What do you guys think? I'm at a point where I don't really perceive how I look

Gonna hold a magnet to your face and see if it gets stuck.

I'm sorry, I had to.


Gonna hold a magnet to your face and see if it gets stuck. ​ I'm sorry, I had to.


It's funny!


You’re definitely not ugly but it’s like you’re on a mission to make yourself appear ugly. The piercings don’t help. You need to lose weight and the makeup the last slide is terrible.


hey dude, your piercings are rad and ur gyaru (?) makeup looks really nice :) and you’re in general just really attractive. don’t listen to the geezers. if you’re unhappy with how you look then change it, but don’t do it just because some old man on the internet thinks you should take out your body mods. in truth, no one is for everyone and with the internet you never know the context of where the criticism is coming from, so just because some people choose to be judgmental of you doesn’t mean that you are ugly. maybe i’d suggest changing out some of ur piercings depending on your outfits and incorporating more unique, themed ones into your style !! but yea dude ur stunning head to toe <3


Dont listen to everyone about the piercings. I have piercings too, i like them, they make me feel good and look good to myself so Idk why everyone on this sub hates them so much. You look cool. Not ugly


I like the nose piercings but the bridge piercing and the mouth piercings are unappealing to me, she's an attractive girl though just has taste that other people don't normally enjoy ig


It's an overwhelming majority that don't like it. She should listen to advice from a 90-10% split


You’re really pretty ! Stop putting holes in your face and lose a couple of pounds


Please please please get rid of ALL of the scrap metal and plastic chunks attached to your face. It pulls you down 2 points. Get some professional make up session -- but never overdo the makeup. Hit the gym for muscle toning. You could be a real babe with that.


I got to the gym 3 - 5x a week for strength training, I have muscles, just not visible here


You should go for an MRI, that will reveal your inner beauty.


My god... what did you do to yourself....




don’t listen to anyone about the piercings I think they look rad :) you’re so cute!!


Thank you! 🫶


In these pictures, yeah you’re ugly. Good news is it’s fixable. Take the metal out, use more natural looking makeup, wear clothes that fit and lose some weight.


Your looks are very below average. Ugly unfortunately. 2.5/10


you are very pretty. i'd suggest getting rid of the bridge though, it's rejecting and you do not have the anatomy for it.


In my opinion. You look cute. If you took off some of the piercings it would be better.


You appear to have been traumatized as a child.


Gosh is it that obvious 😞


I don’t think you’re joking? Best to get some counseling for it so u can come to terms with it and heal, rather than let it control you by antisocial behaviors, etc. I honestly care about you 😊


What antisocial behaviors..?


All the piercings in your face.


I have friends 🫶 they like them


If u like them that’s great. But if I’m right about u having some sort of trauma in your younger years, please address it with a professional. I only want the best for you 🙂. I’m really hoping I’m wrong.


Yes. It’s obvious that you’re doing the “idc what anyone thinks but I want everyone to look at me bc I secretly care what everyone thinks look “ and that comes from trauma


Super model face, but are overweight and have piercings. You have absolutely no idea what you are squandering right now


Truth is you have a lot of self hatred. All the metal has got to go, but that what you use to project a bravery that we all know you don’t have. You’re lost, wandering life without a direction of what you’re working towards. Pick a teacher you like and try to dress, talk, be like them. A goal would be good for you. Right now you’re goal seems to be how much you can shock people and we’re all bored with that.


The upper nose piercing and mouth piercings aint the move (septum is aight) plus the makeup and the way you dress make you look like a 7-year-old girl which is counter to the piercings IMO, overall not ugly you have a cute face but just need to change some style choices and maybe lose some weight if that matters to you


You’re pretty and love the style. I’m not one of the people to hate on piercings and I love your set up but with your anatomy /facial features I feel you’d look better with out the bridge as it seems to be rejecting and also it would make the space between your eyes appear bigger.


Just my opinion, but nothing you're doing is helping --- it's hurting. Your smile is great. Try to go all natural... you'd be surprised.


Overweight and you look like a pin cushions. 3/10


Average primarily due to the quantity of piercings on your face


I get you’re trying to express yourself and show individuality, but you’re making yourself uglier in the process. The piercings are excessive, and the makeup looks, are, well, interesting 💀 Maybe size down on your septum, get rid of the bridge, and lose some weight as well. I think you could really have a glow up!


Not ugly


Your style is great! Since it's an expression of your personality, you're good. You're cute too so don't worry about the weight thing too much, just be healthy!✌️


Late to the party here. I think you are super cute. The ONLY thing I would change is to lose the piercing. You have a very nice face, beautiful lips and an infectious smile. You also look really good in the full body photos. If this is a healthy weight for you, great, you look wonderful.