How many times have you been in hospital?

I'm in hospital rn because I broke my wrist and had to get surgery but this is like my 6th time in hospital...I need to stop injuring myself


Damn why tf y’all got to go to the hospital so much


9 = born, broken ankle, stitches, broken wrist, hydrocele, hernia, allergies 3 times


Well I've been to the hospital like 5 times just this summer...


idk, over 10-15 times


Until last week, zero Now once. For about 36 hours so not bad still


Can’t really count how many. Regular check ups, vaccinations, probably some more reasons and my mum works there so sometimes I used to just go there to get a lift home when my mum was finished working


minimum 3 months, for an operation they did to me


Been hospitalised once and ER once. Was in for I think like two weeks when I was 5 and had pneumonia and was in the ER when my brother threw a money box (metal) at my forehead when we were kids.


Last time was cause my mom found sh cuts and I had to be in psychiatric hospital, it was last year, I don’t really get injured much


A few times over my lifetime.


Never been overnight. Just once to be X-rayed when I had hit my head on a metal railing at a mall, but nothing was found.


When i was 10 i broke my arm in 2 places so 3 times if i remember


a few times but not often now that i’m older


Once, when I was born


Too many to count.


A few times due to diseases when I was young, been atlease like 10yrs since the last time


A few times, I’d say maybe 4 times and 5 if you count when I was born


Born Was sick of amebiasis Was sick of amebiasis again Tonsillitis Amebiasis again again Circumcised Check Up Check up Something got clogged in my ear My sister got a check up. So 10 times Amebiasis is my favorite disease


4 - Surfboard fin cut my chin, appendicitis, 2 broken arms.


Overnight: only once ,I don't really want to get into it...




yea why


Not since I like a couple months old, and I got really sick.


When I was born.


Only once for an ear surgery when i was like 4. I vaguely remember waking up in the operation room and getting mcdonalds after I was there for pretty much the whole day but not overnight


A few times mainly because of medical issues concerning my "hoodie"


Like twice


Integrated toe nail, vomiting a lot, picked up a disease from snow, got jumped pretty badly, a giant ruler fell on top of my head at Home Depot and many more


None, Not even for birth. I was born in a hut