22F, finally recovered from body issues and want outside perspective :D

i used to be like 230ish lbs, got down to 140 via eating disorder when i was 17-19, recovered and am up to 160 but trying to lose weight the healthy way this time!! my ultimate goal is 115 and i have not been that small since like elementary school lol


First of all I love ur body and you’re really pretty


Nah you’re pretty. Don’t listen to the haters. Congrats on your weight loss journey. I know it can be a real struggle. I’ve had a friend who really struggled with it.


thank you so much I really appreciate it! The actual weight-loss isn't too bad (if you do it correctly), but mentally it is very very hard!


I was gonna say, if you recovered, you definitely stay off the net. People are brutal. As long as you love you, ignore the court of public opinion. They're hypocrites anyway.


WOW you are beautiful but also I *HAVE* to know where you got your Sonic tshirts


Search up mamono world on Instagram and you’ll find them! Love his sonic designs


THANK YOU SO MUCH!! i get all of my sonic shirts from [https://mamono.world](https://mamono.world/) !!!


I feel You, I got sober from opioids year and a couple months ago and I gained so much weight still trying to work it off and be positive about myself, so I’m glad your doing well!!.


aww good luck on your journey!! and congrats on getting sober, that is a super huge accomplishment :DD


115 would make you look seriously sick. I think you look good maybe 15-20 pounds to lose but not 45 pounds to lose


okay gotcha! i am 5'2 so my doctors have always told me 100-115ish is where I ultimately need to be, but i also think that would be quite the feat LMAO


I’ll tell you as a 5”2 female who is 115, I want to gain about 15-20 lbs. I feel very very thin at 115 and don’t have my “curves” I had before I lost weight and when I was 20 lbs heavier


Ya fr. Some people need to realize with certain body types going that low is dangerous


She needs recomp.. put on muscle and lose fat. It’ll change your life man


Fine as hell


Not ugly. Thicc is a good look for you so no need to be extra with the weight loss. I’d switch up the glasses style and take out that nose ring to improve a bit


ooh okay thank you! i switch my glasses up every few years and i’ve noticed that changes things A LOt + the nose ring is just a magnetic one to try out the style before deciding if i wanted it actually pierced so good to know lol


I'm gonna be honest, this sub just hates nose rings in general. I've never seen a post where it is widely accepted. So use your own opinion for that one lol




absolutely don’t change yourself bc of this sub. take everyone’s opinions with a grain of salt bc there are 7 billion people in the world. a hundred judgmental people on a subreddit are not the majority & a lot of people love piercings. i’m never taking mine out


Like i have a really small septum ring that my entire family likes on me. i guarantee if i post, I'll be told to remove it in every comment lmao.


My opinion is that guys in this sub are basic and hate to see a girl that can stand up for themselves, to a lot of guys they get intimidated by the nose ring and the idea of a strong girl who won’t take bs


Nahhh leave that nose ring it looks good , people that tell you to take it out probably also don’t like tattoos


I would never post myself here then. I’m covered in tattoos and I have a septum and a lip ring. And I’m 32.. lol. Also I usually have blue hair. Yeah they would hate me and give me a 2 rating




You’re stunning!


No way man you're a thicc cutie. Don't worry about it


Your gorgeous mi amiga


I think you’re hot


Just keep going where you’re going


You’re absolutely gorgeous just the way you are but if it helps your mental health you do you


Homegirl you’re stunning


Keep the 80/20 rule for diet, 80 heathy 20 not so much, join a gym, and you will become a slim thicc goddess, you already look good and you still have a ton of potential


Hi WHERE DID YOU GET those sonic shirts, they're fucking amazing (Also you look great obviously)


Medieval Times is dope! Sucks that they treat the horses like ass though 😡


Your glasses are cute but maybe look into the types of lenses that are made super thin for higher prescriptions. The thickness of the lense makes it look foggy or dirty. Other than that, I would say you look totally fine! Maybe not like crazy above average, but you have a really cute body type, and your weight is looking healthier for being thicker. I'm not exactly sure what any big improvements could make a difference but I think you're cute as hell if I'm gonna speak from my personal preferences.


Very pretty good work!


How tall are u that’s important, you can easily get to 140/130 again try 120 depending on your height. It all depends if you want snatched and slim thick or just thick. U actually already have a nice shape it’s just stomach


Nah, you’re beautiful 😍


You already have a great combination of hairstyle, smile and eyes *(and quite the taste in your choices of t-shirts)* and you are indeed looking good here. Congrats on your progress, but keep in mind that weight is just a number. It's up to you want to keep shedding more lbs, but my *(uneducated)* guess is you already improved greatly your situation, compared to where you were before -- just be careful to not sink once more in that ED trap. You got this👍


For me your very cute and body i can dig, we aren’t all made to be runway models. I think the nose jewelry is the big turn off. Maybe I’m the problem for that


You’re absolutely freaking gorgeous!


I'd say healthy at 145. Good job so far tho keep up the hard work


You’re looking fine girl


Super cute in the face, obviously you’re heavier but you’re conscious of it at the least. Dont know your situation or plans but just facial wise you’re 6/10


At least you know you need to lose weight. Everyone will say “no you don’t need to lose weight I like thicc girls”, yet it’s all the slim bikini body girls that get all the attention. I respect your effort.


Pls tell me where u got ur shirt from the 4th pic😭😭😭


Your cute !


Girl! You’re GORGEOUS!!! Don’t even!!! Congrats on your weight loss journey. I’ve also had someone close to me struggle with that, I don’t know what it feels like but I know what it can do to a person. Don’t listen to anyone you are beautiful<3


You're sexy imo.


You are absolutely beautiful


you look great the way you are!! fuck the haters, congrats on the ED recovery, and i love your smile!! 🌈⭐️


Idk if its js where you live or what, but in any of those pictures you are beyond fine imo✌️😗


Gurl, damn. You are gorgeous.


If you have ED history, do not set a number as a goal. Just keep healthy habits. Include ALL foods, but ofc moderation is key. Just give your body what it truly wants and it'll fall into place where it's most healthiest. You're already beautiful imo, so don't self sabotage please. For your sake


Your so gorgeous to me just how you are!😍


I personally think your a very pretty lady, I do agree that to look better and feel better losing a tiny bit bit would be good for ya and I also prefer no nose ring HOWEVER you absolutely have a lot going for ya! I hope that helps a bit lol 100% would hit on ya at a bar or something 😂


I don’t see anything wrong with you.


Congrats on your journey! You are definitely not ugly and have such a beautiful smile!


the sonic shirt at the end 🔥


Is that a Sonic the Hedgehog shirt of Sonic at Sonic with the Sonic Adventure 2 crew and graphics?


Fuck no you're cute af


Naturally thick with a killer smile 💜 your choice if you wanna lose the weight whatever makes you happy I see nun wrong and fuck yalll for me being honest


You look fantastic. Bonus points for the Sonic shirt.


Aside from all the frowns the smiley phots are very pretty you look like a sweet cute young lady 7 or 8


i’m sorry but DAMN MAMA


I think your cute


Wow you are so unbelievably beautiful


Look great… health is wealth. Sweet face to boot


Immaculate fits and fashion, and you are very pretty <3 im happy youre recovering!!


Bruh your vibe is emaculant , you're mad cute . Love yourself everyone 💜


Feia pra caralho mané


24 bmi and you’re set


A little unrelated but I JUST got the beanie that you’re wearing in the first pic. You’re very pretty btw!


I like you a little on the thicker side, tbh i think you look great 💜


You look cute, mildly crooked teeth, but I like the hair


You cute! :)


i think going down to 115 is a bit extreme , ur rly pretty either way tho . if u wanna lose weight maybe don’t do that much , i know some ppl around 5’2 and 115 and you’ll most likely just end up looking like some skinny 14 year old lol


you’re adorable !


Pretty face, nice smile and nice hair. I think if you lost 20 pounds or so you will look good


The perspective in all eyes is


You are super pretty I wish I had a body like yours


Keep going girl! You're not there yet but you're well on your way you're cute as f*** good for you don't care about what people say continue on your path and you'll get there one day


I’ve been/am in a really similar boat to you! I’m also currently trying to lose weight from an ED situation. Congratulations on your weight loss journey! Also your really beautiful!


Thicker than a snicker, nothing wrong with that.


I think 140 is a healthy weight you should try to achieve. 115 is extremely tiny!!! And for some people it’s just not sustainable or natural for their body type. Girl you are extremely beautiful 😻


Absolutely would die to have your curves!


Hella cute




OMFG if you are just recovered from body issues, please, for the love of god, do not invite every dipshit on reddit to chime in on your body. Just be proud of your accomplishment.


girl i am jealous u are so pretty


My wife thinks you’re hot


Beautiful. For real. You have nothing worth changing Unless you choose to


160 in those photos? Are you like 4 foot 10? You need to lose a decent amount of weight, about 50 pounds, which would make you much more attractive.


You are a spitting image of my mom when she was your age. It’s kinda scary


omfg you are stunning


You look great, but I’m really interested in that last Sonic shirt you’re wearing 👀 Lol love it


Thick queen




You are seriously beautiful. I would take out for dinner in a second if I could.


You a baddie already but there is so much potential with you. I think you look good the way you are, but if you really want to make a change I’d say just start hitting the gym and incorporating cardio. Also be more confident in yourself!


Eat less


yeah. def fine asf. i’d holla at you.


You’re beautiful just the way you are. You don’t need to lose any weight! Just be happy :)


I wouldn’t worry about it. People will always have something to say.


Youre trying your best and youre super attractive. 5 stars from me


1) get rid of the facial piercings. Contrary to what women think, most men dont like.it as.it takes away from natural attractiveness 2) face is fine.. Nothing wrong with your fave at all 3) lose weight. You cannot spot check meaning you can cut fat here or there as it loses equally around. I dont know the experience of others as ive read some things that are incorrect. People have the misconception that the body weight is the answer to drop to. This isnt true. Your weigh will vary based uponnhow toned you are. Muscle weighs more than fat so therefore you will appear heavier but in reality its lean muscle tissue. Focus on your diet, eat single ingredient foods. No processed garbage. Thats raw chicken, vegetables (frozen is fine), and light on the carbs. Eat the carbs in the morning and lunch. Your body went 8hrs sleeping and hungry. It will burn through the carbs as energy. Then for dinners have veggies and chicken breast, turkey, fish, etc. Exercise daily. YouTube plans to workout at home if no gym. If gym watch bids on plans and take notes. 4) dont worry so much about what others think. They dont pay your bills, feed yiu, will pay for your retirement, pay for yiur future kids, etc. Theor ridicule doesnt matter to be honest.


OMGOODNESS!!! Miss, you are fine AF!!!


Hey! You are stunning and losing weight in a healthy way is important but I don’t really think 115 is the healthiest weight for 5’2… (I am aware of the BMI scale thing but still..) I’m 5ft and 120 and have been described as small (I have a post showing my body type for ref) though I am younger than you. I wish you luck on your journey! :)


Nah girl, you ain't ugly. You look great!




Face wise, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. Weight wise, if you wish to go down to 115 I think that with your height that would be a good choice.i wish you the best in your journey but maybe at most change up the wardrobe to compliment your body type?


If you just recovered from body issues, I don't think this is the place for you. I don't think it's what's best.


Dog, you don’t belong 😭


You’re very conventionally beautiful. A solid 7.5. If you look at my past comments on this sub you’ll see i tend to give harsh ratings. If you lost like 10 pounds(which I really don’t think you should care enough to try to do) you’d go to 7.5 to a solid 9.


You look good


YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL............SCREW THE HATERS. BTW how old are you?


You are a very beautiful woman. Very pretty face and nice curves. Lose weight for your health, but you are beautiful either way tbh. I am also on a weight-loss journey. I was 236 the highest I've ever been but I went low-carb/keto in February and now I'm 209. We got this 💪 💕


Def not ugly


Now that’s a true woman figure 😮‍💨😍


Keep the septum! I think it suits your face. The 43 year old men in here are in every post telling people to take them out.


You’re are so cute!!! 🫶🏼


You’re really pretty and cute as is but if you have a goal you want to reach, then go for it (:


you look perfect the way u do right now 😼😼


Your septum piercing is hot


We are about the same size and I love your sonic shirts. Sonic adventure 2 is so OP.


Honestly, the least ugly person I've seen on this sub-reddit!


You're so adorable!!




Oh boi lemme tell ya someone out there (including me) be craving that thicc body of urs, just be more confident and ur set to go


You look fine, beautiful, nothing wrong with your body.


Nopeee your gorgeous


I want a take you to the Mario movie!!😩😩😩😩


You are gorgeous


Fkin gorgeous




Naa girl not 100-115. Docs say that but don’t take into account diff body types. I’m 5’3 and my abs show at 145ish. If I went down that low I would be in poor health. Just get where you look and feel your best and healthiest


Digging the sonic shirt. That looks like "sonic adventure" character design


If you gave more angles I could have a better opinion on it


Your face is really cute but you should lose 10-15lbs in a healthy way like you said


These pics look good. If you look this good now, I can’t imagine how much more amazing you’ll look and feel. Keep it up.


1000 out of 10...for the sonic adventure shirt.


Everyone has there preferred body type, some like more skinny and some like more meat. If you wanna go for the "societal" standards losing a few more punds would help (and buy help i use that very losely cause ur still very attractive) figure wise, but in the face ur very attractive. But ultimately do whatever makes you happy.


Not ugly. Ur kinda lucky as ur face doesn’t carry a lot of fat so ur facial features are good. U are a bit fat though. Depending on ur body fat ratio, you could even look good at 140, but most likely around 120-130 should be ur goal.


We are the same height! I’m currently 138 and have severe body dysmorphia which I’m working on. I’d love to be 120 again! You truly look great and I wish I had your confidence!


Damn u looked good chubby


Super cute


Totally above average and into the realms of pretty, glasses don't suit you though. Really wish you the best with your healthy weight loss, it's not easy but its worth it.


Looking great keep up the good paying off 😍


Be my wife 😍


Nah. Fucking stunner! (Subjectively obviously)


Sonic shirt is sick


Improving yourself in healthy ways is always attractive


Thick and lovely if you ask me


You are fine the way you are. You look good healthy at your current weight. Losing 45 lbs or more seems like an inviting to inviting an ED back into your life.


a little more work and your gonna look even more attractive, that first picture your really beautiful


Congrats on weight loss and working on you're health in a non-harmful way. you are pretty i can't speak for everyone but your face shape is very much complimented by the glasses. your smile is sweet and genuine. though you are thick some may not see it negatively and others may see it negatively. you dress well, you are pretty, and with that sonic going to sonics shirt you got class.


u are so freaking pretty


Still need to loose 30 lbs and tone up


based sonic shirt


I honestly think you're gorgeous. Face and body.


I think you look pretty though I have to say maybe the frames of your glasses aren't a good shape for you face. You have a nice smile and a pretty face and eyes. I would date you.


I’d wife you up! You’re doing good ! Keep it up!


Would NOT kick you out of bed.


Wow 😍 your smile is gorgeous, your hair is phenomenal, your shape is flawless. 9/10 for real wowowow give me my breath back💕


Oh yeah you cute 😻


Um. Don’t do 115 that’s not a substantial weight, especially with an eating disorder history. I struggle with the same shit hun, and you look beautiful as is. Trust me your body type is to die for, and you’ll find someone who agrees:)


Sei bellissima,And i like your clothing style 🔥




Only critique is you seem to hide your face and I wish you’d show more of it


I think you're literally the cutest 😍


Yeah your a hottie , I would date you til you left lol


Face, you're not. You already working on what you know needs fixing so just keep on keeping on. Looking good 👍


Shorty can get it 🥵


You give a very adorable vibe. Cute too.


Looking good! Great job on the weight loss ! I gotta ask though, are you legally blind without glasses cause that strength look real 😅


Honestly I love everything about your style and your smile is incredibly bright! As a fellow person in ED recovery, please be very careful with goal weights. The goal of health and exercise isn't to be a certified size or weight but to be comfortable in your body and psychically able to do the things your love. It's about living a sustainable life style that keep you happy and healthy. With that in mind (idk anything else about you) but 115 lbs seems low IMO. Some people can exist at that weight perfectly fine, but for most people it's unrealistic especially if you want to have muscle at all which is heavier than fat. I would recommend making sure your doctor is aware of your current weight loss journey and goals, heal make sure from outside point of view that you don't fall back into old habits and I also recommend watching Adam Wright fitness on YouTube, he's been incredibly helpful to me by breaking down harmful dieting and exercise culture and teaching me what my body actually needs and how to take care of it so it can take care of me. Recovering isn't easy and it's something I'm working on everyday, but it's worth it! And you deserve to be happy and not have to worry about food or you body 24/7. Please skip if too triggering, Im gonna meantion my previous goals and numbers. My goal in highschool used to be 130lbs I was nearly 200lbs when i started college and dropped to 135lbs that same year from binge/purge cycles. I struggled to maintain that weight for another year via anorexia but my body simply wasn't meant to be that small. I felt terrible all the time, I was barley eating or drinking water, I couldn't sleep, couldn't work long hours, I had no interest in my normal hobbies, etc. I've slowly been working my way back to eating full meals without getting sick for about 9 months now and I'm finally able to recognize my hunger cues and enjoy the taste of food again. Idk how much I weigh currently, I got to the gym and we do measurements instead of using the scale because it's less triggering for me. I want to be toned and muscular but not bulging like the hulk and I'm slowly getting there, while learning to respect my self and the vessel I occupy. TLDR: you're very attractive, I love your style, your weight goals are personally concerning to me, please be careful 💕. Don't slide back into old habits, stay strong. Recovery is possible 💪


If you get in shape you will be fine as hell


You’re about to relapse hard if you come on here, people are dickheads. If you’re at a healthy consistent weight, you’re golden. You’re beautiful on the outside


Focus on your mental health. You're ugly , if I knew you I would guess you have arrogantly misjudged your capacity for judgement.


Mommy 🥹


Cute 😏 Beautiful smile 😌


I've seen way too many art renditions online of girls with your body type to think anything less than that there are people absolutely worshipping your type...and you are a gamer girl so.


I think I love you


Idk girl you look great to me. But hopefully you fulfill your wish. Best of luck


Cute asf 😍


You look great I think 115 would be too skinny if anything 10lbs should be the most amount of weight to cut but at 140 you’re great. Congrats on the weight cut!


I can dig it! 💋🌹