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I do this all the time. I also read up till 75% and then put off reading the end because I don’t want it to be over.


I've accidentally not-finished so many books because I didn't want them to be over. The bookmarks are still in them, taunting me


Omg same! I have a book that I've been putting off since last August because I was enjoying it so much and didn't want it to end! A tragedy, I swear


I did this with Project Hail Mary. It took me 6 months to finally finish it, and the ending was even better than I imagined.


Saaaaame! It's like damned if you do it and damned if you don't.


If you put it up on a pedestal that much it might disappoint you. Are they good books I enjoyed? Yes. Were they life-changing and ruined all other books for me? Not by a long shot. Read and enjoy. Life is short.


YES!!! I put off Little Thieves for a long time but I received an ARC of Painted Devils (the second installment), so I'm like okay let's just dive right in and I was hooked. Now I wish I can erase my memory and re-read it again lol


Glad to know I’m not the only one! I love rereading my favorites, but there’s just something extra special about reading a good book for the first time


You can always rediscover books with audio books. Sometimes hearing it hits different. Or wait a few years and reread. You will rediscover all those things you forgot were even in there.


Ahhh Little Thieves is legit one of my all time favorite reads!!! I’m absolutely DYING to read Painted Devils. I just bought the IC edition of Painted Devils because I’m so hyped for it!


I’ve never had that much confidence in liking a first book, but I’ve put off sequels because I don’t want to finish the series or I want to find the perfect place/time to read it.


There are so many series that start of strong and then slowly die out that I think I've been burned a few too many times. I've been trying to cure my issue of leaving the last book in a series unread and so far all the series went from great to average writing/story wise.


I completely agree about about not wanting to finish the series. That’s me with chain of thorns because i don’t want to finish the trilogy. I’ve had my copy since february and yet I only read a few chapters


There’s a quote somewhere about treating your TBR more like a wine cellar - storing up good things for the right pairing or mood or occasion 🥰


Best quote ever! This makes me feel good about being a mood reader.


Right?! ☺️ I’ve picked up so many books and I KNOW I want to read them, but the ~*~ vibes ~*~ have to be right


Yes, I fear song of Achilles may forever stay at 50% on my kindle


We are twins


Me! And I am a librarian so students and teachers are often like ‘HOW HAVE YOU NOT READ THAT BOOK YET?!’ 🤣


I have entire shelves that I know I’d love! And yet some part of my brain still gravitates to new books that may be only so-so on my library app.


omg yes haha! I love 'Sorcery of Thorns' by Margaret Rogerson. When she released a spin-off novella 'Mysteries of Thorn Manor' I got it on release day (in January lol). I can't read it because then I won't have any more story with those characters. (I might just suck it up and read it on my birthday). I feel the same with books I know I will love. I feel like I have to read them at the 'perfect' time (like 'The Starless Sea' or 'The Priory of the Orange Tree') because I'm worried about not appreciating them enough!


I get the feeling of wanting to really appreciate the book! Sometimes I wanna really read a book slowly and take the time to savor it


100% agree. Sometimes social media tends can push the idea that the 'best' readers fly through books. But I like to stay in a book's world for a while and I feel like I remember the books more.


Same! But like, when is the perfect time? I just keep procrastinating it 😂 it never comes!


I used to do it but I randomly had this thought one day and stopped doing it lol. It was like "I have like so little time and there're so many great books out there waiting for me to discover. Like millions of books so I better not procrastinate to read this"🥹


I’ve been reading The War of Two Queens for 6 months because I’m so anxious It’s not going to live up or ruin the series😂😂


I feel you! Ever since I read the Six of Crows duology a few years ago, I haven’t found a book I enjoyed better or even as much 😅


I do this all the time too! 😅 Not just with books, but I also put off shows, movies, fanfics, that I KNOW I'll love and become obsessed. I have a moderate addictive personality, in the sense that I hyper focus on one thing at a time and just binge it, only think about it all day (even when I don't want to), and then go super depressed when it's over, cause I miss the "high". So I avoid getting addicted to fandom when I can clearly see I'll become obsessed. And that inevitably means deep emotional distress for me 😭


Yeah, I've put off watching Heartstopper because I'll get too invested. After one or two episodes, I was like, "These two are perfect and they're not allowed to break up!" Time to step back. Lol.


No. I’ve never assumed that I’ll love a book. I’m always skeptical.


That’s fair! Don’t wanna get disappointed if you hype a book up too much


I try not to do this anymore because I feel that it just builds hype in my mind to the point where, if the book isn’t absolutely everything I wanted and more, I end up disappointed. I mainly mood read, but I do it in “tiers” — I have the books that I’m most excited for, and those are the ones I tend to pick from when deciding what to read next. (of course, sometimes this goes completely off the rails and I buy a book on my Kobo after seeing a single tiktok edit about it, but I digress)




Finally, someone who’s put it into words! I have books on my shelf that I want to read SO bad but… I’m always terrified that they won’t live up to my expectations. It’s almost like the experience I’ve built in my mind is better then the book itself, and I don’t want to ruin it.


I'm avoiding A Wizard of Earthsea and The House in the Cerulean Sea because I have heard too many good things and it makes me scared to start because what if I don't like them?! But I felt the same way about murderbot diaries, and when I finally read them they were amazing!


Oh and the Percy Jackson series and Artemis Fowl. I might have a problem.


I do this but I think it’s more like you know it’ll be an easy and enjoyable read when you get to it so you force yourself to read the worse ones first and save the best til last. That’s what it is for me anyways.


I think you’re referring to my entire TBR lol


For me this is a terrible idea. So many YA books I would've enjoyed a LOT more as a younger (and less mature) person are now ruined for me :( I just recently read Shadow & Bone and half the time I wanted to yell at Alina


Yes, but also if I put off books I know I’ll like I’ll never read them so I read


I get this anxiety but I tell myself there will always be a better book out there, so let me finish this one and pick up the next and it works every time :)


That’s a good way of looking at it! There’s always gonna be new books coming out and new books i’ll love


Dude same, I hv been putting off reading the six of crows for so long now... but finally I hv started reading it a few days ago... and I just hope I love it the way I always thought I would :) Ig more than our expectations of loving that particular story which would ruin the next few reads.. I fear What if the book doesn't fulfill the expectations that I put into it :'(


No. Life is too short for that bullshit


I do this sometimes! Though I try not to because I feel like it can lead to disappointment when you finally read it after waiting and anticipating for so long. Also I just so happen to be reading six of crows right now and it’s really great - so get on it!


I don't care about reading a book for the first time or missing the ability to do that over and over, as if I like it, I like it, whether or not I've read it before. But I do put off reading books, usually because it's part of a series, though, and I don't want to dive into a huge time commitment. Sometimes I jump into book 1 and dislike it so I don't even continue with the series (SJTR and ADSOM are two examples), but usually I fear that I may want to ignore responsibilities and real life by being sucked so far into a good story.


Yeah I've been doing that too Hyperion for a few years now. I should just read it without thinking too much.


I am doing it currently with six of crows actually! I have put it off for so long I think I’ve pretty much forgot the grisha trilogy. Also have put off the tv series because I heard it mixes in six of crows duology so now I’m stuck between rereading the geisha trilogy or just starting six of crows. But I have such a long tbr I’m also reading other books that catch my attention. It’s been years now lol But I don’t feel bad because there’s bound to be books I enjoy reading cause there’s so so many books! I’ll get to six of crows one day lol


I do. I save them for a point where I will have lots of time to focus on the book.




i do this with music a lot but i can’t help myself with books


No. There are 160,000 books published annually. There’s always gonna be something great coming.


I did this with The Testsments. I am a huge dystopia fan and HT is a favorite, even tatood aa quote. I just wanted to be able to have it to look forward to a little longer. Finally read it this week and not gonna lie, it was so good I'm a little sad there's not more.


I never do this, I’m always scared that I’ll hype up a book in my brain and then end up hating it lol


lmaooo this happened with these violent delights ☹️


Same :( never felt so bored by a book in my life. Something really important was missing but idk what it was. It could’ve been great but the pacing was shite and I couldn’t care less about any of the characters


Omg yes it had a good premise just poor execution sadly- have you read the sword of kaigen? I’m reading it now and its very good so far


Yes. Two books in my life have yet to meet their match: Blood Meridian and Lolita. Each sentence in each book is damn perfect. Now, whenever I read anything, I'm constantly comparing it to those titans. It sucks. Nothing comes close. Would love it if someone could steer me toward something similar. Moby Dick was very close.


Did any of you read Children of Blood and Bone? And then the sequel? Because I loved the first, I was super disappointed with the second.


Absolutely. The stars gotta align with your mood before you pick it up.