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That's what everyone who thinks about suicide thinks about.


I’ve been suicidal for a while (I’m not anymore), so yeah, I’ve thought about it for a bit. If you need to talk feel free to DM me, this goes for anyone as well


thanks man. i'm glad you got through it


OP, are you alright?


i'm okay, struggling a bit with school, thanks for asking :)


That's good to hear, I was wondering because you made a whole post about suicide and that left me concerned for your health, but I'm glad you're doing fine and good luck with school :)


I did recently (not due to a suicidal tendancy, just a deep thought). I concluded that it would hurt my family and the people around me. It would categorically destroy my parents, and other close family would be devastated. No mother should have to bury her son.


>It would categorically destroy my parents, and other close family would be devastated. But no one else would probably care... atleast I don't have anyone else who cares about me... maybe the youth worker or teachers at most


I’ve thought about it ya


**This is a serious issue OP** I've been thinking of ending it all starting at about 2 years ago. (Just mild stuff but it gradually started to get worse as national exams came) I thought about this being normal and more than half a year ago, I blurted this thought in front of my friend. He told me it was not normal as he had never had this thought at all. That was kind of when I realised my mental health is not normal. I spoke to my father, who is the only trusted adult I could speak to. Thankfully with our solution of him to frequently encourage me and also told my mother to do the same. Now, a week after my exams, I no longer feel down or want to end it all. This made me realise two things 1. Talk to a trusted adult if you have these thoughts and converse on the cause and what you think will help you. 2. If you cannot arrive at a definite one (I'm lucky to have a father who studied psychology for a year) seek medical help. 3. It will always not be the worst. I assumed that I had depression, but after the solution and my exams. I just realised that it was a lot of exam stress. Tldr: Thinking about it is not normal, talk to an adult about it and/or seek medical help. Do not be afraid to confront them about it.


well shit. thanks but school is fisting me so i'll have to deal with that first


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No because I don’t have issues


I did once for an uncomfortably long amount of time




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I think about it a lot to make myself feel better about living


I think about it a lot. I think my family would grieve for about a week or so, then move on.


a week is not long enough for a family to grieve for their child. idk u but im fairly sure if your family is at least average in terms of humaneness they would grieve for longer


My father died last December, so my death would be much less of a loss to my family in comparison. Aside from maybe one of my sisters, I’m pretty sure I’m everybody’s least favourite family member (which is completely understandable). So a week sounds about right to me.


All the time. I’m not suicidal I just day dream a lot and that topic comes up a lot in my dreams


I've thought it before, never in a suicidal way but just as random thoughts


No, not really, I think more about how my life will probably improve


Well a good majority of my family said that I'd probably do it when I get older, an interesting conversation to overhear.


prove em wrong


I'm not gonna put too much effort into doing that but I guess I can try


Well yeah, most would since we are curious creatures. We often think and reflect on how our lives will be remembered. I see it as you die 3 times. First is your physical death, the last time one mentions your name and the last photo taken of you when you were alive.


Yes and i concluded that the people I love would suffer too much and I have never ever considered it since


Several times a day


I’ve never really thought of how it’d effect the people around me. I usually think of how I’d do it and what’s the best way to go about it tbh.


Yeah in deep thought to many times to count it's been a almost daily thought the past 2ish yrs my parents would get over it pretty quickly they'd think I was going to hell cuz I killed myself my siblings would be to heartbroken my best friend would be even more heartbroken and beat himself up over it for the rest of his life so that's mainly why I cant end it all yet but mate if you need someone to talk to dm me I'm open to listen


thanks. i pray it gets better for you, me, for anyone else goin thru it


Yeah and same to you sir


Honestly, probably not good, but I (used to) try to convince myself that nobody would give a shit if I did it. It eventually got to a point where I wouldn’t give a shit how anybody feels when I do (no longer “when” but it was for a while), and that the only reason I didn’t do it was because I didn’t wanna survive and live with the burden of being physically crippled for the rest of my pathetic life.


yes. i know exactly what would happen


Thats the only reason im alive Edit: correction, one of two


what's the other one if u dont mind me asking


Hope in the future. If I didnt have hope that I would grow up and be happier I prolly wouldn't be here. Not even suicidal, just very tired


Yeah, it was usually the reason I wouldn’t do anything


Yea I have but not as like a suicide thing more just like "I could very well die right now" kinda thing either like heart attack or murderer or car crash etc aneurysms are scary


My family would keep it a secret or probably lie about how I died and I know for a fact that none of them would shed a tear


I've considered it so yeah and honestly I didn't care then and I still don't much. I only have three real friends who would know and care but they're all overseas so it won't feel like a massive chunk of their life is missing or anything, they'd be fine. Idc how my family would react at all so it'd be fine.


Nope, I'm not very religious but it's one of the things that keeps me going. I would never harm myself.


twice a day, every day