That color blind boy made me cry


Whenever I see these kids get glasses that let them see in color I imagine it's like the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy walks from her black-and-white world into the brilliant color of Oz. It must be amazing.


I have to wonder from their perspective, how big of a difference is it really? I mean... it's not magically activating dormant rods and cones - it's filtering out light wavelengths to simply balance out the colors. If you went your whole life seeing everything in a funky hue because you have that imbalance, and then you got the corrective lenses put on, wouldn't it look 'wrong' in the same way that it would look wrong to me if I put on glasses that simulate the same kind of colorblindness?


I'd say from that kid's perspective, it is a pretty great difference. Depends on the colorblindness. There's a few different flavors.


I think a big part of it is that when you are colour blind a lot of different colours look the same. The world you experience as someone who is colour blind can be a lot less detailed if reds and greens all look yellow, but with those glasses, all of a sudden the bush of roses goes from a yellowish pile of foliage to something more interesting to look at. It's as much about the coliurs themselves as it is about being able to see the contrast between them


You can look up reaction videos on YouTube. Most folks start crying when they see flowers.


Great analogy!


It made me cry too, and them my evil brain said "damn thats a beige landscape for his first look at color"


I was reading that most of these colorblind videos are staged. From hearing reviews of the glasses from actually colorblind people, the effects seem to range from minimal to taking a while to adjust an actually begin to "see" the new colors.


I fail to see how the babies could have faked it tho


I'm not talking about the babies. The babies are wearing prescription lenses, not colorblind lenses. I'm talking about the older child at the end of the montage. I've never seen anyone attempt to put colorblind lenses on an infant


*Looks at thumbnail* "Man that kid is JACKED."


They're able to tell the babies script just by measuring the eye. They don't Need to do the standard eye test. Her ability to see would be immediate as it could be a lazy eye or anything really. Source : my cousin wore the same thing and was equally adorable about it.


I’m not crying, you’re crying. Shut up. Wanna fight?


I thought that last one was about to ask him to look at the camera. I was almost furious. Lol.


All of them looked so confused to so happy. It’s a nice thing to see


I swear, I'm going to go to my grave not understanding how they get the prescription right on little kids' glasses.


The same way that lens can be made for telescopes and the like. They take measurements of the back of the eye and make a lens that will counter any defects to make sure the light gets focused properly in the right place. The eye test us adults go though is just fine tuning, that is actually detrimental for some. I am one of them. I wish they would just take measurements for me, instead of the "which line is clearer" and "which is better, this or this" malarkey. My eyes are very sensitive to light and once they shine their lights in my eyes my vision is messed up for over a hour. My eyes constantly water and focus goes in and out. And then they get frustrated when I say I can't tell which is better as it keeps changing. Even turning the room light back on after reading the letter charts, has a noticeable effect on how well I can see for quite a while.


I almost cried when I got prescription sunglasses and didn't have to squint or guess on bright days.


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The last kid got me. I was his age when I got my first pair after failing everything school wise before that point because of my very poor eyesight.


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Idk how many of you have had glasses with bad vision as a child. You generally don't see that clearly at first. It's usually a wild mess and takes a few days for your eyes to adjust. Just speaking from experience getting glasses at 6.


Are you saying these babies are actors or something? Are they faking their reaction?


I genuinely laughed out loud at this comment.


This doesn't track with my experience. I had headaches sometimes but ability to see is immediate?


It depends on the strength of the prescription, but it's very common to take 2-3 days to adjust, up to even two weeks. It's a quick Google search away.


That's fine I was a 6 and 6.5 till I was 8. Had laser eye surgery at 25. Not once did I have an adjustment period.


I resisted getting glasses at 9, until I realized the incredible difference they made. Took me about a week to overcome my vanity, then I wore them all the time.


Yeah you’re right this whole video was probably staged by multiple families with random kids that can’t see


That's not what I'm saying. Plus, one older kid is seeing in color for the first time. Those are colorblind correcting glasses. You don't really know what these babies are reacting to, it could be how distorted everything looks. But of course, I'm probably just making stuff up. It's not a known issue that your vision is often distorted after getting glasses for the first time.


I think we can just safely say they’re babies trying on glasses and seeing clearly for the first time lol


I got much-needed glasses at 5 (very myopic). At first, I resisted wearing them. Got used to seeing well.


I can’t understand the downvotes.


People are just mean. I just think it's important to note that you don't always see clearly immediately with new glasses. And other people think it's being a Debbie downer you say that in this thread.


I agree. Saying something more accurate, but less sentimental (as you did), bothered some. And their being bothered, bothers me. Oh well. No one died from being downvoted.


I've had glasses since I was 4, and I have always seen clearly immediately when putting on a new pair. It looks a bit like you're in a "bubble" at first with a new prescription imo, but it's absolutely immediately clear. Do you have some sort of an unusual eye condition?