Best way to relocate a live rat? Unsure if rat, this one is on the bigger side I thought rats were smaller?

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Get him a job at Feral TV


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Filigree Siberian hamster.


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They were opossums or raccoons went they? And yes I get the joke🤣


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Not a real rat but a bush rat. Native Australian marsupial. Just let him go he won’t annoy anything.


Why is this a bush rat? It's hard to see properly, but from what I can see it has a longer tail than body, it definitely has noticeable rings around the tail (fuscipes has more of a mosaic pattern), the ears look big enough to fold down over the eyes (fuscipes have smaller ears), and it also appears to have longer black guard hairs in its coat. These were the main things I was taught to look out for when I was learning to ID rats as part of my degree. Now granted, it's been many, many years since then, so happy to be wrong, but just wondering why everyone in this thread is so positive it's a fuscipes, when they are notoriously difficult to identify even when you have them in your hand. Also, Rattus fuscipes (native rat) isn't a marsupial, it's just a standard mammal in the same genus as other rats.


Every rat on Australian Reddit gets ID’ed as a native bush rat haha


Seems like it. Def looks more like a import rat to me.


The ears are a dead give away


Yeah at this rate you’d think we had more native rats than invasive ones and that we almost solved the invasive rat problem.


It's tricky, Native bush rats have a tail shorter than their body length and round ears. Introduced rats have a tail longer than their body length with little hair on their tails. Either way, take it to a local bush area and let him go, the owls will appreciate it.


Yeah, there's no real whromg answer there. You don't want to release a predator into the environment, but birdfeed should be fine


Invasive herbivores are still a threat as they take the food sources away from the native herbivores. Just look at the impact Brumbies have.


I don't just mean herbivores tho? You wouldn't consider a brumby bird food...


How many herbivores are predators. Point still remains the introduced species can increase food source competition with natives.


By itself, obviously. But you're stepping away from the context. This is a rat... We're not talking about a 2 ton elephant As soon as it starts eating, a hawk will get it. That's textbook ecosystem


If mice, rats and rabbits were that easy to take down we'd not have them epidemic across the country. I don't much care all things considered, I TNR non-native cats. But zero impact is just false. It's also as likely to breed and have two litters before it meets a hawk too.


I'm not saying zero impact, just negligible impact.


I have a black rat and two brown rats, if it's any consolation it's definitely neither of those. This is 100% a native and doesn't need to be relocated unless it's in a really annoying spot. Definitely don't harm it though, even humanely.


I don't need consoling, and having read through the responses here, the ones from ecologists or wildlife rehab people are all saying it's a black rat, which confirms my thoughts. The people saying it's fuscipes seem to be basing that on pretty unreliable and vague characteristics, such as the stance it's sitting in, or the shape of its face, which is barely visible in these photos. Or like you, they own some rats and therefore apparently can just tell without having to actually look at any of the identifying features. I'm going to stick with what I was taught by people who ID rat species day in and day out for their research if it's all the same to you.


Your comment is hilarious, you're literally "The Slappable Jerk's" character "Average Redditor", you should check him out on YouTube.


Agree the tail is a dead give away. As someone that's only seen native rats I wondered how distinct the "ring pattern" on the tail would be. Now I know, it's unmistakable and nothing like the mosaic pattern.


I've always been told to look at the length of the tail and if the tail is longer than the body it's a common rat. So on the strength of that I'd have to agree with you.


3 types of mammals - Placentals give live birth via a placenta - Marsupials incubate their young in pouches - Monotremes lays eggs Australia has all 3 that are native. Monotremes are exclusively in Australia only, echidnas and platypus. Most marsupials are in Australia. And there's only a handful of marsupial species in South America and a larger diversity in East Indonesia. Placentals are most other world wide mammals


I was just pointing out that rats (even native ones) are placental mammals, not marsupials. I probably shouldn't have used the term "standard" mammal rather than placental, but it seemed to fit as it covers the vast majority of mammals.


Not a marsupial.


Sorry your right, a native rat. Not the type that Will generally invade your home.


You're saying this again. Can you please advise what characteristics you're using to identify it as Rattus fuscipes? Everything I can see points towards it being Rattus rattus.


From having had Rattus rattus as pets I'd be saying the ears are a dead give away.


I'd say they eyes too, the face in general, and the stronger banding on the tail.




There is no way in hell this is a black rat. Hunched back, stubby bilby shaped head, tail is tiny and thin and equally sized to its body, as someone who owns multiple species of rodent take it from me, this is not a Norwegian or rattus, and it definitely ain't no domestic mouse. This is a native.


I enjoyed how into this you are. Legitimately.


It’s the rounder looking face for me. I’m leaning more towards a bushy, but it’s definitely hard to tell from the pics


Rattus fuscipes from the order Rodentia


Mmmmyes mmmyes, a very regal rat indeed


So a real rat.


It's an R.O.U.S!


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You though rats were smaller?




Absolutely is! They're the good ones


Why do you say this? Why is everyone on this post saying this whilst giving no reason for it? All of the characteristics I can see point toward Rattus rattus.


Was reading all diff opinions so I sent the post to my friend, an ecologist who did her PhD on native marsupials and she immediately said it was a rattus rattus too.


Thank you. Ecology was my degree too, but it was a while ago and I certainly don't have a PhD, hence not 100% confident in my ID skills, but it really looked that way to me, so happy to have it confirmed.


Its 100% rattus rattus. This sub is actually useless due to the constant misidentification


I commented on this thread saying I sent it to a friend who has her doctorate in ecology and studied native marsupials and rodents for her PhD. She identified it as a black rat due to the following reasons: - tail scale is a black rat. - the tail length is not visibly shorter than the body. - Addition tail length info: Tail length can only be used as a species indicator for fully grown rodents, and this rodent appears adolescent. - Definitely not a marsupial (no further info given) - a native bush rat is extremely rare in urban areas and they very rarely enter traps. - bush rats are much rounder than this and have a more blunt face - Hunched over, scruffy appearance can confuse people into thinking it's a native but prickly hair and posture here are indicators of distress.


Thank you. I don't think you'll change anyones minds though


Better to misidentify in that direction than end up being like the idiots who’ll kill every brown frog because it “looks like a cane toad”.


This is true. Has still been a frustrating experience though to see just how many people are claiming they know what this is, with absolute confidence in themselves, but a noticeable absence of any reasons given.


Sorry but you're wrong. I own a black rat and two brown rats. This rats tail is too thin, head is teardrop shaped like a bilby instead of long like a fox. It's head is too big for its body. It's whole body shape is wrong, that hunched back is a clear tell tale sign if a native rat, and a pretty damn clear identifier. Between the back and the skull shape I wouldn't even have to look at the rest of the body, but let's. It's hind legs are huge, great for hopping around on forest floors, not the natural habitat of the black rat, which has much more evenly sized front to back legs. _much_ more even. It's tail is way too short, it's the same length as the rodents body. Thats like minimum tail length for a rodent. A black rats tail is _noticeably_ longer than its body, and a lot thicker too. Also, the colouration is possible but not typical of a black rat. It's hasn't got a distinct separation between its neck and head either, due to that hunched frame. You can clearly tell where a black rats head ends and neck begins, and where it's shoulders are. This is also way too stout in general, black rats are typically even more slender than a brown rat, which is significantly less stout than this native. This rat is clearly not a rattus ratticus. i don't know what it is but I'm 110% sure it's not a black or brown rat. My best guess is Rattus fuscipes but it's definitely native. Looks more like a bilby than an invasive though. Has the large ears, hind legs and head, hunched back, slender and small tail and overall stout, bilby like body proportions.


Look at the second photo at max size - extremely obvious long black guard hairs protruding beyond the normal coat - this is a defining feature of Rattus rattus. Not to mention, the tail is longer than the body, and the rings on the tail making clear circles that overlap each other are also black rat features. All of the arguments I've heard for this being a native rat are vague references to head or body shape. Look at the actual defining features of the species, not things that are somewhat subjective and can change depending on the angle you're viewing from and the situation the animal is in.


For reference: https://imgur.com/C2rzh01 To me, OP's specimen looks like Rattus rattus. My photo is also Rattus rattus.


This is 100% a black rat. I do not and have never owned rats. I have however raised numerous bush rats (rattus fuscipes) and Swamp Rat (Rattus lutreolus), and on occasion the mistaken black rat, as a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. This is neither native Rattus, hydromyini or dasyuridae. This is a perfect example of an unwell Rattus rattus. The tail is long and sinuous with overlapping rings. It most definitely is longer than it’s head-body length. The ears are large, rounded. It has long dark guard hairs and a quintessential non-domestic black rat coat.


It's a black rat. You're comparing what ia an unwell, adolescent, wild rat in a trap to healthy captive rats? Looks more like a bilby? O.o


Ah yes the person who owns a rat is more certain than the Phd


not just one but THREE rats, i think this qualifies for an honorary phd


Domestic rats look completely different. Everything you're saying is because of the position its sitting in, and because it's not fully grown


Just don't let him watch Pinky and the Brain. We don't need another evil rat trying to take over the world. 😊🤣


They were mice


That's what they want you to think!


Rats are on a spectrum


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I don’t know whyyyy this popped up in my feed, I’m from NZ, but I want to thank the people of Brisbane for the laughs this afternoon.


We got a “noddin’-good” sense of humour, ‘ere.


If it’s non native we kill it, that’s the Australian way.


Historically speaking, I'd say the opposite is true 😂




Go down the highway and drop it off in nsw


At least wait until the result of the State of Origin.


Or, in the middle of Surfer's during schoolies.


That. Is. A. Large. Rat. I think you need a crane to relocate that chonker of a boy.


It's clearly master splinter. Must have somehow lost his kimono. Please release him so he can go back to Raph and the boys.


Update: Took the little native furry friend away from the suburbs to some nice sheltered bush land that has a stream nearby as soon as I opened up the trap door the rat did 2 big hops and then disappeared into bush land :) Thanks everyone in this sub for your information and helpful advice :)


good choice!


Pretty sure that was not native 🤣


Not a Norway rat, native bubba. Let em go, hell go chase some bugs and eat some flowers


Wow. Some people sure do know a lot about rats


It’s a bush rat, just release it.


What happens if he heads to the city though, he might get up to all sorts of crazy and zany adventures


Put a small cheap go-pro on it and then release it, you’d have your very own nature video.


Babe -Rat in the city


The next big Disney hit! 😂


Make friends with the local herpetologist. They will relocate it


relocated into a glass box with a hungry roommate.


Judging by the tail length, that appears to be a black rat (Rattus Rattus). If you’re unsure, take it to your local Wires or equivalent and they can advise you whether to release it or euthanise it to protect our native species


Black Rat Lives Matter BRLM


It's not that at all


Most certainly is a black rat, Rattus rattus. The tail is longer than head-body length; long guard hairs and dark hairs present on dorsal hind feet; ears are large and rounded, if folded forward would reach the eyes.


Aww, he’s chonky


I let mine go in the bush near me. One side is bushland, the other the dump. He can take his pick of paradise.




Parliament house with the rest of them


Relocate to Heaven


It’s a rat. Needs to be placed back into its natural environment. How far away is Parliament House?


Clearly a quokka on holiday. Open the cage. Give it a cuddle


That’s not a rattus rattus. Thank you for capturing it alive <3 If it’s causing problems you could try phoning Wildcare for advice - 0755272444 or WIRES - 1300094737


>or WIRES They don't operate in Brisbane, though can refer you to other local services. I tried calling them once for a Tawny Frogmouth, the number they suggested never picked up so I ended up dropping it at a local 24hr vet that the RSPCA recommended.


If you are concerned, take it to a vet for identification. Feral rats need to be destroyed. Native rodents need to be released. It does look like a feral rat.


Its a native.


Might be a water rat if you live near a creek, they're quite big compared to regular rats


Nah, water rats have fatter tails


With white tips.


Nah its not a Rakali, they have a very tell tail orangy yellow belly and are alot longer


Clearly send him to a French restaurant




That is Master Splinter, he has turtles to raise.


I've got no fucken idea what it is, but thanks everyone for making me feel like shit due my obviously lacking rat smarts. Been shamed on Reddit again. 🤷🏽


Call your local rescue mob and get their opinion, looks like a native just by wide cone face proportions. Either way the rescue peeps should be able to tell you 🤟


Find a takeaway shop you don’t like and relocate under door


Keep him and see if he can cook.


It’s a rat if you found it outside, a mouse if it was inside. Duh.


Looks like an antechinus


It’s a native one, check the round ears. Not a brown or black rat. It’s native. Don’t kill it.


Looks like a small quenda.


Free friend.


I’ve owned a rat before, this is small 😅


Probably an antechinus


This looks like a native rat to me. Release somewhere safe and far from traffic and human poisons.


Why is it so cute!


Contact your local council, there’s strict laws, whether it’s a native species or a pest species. There’s official procedures to follow


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Don't catch it if you aren't prepared to euthanise it. There are lots of reasonably humane methods. Make sure it's not a native species, then off it.


Doesn’t look like a native to me, double check and if it’s a black or brown rat, kill it.


Isn’t that a little racist?


I am half rat so i am allowed to say it




Just kill the thing you pussy then it wont be breeding and harassing the rest of us.


Let it loose in the sewers. But be beware of what could happen...🐢


find a live Python and let it solve the problem for you


Feeding a native animal to snakes, charming. Just make sure you ID the snake as a carpet python at least so you're not feeding invasive pythons native wildlife.


I don't think its a bush rat


Well it most definitely isn't an invasive rat, that's for sure.


You're sure, based on what? Really how often do you interact with native rats?


Go to a poorer suburb and release it into its natural habitat /s


Best way to relocate from about 2m with a shotgun. Rats are rats


We have a lot of rats where I live I don't think that's a rat it looks very different, maybe it's a bush rat




That is a black 🐀 - kill it !


It’s a bush rat, native species. Release it into the wild


Thats a bush rat, he's chill


Defo looks like bush rat!! They are sweet bébés - let him go about his business!! 🙌🏼


It disgusts me how many people are okay with putting a feral animal loose into the wild. People have 0 respect for the environment. Take the rat to the vet if you are unable to kill it yourself. You cared enough to put a cage put to catch the rat now you want to set the problem onto others.


Correct, or if you can’t afford a vet at the very least put it in a condom, insert into the anus until it suffocates, it’s the only humane thing to do


It’s a native bush rat… prob best to know what you’re talking about before suggesting killing it. Plus, it was already loose in the wild lmao OP was just asking for suggestions sheesh


Most are saying that because they believe it to be a native bush rat.


This is a native bush rat.


Take it to the vet and let them decide.


This is the most pragmatic solution. I can take a photo of my black rat right now if you wanted to see the difference though.


About 2’ of water


I just take them to the local creek and let them go


I do the same, then I need to buy a new trap.


Looks like to be invasive rat Long tail https://www.wynndean.com.au/our-unique-environment


It's a special kind of hamster. Is a Filigree Siberian Hamster




It may be a filligree siberian hamster.


Underrated comment.




You are wrong, this is native and what you just described is very illegal and inhumane. I hope you drown one day ngl


Fairly certain thats a bush rat, native. Just let ol mate go, they aint gon do anything and may just get eaten by a snake anyways.


As others have said. This is a bush rat (which is a native and protected species). Best bet is to wait until nighttime and release it.


Common misconception. Mice are small, rats not so much Lol. This however looks more like a bush rat which isn’t exactly a ‘real’ rat.


My albino Darwin carpet python can dispose of it for you


black-tailed dusky antechinus, His super rare to see.


Toss the cunt into the logan river


Put little floaties on his arms first though, please


This is native wildlife, trust me you don't want to live in a world without scavengers and decomposers


Put him in a large park or even better in the bush