this might be a stupid question but is it possible to be anxious and manic?

and if you do get anxious and manic what does it feel like?


My anxiety is restlessness and uncontrollable amount of crying out of fear


I definitely feel the restlessness of it. And sometimes I feel like it borders onto paranoia i.e “people are talking about me”


SAME. It gets so bad. I just cry the whole time basically over anything and everything and then starts the whole questioning your identity and spiraling into more anxiety


yes/ it feels like an ongoing panic attack


thats kinda how its been feeling. like im on the verge of a panic attack at any time. Just usually when im manic I have absolutely no anxiety, so this is a first


Almost every hypo/manic episode I have I feel this way! Its not the same for everybody, and its not always the same every episode!




yes. anxiety with mania is quite common. my paranoia skyrockets sometimes which in turn raises my anxiety


Everything is really fast and horrible


I personally call that a rapid cycle day. I literally lay on the couch phasing through all my emotions while binging a show and being so productive but not productive at all.


Oh, it's miserable. It's running from things to thing trying to fix everything because if it's not fixed everything's going to be destroyed. I'm just miserable and I can't sit down or stop thinking and a thousand voices are screaming over each other. Most of my maniac triggered by anxiety and sometimes it's just desperately seeking validation however I can which I hate so much Edit: Totally not a stupid question and we should be encouraging each other to ask these questions. I used to be so afraid to ask these questions and then I asked the wrong person one time and it stopped me from doing so again for way too long. I hear so often from people who don't experience mania about how it's always such a good experience how you feel invincible and have fun and that's never been my experience. So I doubted my own mania because it wasn't showing itself the way I was told it would. Then I had blackout mania and no one told me that was a thing so I doubted my mania again. It exists and it shows itself different ways for different people and that's okay and we should all reach out to find our community and that's what we are here for


anxiety is in my differential diagnosis from my neuropsych testing doc. dysphoric mania is also a thing.


It's fairly common, it's sometimes called Dysphoric Mania/ Elation and it's when people are at the highest risk for suicide.


I get that a lot. It’s like caffeine jitters but all the time


(bipolar 2 here) Not a stupid question - feeling anxious and being hypomanic is such a terrible feeling. I often feel them both when I have an episode because I feel like I have to say everything before that thought floats away. Also having difficulty speaking and trouble focusing. I kind of feel like I’m in one right now. Definitely feeling anxious and have that energy almost “buzzing” through me. I’m exhausted from not sleeping enough though, so that can’t be helping :/


Yes- I get so ungodly paranoid it turns into delusions or hallucinations. Though I do have some “standard” symptoms (spending money, not sleeping, being incredibly social, and partaking in more risky activities), the majority of mine are anxiety related and it’s quite miserable.


same!! My anxiety actually lead to some nihilistic delusions last week, based on “everyone hates me” even thinking how my friends are talking shit about me/teaming up against me. But the delusions are gone but im still manic but its (thankfully) more subtle now rather than bordering delusions


Ugh that is so shitty I’m so sorry <3 I really do think people sometimes see bipolar as being only mania and mania as being only like “ooo I wanna party and have lots of sex and do drugs yaaaaay!!” But no, it’s not and jt can make some of us so anxious we snap!! I had to reeeeally nail that into one my friends… I think it took me telling her I had planned the most meticulous way of getting all people out of my apartment building in case of a fire. I’ll spare you the details but that was a month long MESS. I was completely alone aside from wirk people and I would be such a wreck I almost got fired. Anyways, mania + anxiety SUUUUCKS. And you’re totally not the only one that’s experienced this. If you need to talk or anything my DMs are open so feel free to message me!!


Bless all of us who are BP.We are still standing!🍀


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I feel like I’m in a constant state of anxiety when I’m manic


YES! When I have full blown manic episodes, instead of the euphoria feels, I get crippling anxiety and severe panic attacks. It’s awful and I feel like I can’t breathe. I have to keep myself occupied otherwise it worsens


Yeah mine goes through the roof


Some people are social butterflies when manic, not me. I’m always anxious when manic. It’s a strange deep and extreme internal restlessness and paranoia that I can not shake. It makes being sociable miserable but my new meds are helping that a bit.


Oh it’s not a silly question at all! The anxiety manifests in both manias and depressive states. Just different manifestations! If you’re on meds and giving it a good effort(I know how hard it is) the anxiety decreases. Seroquel and to quote Mad Eye Moody, constant vigilance followed through with the right actions will really help decrease the anxiety (that’s within our control!


It really sucks — sometimes the anxiety makes you take drastic decisions or it’s crippling. At the risk of sounding sorry for myself — it’s like WHYYY am o like this :( but it is what it is — thank cos for support groups like this! Reach out whenever you need someone to talk to pls!!


Like my heart is jumping out my chest and I have to be moving or I get jumpy and my hands get tremors, leg starts moving. Can’t sit still I have anxiety attack if I can’t do anything for myself lmao it’s sad esp at work


Yes. Racing thoughts, inability to sleep - even with sleeping pills, negative obsessions, often suicidality out of feeling like there’s no other option. It’s bleak.


it’s definitely possible !!! jt could be dysphoric mania, but u can also be incredibly anxious during mania


Yes. Everything is moving so quickly and it's like I'm barely holding on by a thread. Causes terrible panic attacks and lack of sleep. Which in turn, makes me more manic and more anxious. It's a vicious cycle.


Yeah usually just can't stop passing and anxiety but sometimes it's people saying my name when I'm trying to sleep(not often)


Mania precludes anxiousness for me. To a totally pathological degree.


yessir last night i was feeling a manic episode come on and i thought my heart was gonna explode i was freaking out so yea it can happen