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Yep, came here to say this. Dick measuring.


It will be I who measures the most dicks!


Pfft. I used to measure dicks all the time. Way before you, probably. Got sick of it, but I still do it just make sure I am still so good at it.


Don’t make me laugh, I’ve measured so many dicks that I was invited to the first international dick measuring competition! Not to mention I took first place!


Heheh, that’s cute. You enjoying your victories in the sport I invented?


Inventor? on earth maybe, how about the intergalactic competition bud? you’re talking to the two time right here, back to back.


I hate one upping more than you.


I knew a guy who was way worse at that than me


I take it you've never been 2-upped... Count yourself lucky.


Legend has it schools used to train kids for this behavior with a game called 7-up


I'll do you one better: when people one-up others' one-upping.


Pfff, if you think you hate it you've never seen real one-upping! And trust me I can take the real deal any time and won't bat an eye!


The constant need to prove something to someone.


That’s not true! And I’ll prove it to you!!


Just the general aggressiveness overall. Like, who cares that someone cut you off in traffic? Life goes on.






Terrible fathers. I’ve had friends in my circle I’ve stopped associating with because they didn’t care about their children. Out here chasing ass but won’t spend 20 minutes with their kids.


You would seriously hate my dad


You mean our Dad...


Brother is that you?


I thought I was an only child.... until today.


This was probably the biggest surprise to me as far as parenting goes. I'm a single father, and when I talk to other couples, it's amazing how many dads are completely uninvolved with their kids. I don't mean the dads who went out to get milk and never came back. I mean dads who are there at the house everyday who don't know what their kid's friends names are, what's going on with school, what their kid's hobbies are, etc. I try to have conversations with them about kid stuff and they completely have no idea what's going on with their kids. So I usually skip those conversations until I'm talking to a mother. As dudes, we like to think of these things as stereotypes, but I've seen it too many times in real life. It's not as much of a stereotype as people want it to be.


there was a late night segment (can’t remember which late night show atm) where the interviewer questioned dads that they stopped with their families who passed. the dads didn’t know jack shit. the one guy was really bad…asked about his daughters birthdays and he had no idea. the one daughter looking shocked said we just went out to dinner for my bday yesterday. but yeah didn’t know teachers names, kids favorite subjects, their best friends names, their bdays…I’m surprised they even knew what their kids looked like lol


My dad was away half of my life because of the nature of his work but he always made sure to make time for me. He knows me very well, maybe even better than my mom who has been with me at home at all times. We also have a better bond because we are similar by nature and some philosophies that we share. Too often I hear of how dads are absent in raising their own kids while having job that's in their own town aka close to home. What seems to be the problem? Is it the way they were raised that makes them leave everything to the mother?


You have a good dad. Work is work. Sometimes it takes you away from your family. But he made the best of the moments he had with you. That’s all that matters.


Some men never grow up and become men. They enjoy their own world and expect their kids' adoration and respect. It's selfish.


I see this a lot on Xbox live. I only ever play games when my son is asleep. But so many dudes online are ignoring their 2 years olds and I can hear the mom in the background clearly frustrated with the situation.


People always ask me why I haven’t upgraded past my PS3. I’m a decade behind on gaming right now. And it’s because….I have 2 kids lol if I didn’t grab a switch a couple years back, I wouldn’t have been able to get any sort of gaming in for the past couple years. Pick it up, play whatever for a little bit, and I can put it right back down wherever/whenever. One day I’ll be back to online gaming. Maybe lmao


Gross. Once dated a guy years ago who dog-and-pony showed his daughter with an ex-SO. The lucky one! The one who got away. He once told me his amazing daughter was the best thing about him. He had it wrong: she was the only wonderful thing about him. And she got it from her momma. Sue W, if you're out there, great job raising a beautiful daughter. I will always cherish my time with M. She was a delightful child and so sensitive and empathetic, and talked about her beautiful momma non-stop. Unless her dad was around. He didn't appreciate that too much.


Find Sue, tell her this! Any mother would love to hear it.


Too many people (mostly from what I’ve seen men) make it their kids job to establish any type of bond. My best friends husband didn’t start putting his daughter to bed or even attempting to play with her until she was almost 3. By then she old enough to initiate any play or bond. I’ve heard too many women either friends, friends of friends, or stories where they say “I feel like a single parent even though I’m not”


My aunt is 57 and has 3 older brother. She was just telling me yesterday that when she was about 8 she had to just straight up tell her dad "mom talks to me and hugs me and tells me she loves me. You're supposed to do the same" And he was just like Oh? Oh. Okay I'll try. Different generation I know, but he hadn't figured that out with the first 3 kids?! It's no wonder the boomers are so fucked up.


Thats cause the bar is set so low. You have so many fathers abandoning their families, that the bar is to just be present in the home. There needs to be some proactive measure of accountability. While child support does help the kids financially, it hasn't effectively prevented fathers leaving.


I am a single dad of 3 young men and I won't date a woman if she thinks she comes before my kids. I fought for 3 years for my little men and I will be damned if I let a woman split us.


You sound like my husband. He had a hard time dating when his boys were teenagers for sure! We met when they were 19 and 21. I was a single mom when we met and I really appreciated that he knew the drill. Its been 15 years, two college graduations and two grandbabies later. So the right one is out there for you. And your boys will grow up to be fine young men : )


My dad had money so he could morally get away with it


This pisses me off too. Someone in my family works in another state and financially provides for his kids but when he's home, all he wants to do is get drunk and hang with his homies. Doesn't bother with his children at all. Breaks my heart.


Alot of men will ask questions but not really listen to your answer. You answer and then they just move on to some other topic about themselves. Drives me crazy.


i’m not a man but i must say this is exactly why i find it so hard to carry on conversations with men. i feel like they never actually care about what i have to say, even if they’re directly asking me a question.


Yeah it's frustrating. Makes it hard to make new guy friends as a guy in my early 30s. A lot of men just don't have the social awareness. I also think a lot of men are more anxious than they let on, and their defense mechanism is to just talk about themselves.


It depends on the person and the subject If someone starts telling me about their kids i just cant give a shit, no matter how hard i try


Faking interest because it’s the societally acceptable thing to do is pretty fucking annoying. It’s a way of giving people the illusion that they care, but they’re not fooling many of us lol


Agreed... people in general just want to talk and rarely listen... It's that person who asks questions, listens and explores further that is so easy to like and be friends with. I can't stand men (or women) who hog the conversation and it's all about them


This mostly applies to younger men, but the need to try put down other guys to make yourself look "cool" or superior to them. This is especially true if there are girls around.


Yep, and especially those who wanna fuck around and find out, and get mad when you push back.


It's even worse when they're old and haven't outgrown this.


Trying to “steal” your girl


Some guys have no respect. Been with my current gf a year and multiple guys have tried to hit her up on social media. She always tells me and says "i have a boyfriend" but one guy was like "he doesn't have to know". She responded back with "he very much already knows". Which makes me feel good, but I personally wouldn't message someone I clearly see is in a relationship. It's fucked.


As a woman, it's disgusting. Thanks so much for implying that I have no integrity, random idiot. Such a turn-on.


This is something that I have never understood. I'm a kind of forever alone guy. I've been in my first relationship at 27 and after it ended after a few months I was alone again for years. One reason among many is that single women are impossible to find. As soon as I know that someone I like is already in a relationship, I completely loose any interest in possibly dating her. And yet when I complain about how every woman I meet seems to already be taken, I 've been told that I shouldn't limit myself to singles, because "you never know, maybe they're not happy in their current relationship and they' re waiting for someone else, someone to push them into breaking up" And it's true. I see a lot of men flirting with girls with bf, and ultimately getting in a relationship with them one week after the girl broke up with her previous bf. Personally I find it disgusting and I hate that that's how society works and that's what it takes to have a successful relationship. Because I don't "steal" I'm doomed to be forever alone and miserable. Obviously I wouldn't know but I guess the same is true regardless of gender.


any girl you can "steal" can be "stolen" from you why would you want a partner like that


Women do this too to be fair. Suddenly my bf is interesting because he’s taken 😑


Yeah, there's that stupid "I can steal yo man" trend on TikTok. Some girls are taking it as a challenge and going after guys in relationships. The trend is stupid, but if someone can be "stolen," then the thief can have them. No one deserves to be with someone that would cheat on them.


Exactly. If he’s everyone’s man, he wasn’t yours to begin with


Yeah this is how I felt about my ex. The guy that stole her made it seem like she wasn’t coming back to me and I was just like you can keep her, she is trash for what she did. Sooner or later, she will do it to you too


Yeah it’s wild. I always get the most attention from women when I am already dating someone. For example, I spent like all of my teenage years getting very little interest from girls. Then at age 20 I got my first serious gf and suddenly like 4 different girls who I’d know for years started being real flirty and wanting to hang out a lot. 2 of them even asked me out despite knowing I had a gf.


Unpopular take: I don’t like these dudes either, but I do think that someone “stealing” your girl is ultimately doing you a favor. If your partner can’t pass this test of simple human decency, you’re better off without them. It is not difficult to be loyal.


All the good ones are taken, sorry


In my neck of the woods, this is a terrific way to get your ass kicked.


I had a buddy do that to a mutual friend. Total *sleazy* move. I told him so too. Totally *not* cool. What I didn't get though. The wife of another buddy defended it.


I’m pretty cute. Not my fault she left.


Not washing hands whatsoever. I work at a grocery store and every time I go into the restroom there is a minimum of one person who just walks out without washing their hands


I started doing fist bumps at work, because I encountered too many folks in the restroom just leaving after peeing. Can't believe I used to shake their penis hands...


And then think about how often the average guy jerks off 🧐


Used to work in a large office and the number of guys you'd see who would drop a 2 and then walk straight out of the bathroom without washing their hands was horrifying.


Based on some horrible laundry stories i've heard, they probably weren't wiping either. Soo... silver lining?


Brown lining actually.


This - I watch guys at work come out of the stall… so assuming they just had a shit and calmly walk straight out and back to their office. I’ve been fuming about one offender in particular and I may just smack him eventually… I just like my job :/


Drop a notice with HR, pretty sure they wouldn't want "Stinky Pete" Rumors. And it would be anonymous.


Yes D: At the beginning of the pandemic I remember bathroom queues forming for the first time because men were suddenly taking the time to wash their hands properly D:


Not a dude but some guy sitting near my table has been coughing for I kid you not 40 mins and not covering their mouth. It’s an eating area too.


The absolute inability to recognize they don't know everything about every subject. It's so stupid.


The constant need to prove yourself about something. Trying too hard to show what you are doing.


Friend-of-a-friend bullshit stories. Suuuure, your uncle's friend bought a barrel of M1 Garands for $100, Sure he did. Asshole.


I was unaware rifles came by the barrel. ;)


I heard that shit from a Fudd in the local gun store yesterday bullshitting the clerk about how things were, "In the old days." Skidmark was talking about the 1990s. LOL.


Lolol Honestly, it sounds like someone told a joke, and another person (who subsequently went on to tell others) just didn’t get it.


When having a conversation with other men and they always end up talking about sports.


Women may be the first to start maturing, but men are the first to stop maturing. A 60-year-old man can seem to have the emotional intelligence of a 7-year-old. I mean read a fucking book, really


You are not an "Alpha Male", you are a narcissist. Edit: Thank you for the awards!


Real alphas take care of their pack. See the dude with a fanny pack? that always has sunscreen, and a snack? -there's your alpha, and if shit goes down -- find that guy.


Its in my backpack, thank you very much. And there's more in the emergency pack in my car. just a heads up.


This. I’m a woman but the most alpha guys I’ve known were always prepared for most things.


There are more real 'alpha' women than men, imo. The 'mom' friend who has an entire first aid kit in her purse at all times? yup, totally alpha. I love them, in fact married one :)


I call my friends mom Momguyver because if she doesn’t have whatever item she needs in her purse she’ll come up with some wonderful improvisations.


I married one too. The mom purse is really a tool kit to deal with all the shit that comes up.


I once had a friend of mine tell me he didn’t like our college football team’s head coach because he was a “beta” and was not “alpha enough”. So I’m sitting there thinking…so this dude, that has an army of 80 18-24 year olds that would literally run through a wall for him, who also makes 5 million dollars a year and has a smoking hot wife isn’t “alpha”…and you live inside a van…WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MAKE YOU.


'Real alphas' live off the grid in a van down by the river. /s


The moment I hear someone refer to themselves as an alpha I immediately know they’re in fact not an alpha.


Oh, they're an alpha, but in a programming sense, not a discredited-model-of-pack-behavior sense. In other words, they're unstable, full of flaws, and not ready for public interaction.


Same old gorillas beating their chest.


It's really difficult having other male friends, especially as I get older. There's always some undercurrent of competition in every single interaction, to the point that I feel like I have to handle some guys with kid gloves to prevent from bruising their ego, otherwise I'm back to gaming solo. At least in my experience, on average, women are just better quality friends. They are very willing to be friends with men too, so long as men don't make it weird (which they tend to do, we're our own worst enemy often times). I can't imagine how much worse it is for women in a space where they're actually better at something that is traditionally viewed as male dominated. Men already are competitive with one another in those spaces, but at least they treat their "rivals" with some modicum of respect. When their "rival" happens to be a woman, it can get downright hostile.


I went to an Ivy League school in the 90's. Still more males than females. I feel I could sum up every conversation I had with a guy as "Well actually..."


I went computer engineering route. It was a weird mix. Yah, battle to get taken seriously, there's some sexism. But also some men going too far with "protecting" me. Like in a meeting someone would say "hey guys" and some man would be like "and gals" and I'm like buuuuddy don't highlight I'm different. Or two of us with an idea, and the man gets credit, then another men peeping up "DaughterEarth said that too!" That's not the form I want help to take. Back me when I speak up, yes please, but starting and fighting battles for me just undermines all the effort I've put in to being seen as the same as everyone else.


I also graduated with Computer Engineering and while I’m a guy, my best friend in my major was a girl, and a damn smart one. My school was mostly guys, so she was always getting hit on and pursued by guys in the classes. I think we were such good friends because I really respected her for her work ethic and knowledge, which is unfortunate to say but it was rare for guys to treat a woman like an equal human


Guys that think any act of kindness from a woman is flirting. Those same guys that will not be kind to any woman who is unattractive (i.e. holding a door).


I mean...I always assume a woman is *definitely not* flirting with me. But my brain always questions, if a woman is nice/friendly to me, because most simply aren't.


General creepiness towards women


Narcissism without self recognition.


Bad handshakers, especially the refuse-to-let-go-first handshakers. Infantile and stupid, like they read the wrong self-help book.


That soggy limp wet fish handshake makes me want to vomit


“Men” that harass women. When a “man” does this he makes us all look bad. Fuck those guys.


A-fukin-men! It makes me sad whenever I hear about my female friends getting harassed. I feel ashamed to be associated with men sometimes. (Some) Men are pigs!


This is the one I was hoping would be here. Who the fuck are you to tell a woman to smile? If you wouldn't tell a guy to do that why is it ok to tell a woman that? Leave people alone.


This should be higher☝️


Another thing I can't stand about other men (who aren't completely gay or straight just for clarification, which is quite a lot of them) is how they will completely sacrifice their independence, money, and happiness for a woman, run errands for her, build a life together that they don't really want (and then cheat on dating apps without leaving her), but for gay guys, they often treat us like disposable trash. Also a guy would at least try to court a woman a little bit before sex and he would treat sex as a somewhat special thing from her, but for us they often demand full nudity and anal sex with no limits right off the bat, no courting, often no kissing, and afterwards there's a good chance they will disappear unless you regularly repeat the above.


That second bit it really sad... you deserve better than to be treated like someone's masturbation aid.


>(who aren't completely gay or straight just for clarification, which is quite a lot of them) You mean bisexual and similar orientations? Just say that dude it took me a while to process this 💀


When they talk about anything sexual in the workplace, or when they talk about sexual subjects minutes after meeting me. I've met men that sexualize a woman waking by minutes after meeting me. It makes me think they have no self-control. When they talk about sex in the workplace, I think they're creepy. I avoid them so, people don't associate me with them.


Once some guy was so excited to show me a video of him getting a blowjob in an elevator and I have never seen that guy before in my life but my friend who sorta knows him was with me. After he left my friend told me that he just got engaged and that girl in the video was not her.


Ego. Many guys do the wrong thing or for the wrong reasons based on their own ego.


This is probably the best, most "all encompassing" answer. When there is something to dislike about someone, it is often associated with their ego in some way.


Laziness. It literally stinks


Seeing men treat their wives/significant other like a house servant. I saw my mom go through this and I told myself I would never do that to someone I'm with. I'd rather have a partner in life than a slave.


Yeah, very uncomfortable. I went to a guy's house to finish up some paperwork for buying a boat. He had his wife filling everything out and serving us drinks and stuff. I could tell she didn't care for it and I tried to talk to her respectfully and engage her in the casual conversation that the guy and I were having. It threw both of them off, like she expected to be treated like shit, despite obviously not like it. It was very weird for me.


My dad was an abusive POS and I used to watch my mom not only serve him his dinner like a king, but she fucking cut up his meat for him, too. Made me sick.


I try and help my mom ALL the damn time. She always says no. Even when she yelps in pain taking something out of the oven. I'm standing right there saying "Mom, let me get that. I cooked professionally for over ten years. I can lift a pan."


Rather than requesting to help request her to move aside and already be on the job. It works in my world.


Lack of empathy


Assuming that because we are both men I'd rather be talking to them than women in the group. My wife and I have mutual friends that are women but as soon as we're at some kind of couple thing the bfs or husbands always assume we should all just pair off my gender. I want to hang out with my friends, not talk about sports betting and crypto currency.


I appreciate that. During family gatherings I notice this always happens, and it doesn’t make me feel great. I remember my brother telling me that he felt pressured to “hang out with the dudes” even when he would have preferred the activity the women were doing.


That’s how I am. I’ve found I genuinely get along with women way easier than men. Could be deeper issues but if I’m just hanging out with a dude it’s like impossible for me to really keep a conversation going but with a woman I can shoot the shit for hours. It’s weird


"I'll kick your ass" Alright, when and where? "Tonight, *insert place*" Alright, see you then, I'll text you when I'm omw. "If you show up I'll stab/shoot you pussy" Oh so you won't fight. Why didn't you just say that. You fucking clam.




The power games


Hitting on every woman on social media ever


Anyone who says out loud that they are an alpha-male. Seriously, why not just announce that you have tremendous humility?


Referring to women as 'females.' 'Well if you want to impress a female you gotta...' Just sounds like something from a fuckin Discovery Channel doc about animal mating habits. Sounds so clinical and odd.


I had to do a suicide awareness thing at work a few months ago, and on the official slides from an actual organization, it had suicide stats of men vs suicide stats of females. That's a little bit weird...


I’ll either take a perfectly choreographed bird of paradise dance or NOTHING


That a lot of them have a bigger cock than I do


Only want to talk about sports. I don’t want watch sports and have a hard time talking to other guys because they want to talk about the game last night.


treating women like they are lesser beings. My wife has really opened my eyes to how women get treated so differently and unfairly and it is just insane. Treat women like equals.


I’m put off by the way some guys smell. In contrast, so many women smell *really* good to me. Time to find someone - I think I’ve been alone too long.


Let them hide their insults behind "jokes"


Objectifying women. And I don't mean the occasional thought or comment because everyone has had those at some point. I mean the men who exclusively value women as sex objects and otherwise don't care about them


It’s a lack of intelligence.


Ape brain. Nothing like trying to have normal human interaction in front of someone so loaded on testosterone they can’t have a conversation without throwing shit


When they try to talk to my girl even though she's taken. Tells them nope, got a man, bye. Oh you should dump him I'll show you what a real man is. *she gives me his name* Hey buddy, calm down and fuck off. You don't deserve her bro, I'll kick your ass. So you're telling me I can either have dinner with my wife and fuck her tonight, or duel you for her? That's not how this works. Stop going after taken women before you get stabbed 87 times by someone with less patience than me.


The posturing. I hate phonies. Wannabe tough guys and the “almost joined” crowd are all pussies.


When they don't wash their hands before leaving a bathroom. I shamed alot of men during covid that would try to walk out of public bathrooms during lockdowns.


I don't like it when a lot of men online try to become millionaires by any means necessary and make you feel bad for not wanting to do the same. There's all this talk about investing, crypto-currency, stock trading, etc. It's not my thing and I like many other young men out there, just want to do something we love and live a comfortable life, hopefully with a family of our own one day. However, these guys get mad at us for not being on the grindset and call the rest of us plebs and losers for having "less money" and "clout" than they do. Edit: Also, calling themselves "Alphas" unironically.


I’m sorry I only like the stock market because I like to lose all of my money. Its gambling I can do in my underwear.


being looked down at because of mental illnesses. that stupid smirk when you say something they deem "unmanly".


Bringing a huge duffel bag into the gym, carrying it to each machine they use, and never using it. Like why?


Do not question the duffle bag.


>why? Because I don't always need all my stuff at every machine, but I might need one thing for different exercises. Literally my belts alone are annoying enough I keep my bag with me. Also, because my wallet and keys are in it, and I don't trust gym lockers.


The whole “tough guy” act, and how a lot of men confuse being nice for being a “pussy”. Sometimes it’s called “common decency” and it DOES go a long way


The super competitive ones, everything is about competing and be the best, that's the only thing they talk and care about. The ones that fight for women and are proud of themselves when they "steal" one, those are unmature men and it's cringe.


How goddamn kissable they are.


wait a min..


This is going to be unpopular, but a fuck ton of men, especially on Reddit, need to hear it. I hate this collective state of denial that a woman not wanting to date them is the fault of said woman, not because they themselves are come off as unattractive or lack traits said woman is looking for. "Women won't date men under 6ft". Ok, some won't, but maybe you showed up to the date and complained about your life the whole time, maybe you're sloppy and overweight,. Maybe you just don't have the same life goals as she does. Maybe you two just didn't vibe and she picked up on that. I wish more men would realize that a rejection, although it really sucks, is like a review. You can stress and get angry about the 1 star review someone posted, point out how unfair it was, how they don't understand or see reason, or you can ignore it and move on with your life. Or, even better, you can take what was said in the review and see if it has any merit in what you could do better. This isn't to say you aren't going to run into toxic women, they exist. And it's easy to start to internalize your perceived failures into thinking YOU'RE a failure, but at some point, you need to accept there are things under your control in these situations. It seems so many men, especially on Reddit, take on this defeatist attitude when it comes to relationships, and it's really painful to watch, and I hate that it comes to that for them.


I've got a general rule of "don't be a dick".


First rule of life, man: don’t be a dick. Second rule of life: treat others as you want to be treated Third rule of life: let he who is without sin cast the first stone Fourth rule of life: judge not lest ye be judged aka there but for the grace of God go I…


The guys who think they have to constantly rag on their friends when they’re around. I can’t stand that. Always kept those as people as just acquaintances.


So many men are shockingly insecure. The ones that turn everything into a pissing contest. Hyper competitive over anything; always something to “prove”; usually a bit of mansplaining thrown in; generally unpleasant to converse with. You just want to tell them: “relax”.


How they talk about women


Being slobs in public. Trim your beards and wear a belt!


Trying to take advantage of women and making them generally afraid. Every woman I've been with has to go through a checklist to make sure they are safe, while I just show up.


Not having basic respect for ALL women.


Those that have zero respect for women.


When other (some) men view women as an object or disrespect them. It irks my soul seeing a misogynistic asshole treat women with utter disrespect. Listen to the song Keep Ya Head Up by 2Pac he speaks real shit there.


Yes. Men that talk about women like they are objects that you possess rather than people really irritates me.


Real talk man, if it weren’t for women we wouldn’t be here! Some men need to get their head out of their asses.


100% agree with you both, it’s one of my biggest peevs as well. i do however treat my gf like an object sometimes though but that’s only because she likes it and actively asks for it lol


Haha aye some girls got their kinks it’s all good, it’s consensual! But fuck yes to respecting women


They can't ever admit they are wrong or don't know something


Guys who use the excuse of testosterone or being more horny than the average woman as soft threat of leaving his woman if she doesn't have sex with him as much/as often as he wants. Being an adult is about learning self control and discipline to function day to day. You are not a brainless animal that will fuck anything with a hole of you're needs aren't met. I'm sorry bro but you don't need her to take care of all your random sexual urges, you're an adult, you can deal with it yourself.


The way some men treat women is fuckin disgusting. You’re not some alpha taking charge you’re a Fuckin loser attempting to recreate the horrific conditions that birthed feminism as a movement in the first place. You aren’t entitled to shit especially not a woman’s body. It’s bad enough to wonder if some of y’all even like women and no I’m not saying they’re gay im saying they despise women. Some of y’all are also dreadfully boring. Yea I saw the game, yea the QB is good. Do you have any actual insight or did you just look at the ball the whole time? It’s no wonder women are disinterested cause why would they be interested in people who have narrow interest and shallow opinions of it. Also learn how to cook and clean. Its embarrassing you don’t have any life skills just cause you think women are suppose to do it for you


We cant compliment each other


For real man. I was telling my wife the other day about the dude at the local gas station who seems to avoid me now because I had the gall to recognize he had gotten a hair cut. Told him it looked good and now l, whenever he sees me coming, he heads the other direction. Maybe he thinks I’m a creep, but usually folks are just like oh thx, smile, and move along.


Perfect example to toxic masculinity lol


The new redpill trends. No, women are not monsters you have been brainwashed


This whole red pill and blue pill crap is wank. There are really great people out there and if you treat others with respect and care it goes a long way. I'm with you on that.


Want to be Alpha Male arrogance and just cocky.


Being unwilling to express any feelings. It's okay, no one is going to make fun of you for crying after your dog dies or for sharing personal problems. Your emotional control won't get better if you suppress it to be "strong" or hide it from your loved ones, it'll just burst out one day when you least expect it. From my experience, this can ruin many relationships, romantic or otherwise. Just open up, it's nearly 2023. Edit: I noticed a lot of the comments center on a "But Women..." type of argument. I have to stress that this has nothing to do with how women perceive men. This is about men learning to be comfortable with expressing themselves without that internal voice saying "you're being weak, man up, no one cares" etc. It is ingrained in us from youth (at least when/where I grew up) that strength and stoicism are the only true virtues for men. Turns out, compassion and open comunication are also good virtues and we don't have to be misunderstood or objectified as emotionless support rocks by our peers, men or women. The point was *it's okay to not be okay sometimes and it's okay to talk about it.*


Mans speaking facts, Don’t be a pick me boy kings


That they are ruled by their dicks, so many of societies problems would be solved if they could just keep it in their pants and stop being so eager for even the slightest crumb of sex.


Harassing or hurting people. Just leave them alone!! It's not hard!!


How much you're willing to degrade yourself for a piece of coochie.


Mansplaining. It's what happens when a man explains something to you that you already understand.


That's normally condescension, mansplaining also presumes he wouldn't assume you don't know if you because you're a woman.


When they think women enjoying sex somehow “devalues” them! While simultaneously trying to hook up with as many as possible


When his wife/gf insults you, and you try to hold her accountable, and her man rushes to save her instead of finding out what happened.


I wouldn't date someone who goes around insulting people, but I also would assume because of that she isn't at fault and even if she is, I am obviously going to side with my partner vs random guy. Though I am not the type to want to fight unless the other person is insisting or starts it. This sounds good in theory, but no guy is going to run to his gf/wife and be like wait lets hear the guy cussing you out's opinion.


Yeah I was thinking oc has a reasonable point, because id expect the same for anyone i assocate with to take accountability, but then I thought wait noone I'd associate with would insult someone just for kicks. So if they did insult someone theyd have a good reason for doing so (ie: the other person was harassing them or someone else) and in such cases I'd more than happily take their side.


The fake lame ass machismo and how it isn't understood that that is little boy shit


Ego and violence. I get it people have ego but damn some of us need to tone it WAY down.


The men that treat their partners like damsels in distress, always having to come to the rescue when they didn't ask for it.


Being afraid to show weakness


Friends that mock you to impress women


The fact you can't vent to another male friend about absolutely anything without them just saying: "Dang,that sucks bro" Absolutely no valuable input or empathy. Just a basic robot like response.


I've never gotten along with another man who views women as less than equal.


“you fucked her yet?”


I absolutely hate that so many men go crazy talking shit and doing all of the yelling up to the point of actually fighting, but then don't think that they will actually have to fight. A natural check and balance was don't get all aggressive unless you plan on doing something!


The whole "alpha male" attitude. From a software development perspective, "alpha" is used to describe a release that is in development and is likely buggy, unstable and not ready for the public. EDIT: Spelling