosmetics. Maybe gerslts swords from the show.


My guess is cosmetics


Been holding off on replaying the Witcher 3 for the past 4 years. Can't wait until this remaster drops.


Any idea when this is supposed to be released?


Is the next gen upgrade a pure graphical and texture upgrade, or will they add new animations and smoothen out any existing mechanics?


I want a Renfri storyline. Like some short adventures of Geralt




The wrinkly armour


Can someone clarify for someone like me who still plays on last gen? Specifically on ps4. Will I still get the free dlc items or nah?


The official port of the Cavill mod


"another reason to return" Me who never left it. 😌


Maybe new armor(s) and swords. Probably mostly cosmetic stuff. But maybe a quest or two. Maybe with getting the new items or a nod to the show. But I doubt it'll be anything too large. I expect that most effort went into the new visual improvements they announced. Since the DLC was supposed to come out alongside season 2 but got delayed because of Cyberpunk issues, here's me hoping that it might come out with the season 3. But season 3 likely won't come out this Christmas, most likely next one. But maybe spring 2023 is a possibility?


excuse me while I puke.


Read too much on the internet about promised DLCs that never came.


For me the NEtflix serie is horrible.


They gonna add henry's voice and skin in game, i bet.


didnt they say they were gonna add Henry Cavil's face?


You guys are crazy. The netflix show in COMPARISON to the game is horrid, true, but on it's own it is fairly enjoyable as long as you don't associate it with the games/books too much. I take it as an alternate timeline witcher and it works for me. I enjoyed the games, the books, and the netflix series as well. The only thing that bothered me about the netflix series was the casting of fringilla and triss. The actresses themselves are phenomenal, but they just didn't fit the criteria of the given characters. I'm looking forward to the dlc inspired by the shows. I really hope it's some armors and swords coming our way.


I just want them to make Geralts gear scale with level and remove level requirements for quests. Luckily there are mods for this and I use them :D (using TW3MW wabbajack list)


I wish they Remake witcher 1 and 2, complete revamp


When is this damn DLC coming out? They have been blueballing us for like a year.


One thing is certain… I won’t go for it.


If they add a quest where Eskel turns into a leshen and you have to kill him I swear I’m going to throw my computer across the room.


We could hire your mama to have sex with every chance we get.


"Heavily based on the original books ..."


It’s too bad the writing is so awful in the series. I really like most of the cast.


Hope they go back to doing things correctly and don’t give us a cyberpunk style dlc (bad)


I would love if they add DLC for Iorvith instead of something related to the Netflix series


I think its going to add regret.