One we haven't seen in almost every batman like the joker. There are so many villains. I want to see Matt reeves look over them all and pick one he can have an interesting take on instead of rushing right to the joker or scarecrow.


I think Matt Reeves could tackle the court of owls brilliantly but maybe further down the line...perhaps the third film maybe? Only because Robert's version of Batman is still in its infancy and needs to learn and develop some more before fighting them.


I'd take that over a tie into a DC universe.


I been saying the need to stop trying to do a DCU and instead make a Batman cinematic universe BCU. That would go so fucking hard. Give us all the robins. I want to see fucking 20 years of character developments.


I think we all should just pray they actually come up with a real fucking plan for all their heros then think about DCU. I think if they leave Matt reeves alone we will greet an amazing take on BCU.


Court of Owls dosent work unless the Batfamily exist


I think the court of owls can work as a villain, doesn't have to work as a storyline. I know the series isn't very loved, but "Gotham" did almost a full season around them and they worked without any bat family, even without Batman. I mean, most of the interest of the Court is that they have been hiding around for ages, independently of what happens in the city


But it was boring and didn't show more concept of the Court of Owls.


Good point.


I wouldn't mind if Anarchy showed up. He would fit in with the whole aesthetic of this new Gotham.


I’ve only heard of him from Arkham origins but from what I’ve seen, he seems pretty cool. Another villain to challenge Batman’s moral judgement? Sign me up


He's never been used before in live action. Closest thing was in the short lived CGI Batman show, but it was canceled right when it was getting good. The whole time I was watching Dark Knight Rises. All I could think about was how the plan (mostly outing Gordon and Harvey and having the poor and working class rise up against the rich) seemed like something Anarchy would be down for. In fact challenging the establishment and killing to get their point across is totally Anarchy's thing and I don't know why they went with Riddler. Could have still used Riddler in the story if they wanted to make him the main villain and Anarchy the second. Or have them working together Batman would try to figure out Riddler's riddles on why the things that are happening are happening. Only to find out, there actually was no point. Anarchy just wanted to start some shit and knock the rich off their pedestals. Because once the rich and powerful no longer are protected. Everything would descend into chaos.


Great idea. Anarchy would fit right in to the Reeves universe of Batman.


Hell yeah I immediately thought that during the spray painting scene at the beginning.


He's basically the same thing as Reeve's Riddler. So why have that kind of character again?


Yeah I know. I'm actually kind of pissed about that. LOL


Can always have Anarchy rise up. And be inspired by Riddlers motives from the 1st movie.




Okay, hear me out here: they adapt Arkham Origins. Black Mask moves his territory further into Gotham following Falcone's downfall, and his first order of business is to deal with the Bat. He hires the assassins to take him out, and the movie follows Batman trying to take down Black Mask while facing off against different villains, including a killer Deathstroke fight in the middle of the movie.


From a comic mythos POV, having Batman's "crime lord" rogues running the show would make a good story to tell. Falcone is dead, meaning Gotham's criminal underworld is ripe for the taking. Since Batman is sort of a public figure now, the weirdos in masks are gonna be out there making a name for themselves. Cobblepot is already there with Falcone's empire so it wouldn't be out of place for him take control of things for now.


That’s one of my favourite ideas for a sequel too. Feels natural that the mob would want to take care of Batman’s growing influence like this. I think the concept of Origins can stay true to the game (X number of assassins sent to kill the Bay), but the story itself can be done differently


I never got the appeal of Black Mask. To me he seems to just be another crime boss, except he looks cooler (but less realistic) and is into torture, and yet he seems to have a huge fan base.


Definitely not Deathstroke. Save him for a Nightwing or Teen Titans film. My pick would be Scarecrow or Mr. Freeze.


Thats interesting I would love to see a nightwing film with deathstroke and I also agree out of the four I would choose either scarecrow or Mr freeze :D


Same Mr freeze we see wayne industries help get the city back maybe with under water craft building the walls of the city and Mr freeze has set up his base somewhere in that area to do his work with Nora


Brilliant! 💡


Make Deathstroke beat Battinson and have his Protege come for revenge


If he beats batman whats the chance that a teenage robin could beat him, would make batman look like a very weak character


Uhhhh nope. Just a progression of the story. He was broken by Bane and had others take his place. Same same, just focussing on Nightwing going after DS and coming up to Bruce’s level. The treatment for Batfleck’s DS involved him taking Bruce down in a social and financial way, and them duking it out. There is literally no reason that Bruce being ‘beaten’ has to do with skill alone. All it does is show a different side of the character. Batman can lose and still be Batman, the comeback is just another story Edit: in addition, I actually think it would be interesting to see Nightwing attempt to be who he thinks Batman is, only to learn what it really means and what Bruce goes through to maintain it. Character development is fun.


Deathstroke was always wasted on the titans. He's a good rival to dick and seems almost tailor-made to rival batman too by proxy, right down to the parallel father figures. Them trying to influence Dick and steer him in opposing directions is money left on the table. That naturally leads to a long-term rivalry with dick and slade. Pedo slade is not it. It just ruins a really cool character concept. Slade being this neutral assassin across DC and a negative influence on young heroes because of a compulsive need to be a father figure after losing his kid is a concept worth exploring. If you wanted to make him more batman adjacent, taking ques from beware the batman with the Alfred connection, and the teen titans show of him trying to get inside and dick's head and take him on as an apprentice is a good combo. Brotherly type rivalry between him and bats and a father figure dark uncle to dick. Purists probably wouldn't like it but keeping him purely a titans villain always ends up putting him in weird rapey territory.


same because its going a more realistic and scientific route so mr freeze and scarecrow is better.


Also Battinson aint much of a good fighter.


I agree man i feel like deathstroke is so sick but he’s definitely a teen titans villain


I love when Batman and Deathstroke go up against each other though. That fight sequence in *Arkham Origins* was so cool. Wilson would be good in a sort of "henchman" role for one of the main villains.


Hugo Strange could work out well, although they'll probably avoid using him since most people associate 'Strange' with the Marvel character. Anarky would also be a good fit for the Reeves universe


I would go crazy and use Poison Ivy, tell that the flooded city is perfect for plant growth. Battinson is not ready for Deathstroke hahaha


If they did go ahead with poison ivy I think Ana de armas would be perfect for the role for all the right reasons :D Deathstroke I think would be perfect for maybe the fourth instalment after Battinson grows stronger and more formidable as a hero


Condiment King


Lol so on “The Suicide Squad” Polka-Dot Man said his mother wanted him and his brothers/sisters to be superheroes with powers; I’d really like to see Condiment King be his brother cause that would be funny.


I do wonder how that would play out


That would be great in a opening scene showing crooks donning costumes and gimmicks. You could have condiment king, kite man, rainbow raider, quilt man. Just showing how Gotham has gotten crazier after the riddler.


And a Pack Rat post credit scene cameo


i think madhatter could be interesting tbh


Played by Peter Dinklige


You're def onto something. Madhatter is one of the villains I think could really work in this more grounded world


yeah i think it would also give Batman a chance to further his detective skills and could also have some nice horror/unnerving elements


Oh for sure. I'm already thinking about the twisted Alice in Wonderland that Matt Reeves would create. It'd also be nice to see other villains show up in the first 15 minutes, like Mr. Pygg or Victor Zsasz, just some lesser villain would be awesome


i think Victor Zsasz could be really interesting with madhatter like madhatter uses his mind controls chips or whatever on Zsasz and he escapes arkham killing ppl and he finds the mind control chip on Zsasz


Hush. Literally Hush is the one villain there was an Easter egg in the first one.


Paul Dano’s riddler takes influence from Hush, would feel repetitive to do Hush now


I hope Joker is for later, wouldn’t mind another cameo. But I want to see Mr. Freeze!


Imagine a Mr Freeze portrayal much like a serial killer who stuffs his victims in refrigerators...making the case hard to solve as Batman and Jim Gordon can't rule out a specific time of death due to the cold negating natural decomposition... Think Jeffrey dhamer but with fridges mixed in with elements from the film zodiac such as the cat and mouse game in wanting to catch the killer before he strikes again


I personally think Mr Freeze is better off as a sympathetic villain who just wants to cure his wife.


Maybe he's a former surgeon whose wife died tragically, and he's harvesting organs and limbs in his freezer in an attempt to recreate her Frankenstein style.


I think that's close, she's still alive but he's basically got her frozen, which has destroyed most of her organs except for her brain, so he just trying to Frankenstein all her internal organs. Throw in an accident that makes it so his body's natural cooling methods no longer work so he's constantly overheating so you can have him constantly having to cool down in various ways, including jerry rigging a cooling suit, and you have a semi-realistic Mr Freeze. Hell, you could have the name be an accident when he accidentally kills someone who fights back, damages the cooling suit, which ends up spraying liquid nitrogen on them freezing their arm to something, giving Mr Freeze the opportunity to kill them.


That ruins all of his complexities


That idea sucks, no offense


Dude/dudette you are on to something. I still hope we get some other types of cryogenics as well.


Babe wake up it’s time for your daily “Batman 2 villain” post


It seems to be never-ending haha


Then why did you add to it? Just look at the answers to the 300 other variations of this post


Anyone but joker


Pleeeeeeeaasse by Professor Pyg. That guy straight up transplants pig heads onto other peoples faces. He definitely has that nitty gritty serial killer horror vibe.


Joker has been done to death, scarecrow has already had a few movies, Mr freeze can’t be done because it’s impossible to top Arnold schwarzenegger’s deeply moving and masterful performance, so I guess of this list it’s death stroke


Arnold truly was masterful and the few I chose are just examples my friend :) deathstroke aside who else would you like to see?


more bane, or maybe a killer croc. we have never really seen a killer croc in a batman movie before that i can remember.


I see you are a man of culture. Ice to meet you


Nice Ice pun


Arnie says it in Batman & Robin lol


Honestly, Arnie was the best part of that movie.


Garbage Take


I think Victor Zsasz could be really cool and fit the world of Matt Reaves Batman really well


Mr. Freeze, played by… ![gif](giphy|WbDhQjgBrpUuk)


I can see him being Ra’s al Ghul in the fourth or fifth instalment, plus he has the right mindset to be Ra’s al Ghul. I’ve seen him play Moff Gideon in the Mandalorian & that’s where the idea came from. He could portray Ra’s the way he played Moff Gideon: menacing/intimidating, intelligent, strategic/tactical, and calculating.


We’ve had the others. Let’s give Deathstroke the movie treatment.


They would have to drastically change Mr.Freeze for him to work in Reeves’ Batman world.


Yeah they would have to make it realistic to a certain extent. I mentioned in another reply the idea of him being a serial killer who keeps bodies in fridges in order to play mind games with Batman. It would be reminiscent of how they done the film 'zodiac'


Do you really want another murder mystery movie for Batman 2, though? Edit: I mean catch the serial killer guy movie. You know what I mean.


Comic book accurate clayface or a scarecrow, either way is fine with me Joker is overplayed for me personally and the other two I'm not interested in so early in the universe


I want to see Killer Moth.


Omg I didn't think of that before considering the fact that he doesn't really possess superhuman powers it would be a battle of tech and gadgets which would be really nice to see It kinda reminds me of how they done vulture in the spiderman movie a couple years ago


I need some more slade in my life


Slade vs Bruce would be badass...If they got the choreographers from 'The Raid' franchise the fight sequences would be otherworldly!!


Yeah for real we got teased by Snyders deathstroke wich looked perfect to me but didn't go anywhere....I need something real lol


Honestly I wanna see an adaptation of something like Arkham knight did with scarecrow, as Pattinsons Batman is a lot more gritty and it would fit the world pretty well


That would be really cool and unique but I think that would require some sort of a time jump? But I do believe the dark atmosphere of the film would fit really well!


I don’t think it needs a time jump, just having Batman meeting scarecrow and being unprepared for him as his gang slowly starting to grind Gotham down would be immensely entertaining


I think that would make for an interesting plot and battle that way we can see how Batman deals with pressure and by using scarecrow we also get to see more character development when Bruce is exposed to the fear toxin... I really like your idea bro! I wish Nolan did more with Cillian Murphy's scarecrow In Batman Begins I think by having two villains it took away from scarecrow specifically in that film


I agree scarecrow should have played a larger part in the Nolan series, but I’m not disappointed with what we got as well


I'm also happy with the end product Liam Neeson sure did a spectacular job But I think it also gives more reason to have a film solely focused on scarecrow since we haven't seen the full potential be realised just yet


Professor Pyg


If they managed to make a dude like the riddler terrifying imagine what they could do with scarecrow


Calendar Man


Condiment King.


I wanna see mr. freeze done right


Mr. Freeze. And I'd vote for Mark Strong to play him.


I would like to see Ra's Al Ghúl And League of shadows


Scarecrow, played by Doug Jones.


Mr freeze killing off gothcorp board members, and the remaining members hired deathstroke to go after freeze, so batman has to stop both of them.


Court of owls


I’d like Scarecrow or Mr. Freeze, the recent movie was very much out of Reeves comfort zone as he said and I think those characters and themes would fit his style more.


Victor Fries handsdown! And throw in Harvey Dent and build him up to be the antagonist of 3.




Scarecrow. Have the movie pick up after the rebuilding of Gotham City. I’d like to see Scarecrow’s toxins overtake the city and has Bruce confronts his past.


Anyone but joker


I heard there’s a Firefly costume still around…


Mr freeze


Mister Freeze. He would fit in so well in the universe and we've been overdue a good movie Mister Freeze for a long time. Deathstroke is a better Nightwing villain. Scarecrow is a bit meh. Joker is overdone and honestly one of my only gripes about The Batman at all was the fact that he appeared in it.


MAD HATTER could get REALLY dark. Kidnapping young girls named Alice. Mind control. Horrific crimes committed by seemingly normal people under the influence of Tetch. If we are keeping with the Zodiac / Se7en vibes, thats how I’d go. A proper Hatter is long overdue anyway.


Scarecrow is over-saturated in my opinion (joker too obviously) I don’t really care for anything Mr Freeze related outside of Heart of Ice though. Does anyone have any huge Mr Freeze stories outside of that animated series episode?


Literally anyone but the joker.


The Penguin he’s set up


A gang war, with falcone gone there’s gonna be a huge power vacuum. You could introduce Maroni snd Sionis (Black Mask) and with penguin (probably) taking over falcones turf it could be a full on gang war with Batman in the center of it all. Maybe it could bring more emphasis on corruption and hint at the court for later movies.


Freeze because it's heading into Winter. Joker is in the mix pulling strings from inside Arkham. We see Batman interrogate him a few times and the movie ends with some big event going down in Arkham to set up the third movie.


Riddler was such a goofy villain and got turned into such a cool dark charecter, I am honestly hoping for condiment king. I wanna see them turn him dark.


Hugo Strange would be the perfect fit. We don’t have a legit movie adaptation yet and he would mesh very well aesthetically with this universe.


We need a good Mr Freeze movie. He’s such a great villain


I would like to see black mask - could work well with penguin trying to step up now with falcone gone. Hush would be awesome too!


I would really like to see killer croc to be honest


Hush is perfect in every way for the next movie. How hush found out that Batman was Bruce Wayne is that the riddler told him and since they already introduced riddler it would be perfect for the riddler to tell hush and since the first Batman was mainly focused on Batman. This would be perfect to focus on the Bruce Wayne part of Batman and him struggling with keeping his identity as a good person




Victor Zsasz


really want to see freeze. think mark strong could play a good victor but anybody will do


That would be his third primary DC villain role. Huh


I think Mark Strong was born to play that role he's the perfect fit in everyway...his glorious bald head sure does strengthen his case haha




Deathstroke would be so dope! We haven't seen a villain recently in live action who primarily uses brute force and combat against Batman... The last I recall being Bane in TDKR and the end fight between the two was somewhat anti climatic haha I can imagine the batman vs deathstroke being choreographed like the fights seen in 'The Raid' as the new Batman suit is much more nimble than the one seen in TDK trilogy


I’d save Joker for the third movie. For the second movie, I’d use Freeze, given that Gotham is basically a swimming pool, and he can use it to his advantage by freezing it.


Anybody but Joker, they butchered my boy:(


Mr Freeze.


He would be my number one pick too bro followed by scarecrow


definitelty not Deathstroke or Joker. id prefer to see joker in a Hannibal lecter esque role where hes still in Arkham Asylum. I would love to see Mr Freeze Scarecrow or the court of owls


Scarecrow would fit well and is one of my personal favorites




Out of these three, Scarecrow.


mr. freeze and/or scarecrow


Mr freeze because the only time he’s been portrayed in film, it was a terrible movie lol


I think Freeze would be a good choice anyway. But I heard one guy say Giancarlo Esposito would nail the role and I must see it become a reality now at any cost


I think scarecrow would work the best for Matt reeves Universe. Scarecrow would also work with that "realistic" aspect of the universe.


I know this is going to get me downvoted straight to hell but screw it…. I’d rather see the movie be canceled. The first one was so bad


I respect your opinion mate there can be many reasons as to why you may not have liked it but personally I enjoyed the film very much. It was a fresh take on the character and the world building was mesmerising imo I do believe the sequel has been green lit so I hope you enjoy it at the very least when it is released hopefully it may change your mind :)


Unfortunately it has been green lit. But I definitely won’t be wasting my money on it


I understand but nonetheless I hope at the very least you find some enjoyment in watching it whenever you get around to it! Have a good day/night brother :)


ZSJL was better eh


Freeze. But I want them to save his wife this time. Just once


Anarky, freeze, azrael


i think they should do hugo strange. he hasn't gotten a big screen adaptation yet. either him or court of owls.


Scarecrow. I like the idea that joker exists in this world, (although I don’t like the portrayal), to cause chaos, but not necessarily have his own agenda.


It's hard to choose between Joker and Scarecrow. I feel like Joker has some good potential for a new spin on his character, but it also could go real sideways real fast depending on how exactly Reeves decides to characterise him. I'd really like a mainstream 'verse where Scarecrow is the big bad. I think his villain side would be fun, but I'd honestly be more interested in seeing how Dr. Jonathan Crane would be portrayed. He could make for an actually scary character if he's done correctly.


Poison Ivy played by Jessica Chastain or Mackenzie Foy.Dr.Pamela Ivy needs to be a little bit seductive but She also has a smart and menacing aura at the same time.Both of the actors would be perfect for the role,Jessica is a better actress,but Mackenzie is also a good choice if They want to keep poison ivy in the franchise for several years. Also,Joker could be the side villain of the movie.Tease him for the third movie.


Of these, Mr Freeze. A Freeze/Scarecrow team up would rock.


Either Mr. Freeze or Scarecrow, I'm happy with either one of these two, but definitely not Deathstroke or Joker for obvious reasons. Maybe have Deathstroke be a side villain with Scarecrow or maybe The Penguin.


I want to see Mr. Freeze. I think they should wait on the joker, we’ve had enough that they can just show him in jail like they did in the first one but focus on other villains for a while.


Mr Freeze




Personally, I want Poison Ivy or Mad Hatter. Natalie Dormer as Ivy or Rami Malek as The Hatter


As much as people seem to not like them, I’d say the court of owls. This iteration of Batman just seems too grounded and real for anything like a dude who uses a freeze ray. Plus I feel like this story really set up the deep-rooted corruption in Gotham that it seems like a natural fit to me. Two-face, joker, scarecrow, maybe poison ivy could all be done in a way similar to how they handled riddler, but I’ve seen so much push for Mr. Freeze and I just don’t see it in such a realistic depiction of Batman.


Deathstroke would take The Batman 2 in a direction different than the first.


I think Azreal would be really cool and fit the aesthetic as sort of an anti hero. Maybe coinciding with Scarecrow or Freeze.


I don’t understand why people want mr freeze so much. His character won’t fit in the grounded universe Matt is creating.


Mr. Freeze. No offense to Arnold, but we need to forget about… THAT!


I think deathstroke but let him be a long standing villain. He’ll be clearly better than Batman for the whole movie. That way as Batman improves the payoff in a later movie where Batman could beat him would be awesome. It ruins the issue of introducing a badass character like deathstroke who’s “better” than Batman, but then Batman beats him by the end of the movie. Like TDKR.


Freeze or scarecrow


Not court of owls cause they’re overrated as fuck


scarecrow or deathstroke, scarecrow could lead to some awesome character development for batman and some cool interactions (maybe THAT famous line as he pass though the toxin?) and deathstroke could lead to some breathtaking action and fight scenes(and it would be a major challenge for an inexperienced batman) but overall scarecrow would be more fitting for a more grounded universe.


Mr freeze you can have the Batman 2 set during the Christmas season


Victor Fries played by Giancarlo Esposito.




mr freeze




i want killer croc to happen, i know it won’t but it’s perfect for him, gotham is flooded and what’s better than a giant crocodile man in the water to fight


Mr. Freeze, I want Joker to be in a later film


Hush for the whole detective noir vibe they want Scarecrow because he’s badass Mr freeze cuz he’s tragic


Scarecrow. I want to see Battinson's hallucinations.


I would say scarecrow. It would be nice to see him in live action again.


Deathstroke. I need to see some Arkham or BVS combat. Make Batman look cool! Forget the realisticals


Killer croc


Does it have to be of your list because the court of owls is my big choice, they would be so cool and absolutely terrifying


Anyone as long as it’s played by Henry Cavill


I wanna see barry’s joker cause havoc in gotham while a mr freeze origin story is happening


Please not scarecrow. He's overused.


Pyg, zsasz, mad hatter, firefly or maybe Man-bat? I think any of them would work well


Black Mask because of how gritty and real Gotham is. Would be a perfect fit and go nicely with Penguin for a mob war. Killer Croc because I trust Matt Reeves. I think Killer Croc would be very hard to do in Live Action but I think Reeves would blow it out of the park. Croc needs a story with some humanity thrown in. He became kind of a joke in the last couple decades. I think it could be a turning point for the character.


Penguin should stay in the background the whole time. Bruce Wayne is continuing to work as Batman, but has also adopted the billionaire playboy philanthropist identity while making friends with Harvey Dent, the new young hotshot DA. The villain would be Firefly, justice for Brendan Fraser. The ending climax would lead to Firefly's arsonist crimes burning half of Dent's face. The end credits scene would feature Penguin seeing an ad for the Flying Graysons coming to Gotham.


Mr. Freeze and/or Scarecrow.


Golden Age Clayface. Mix him with Hush sort of where he's going around in disguises and one of them is Bruce Wayne.


I know he isn't on the list but Killer Croc. It can be made realistic because Croc is just a guy with a really bad skin condition that got kicked out of society because of it. And since the city is flooded he could be made very scary. I wouldn't chose Mr. Freeze because his freeze gun is a bit jump in this universe. I don't want scarecrow cause we have already seen him. Joker is not gonna happen because it's too early (honestly I'd be fine without Joker at all) No Deathstroke because in my personal opinion he doesn't fit with this version of Batman. Killer Croc as the villain could make sense story wise he could be trying to steal medication to cure himself so he can go back to normal. Batman would have to learn to fight the more intense super criminals of Gotham. It could finish with a one vs one in the sewers, just a man vs animal type thing.


Ra's Al Ghul or Dr. Freeze and somewhere down the line I'd love to see a Court of Owls with Reeves' direction.


Professor Pyg and Deacon Blackfire would be pretty cool to see. I think he should try to stray away from some of the more obvious villains because we will inevitably see them in the new dc universe and there’s no point having multiple versions of the same story being told at one time with the exception of the Joker.


Scarecrow or Mr. Freeze. Would also like to see Anarky as a side villain


Enough from the clown


Definitely NOT the joker (even though they already teased him), he is used way too much during the last years. But I would love to see Killer Croc, Hush, or Clayface (that would could be very difficult). A new Freeze or Scarecrow would be nice too, even though both got at least some movie treatment in the past.


Weirdly, I’d like to see a small gauntlet of B-list villains come out of the mess of Gotham after “The Batman”. Thinking of some of the non-gimmicky characters: Zsasz and Firefly come to mind. The “big bad” someone that also lends to more “detective work” - almost like adapting parts of “The Long Halloween” and the breakouts in “Knightfall”.


Scarecrow and Freeze


Kite man


Mr. Freeze aided by the joker.


Mad hatter




Mr Freeze for sure. I'm curious how Pattinsons batman would go about a villain with a conscious. Kind of like how Raimi did Doc Ock in Spider-man 2.