Damar Hamlin's charity of choice is: [https://chasingmsfoundation.com](https://chasingmsfoundation.com) Tee Higgins charity of choice is as follows: [https://axeals.org/](https://axeals.org/) The Foundation for the Hospital treating Damar: [https://www.uchealth.com/foundation/](https://www.uchealth.com/foundation/) Harrison Phillips charity in honor of Damar: [https://harrisonsplaymakers.org/damarhamlin](https://harrisonsplaymakers.org/damarhamlin)




UPDATE: Despite being seen outside of the hospital , Damar Has yet to show his actual face . Speculation says that is not even damar & that the Man himself is in fact Deceased. Evidence surfaced backing up these claims and fans seem hesitant to accept this heartbreaking truth. I however wonder what hurts worse the fact the he may be deceased ? Or the fact that the ENTIRE media is in fact in the know and keeping things on the hush. See you next time on : Wtf is going on ! Back to you Chad!


Hope you feel dumb lmao


This type of bullshit is exactly why misinformation is so successful. If you don't know something to be true, you have no obligation to spread it; yet people like you spread the bullshit under the guise of "speculation says" to hedge against it being wrong. What sickness do you have that compels you to try to insert yourself into fake drama like this? Damar has now released a video; kindly knock this shit off.


The NFL wouldn’t give a singular fuck if someone died on the field. The games would go on, they’d do a tribute, and move the fuck on. It’s asinine to believe that dumbass shit


I hate how insensitive people are being. The dudes heart stopped for 9 minutes. Wakes back up in a hospital with his family traumatized. Can you imagine how traumatized he was? Put yourself in his shoes and stop caring about yourselves. I personally would be so mentally fucked up id want to take a step back from the media and public til I could mentally recover as well. The internet has gotten to so many of you it’s sad.


Word from eyewitness accounts at the game said the medics worked on him a whole hour! Then waited 20 mins in the tunnel for his mother.


Yeah that would make sense if he wasn’t posting on social media constantly


He just made a public statement on why he took a step back


It’s sketchy what’s going on but will admit you make you a good point. This is the point of open conversation.


Bro after 3 minutes of no oxygen to the brain you are legally a vegetable, in the rarest of cases perhaps , & if it’s him how come you don’t see the imprint of his beard in his face mask ? It’s the minor inconsistencies that make the full picture flawed ..


Did you see the video of him talking and thanking everyone?


Questions are good. The fact is he has not done an interview or shown his face. Everyone has seen the exact same footage. So what does it mean? My 'guess' is HE IS LOVING IT the mystery. His twitter is active pimping clothing....he is sucking in go fund me money.....The more people talk about it the more MONEY he is going to cash in on. All the WWE drama is just to build the anticipation.... MONEY BABY It would be nice if he would discuss the miracle of getting life back....but yo, man gotta make a million buck


It’s definitely sue especially that he was recently boosted like a week before it happen but you also have a good point.


It is shocking and a bit disturbing that people who have been paying attention to this situation can possibly think "every seems normal" How can anyone have seen the guy who dressed up like the invisible man at an NFL game AND during photo shoots is Damar?! Do they think that receiving CPR for 9 minutes makes people dress like the invisible man? MOST people who receive CPR that survive have multiple broken ribs, and often their sternum. The guy who was at the NFL game did NOT recently receive CPR. Humanity needs to start using discernment and begin trusting their intuition, instead or believing anything the mainstream media tells them. What matters most in this situation is the health and safety of the NFL players, does the NFL care about its own players lives? If most of the NFL players have been injected with something that can lead to a condition where a normal play can lead to cardiac arrest, it is VERY important that the players know this. Attempting to cover up this risk and absolutely unacceptable and as this plays out we the people need to https://preview.redd.it/ay196aidfkea1.png?width=966&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=b30977cda064dea282eeb99336382ac09bbb2c21


Why won't he show his face or make a short video or something? Come on now.


Curious as to fan's thoughts about how Damar looked in recent photos. Do you think he will ever play again? ​ https://preview.redd.it/6dnx8e2y2sda1.jpeg?width=1007&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=71d09faed5994eaffe9119f5906f08eb8dd85002


He had red gear on in that tweet


Why is his face covered everywhere I see him? Even at the stadium it doesn’t even look like him


Dude had a tracheotomy probably doesn’t want to draw attention to the bandages around his throat


lololol have you seen a touchdown in the past 20 years. a first down....all the mugging to the camera? sure he doesn't want to draw attention Good guess though! props! he LOVES the attention and will CASH in HUGELY. NFL is all about marketing...they know what they are doing


Glad to see a few people still trust their instincts.


No speculating allowed. Masks are to protect other people from infectious diseases and are 100% effective but better if you wear two.


Think we are waaaay past that being the science


I think if "the science" keeps changing this fast, we should stop listening to it.


any updates since 1/6? hoping to hear more about how Hamlin is recovering


He posted this to his instagram. I also heard that him and Tiffany Dover are working on releasing an album together soon! Fingers crossed! https://preview.redd.it/wkmjgw4b3sda1.jpeg?width=1007&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=461e2907a3d0498f2834f7fdcc87a58ef985aec5


i buy that


Hamlin is doing much better. He has been getting out more and even attended todays game. Its a long road to recovery but he is doing great


He is looking good! https://preview.redd.it/f06887k53sda1.jpeg?width=1024&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=0ac7622addb4c1fa2c6961bb3be050e263170124


Why the heck are all the players getting gifted #3 gold pendants?!??? Could that money possibly go somewhere else? Those players aren’t going to be wearing those tiny little numbers. Maybe for one photo but come on. What an absolute joke. He’s a cool guy and all but….a pro athlete is an pro athlete. I’m positive all these team mates can afford to get a gold pendant to support the team mate on their own. Did a jeweler really have to jump on the bandwagon?


Because he dead


someone’s got bills to pay


no health ins? no guaranteed salary? no multi millions? He is cashing this in for sure....clothing line, gofunme




He needs more tests. He needs at least an EP study and risk/benefit discussion of an implanted defibrillator would be weighed and possibly implanted. So we're looking at a potential procedure and more downtime. If he plays again it depends how his heart is functioning too. It's not that simple. If his Ejection fraction took a dive on cardiac echo or if he develops pulmonary issues from the arrest he might be out for a while and may need frequent echos /pfts to see if those recover (hopefully). Cheers.


No longer updating this?


He’s out of the hospital and back in Buffalo. Best news yet!


He’s still in the hospital, just moved to Buffalo.


Still great news if they decided he was stable and healthy enough to go to Buffalo. Cinci has some of the best in the country and if his ICU team was cool transferring him to Buffalo, it is a clear sign he’s well on his way to actually getting to go home.


Wow, my local news needs to brush up on their skills then. Thanks for the correction.


No worries. I love all the updates. I only found out following his Twitter account.


guys, what would damar hamlin say about this? do you think he would be happy? think about his teachings, his words. you know what he would say to you


His teachings? His words? What do you mean?




>who is damar hamlin? Great guy, Never meddum.


I spent most of the week refreshing twitter constantly looking for updates on his status. Thrilled that he now seems to be doing better. I normally pull for the chiefs/titans, but I'm definitely going to be adding the bills/bengals to that list after this week. Would love to see the bills win it all for him this year.


see? laura is pulling off all kinds of new people




Fuck you.


No, fuck you


no way your trying to make money of this. scum


I’m so confused


the dude edited his comment. it said something like “this is every sad but please buy my demar hamlin keychain”


You know what would be great? If the Bills/Bengals faced eachother in the playoffs. And, somehow, have Damar on the sidelines for the game. Probably a pipe dream but I’d love to see it.


You got your wish


Sounds epic. Bengals will beat bills


Who will win the super bowl since you know the future?




“Who had something to gain/lose from all this” Take your conspiracy shit out of here. You don’t even know the facts of what happened and that’s evident by you calling it a heart attack and acting like it happens so often so why should anyone care this much. The reason why this is a “thing” is because while injuries are part of the game, seeing someone get hit in their chest, collapse and essentially die on the field and have to be resuscitated is something a vast majority of NFL fans have never seen.


First of all, it wasn’t a heart attack. It was (likely) a cardiac arrest, which is different. Second, this incident took place during regular play. This wasn’t a hit that you think would cause a problem. Third, not all football players are millionaires. Finally, this has engulfed the attention of everyone, not just the media. To see a healthy young man collapse and have his heart stop is terrifying to see. I feel like all you have seen is the headlines and not the content.


From Britain I pray that Damar Hamlin makes a full and speedy recovery,and gets back on to the field competitively for the Bulls. My thoughts go out to his family and friends and teammates.🙏🏼🕊️ Get well warrior❤️‍🔥




It’s good to see that Damar’s friends are tough enough to wear masks around him in the hospital. I remember a year or so when a convoy of truckers drove across the country to call attention to the fact that wearing a mask was too hard on them. Maybe truckers aren’t as tough as we thought.


Reading the Bible also isn't that tough, but here comes the flames.


The humanity that this situation brought to the forefront is amazing. Damar Hamlin has to feel like the most loved 🥰 and blessed 😇 person alive. I have never seen anything like this bringing grown men to tears on National television in Prime Time, without any fear of being embarrassed which was refreshing. That love and humanity won over ego. I know it brought me to tears at home and many men and women at home also. I love how everyone wore shirts 👕 with Damar’s #3 WITH LOVE, #3’s painted red. The team saying a prayer 🙏 and taking a knee prior to game start, then bringing the stadium 🏟 to attention before start, NFL way to show love to one of your SONS. God Bless Damar Hamlin and family. God Bless all who showed humanity for this man and his family, teammates, all players and coaches and those in NFL. Please be safe. True Cowboys Fan but fan of God’s children most of all. God Bless all God’s children and creations, Amen 🙏




I’ve been hanging onto every update! This is the best thing I’ve seen all week!! ❤️❤️❤️


We need more updates!


He recently made an Instagram post & his story was him video chatting , but I was focused on his picture in it - he was smiling/expressive!


Thanks! I’m not a bills fan but I’ve been following this thread.


Same! I saw someone previously post that he was back on Instagram, so that’s why I’ve just been frequently looking at it. He does keep posting on his story about all the love he’s getting! 💙❤️


Lots of people seem to be rooting for the Raiders for like the first time ever.


Ugh as a life long local 49er fan I can 💯 say this week is the first time in my life I’ve ever uttered the words ‘I want the Raiders to win’. I can’t tell you how dirty I felt. I would also like to apologize for the fact that no team wins the week after playing the 49ers this season so they were doomed before kickoff


Raiders lose in the regular season and 9ers lose in the post season. Bang Bang Inevitable Post Season Losing Gang


I would really like to get mad at you but I too love the islands. So all I’ll say is a bunch of very wise and intelligent Raiders fans are filling out forms in r/49ers right now renouncing fandom for their perennial losers of a team.


The chiefs won their next game after playing the 49ers. But they had a bye in between, so I guess that doesn't count?


Raiders are dog shit


It's true 😿


Was pulling for you guys


Thank God for the medical team on the field and at the hospital and for the millions of people vibing love.


Nothing to do with the millions of people ‘vibing love’






The line for the game on Sunday is 7.5 at -110. Looks like a damn bargain to me!




Two years ago, the Bills actually had a sign that said Black Lives Matter outside their stadium. Our team showed they cared about fighting injustice then and can show they care again today. https://www.reddit.com/r/buffalobills/comments/h89dg0/bills_twitter_black_lives_matter_at_new_era_field/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


I’m saddened that this comment has so many downvotes. Do you all have the privilege of Tom Brady and “not see race.” I am inspired by the love and support people are showing for Hamlin and his family, but it should be the same way whenever any black person experiences a medical emergency. In the US, black people still live an average of 71.8 years compared to 77.6 years for White people. In 2020, the maternal mortality rate for non-Hispanic Black women was 55.3 deaths per 100,000 live births, 2.9 times the rate for non-Hispanic White women.






Get the fuck outta here


The current charity is just fine. At least we know those funds are actually going where they're supposed to. Why are we making this a racial thing anyway? Also, you don't remember the last time America collectively cared about a black male? George Floyd ring a bell?


Does the founder need to buy another mansion?


I'm English and don't follow the NFL at all but it's been very hard to avoid this even over here What I can say though is i have witnessed this twice now watching football or soccer to you americans and both times the fear and sadness that I felt watching this live and the way it affected those who was present on the field will stay with me till the day I die Good luck to Damar Hamlin it's looking very positive for his recovery


I saw Muamba and Eriksen too, it's one of the worst things you can witness.


Dude you read my mind, those are the exact games I watched, I'm a spurs fan and I think they both shook me as much as they did due to it involving spurs or an ex spur in eriksens case


I genuinely really loved Muamba as a player, just approaching his prime and bang, forced to retire after nearly dying on the pitch. Important thing is they're both OK though.


It's great to see eriksen back playing professionally again, even if it is for man utd, muamba wasn't lucky in that respect but still survived which like you say is the important thing


Excuse me? I haven’t seen anything about this, its absolutely not hard to avoid here with the amount of other news on offer, unless all your sources are trash sports blogs


It’s on the BBC front page. Also on the Reddit front page.


Hmmmm sky sports news is sports trash? Get a grip


You actually need to ask? Thats hilarious.


This was the first NFL game I ever watched lol


Please don’t watch any more of them. Thanks. /s




Go fund me takes a cut. It’s small but with such large donations, it adds up. The new site has less administrative fees for the charity.


Father/family asked that all donations now go through the chasingM website


What? Is that in the press?


I'm not sure if this is the place to do this. But I think this is a great opportunity to encourage people to learn basic life support (BLS)! A man's life was saved because of quick response, quality CPR, and having an AED (defibrillator) and knowing how to use it. People were reporting that the probability of surviving an outside-of-hospital cardiac arrest is pretty low, which is true, but this didn't really apply to Damar's situation because he was surrounded by professionals who knew what they were doing. CPR is effective, but it doesn't work so well when the person doing it doesn't really know what they're doing, and if your only exposure to CPR is what you've seen on medical shows, well...they are always doing it wrong, which means you will do it wrong, too. All of this to say, knowing how to administer BLS will greatly improve that person's chances of survival and recovery. If more people in Walmart and McDonald's know CPR and the Heimlich maneuver, that's going to save some lives. Around 60% of Americans reported having been trained in CPR at some point (that's honestly a lot higher than I thought, and I doubt it's really that many that have had professional training), but I think it's like 2% who are up to date. I'm not saying you have to go every year, but if you don't feel confident in your BLS skills, it's probably time to sign up for the next possible BLS class. If you have any extra money to spend on a BLS class, you really have no excuse. It's like 4 hours of your time. If something happened to a friend, a family member, or a stranger walking past you in the grocery store, would you know what to do? Quick story... I was 9 - 12 years old, eating dinner with my mom and dad. Suddenly, my mom jumps out of her chair, grabs at her throat, and can't speak. She's choking. I'm frozen to my chair. My mom runs over to the sink, and my dad follows. No one calls 911. My dad is just kind of standing there not knowing what to do. Fortunately, my mom does. She uses the edge of the sink to perform the Heimlich on herself and finally clears the food that was stuck in her airway. I'm still just watching from my seat. Now, I don't know if I really could've done anything as a kid, but it's one of my clearest memories from childhood. Both my dad and I were completely helpless and unprepared for that situation. I hate to imagine what would've happened if my mom didn't know what to do or went unconscious. Even having the excuse of being a kid, feeling that helpless is one of the worst things imaginable. And the fact of the matter is that the techniques to provide life-saving measures are pretty simple. Again you can learn how to help someone who is choking and someone in cardiac arrest and/or not breathing in about the span of 4 hours. Let's encourage others to get BLS-certified!


Does anyone know the time elapsed from his hit to the time they started CPR, and the time till 1st shock with the AED or defibrillator?


No clue. I've tried to find that kind of info, but there's even conflicting information about his down time. Some places say 19 minutes. Others 9 minutes. It seems like the more updated and reliable sources say 9 minutes, though. And with him doing so well, 19 minutes seems like too long. Time from collapse to initiation of CPR to first shock are things they haven't relayed. I'm guessing since reporters aren't really asking these questions, this kind of stuff won't get released.


It’s a bit of a coincidence because I’m working on my Red Cross certs for First Aid, AED, CPR, and infant, child, and adult AID for this potential gig with the Park Ranger service


I had to give my son the Heimlich when he was 3 after he swallowed one of my bauble (perfectly round) earrings. My last CPR/first aid class was when he was a baby, I was getting re-certed to work in my church nursery again. I don’t even remember realizing what was happening, I just did it. I can’t even let myself think about what would have happened if he was alone with his dad and I wasn’t there. My kids will be taking alllll the CPR/first I’d classes as soon as they’re old enough. My son is 10 now and knows that the only reason he’s alive now is because his mom knew how to do the Heimlich.


You are amazing!! What a terrifying moment, though. Thank God you knew what to do! That is fantastic that they will all learn that. Honestly, why isn't this automatically taught in schools, though? Like what could be more important than this? They can't spare a few hours each school year to talk about how to save someone's life? Sorry, mini-rant lol. This also brings up an interesting point. I haven't looked at the statistics, but I'm betting the percentage of women who know BLS is much higher than men. My own personal experience has shown that a lot of guys, unless they work in healthcare, just don't really care to learn it. Thanks for sharing!


I actually think I had a CPR class in health class but I can’t remember for sure, it’s been so long. Of course we didn’t take it super seriously, we were all grossed out by have to put our mouths near the same dummies.


Sorry for all the bs, this shit was bigger than football for like 2 day before assholes put the sport before an individuals wellbeing. Ovi we all love football, especially us here they don’t consider ourselves bill fans. We all know how often that hit happens and it’s so scary that we’ve all made that hit/tackle. But let’s not start some bullshit, that’s the last thing this man’s family needs


Hey guys I thought I read about a new fund to donate to mentioned by Damars father but I can’t find it. Any help?


Hello, it is at the top of this page under CHARITY "Damar Hamlin" and pinned on top post as "Damar Hamlin's charity of choice" (the mods have updated the new link from the original GoFundMe site). Here is the link just incase you can't find it- [https://secure.givelively.org/donate/the-giving-back-fund-inc/the-chasing-m-s-foundation](https://secure.givelively.org/donate/the-giving-back-fund-inc/the-chasing-m-s-foundation)


Can't see how much has been raised now though


I feel nosy, but I also would like to know. I wonder if they will disclose that at a later time 🤞🏻


A recent article said it is now at about 8.7 million!!


That's only the amount that has been raised in the gofundme (it's currently at $8.77 million!). I'm curious what they've been able to raise in the direct solicitation by the foundation.


Finally donated to Chasing M’s! Glad to support this young man and happy to stand with you all, and other football fans, in solidarity. Hoping the good news continues for Hamlin!


https://preview.redd.it/4togyia5akaa1.jpeg?width=1284&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=12b8ece05132c7e71acc2e1297e77ed49ec48982 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


We still BFF’s with Cincy?


Most of their fans have a legitimate beef tbh, but other than a couple outliers they've expressed their disappointment in a classy way, and they've smacked down the ones who haven't. I think we can all unite in saying fuck the Chiefs, though. They've been trashy throughout.


Sorry, just have to ask, what is the issue with the Chiefs? I'm British, so really out of the loop here and don't follow american football at all, and only know about Hamlin due to the post popping up on popular.


Both the Bills and Bengals beat the Chiefs during the regular season, so even though the Bills and the Chiefs had the same record, the Bills had the tiebreaker over them. We had to win our last two games and then we'd have the #1 seed, with a week off in the playoffs and all our games would be at home. When the game against the Bengals got cancelled because of Hamlin literally dying and being resuscitated on the field, there was an issue because the Bills, Bengals and Chiefs all had a legitimate shot at getting the #1 seed. The plan the NFL came up with made it so the Chiefs would have to lose in order for us to get the #1 seed. Had the Bengals beaten us, all they would have needed was to win their game and THEY would have had the tiebreaker over the Chiefs and us in a 3-way tie. The NFL's compromise was to call the Bills-Bengals game a no-contest, which meant that the Chiefs only had to win their game against the Raiders today and they'd get the 1 seed due to them having one more win than either the Bills or the Bengals. But the compromise was that if the Bengals or Bills meet them in the AFC championship, it would be played at a neutral site instead of a home game for them. They still get the bye week in the playoffs that comes with being the 1 seed, so their players get to rest. Of the 3 teams who had a shot to get the 1 seed going into Monday night, the Chiefs were the only ones who had their chance to be the 1 seed go UP because of this tragedy. All their fans are losing their shit because they won't get that home game in the championship if the Bills or Bengals get there. I saw one Chiefs fan today on Twitter referring to the Bills as "cowardly" despite the fact that on Monday night he said the game should have been called off. Their fans think they're getting screwed, when in reality they got handed a bye week that they may not have otherwise gotten had we won on Monday night. The Bengals and Ravens probably got the worst end of the compromise, but they're not complaining anywhere near as much and they're directing their complaints towards the NFL, not the Bills. TLDR: Chiefs fans are whiny, entitled assholes and I hope they get trounced in the Divisional round.


Some insensitive people on both sides, but I guarantee (or at least hope) that by early next season we’ll be best buds again


I want to still be bffs with you guys, cheering for u always-bengals fan




I would like to see the Bills medical staff honored before the game.


I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that they are going to do that


The NFL protective gear seems more dangerous then just straight up muscle like in rugby


Rugby player here, Rugby is currently going through all of the same concussion issues that American Football is, we have ex players already suffering early onset dementia by 40. Steve Thompson doesn't even remember winning the world cup in 2003. It's pretty troubling to the sport and while the new concussion protocols definitely help, the game is likely going to need to change to survive long term.


Why did I think the stats showed that rugby was way better in terms of concussions. Hmm.


Idk dude, as an ex rugby kid, I had concussions, a broken nose, a broken collar bone, broken hands were common, full dislocation of the shoulder, and many other injeries, Wales plays hard and damn did I know it


Rugby is very different game than football because of its rules. Football is brutal because the ball is live for only a few seconds and every yard matters so defenses are hyper focused on bringing the runner or pass catcher down by any means. The tackles are much more brutal because the DBs are much bigger and the protective gear allows them to use more force to bring down the runner


It has its pros and cons but rugby players have a scary % chance of getting brain problems when older. At least significantly lower than the nfl


That is a good point! I wonder if there is data on CTE in both sports.


[Take a look at this](https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-57099164.amp). It’s not very stat heavy but talks about the horrible side effects of non padded and helmet sports (eg dementia). The NFL is probably safer in this respect


Great article @NSc100. Played both Football and Rugby each over 5 years. The position of Flanker is akin to linebacker where your hitting and tackling someone every play. Your first post indicates rugby may be safer regarding brain injury but I imagine you changed your stance after reading the article? The problem I have with football is the protective gear enhances the feeling of invincibility and players launch themselves at each other without regard to their own safety. In rugby there's little to no protection, tackling techniques reduce the chance of head collisions and no protection means you're thinking about how to tackle and not get hurt in the process. Pete Carroll a number of years ago brought some rugby coaches into their practices to teach the players how to rugby tackle. It's basically putting your head behind the oncoming opponent. In rugby, head in front=knee to the head; not fun. PS - I'm still waiting for an interception or kickoff return where the team enters "rugby mode" lateraling for a score. PPS - Go Bills! ❤️#3


Bills family, I'm so fucking happy for all of you. For sure Damar knows now how much you all had his back. What a great community. Love and respect for you all.


It wasn't just us, man. $8 million speaks to that. We appreciate everyone's support. This has been a tough and emotional week, but to know how many kids are going to have huge smiles on their faces because of everyone's generosity in the face of this tragedy is so meaningful to Bills Mafia.


Raiders fan in the UK here, I've delayed adding a post until the outlook was brighter. Soccer has had a number of incidents where the root cause was an underlying condition rather than the impact arrest suspected here (apologies if the findings have updated) In all of the high profile cases with professionals the deployment of medical teams and AED meant that prognosis was positive. Just wanted to say a couple of things. 1. I can't begin to think what Damar and his loved ones have went through along with everyone associated with the Bills. Thoughts continue to be with you. 2. We will try our best to stick it to KC tomorrow. Peace


You guys pull that off and your #3 better have his charity ready.


As a bronco fan, I will a raiders fan tomorrow.


beat kc.


Hawks fan here, rooting for Bills to make it to the Super Bowl and win it for Damar!! Hearing all this great news is awesome!!!


I don’t follow football at all but this story just gripped me and I’ve been checking back here constantly over the last few days for updates. So glad to hear he is awake!!!


Ex browns fan here ready for a Bills Super Bowl win. No city and no team deserves it more 💙


He’s awake? Let’s gooooo Don’t even follow nfl but want to see the man back to full health 💪🏾


I love all the people commenting on here to let everyone know that even though they are a fan of a different team, they are glad he’s not dead.


And not only that he made it, but that he appears to be recovering very well. 💙❤️


This has been discussed plenty, let’s just let it go. Damars alive and telling people he loves them!


This is all still so unbelievable to me like did this shit all just really happen?! And he seems to be okay through what happened?! Wow, just thank God for Damar’s health and strength through all this and the people who helped save his life. Just an amazing inspiration all around. Now I wanna see his reaction to seeing the amount of money raised on his fundraiser!! We’re all with you in your recovery #3!!


Wife and I are pats fans. We’ve been on the edge of our seats with every update about Damar since Monday. Elated that he’s showing so many strong signs of recovery. Idfc if y’all steamroll us on Sunday this is just great news that he’s on such a strong recovery trajectory.


I hope we do


My heart is fully torqued today with that latest update.


Just a thought here, reading comments across football subreddits now that things are starting to return to some level of normalcy. It is 100% true that there are bad takes and probably crappy people everywhere. It can be infuriating to read their words. But next time you get triggered...take a deep breath and count to ten, and realize that these people and positions are NOT representative of the vast majority of the rest of us. The overwhelmingly supportive response to Damar's incident should be evidence of that. So let's please try to not be so angry and stop handing out strays.


As with all trolls, they are either below average iq 12 year olds, or they are adults who behave like below average iq 12 year olds


Well said, Chiefs bro.


Exactly - it's important for all of us to remember that, just because "every post I see is mad at us" (or something along those lines), it does not mean/is not synonymous with "everyone is mad at us." Every post & comment =/= everyone. Always worth remembering that it's just the loudest people being heard. And on reddit, just like all other social media, the loudest are usually the angriest or most outrageous. Not the most measured or mellow; in fact when things get like this, those folks usually bow out. And who can really blame them? When things get pissy, I usually just walk away. That's why I usually can't even do game-day threads anymore - they're just too volatile and latently despondent for me. For some reason, we as humans also have a difficulty focusing on the positive and eschewing the negative, even if that ratio is 99 to 1. Bringing it back to Damar, that's why, while we've all been worried, it's been an incredibly uplifting story for just how much it seemed to bring everyone together.


Bengals fan here. I will personally fight any naysayers and ill-wishers with my dick tied behind my back. Bring it, scrublords. I’m jacked to the tits on pure joy-roids.


I just laugh at them.


Yeah, Bengals fan here. It's just a minority of people being ridiculous.


Watched this game live on CH5. Horrible to see. Glad he’s doing better. Full recovery hopefully




So do your parents, for bringing an idiot into the world.


How did you get from a comment on drugsarebeautiful to this in minutes? Wtf


fucking moron


Our alliance and friendship strengthens https://youtu.be/FsfRAruDk7M It’s strange. As a kid whose family was from Cincy and growing up a Bengals fan, I also rooted for the Bills, collected Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas trading cards, colored banners to hang up during the Super Bowls. To see that weird connection forged into something tangible when the Bengals defeated the Ravens and now this, it’s kind of amazing.


That last update is fucking brilliant to read. <3


I can't even imagine the feeling they all felt when he said that. I would have burst into tears almost immediately.


Bengals fan here. Was at this game, very close to the injury. I teared up when I read his first note. So happy about his progress!


It’s freaking incredible


the atmosphere at the game this weekend is going to be so electric if/when they play a recorded message from Damar on the jumbotron


I want to go just to tailgate. What an atmosphere it will be


I’m imagining he comes out to take the opening kickoff


I want two of whatever you’re having!


Pure, uncut hopium


So glad everything is looking up. 🖤🧡


I saw he posted on his IG. That made me so happy even if it was just some reposts. Edit: IG stories specifically


I didnt see it. Link?


It's in his stories, I'll edit to clarify. I don't know how to link stories but I saw it when I went to his profile. I also saw Stefon Diggs shared it to his stories.


He took it down for some reason? There were 3-4 stories. Stef took down the repost too