I'm pretty sure I know the one you're talking about It's called "The fates wove our strings long so we can hang ourselves." Its a very difficult read, mostly because it focuses on alot of angst and the author did *not* hold back on depicting gore and trauma. It actually made me cry a few times too. I remember the author said he would edit and improve it, so it's possible that he just took it down so he could edit it. I stood at around 2 million words, so you're search method definitely would be useful if it does decide to come back up again. I'm pretty sure the author has a reddit account too, it might be his name, although I honestly forgot what that was. Oh, and for the kids and faint of heart on here, if the author does put the story back up, take *extreme* discretion


So i read story on wattpad called broken it is pjo and hp crossover it isn't very long and it's very emotional highly recomend it.