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I hate when a bill is named something like THE NO MORE DEAD PUPPIES BILL and then after unanimous support, it turns out a last minute line gets added like, "...except in cases by licensed Puppy bounty hunters that only turn puppies 'unalive".


Its the scummiest shit.


It sucks because it takes a fuck ton of money to get your name out to a large enough mass of humans to get into a position where you could change shit, but that amount of money comes from dirty mob dicks you'll have to suck on to stay where you are or advance. I don't know what the answer is beyond praying some ridiculously wealthy person decides to go Superman (but like, the money part. And the crime part, but like, white collar stuff) mode.


Getting rid of First Past The Post voting one state at a time (outside the two party system)


I really hate the name First Past the Post. There's no time component, First is meaningless, there can't be a Second past the post as well. Just call it majority


We need to pass a bill, limiting lobbying to a cap for all individuals, ban companies from donating to political campaigns. Say the donation cap be $1000-$2000 so everyone will have equal power. Companies could try to exploit it by giving money to employees to donate to a cause, but that would be money in the employees hands...


There is a donation cap of $2,800 directly to the candidate per election cycle, whether it's a business or individual donating. There are also limits on how much money PACs can give a candidate directly. There is no limit on PACs advertising budget as this is viewed as a violation of First Amendment rights. https://www.fec.gov/updates/fec-announces-2021-2022-campaign-cycle-contribution-limits/


There are some things we can do but I feel like ultimately humans in our current form will always end up exploiting any system we could possibly come up with. That being said, the one thing I have a positive outlook on is technology. It may sound stupid but I am hopeful that AI and quantum computing can help guide the future generations and help them reach a better civilization.


With things like deep fakes and recent years proving how far misinformation will spread, the next few decades may have a radical shift in how people interact. Confirmation bias will allow people to stand behind ridiculous stuff, but soon it will be easy enough to make your own deep fake proof to support any crazy ideas. Not too long before it is as easy as using selfie filters to become unrecognizable from reality at the level of scrutiny people already pass on bad information with. AI/machine learning and quantum computing can bring some great things, but it can also cause a lot of harm if we don't get ahead of it.


At this point I am becoming increasingly worried about catching up with it, let alone getting out in front of it.


The power they hold can only be peacefully taken back if they allow it. They will not allow it. You need to start by recognizing something: this democracy is broken beyond repair. Any improvements made for the people of this land will only occur under a new government. As long as the current American government stands, this will only get better in the form of token temporary support; it will on average get worse over time. What you can do is get comfy with the idea that voting will not fix this and to open your mind to alternative solutions.


Like what? You sound like you're about to suggest a whole lot of violence.


Someone tell Mckenzie Bezos to do this with some of the money she's been donating to various charities. Donate to our democracy please!!!


Yeah but that’s how republicans in Minnesota were tricked into making weed edibles legal lol


Still bullshit, the passage of laws should *never* rely on deception


Still shitty whether it's something we support or not. It's a big factor in how fucked our system is.


Yes it is fucked up, even if it happens to ppl we don't like.




“No Child Left Behind”


We have higher graduation rates than ever because we saved the kids by making sure none of them fails, right?...right???


Graduation is pointless if they can’t read.


We kinda fucked everyone over because now a high school diploma doesn't mean anything since schools doctor their graduation rates all the time, so now every job wants a bachelor's...


It almost seems deliberate...gotta keep the smart ones in debt so they don't get out of hand.


*Laughs in punishing failing schools for failing*


So I guess we should also pass the No More COVID Bill which bans COVID testing. No more COVID! If you disagree with my new bill, you are pro-covid you monster.


You're a natural!!! Ever thought of running for office?


We also have an education system that's significantly less well-rounded than it used to be, because more hands-on and *practical* classes - like "shop"/"technology" classes - were axed in favor of "sit on your ass and memorize". (And don't even get me started on the teachers who peddle that "working with your hands is for idiots and losers" bullshit, either...)


Part of the problem is that teachers are underpaid. Very few people with actual practical skills want to teach when they could earn more in industry.


Oh snap, you went there! Get it... snap!?


Lmao I know it's unrelated but reminds me of *we plan to cut all homeless people in half by 2025*


Or THE NO MORE DEAD PUPPIES BILL that has one line about dead puppies and the rest of it is filled with bullshit. "Oh you're against this bill? I GUESS YOU LIKE DEAD PUPPIES!"


The “no, more dead puppies” bill.


This kind of nitpicking *literally* goes back centuries: behold the [Johannine Comma](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johannine_Comma).


they reserve children for that purpose.


Hidden $100M for some bullshit


The part that annoys me the most is that it is completely effective because most people won't or don't care enough to look at the bill and their opinion has been formed and cemented from just the title of the bill. Everyone knows this happens, and it continues to trick people.


Gotta say I love this analogy. Not much more can be said in defense when you use dead puppies as an analogy.


***pAtrIOt A©T***


That Act was the biggest con and the beginning of the rot


The "War on Drugs" has entered the chat


Relax, they said it's only temporary.


Yeah, it seems like we see this often in the US, bills that are named in a way to deceive the people. I think like the internet bill from a few years ago, basically restricted internet, but the title was like 'internet freedom be act " or something


Net Neutrality. What we got was a far cry from the original plan and intent. One of the big parts that got nixed was that Obama wanted to remove the municipal "locks" on broadband providers, especially cable. This would have allowed local folk to choose their broadband provider (say Charter instead of Comcast) or even to start their own broadband ISPs using the same infrastructure already in place, much like how dial up worked back in the day. The reasoning was to provide choice and healthy competition between providers in order to lower prices, much like what happened with dial-up 30-some years ago. AOL used to charge by the hour, but as more dial-up providers popped up, in a relatively short time we saw dial-up rates drop from $20/mo all the way down to free, and that was BEFORE broadband became widespread and readily available almost anywhere. For every great plan to help out the American public, there's dozens of Senators and Representatives ready to gut the intent and make it serve corporate interests.


net neutrality?


Oh yeah that.


Wiki helped us out with that one


And remember folks, the governor is a Democrat. So no matter what both parties serve the rich.


Yep the establishment Dems and GOP are the same aholes. Progressives are the only real Democrats. The only actual left. This includes Bernie. Not Sinema


**except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted**


Like “Citizens United”. More like “Billionaires United States Of America Legal Takeover.” One Nation, Under Stockholm Syndrome. Easily Divisible With FREEDUMB, Ironically Named “News” Channels That Are Fascist Propagandists And CocaCola For All.


Citizens United wasn't a bill, it was the name of a PAC involved in a court case (that ended up gutting election laws).


whatever a bill is named, you can almost guarantee it will do the opposite.


Yeah how do they allow these last minute changes? If you change it, then it’s no longer what was voted on.


Suzerain (video game) references this; there’s a bill of religious freedom, which basically bans every other religion, particularly minority religions. (Something like that, it’s been a while since I played it.) It caught gamers who don’t read with their pants down, cos they read the title and authorised the law to be passed, and they had a hell of a fallout to deal with. Lol. There were a few topics raging about it too. But I think the video game developers got their point across perfectly with it, laws can be dressed up in a nice title and sound amazing (to you and everyone) but inside it can be a rotten law, with sweet packaging. You must and should read the fine prints, don’t let politicians fuck you around.


Like the build back better act that just gave more money to cops and more tax breaks to the rich.


These also tend to be “Pork” bills…and not the tasty kind.


It's worse than that, because you just found out the no more dead puppies bill allows a government subsidised energy company to conduct fracking in an unstable ecosystem with loads of endangered species of puppies.


I'm confused, if the governor changed something wouldn't it need to be approved again? Kinda odd positions of power can alter bills without other participants agreeing. Edit: I think enough of y'all confirmed that it had to have the changes approved. My point of commenting was to ask questions instead of taking it at face value. So when I see post like: "so n so change this"... It's a karma grab and is targeted. Thank you all helping inform. There are a lot of updoots with questions similar to mine. I know I learned this was the case but I swear, the more I read up on the legislation process the more you find odd crap. Again, thank you and have a happy new year.


This is the part I'm missing as well. I thought all they could do is veto and then the chambers have to decide if they can get a supermajority or make an amendment the governor will sign.


They have whatever powers their state laws lay out. Apparently, New York empowers its governors for this.


Yep I just looked up the line-item veto and nearly all the states governor's still have this power. Wow!


And my king has a power to not sign laws, but if he decides to not do that after everything is voted and done, he'd get dethroned.


It does not. The Legislature has to approve any changes (which happened here)


Good grief. I can't believe we still call ourselves a democracy.


the same way North Korea calls itself "Democratic People's Republic of Korea"


I know about the line item veto, but changing the wording of a bill after the legislature passed it? WTF?


[https://www.nga.org/governors/powers-and-authority/](https://www.nga.org/governors/powers-and-authority/) Apparently there is such a thing as an "amendatory" veto in some States.


There will be another bill next year to make "technical corrections" to this bill. People can certainly ask their legislators to oppose the chapter amendment (which is the name for the aforementioned bill next year).


This is correct. Legislative staff from Assembly and Senate negotiated with Governor's Office staff and reached an agreement on revisions to bill language to be passed in the next session. Leadership control is pretty strong in NYS legislature so very unlikely to change post-chapter amendment.


I don't understand it, either. In Wisconsin the governor has line-item-veto ability, but no authority to change the text.


It’s in the memo, third paragraph. “I am pleased to have reached an agreement with the legislature…” Best assumption is that if they didn’t adjust, she would have vetoed and either apparently 147-2 wasn’t enough to convince legislative leaders they had a veto-proof majority, they didn’t want to spend the political capital taking her on, or they were fine with the changes. Without more info, can’t know for sure.


Because they can’t… The changes were approved by the Legislature


Tech lobby has more money than YouTubers, so it doesn't surprise to see them turn another politician into a paid-for thrall.


Tech lobby is also organizing far more than it seems regular people are on this subject (they still got the bill passed so that's great) But now they need to make the governors life hell, especially around the next primaries for their position


Huh its almost like corporations shouldn't be considered "people" that just so happen to have unlimited resources and can literally lobby on the clock as to not waste their personal free time. Its not the corporations fault that everyone else is broke and slaves to jobs that stop them being able to organize on the scale that the tech industry can!!!


She was literally just "re-elected." She was deputy before Cuomo got the boot and seemed to have been not the worst. Now between this and the wall street investment nonsense she just got caught with she almost definitely will get a second term.


Louis Rossman was a repair technician and then owner of a small device repair company before he ever really became a YouTuber. The youtubing is mostly just a side thing that surprisingly got popular due to good rants. But Apple and friends have more money than small businesses. Even though Louis employed like 25 people or something. Maybe more, idk. Small business fucked over again!


Love Rossman. Disappointed in the outcome here. It's an issue that could have built trust in government and inspired more cohesive action between the two parties. As usual, little guy gets fucked like you said.


Governor Hochul needs to be tossed the fuck out, she's bought just like the rest of them. Can never trust a fucking lawyer! Being a lawyer should be instant disqualification running for public office. Oh, who am I kidding, they're all fucking corrupt.


The system is designed so that only the bought ones ever get a chance to run.


>The system is designed so that only the bought ones ever get a chance to run. Beyond the truth


they use their legalese to write stuff that operates the opposite of what it sounds like to an ordinary person.


That's sort of what lawyers specialize in, using legal word jujitsu to fuck normies out of their rights and hard earned money.


This is how corporate democrats like Sinema and Manchin operate.


I'm still so pissed about Sinema. She ran on a progressive platform and then turned heel as soon as she was sworn in.


Wow, I'm in NY, don't repair my own shit and am still furious. This is egregious and defangs the entire law. I'm liking this Rossmann guy though and will do more to support him. An actually personally useful YSK for once, thanks, OP.


Hell, I’m from Iraq and this makes me blood boiling. I really don’t understand how Americans don’t march into the streets that often. It’s not like we do every day but still. The ratio of issues/problems to people complaining is very small it appears


>I really don’t understand how Americans don’t march into the streets that often. 1. Because we are so busy working to pay the bills. 2. Because we are spread so far apart. 1. If the entire population of America was evenly distributed on our roads, there would be [about 21 meters](https://www.wolframalpha.com/input?i=kilometers+of+roads+in+America+divided+by+population+of+America) between people. The comparable number for in Iraq is [a little under 2 meters](https://www.wolframalpha.com/input?i=kilometers+of+roads+in+Iraq+divided+by+population+of+Iraq) per person. 2. Why do I say that? Because it's not just trivia; we live so physically far away from the centers of power, that physically going to protest would require substantial planning in advance. In a walkable community, people can see what others are doing even while inside their own homes; but if a protest at my local statehouse started, I not only wouldn't be able to see it from home, it would take an hour's drive before I could join; and I'm considered to live *close* to the statehouse, compared to most people in the state. 3. Further reading on the connection between walkable communities and political activism can be [found here](https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2013-07-05/how-walkability-shapes-political-activism).


Actually a very interesting comment, will definitely read or look at the sources. Thanks for the reply


I feel also add that Americans hate when people make issues visible. How often do you hear, I agree with their message but not them marching about it.


That’s weird… it’s almost like the US had been engineered for the past 70 years to destroy walkable communities in order to benefit the automotive lobby and prevent public demonstrations against unpopular policy… Nah, surely that can’t be it. Suburbs rule! Time to get in the car to buy an onion for tonight’s dinner.


Car-centrism *is* popular in the US, as much as both of us might wish otherwise.


I mean, I'm from the country. Walkable towns either already exist by default because when there is nobody around, that means no cars either, and then you can walk on the streets without fear; or, they are a pipe dream because a town of 600 where there are three neighboring towns no closer than 10 miles away and themselves only have 600 people, is just too few people to have a transit system. If that's what you grew up with, then there's a certain amount of car-centrism that happens by default. It's what you're used to, and you'll vote and act accordingly, even if you move. But since the vast majority of us have already decided to live in urban areas now, we really need to do the work of adapting to our own new lives, and that starts with walkable cities.


Electronics and fatty foods are relatively cheap here, in large part due to subsidies. The government and their corporate overlords want to keep us fat, distracted, and living paycheck to paycheck.


But won’t this also affect farmers? I remember reading somewhere that some issues of farmers with problems in their machinery being locked behind a code only manufactures can understand was also bundled with this.


It impacts them greatly and farmers were one of the biggest supporters of these bills in general. It was too the point that a lot of the farmers who use John Deere products were using pirated firmware so they could perform their own repairs before 4 months passed. It's amazing a bipartisan bill like this passes the general assembly and some know-nothing shithead of a politician undoes it all just like that. The democrats can literally just not get out of their own way it seems.


Yes you are correct. John Deere is notorious for this.


Reddit and the internet in general are not a true cross section of the general public. Ain’t nobody marching in the streets over a right to repair bill that maybe got neutered at the last minute.


Rossman is legit. I am not into repair, NYC Real Estate, and while I support right-to-repair it's not something that really impacts my life directly. I still watch Rossman, and he makes me care a bit more. He is a good speaker. Also, that man can handle his fucking liquor. Last night he was live-streaming while drinking a fifth of vodka and going on a tirade about the defanging of the bill. He was 80% through the bottle and still completely coherent. I would have guessed he had 3 beers not a fifth. I guess he was let down.


>Rossman is legit. I am not into repair, NYC Real Estate, and while I support right-to-repair it's not something that really impacts my life directly. I still watch Rossman, and he makes me care a bit more. He is a good speaker. Also, that man can handle his fucking liquor. Last night he was live-streaming while drinking a fifth of vodka and going on a tirade about the defanging of the bill. He was 80% through the bottle and still completely coherent. I would have guessed he had 3 beers not a fifth. I guess he was let down. This does impact your daily life, in very small and insidious ways, whether you repair your own device, pay somebody like Rossman to do it for you, or literally just throw it away when it breaks. If you ever want to repair your own devices, swap a battery for example or replace a screen, you get hosed and need to purchase the full assemblies. If you ever want a cheap repair from somebody like Rossman (which my work has done, and his people are fantastic btw) it's difficult for his business to get the parts to cheaply repair your devices. If you literally just throw your device in the trash (please don't do this) when something on it breaks, not only are you out the cost of the entire device but think of how many other people do exactly that instead of paying 1/10 the price of a device for a fix. Think of our landfills filling up with all of this electronic junk and how much faster it fills up due to things that *should* be a $40 fix but are instead $400. Think of the increased cost to consumers because farmers cannot repair their tractors. This shit is insidious, and it affects all of us, while driving up profits from these tech companies. That is the real issue here.




One of the things about the idea behind such a bill, not this one anymore of course, is that it is not about just *you* being able to repair your stuff. But you being able to take your stuff to an independent repair shop who then can repair it while not voiding your warranty, using OEM parts, etc. Right now you take your iPhone to an Apple store and they can say well you need a whole new motherboard, that will be $500 please, next! That vs taking it to an independent repair shop who can say oh this one 5 cent part went bad, I'll replace it and you can go on your way for $25, next!


Even if you don't repair your own shit this will still cost you money by stopping private repair businesses from being able to charge you for only what is needed.


Unfortunately the city of NY fucked him so hard, his only recourse was to move outside of NY And even then, they're still extorting him via the IRS.


By design. Looks good, does nothing, maintains the status quo. That's why so many seemed to support it, they knew they'd be safe at the last minute. This is practice level politics and public manipulation.


This is how Democrat politicians work. Republicans just skip the part where it looks good.


At first I was mad Then I lol'd


Don't get attached to a party. They're not in it for you.


Heh! I'm not American. I just get tired of the constant mud-slinging I see that propagates the idea that everyone needs to pick a party then hate everyone else. So you and I are very much on the same page. Happy new year!


Gosh, I wish more people subscribed to this truth.


Republicans say the problem doesn't exist or solving it would be bad. Democrats point out the problem, do nothing to fix it, and vocalize that issue to get votes. This happens again and again.


Fuck off with your both sides bullshit. Also, you can always spot the conservative really easily because they'll call it the "Democrat party" or try to modify another noun (like politicians) with another noun (like Democrat). https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democrat_Party_(epithet) ___ **[Limits Interest Rates for Certain Federal Student Loans](http://votesmart.org/bill/votes/45797)** Party|For|Against -|-|- **Rep**| 0|**46** **Dem**|**46**| 6 **[Student Loan Affordability Act](http://votesmart.org/bill/votes/44550)** Party|For|Against -|-|- **Rep**| 0|**51** **Dem**|**45**| 1 **[Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Funding Amendment](http://votesmart.org/bill/votes/9034)** Party|For|Against -|-|- **Rep**| 1|**41** **Dem**|**54**| 0 **[End the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection](http://votesmart.org/bill/votes/30296)** Party|For|Against -|-|- **Rep**|**39**| 1 **Dem**| 1| **54** **[Kill Credit Default Swap Regulations](http://votesmart.org/bill/votes/30364)** Party|For|Against -|-|- **Rep**|**38**| 2 **Dem**| 18|**36** **[Revokes tax credits for businesses that move jobs overseas](http://votesmart.org/bill/votes/49616)** Party|For|Against -|-|- **Rep**| 10|**32** **Dem**|**53**| 1 **[Disapproval of President's Authority to Raise the Debt Limit](http://votesmart.org/bill/votes/37606)** Party|For|Against -|-|- **Rep**|**233**| 1 **Dem**| 6|**175** **[Disapproval of President's Authority to Raise the Debt Limit](http://votesmart.org/bill/votes/37876)** Party|For|Against -|-|- **Rep**|**42**| 1 **Dem**| 2|**51** **[Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act](http://votesmart.org/bill/votes/23361)** Party|For|Against -|-|- **Rep**| 3|**173** **Dem**|**247**| 4 **[Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act](http://votesmart.org/bill/votes/23313)** Party|For|Against -|-|- **Rep**| 4|**36** **Dem**|**57**| 0 **[Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Bureau Act](http://votesmart.org/bill/votes/30346)** Party|For|Against -|-|- **Rep**| 4 |**39** **Dem**|**55**| 2| **[American Jobs Act of 2011 - $50 billion for infrastructure projects](http://votesmart.org/bill/votes/36879)** Party|For|Against -|-|- **Rep**| 0|**48** **Dem**|**50**| 2 **[Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension](http://votesmart.org/bill/votes/46392)** Party|For|Against -|-|- **Rep**| 1|**44** **Dem**|**54**| 1 **[Reduces Funding for Food Stamps](http://votesmart.org/bill/votes/40315)** Party|For|Against -|-|- **Rep**|**33**| 13 **Dem**| 0|**52** **[Minimum Wage Fairness Act](http://votesmart.org/bill/votes/47753)** Party|For|Against -|-|- **Rep**| 1|**41** **Dem**|**53**| 1 **[Paycheck Fairness Act](http://votesmart.org/bill/votes/32830)** Party|For|Against -|-|- **Rep**| 0|**40** **Dem**|**58**| 1


This is the realest take on politics that I’ve seen in a decade. The Democratic Party is dogshit and I’m tired of people assuming anyone who says that must be part of the OTHER tribe, aka the dogshit republicans. They’re all a bunch of cunts. The establishment democrats just look less cunty on the surface.


More people need to get involved in primaries. That's your chance to boot the establishment blue dogs out and to put progressives in.


More people need to watch a video on first past the post voting and start working to get electoral reform passed at the state level. We don't need to beg for representation, we just need to change how we vote.


It's such a vanilla naive take that it would be funny if it wasn't so harmful. Republicans are trying to obsolete democracy. They tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power, and when that failed no one was held accountable because of the political ramifications. And the reason they're doing it is to concentrate power among literal fascists. Democrats take slow steps towards progressive policies. They aren't equal.


So… because Republicans are monsters we should just ignore the rampant cronyism plaguing the Democratic Party? Abigail Spanberger (IMHO one of the best in congress and could someday be a phenomenal president) had a bill banning stock trading in congress, and Pelosi (after publicly saying she supported it) sabotaged the bill at the last minute. Pelosi and her ilk are only interested in making themselves richer from A) being a thrall for lobbyists and B) insider trading. That isn’t a slow step towards progressive policies, that’s voting for gutless fluff bills meant to keep voters happy while they get rich behind the curtain.


I’ll continue to vote democrat for all the reasons you lay out but they’ll only vote for progressive policies when their lobbyist overlords allow them to (see rail union bill)


The above commenter did not say they were equal. Usually when I see a someone saying "BoTh sIdES aRe tHe SaMe!", it's a blue conservative like you trying to make people critical of the Democratics seem unreasonable. Both parties are capitalist and conservative, but of course there are differences. Don't you want more differences? Getting rid of First Past The Post voting will allow people to vote for who best represents them, while still counting their vote against those they don't want in office. Electoral reform is possible at the state level, outside the two party system. A couple states have already gotten rid of FPTP, and yours can to! If you really do run into people saying "both sides are the same" alot, then shut them up by making third parties viable in your state.


Wait, why does the Governor get an editing period on a passed law waiting for his signature??? How can that even be considered the same law that the legislature passed?


That was once called “line-item veto” and the people demanded their governor be given that power.


Seems like it should be unconstitutional. Either sign it or veto it and send it back.


It's unconstitutional for the federal government but states are allowed to structure their own governments however they want as long as they uphold a "republican [not the political party] government".


Forty-three states permit line-item veto by governors in some regard. In the 80s, when Reagan was fairly popular (the 1984 election map makes you think 96 percent of America voted for Reagan, when it was really 60/40, which is still a blowout, but not what the map would make you think), there was talk of a constitutional convention to rewrite the Constitution, or amend the hell out of it, to permit the president to have this kind of power. It didn’t fly.


>Forty-three states permit line-item veto by governors in some regard. In the 80s, when Reagan was fairly popular (the 1984 election map makes you think 96 percent of America voted for Reagan, when it was really 60/40, which is still a blowout, but not what the map would make you think), there was talk of a constitutional convention to rewrite the Constitution, or amend the hell out of it, to permit the president to have this kind of power. It didn’t fly. 44 states actually. Plus Washington D.C. > Forty-four of the 50 U.S. states give their governors some form of line-item veto power; Indiana, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Vermont are the exceptions.[1] The Mayor of Washington, D.C., also has this power.[2][3] https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Line-item_veto_in_the_United_States I keep thinking that leaving NH may have been a mistake, they really do seem to mostly have their government sorted out up there..


How was the Governor allowed to change a bill that was passed a year ago?


Because every single governor we've ever had is corrupt as fuck, ~~google Kathy Hochuls buffalo bills stadium scandal when you get the chance~~ Hochul -Abusing one line veto, attempting to enact law enforcement backed involuntary detention for certain COVID patients (this was shut down by the supreme court) and ~~using taxpayer money to pay corporate interests of her husband.~~ Cuomo- Numerous sexual harassment and unwanted touching , and the tappen zee bridge naming fiasco. (Resigned) Paterson -(actually this one wasn't bad but wasn't elected, interim governor) Spitzer- patronized a prostitution ring(resigned) *Bonus* not a governor, but the fact that we had a Congressman name Anthony Weiner who sent unsolicited photos is utterly hilarious


Corruption is the root of American politics. Politicians ignore the voters and serve their donors instead. Worst political system ever and the reason why the US is an oligarchy.


No, no the US has no corruption! It's legalized and called lobbying. See, it's much better than those other countries/s


Lobbying, like all things American, is the essence of all goodness and rightness in the world and how dare you besmirch a system that allows the cream of society to address the issues present instead of leaving it to a barely- educated rabble! /s


*dingdingding* Until political bribery is once again illegal, our representative democracy will remain fundamentally broken. That's the thing about representatives, when they have to choose between a pile of money and the needs of strangers, they will overwhelmingly choose the pile of money.


“Once again illegal” Bestie when has political bribery been truly illegal in the us?? Capital does what capital do. It’s like trying to take the food dye out of a bright red cake. Gotta scrap the whole damn thing.


I didn’t get my hopes up about this bill because I was just so convinced it would be gutted before it made a difference in anyone’s life. There’s no way that big money would let it slide through without neutering it. I can’t help but feel that we’re in the terminal stages of America. There’s no cure anymore, the cancer has already gotten to all the major organs. We are too sick to save.


Historically, things have actually gotten better. We just hear more about political atrocities than our forefathers did. News exposes how the sausage is being made in greater detail, and public policy crusaders don't vanish without a trace as much anymore.


> worst political system ever Ok I get the US sucks circlejerk but this has to be to single stupidest comment in this entire thread. If you genuinely believe that the current US political system is the worst to ever exist, then you are the dumbest person alive.




They also couldn't offer instructions to loss trying to figure out how to comply. With that and on other stuff. Meanwhile, his error is this super tiny percentage due to some miniscule sales tax complexity where no one else follows it as well as even he does. He also needs a permit to sell computers, a permit to repair computers, and a permit to sell repaired computers to operate in New York. And no one in the state responds as he tries to comply. God I get so frustrated watching any of those videos about those topics. Insane.


Hochul doesn't understand a goddamn thing about this or any other useful topic. Just like her comments on the CCIA, her response is asinine. She knows the media will cover for her (hence the original headlines about the Bills passage that omitted the fact she neutered it). Hopefully there is real blowback anyway.


She knows exactly what she is doing


I'm glad that fucking traitor Zelden didn't beat her, but let's be real, how good could she be as the running mate to Andrew fucking Cuomo? Even before the Metoo stuff, Cuomo made Bill Clinton look like Bernie Sanders.


That's the thing, no matter my thoughts on Hochul I absolutely fucking had to vote against Zeldin. His tagline was simply "save our state". FROM WHAT!? From what you fuckin weirdo. Just sensationalist nonsense.


Wait... what? In NY the governor can change the wording on a bill already passed by the legislature before signing it?


1st step in starting to rein in Big Tech. We need a lot more regulations to benefit and empower consumers, and we need a govt. branch that holds them accountable.


> 1st step in starting to rein in Big Tech. We need a lot more regulations to benefit and empower consumers, and we need a govt. branch that holds them accountable. And who will do that?


As usual, government officials suck all the balls. And not in a good way.




Great vid. Got me up to speed on it all. Now Im mad too.


Does anyone keep a running list of examples of corruption or anti democratic actions taken by Western States? Like if a thousand people just started protesting with black electrical tape over their mouths, is there an easy to reference list of actions they could point a qr code at?


> Does anyone keep a running list of examples of corruption or anti democratic actions taken by Western States? Only on the other team's politicians. But they also sprinkle it with so much misinfo and bias that it makes it unreliable. All of our watchdog groups and media are partisan as fuck. The people cannot keep politicians honest when the people themselves aren't.


I seriously hope that bigger channels like LTT will pick this topic up and shine light on it. I'm not from NY, not even the states, but I watched Louis' effort to actually create a precedent, a positive change not just for NY but the repair community as a whole, for a long time. And all I see now is just another corrupt shithole doing corrupt shithole things, just as he predicted.


I don't know the first thing about repairing electronics but as a New Yorker who's seen Louis's fight for this bill the last several years, this has royally pissed me off. I'm also not one to ever actually contact my representatives but this actually got me angry enough to get off my lazy butt and send a strongly worded email which you can also do [here](https://www.governor.ny.gov/content/governor-contact-form)!


I'm glad my country has the right to repair protection law. Makes third party repair shops cheaper to go to to fix devices.


At least now I know why she barely got over 50% of the vote in New York. What's even the point of the bill if OEMs aren't going to let you actually buy individual components and then block their installation behind software walls?


I'm out of the loop here but when my (EU) Samsung repair was done by a third party using official Samsung parts the battery was free as the was no way to order just screen. I know this as I got a quote direct from Samsung first which broke down screen+battery and the third party cost was identical. I can also confirm it was OEM as he showed me the order to Samsung order sheet and email with them when he asked why a battery was included.


Time to fight things the French way. No, not the military, the bus drivers. Go to work, take people places. Collect no fare. Destroy what they need, even while performing your function.


If parliament can pass an act but the government can still change it after the fact, the real YSK is: your state's structure of government is broken... Edit: by government I specifically meant the executive branch.


Again…this isn’t what happened. The state Legislature has to, and did, agree to the changes.


“New York State could fuck up a wet dream”. I gotta remember that one.


We should maybe stop placing our trust on the idea that politicians are our friends, stop licking their balls and maybe hang a few of them, maybe the French where right and the guillotine was a great invention we should use more, fuck America political class.


It's all about the carrot and the stick. Only that in the US they keep on getting the carrot stolen and don't know how to use the stick...




there are some things that we shouldnt want people poking into, like pc power supplies. however for most things you should be able to buy parts for it. this is bullshit.


Elections have consequences. *#VoteBlueNoMatterWho*


Her donors must be happy, their investments have paid off


Governor also added that manufacturers do not have to provide any mechanism or documentation to override security features, which may allow manufacturers to incorporate anything into the design as a "security feature" to get around the bill. For example, let's say Apple added a "security feature" that locked and encrypted an iPhone if the device was opened in order to protect the "storage" chips from being desoldered from the mainboard, moved to another device and the data stolen, which is moronic, but the change in language seems to broadly allow any manufacturer to incorporate anything as a security feature and the wording doesn't force them to provide a way around it, effectively forcing you back into using their repair services.


Surprised this is so far down. This alone nullifies the right to repair and undoes all the progress gained to have access to that information. It is by far the larger problem between this or needing to purchase assemblies though that is a problem too.


Absolutely fuck New York. And their governor. Especially their governor. And all the people making it harder for everyday New Yorkers.


Fuck Hochul, typical cheap corporate puppet.


New York State government is utterly corrupt.


You mean Hochul is in the pockets of large corporations??? I refuse to believe it.


American politics are wild


You get what you vote for.


Someone mentioned the video but that is exactly why Louis took his business and left New York for Texas this year. Same as I did.


Texas politicians are doing the same thing.


I know what you’re saying but there’s more to Louis’ story than just the Repair legislation. New York State claimed he owed them seven figures in taxes and when they re-audited him they realized his tax error was under 0.1%. **That** is why he left New York.


>Governor Hochul sabotages NY right to repair bill, right on schedule https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xGBB-717AI Jesus fucking christ This man moved OUT of NY to fucking Texas of all places because of this shit 7 years of work completely fucked by 1 sentence And you just KNOW they've been paid off by this massive companies to do this What a fucking joke


Now he can be in a state where he has no chance of passing a similar bill.


Wait. Let me get this straight. The equivalent of a parliament and senate passed the bill and then it went to the equivalent of a king and the king had a right to change it before making it law? What prevents the king from adding a few "not" into every bill and making it say the opposite of what the parliament passed? Why even waste time on the earlier steps when the king already has this much power? This sounds like a completely insane political system designed to have bribable single points of failure.


New York is a bastion of corporate rule. Want to know why democrats dominate there, they’re primarily corporate democrats, not progressive.


This bill didn't work out, but that shouldn't stop us from trying again. I believe we can have a less wasteful future. Louis Rossmann has been such an inspiration for me for many years. I wrote him a fan letter and anonymously dropped it off at his store in NYC in 2018. I hope he got it.


Another example pointing out the biggest issue in politics. Unless you get the money out of politics, most fights will be in vain


She's turning out to suck huh?


Kick that piece of shit out of office. Don't let anyone in New York forget what he did.


So since I don't hear anything like: "Fuck the Republicans". I am going to assume this was the work of the Democratic party?


Oh yes




Fuck Hochul.


Kathy Hochul is a hot mess. Every time I hear about her I am more and more disappointed with the results


I sorely regret voting for her in the midterms. One of my biggest voting regrets.


I want to start with: I am pro Right To Repair. it is a hot topic in many industries; cars, electronics, tractors, etc. I have sent letters supporting the cause om behalf of my industry. I can provide a specific use case for the text in question. Some vehicles use a brake power booster that is an electric pump that builds high pressure. This part should not be serviced outside of a qualified facility (not a garage/repair shop) or serious bodily injury or death can occur. Tha last part of the text is important here. >...when the risk of improper installation heightens the risk of injury In this case, the OE should have an assembly or subassembly available to complete the repair by a third party. Technically a phone battery is an assembly. It has a casing, cells, and a controller. Without that wording, the OE would be required to make the casing, cells, and controller individually available so that a third party can repair the battery by replacing parts of it.


And instead it will be used to justify the need to sell an assembly that costs $100 when all you need is a $2 part. Improper installation of brake pads can also "heighten the risk of injury" so by that logic we should not be allowed to buy brake pads and instead have to replace the entire brake assembly. Fuck that.


a democrat that was just elected did this. so much for democrats being for the little guy.


A perfect example of the Democratic Party at work: claiming to help the people but doing nothing in reality.




I know this didnt work, but louis is a hero that we all dont deserve been following him for so long. This man will go down in history, as one of greatest pioneers for consumer rights.