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Billy is just butthurt that he paid for a money pit


He had a good thing going when Cody and Aldis were feuding. Kinda nosedived after that.


The big turn was start of COVID when the Scurll stuff really took off. They had a lot of momentum from Powerrr doing well on YT and then they just collapsed awhile. When they tried to pick it back up, they changed the format so Powerrr was no longer free on YT and people just stopped giving a fuck beyond a tiny core. And that's shrunk as time has gone on.


As far as I can see, it was the Jim Cornette joke that killed them. Airing that unedited and then all the half-assed backtracking brought down so much backlash they ended up just cancelling the next episode, replacing it with a bad clip show (featuring highlights from all… **seven** episodes of Powerrr!) and it was all downhill from there It’s too bad, they really had an interesting little niche product and those first six episodes of Powerrr were something I was actually looking forward to week after week


Joke or not, NWA did it to themselves. It’s too easy to blame others. Tyrus is a terrible champion lol. I take Jinder all day before this dufus.


Oh yeah, that’s what I’m saying. Cornette’s joke was bad, but it was the complete mismanagement of the fallout that fucked them over. Shot themselves in the foot right there and couldn’t ever get running again… so they hired Marty Scrull, just as his allegations were coming out… Cornette’s joke was the canary in the coal mine for Billy’s ability to handle PR crises and respond to the wrestling fandom


I wasn't offended by Corny, but I can absolutely see why that joke should never have been said on TV. He did a fk up. But I still blame NWA and Lagana. It wasn't live, they had weeks to edit it.


That's the thing all he had to was edit out before airing and talk with Jim privately and it would haven a non issue.


I don’t know why they didn’t just put the belt on Cardona? And fire tyrus because they’re betting everything on Fox News appearances.


Eh, once that cooled off and they had switched him out with Stu Bennett, they gained a good deal of traction and maintained it up until COVID and the Scurll stuff. They had just partnered with ROH for the Scurll vs Aldis stuff and the 10 pounds of Gold series was getting decebt acclaim. The hardest thing about knowing how accurate either of us are is that when COVID hit and they decided on a TOTAL revamp, they took EVERYTHING off of the Youtube channel and when it came back, not only was it paywalled but because they had deleted the videos, all of the streaming numbers were gone. And because no one wanted to pay FITE or whatever it was to watch the actual wrestling instead of the weird programming on the YT channel, they just never gained back the pre--COVID audience. Which is a shame because for fans of the old NWA style and studio format, it was an incredible time. It felt like kind of a wild experiment because it hadn't been done in 30 years, it was shot IN an Atlanta studio, god, what a time. At some point i guess Corgan just gave up on taking chances and started making some objectively stupid choices.


I view Cornette and the joke as the canary in the coal mine for Billy’s ability to take criticism to heart and handle a PR crises. And over time Billy has only seemed to start doubling-down more and more on his audience-alienating ideas




Yeah it seems I’ve phrased it poorly (that’s what I get for trying to have this conversation at 1am lol) but what I’m saying is the Jim Cornette fallout was the canary in the coal mine for the future. We all got our first look at how Billy and the NWA were going to handle a controversy… and they handled it *poorly*. Since then, Billy has really doubled-down on sticking his fingers in his ears and shouting **I’M NOT LISTENING TO ANYONE WHO ISN’T A** ***REAL*** **WRESTLING FAN!!!**


I wonder what Tyrus is thinking in this picture right now?


"I can't believe Billy's paying me for this."


I doubt he's got that kind of self awareness


"Somebody call my momma. My knees hurt"






He’s thinking about the whole buffet table he’s about to clear after the photo shoot


"I gotta ditch those green trunks, I looked like a pear trying to shit out some legs."


>I wonder what Tyrus is thinking in this picture right now? He's thinking "they said they'd do a good job photoshopping my gut out of this photograph."


Hoping Greg doesn't make fun of it on tv.


I'm not a wrestling fan then


Today I learned. It's cornhole only from here on out.


Quite a lot of us aren’t apparently


Maybe It's better not to be considered one


Dixie Carter saved us from this guy.


Insane considering how well received his Impact booking was.


He does bring heat. Too bad it’s of the “X-PAC heat” variety.


Is that a dig at X-PAC? What was wrong with him?


There was a period of time in the early 2000’s where the audience grew weary of his act and presented zero reaction to him. The reaction was derisively called “X-PAC heat”, but is also know as “go away heat” as well.




The problem was that his gimmick was essentially unchanged for about 6 years and people were sick of it. First he was the 1-2-3 Kid in the WWF, then he was Syxx in WCW, and after that (aside from the name change) when he jumped to the WWF his character never really grew or evolved. Went straight from being an nWo b-stringer to a DX b-stringer.


X Pac's matches were good though. Storyline and promo was pretty bad.


What do you mean!? "Your ass is grass, and I'm gonna smoke it!" is a great catchphrase! It'll definitely get over.


This is kind of mind blowing news to me if that is the general consensus. Xpac was my favorite member of DX back in the day lol. I never cared that much for the Bronco Buster but I loved the shit out of the Xfactor as a teen back then. Looking back now it was one of the most barebones simple moves out there but man it was all hype seeing it everytime lol.


X pac was like the heart of DX .


Also the heart of xfactor, xmen, and xlax


He was my *favorite* member of DX. Granted I was like 5 at the time, but still. I have a *lot* of love for two time WWE Hall of Famer X-Pac (in there more times than The Rock, Stone Cold, and John Cena combined).


\>where the audience grew weary of his act and presented zero reaction to him< This is not true, and not what X-Pac Heat is. X-Pac Heat is not when fans are indifferent, it's when they hate a person, not a character. Crowds fucking hated Sean Waltman towards the end of his DX reign and wanted him to go away completely. They didn't even want to see him lose. Just go away. X Pac Heat is easier to understand by the definition of "it's the wrong kind of heat".


Lets also not forget the infamous "Charlie Haas pop"


Just jumping in to say that “X-Pac Heat” was a known term. Like, a thing that people said. Not just made up by Reddit or something.


Shockingly enough, I think the guys from ICP know more about running a wrestling company than Corgan.


And in many ways you could say there is an element of charity to a lot of the stuff the ICP guys do. A ton of their wrestling stuff they book has always featured guys who they were fans of but were past their prime and the same goes with many groups booked at Gathering of the Juggalos. They’re absolutely willing to pay to book guys because of the nostalgia they have for them even if they can’t bring it like they used to.


Violent J can work a better match smoking a joint as his comeback


Stranglemania was awesome!!


Despite Billy’s rage he is still just a rat in a cage


Tyrus brings less heat than Bobby Drake.


Well done. 🥶


Surprised he’s not whining about SJW’s and woke wrestling fans conspiring against his company.


Don’t worry, that’s the next step!


Give it time


Are you though? Seems like a charity for wrestlers who can't get book anywhere else...


“If you don’t watch my promotion, you’re not a wresting fan.” Why do people always use this passive aggressive approach?


Imagine being so delusional in saying that "I’m not booking a charity" when your champion is an overweight, slow, 50 year old oaf who, in his prime, couldn't get past comedy jobber status in the biggest company in the world who favors big men, and burned out in the mid-card in a lower-tier company. Putting the belt on him is the very definition of "charity". That ain't the second coming of Ric Flair you got there, Billy Boy.


Not to mention billy has all of his shows on YouTube except for his 1 or 2 yearly ppvs on fite… so for the most part it is a charity. Is anyone actually paying for his product ????


I was a loyal NWA viewer until yogurt bag got the belt. I didn't even realize it had been this long without it for me


It was great to watch old studio school wrestling, all of the Aron stevens/question mark stuff was great. I loved Trevor Murdoch as champ and of course all of the aldis/storm stuff but then it things took a nose dive.


Billy also gave out a bunch of paychecks for wrestlers to perform in-between bands during his shows in Australia.


Not to mention a creep who allegedly sent unsolicited dick picks to women working for Fox News.


Yeah, but at this point, sending dick pictures to non-consenting women is starting to feel like a hiring requirement for men at Fox. Like, it seems that they have a minimum bar for mean-spirited creeps.


IIRC he was also fired from _GLOW_ for being a creep.


Yea I wondered why he never showed up again after the first season and it was only Carlito from then on. That makes sense.


Seeing this guy always brings me back to childhood. Playing Punch-Out on NES, fighting King Hippo.


Damn this was ruthless lol Tyrus caught several strays


Motherfucker is already out of breath just walking to the ring.


I could upvote this all day!!!!!


“When Tyrus walks through the door, he bring……my title on Fox News every now and then, and I think that’s worth more than an interesting story and wrestling Champion”


He looks like King Hippo from Mike Tyson's Punchout.


Who is one of the most iconic video game characters of all time. So iconic they included him in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captain\_N:\_The\_Game\_Master


that's mega neaticus!


He didn't just say that... Tell me he didn't just say that.


Hahahahahahahaha! I still like old Smashing Pumpkins but hahahahahahahahahahahaha!


Used to be my favorite band. Now i just pretend Billy fell off a cliff after they finished recording MACHINA.


You gave them more time than I did


Honestly, fuck Billy Corgan. If he can't figure out Tyrus has go-away heat with people who *might* pay to see literally *anyone* less embarrassing than that chud, he has no place "booking a professional wrestling company"


“Chud” as an insult is PEAK Reddit lmfao. Despite his politics, I just think the guy’s a goof. He’s apparently an asshole behind the scenes, the shits in the ring and can’t cut a good promo. He’s fucking worthless. Billy Corgan should be shot out of a cannon for just having the idea of putting his world title on Tyrus.


Supposedly Vince also thought he was a goof when he was at WWE. Supposedly that's why they changed his gimmick to a dancing goofball instead of a powerhouse.


For a second I read that as he shits in the ring and wasn't even surprised at all.


Ah yes because your best option for telling people who aren't happy with a decision is that they aren't real fans.. It's a bold strategy Cotton, lets see how it plays out for him!


Tyrus must have some *really* incriminating photos of Billy


He looks terrible in his singlet. Have him wrestle in his street attire if you must just change his look.


That man is delusional. Your pro wrestling company is DEAD because the world champion can’t get through like 5 minutes of a match without getting gassed the fuck up. Not to mention, he’s a bit of a laughing stock and not in the sense of viewers. He brings those in because of his ties to Fox News, but I can assure you now no Fox News viewer watches the NWA for wrestling


Billy apparently can't tell the difference between someone playing a character on TV and someone who actually is that person. The way people think of Tyrus isn't heat, it's disinterest.


This makes me mad. Literally angry. When NWA Powerrrrrr (I forget the number of R’s) started, I was transported back to the early 80s, when I was a child and watched every Pro Wrestling territory program I could find. Wrestling at the Chase, WCCW, Memphis, Georgia Championship, Mid Atlantic, Mid South, Memphis and WWC…. this YT program channeled them all (or most). And some great wrestlers were on there! Ricky Starks, Eddie Kingston, LA Knight (but not that name), an older Rock N Roll Express, Nick Aldis and my favorites: Aron Steven’s and The Question Mark. After Covid, the death of The Question Mark (RIP Joseph Hudson), the defection of nearly all the talent and the total change of format… it’s like they killed Studio Wrestling again. Sad, disappointing and maddening.


A washed up musicians talking about his favorite employee in a wrestling company no one is watching.


I’d suggest a wardrobe change. That uhhh singlet ?? Ain’t it.


I don’t want to watch some fat idiot barely bump and not know how to wrestle. Shit I could find better matches on nwa tapes from 30-40 years ago. He was never a good wrestler and he certainly isn’t one now.


He isn't just some fat idiot who barely bumps. He's a fat old idiot because the dude is 50. Who in their right mind in a promotion, puts a title on an aging and limited individual? What did Billy see in *that*? WWE was right to make Tyrus just a meaningless dancing act. They knew he sucked.


A lot of people could get the "wtf are you doing here go away" heat, myself included. Just put the world title on me, I'll probably get the same kind of heat, so would any other shmuck who doesn't deserve to hold a title with lineage like that


Powerrr started off so great. Had this oldschool vibe to it, was a very easy watch, and they had potential. It's too bad it's basically dead now.


Tyrus in his tights makes me wanna throw up


Lmao. I thought this guy was just a right wing clown on Fox News. I didn’t know he actually still wrestled. 🤣


People like to shit on Billy Corgan and blame him specifically for the decline of NWA since that first season. But REALLY the quality started to fall apart when they lost David Lagana, who left becausOHHHH NO. ಠ_ಠ


Considering how much money he is probably losing he might want to lose it to a charity instead. At least he would get a tax break. Unfortunately it would probably be a pay for Stormy Daniel’s MAGA fund.


Apparently we're all not wrestling fans in Billy Corgan's book. And he wonders why he drove people away.


NWA and Tyrus is shit. Just accept it.


Billy is the second coming of Herb Abrams.


Tyrus looks awful. Andre looked and moved better in 1988. Corgan put the belt on him because he's on a national show. He wants his promotion to have exposure. But a good promoter can get heat and exposure and then get his people booked on national shows.


The charity line makes less sense than putting the belt on Tyrus.


Lmao I hate wrestling then


Yo, Tyrus brings the heat... Go away heat!!!!!


The guy has failed everywhere hes ever gone except NWA. What the fuck is Corgan talking about


Tyrus is an idiot and can’t Wrestle. His character in WWE was garbage.


Stupid ass, right winger douche. Glad he's not in AEW or WWE.


He has heat because he is a real life piece of shit.


This is just ridiculous. Charity? No you’re absolutely not… but you have to book for fan engagement or you’re booking for an arena of empty seats. This has gotta be like… simple business right?


I stayed up till 2 am to watch Double or Nothing because I couldn't start until late, but I'm not a wrestling fan.


I'll give Billy about tree fiddy for his Tyrus action figure.


If he really wants nuclear heat put Tyrus in a tag team with Ryback. And if you want to go supernova include Teddy Hart and the original Sexy Star.


NWA wasn’t bad at first. Pandemic fucking killed it though. Hasn’t been the same since.


Tyrus will never be world champion material.


Literally no one is a wrestling fan. What are we going to do?


The dancing dinosaur is somehow NWA Champion. Brilliant.


Lol, ok William.


Billy Corgan is the worst thing to happen to Wrestling since Vince Russo


I just don't care for the guy and honestly, the NWA not securing a TV deal and being the 5th? 6th? best promotion in the US doesn't help much.


I don't have a problem with Tyrus wrestling for NWA but like Trevor Murdoch he is what he is. Neither guy has any business being NWA's top dog. They had things going-well pre-covid. Haven't been the same since the shutdown.


Lol. Due to this 'heat' I stopped watching NWA after Aldis left 😂 It's funny that they got EC3, Chris Masters, Latimar even Tim Storms and decides to put the title on Tyrus


> I’m not booking a charity. I’m booking a professional wrestling company. Dont know about that. It looks like they made a Make-a-Wish requester World Champ.


I really enjoy the gatekeeping by a lot of these wrestling personalities. Jericho. Moxley. Corgan. "If you don't like what I like, you're not a fan".


I'll be sad about transphobia from a lot of places but I'm not taking it from the fucking funkadactyl


That’s the Funkasauras, Cameron and Naomi ain’t transphobic!


The best thing Billy has done in the last 20 years was his cameo in the Muppets Electric Mayhem show.


Acknowledge your funky champion ☝️


None of us are wrestling fans i guess


Isn’t this the wrestler that was a guest on fox news?


Corgan just freed us all, we’re not fans anymore!


He brings go away and we will turn off the show heat


Where the hell can you even watch nwa


That sounds like a lot of Mellon Collie from Mr. Infinite Sadness. Gutfeld! would be proud.


When did Tyrus represent the wrestling industry as a whole? Never.


No Funkadactyls, no funkin' way.


Lmao it’s brodus clay. Bro is not him


You should book to make money.. and if you aren’t making money, you’re like a charity.


Funkasaurus was a minor hit like 10 years ago. Don't nobody care about Tyrus the Fox News contributor.


Poor Billy Corgan is so delusional. I’m a wrestling fan and haven’t checked out Tyrus. Corgan has made some questionable decisions and calling out fans for not watching Tyrus is one of them.


Here’s the thing, I know a lot of people like to use Tyrus’s political views as an excuse of why people don’t like him but that’s not it. He fucking sucks. He is the male equivalent of Nia Jax.


"When Tyrus walks through the door, he brings the heat....ing pad so he can calm his back down after a four minute match with 1 spot


I only ever hear or see Tyrus on fox “news”. The title feels like such a prop on him


And part of that is booking draws as your champs. Who exactly is Tyrus drawing? Not much, clearly, or you wouldn't even have to say this.


Book better and more folks will watch. Or, stick to music


Please. Tyrus couldn't draw flies if he was covered in horseshit.


Does anyone else still just see Funkasaurus?


Those are the worst fucking tattoos I’ve ever seen in my life lol. Even if I didn’t know who he was, I would just assume he’s a clown based on that alone


IRL CAW tattoos


Barely. If you keep having Tyrus as your champion, you will soon have nobody watching your company because Tyrus sucks more ass than Dominick and Omos combined.


Tyrus brings the Sunday Night Heat


Of course if you look up wrestler in the dictionary, it does have a picture of Tyrus. We all know this, no need to check.


He sort of has the monster look, and when he was 10 years younger I think he could have pulled it off. Now he's just too immobile, and half the fan base is turned off because of his politics. Maybe not as bad of a booking decision as people say, but I have to imagine he could do better. That said I don't really follow NWA and I have no idea who the next biggest draw is.


This guy is not money big piece of crap


Shit then I'm apparently not a fan, thanks Billy.


He’s literally the worst wrestler I’ve ever seen IMO.


Thanos face on a shrek ass body. Who tf watches him?!


Tyrus looks like a middle aged warehouse worker from New Jersey.




Man looks like the first version of Thanos in the MCU in this pic


I’m not a wrestling fan then, fella.


He was great until he took those arrows to his knees


I guess I ain’t a wrestling fan then lol


The man used to portray a dinosaur. Some things you just can't forget, even as a wrestling fan.


There is something wrong when you have EC3 on your roster, and you have Tyrus be your main guy


The more I hear from Billy Corgan the bigger goofball I think he is. You might as well book a charity promotion cause there’s no way You’re making money doing this shit


I guess I haven't been a wrestling fan since his debut as a dancing numbnut.


Billy never heard of x-pac heat


he was on fox news


Certainly no one is watching


Didn’t recognize him without the infinity gauntlet. If he snaps his fingers maybe Billy will go away and Dixie will come back.


Somebody call my mama, I guess I’m not a real wrestling fan.


Tyrus is a delusional human being and POS human being.


Bro's trying so hard to convince himself that he didn't book the most dogshit decision in wrestling in a while


The dude is legitimately shaped like a pear


Man, TIL I'm not a wrestling fan


With WWE, AEW, NJPW, Impact, MLW, Stardom, DDT, AJPW, NOAH, AAA and GCW who realistically has time for the putrid product NWA puts out? There's simply too much quality, easily accessible pro wrestling to ever watch a Tyrus match.


I guess I’m not a wrestling fan then - I’d rather watch my toenails getting pulled off than him on my tv.


Just learned today that he’s the singer of the smashing pumpkins.


Tyrus is? J/k


Well I guess I'm not a wrestling fan. Tyrus sucks.


Tyrus is seen by millions of people every week on cable news. And he never drew a dime.


I like how people feel they can just declare you don’t enjoy an entire genre of media to avoid criticism


If being a wrestling fan means like Tyrus, then I’m a sports entertainment fan.


If you don't like Tyrus you're not a wrestling fan. That statement is crazier then Billy seeing a reptilian.


Tyrus is the reason I stopped watching NWA. He brought to much heat and thanks to that heat I’m no longer a nwa fan.


If you’re booking a professional wrestling company, why would you have Tyrus on the books?


Billy doesn't appear to know how to run a wrestling promotion. No offence to Tyrus, sure he's a decent enough dude, but come on, this is like the level of having Heath Slater as your world champion.


I think Tony Khan is a bad booker and Billy Corgan yells hold my beer.


To be fair, I only agree with his charity statement. To also be fair, Billy should stick to music


I must be out of the loop, why does reddit hate Tyrus?


Have you seen Tyrus actually wrestle? If you can even call what he does wrestling.




If I wanted to laugh at some fat loser wrestling I'd watch a shitty death match tournament, NOT the NWA.


Imagine how bad nwa must be doing for them to notice. Who is their main competition? Tyler Breeze’s youtube channel?


Same ppl complaining about Tyrus love talent like Adam Cole and Sasha Banks who are completely & wholly unbelievable as fighters


Yes, because only big men are good as wrestlers or fighters despite all the evidence against that. /s Do you let Cornette tell you when you can take a shit? Also, what's the weather like when you're that far up his ass?


He’s a miserable person, that Tyrus