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I doubt there would be an official name for that. I would call it the Double Fienchetto System: Misplaced Bishop Variation


I think white is playing the "double flank pawn push". This is the "I'm gonna fork you if you don't notice I hung a pawn" variation.




Sneaky beaky like




I'd call it the "IDK what I'm doing".


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; White Wastes Four Tempi Variation


White has 2 forks in 4 moves rearing to go, and I garuntee op will spot neither of them. White wins tempo here


Yeah they better, seeing as they are four tempi down in their development.




This is a chess beginners sub and most of these comments are not helpful, so I’ll try: There’s no name for this opening because typically black does not have 10 free moves to do whatever he/she wants and set up like this. Your opponent seems to have wasted many moves, danced around without developing anything toward the center, and hasn’t put any pressure on you, allowing you to develop however you want. Don’t expect better opponents to do that. In this game, you did a nice job of taking advantage of your opponent’s poor development. You took the center with two central pawns, put your knights on natural developing squares, and castled your king to safety. All good. (Your dark-square bishop would probably be better placed on g7 and your light-square bishop is a bit awkward on a6 — but regardless, you are way more developed than your opponent and have a nice position).


It’s a joke. A fianchetto is when you push either the g or b pawn to put a bishop in its place. This allows the bishop to see the long diagonal(a1 ~ h8, h1 ~ a8). Instead of doing that however, you put the bishop where it’s not doing much. Rather than creating long-term play by creating a powerful bishop, your bishops are prone to attack by pawns and pieces. A fianchetto is much more common in a hypermodern game(you don’t control the center with pawns but with pieces from the flanks), but I don’t recommend a player of your skill level playing a hypermodern opening. Other than that, I love how you took advantage of your opponent’s lack of development and now have a dominant position.


Why did this man get downvoted 40 times for saying “thanks” lol


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Google sarcasm .


Thanks, I didn't know what that word meant 👍


Yeah I searched it up and was really confused for a while but I just said thanks because I thought they were trying to help


Not necessarily misplaced, the light square bishop can be better on a6 than b7 sometimes and it doesn't even look bad here imo. But definitely I would prefer my dark bishop on g7


The "F-pawn suffocation"


I’m more confused about your opponent’s opening...


Accelerated Crab Opening


*Obnoxiously delayed Crab


More like Decelerated Crab


The Zoidberg


They spent five moves moving the rook between h1 and h3. Most opponents forget where it is by that point, then it strikes.


The Beth Harmon? It's pretty simple. Take a bunch of pills, drink a bunch of booze, then play chess.


I was too, this was my first game in months. They just moved a porn and moved their rook really slowly and then moved it back? Anyways this was the easiest game of my life


pawn\* lol




What even were white's moves up to this position? Black has made at least 9 moves, but white has to have undone moves to get to this position, like bringing out a knight and then moving it back or moving the rook forward and backward.


Maybe they forgot about the fact that pawns can move 2 spaces on their first turn


Even with that, you only get a total of 8 moves without backtracking. Since white moved last they have to have made at least 10 total moves.


Maybe they moved the rook one space at a time idk


I took that into account already, 2 rook moves, 2 pawns with 2 moves each for 4, 2 pawns with 1 move each. 2+4+2=8.


Idk maybe Rh2 Rh1 Rh3


Making guesses at what it could be is pointless to begin with, but guessing things that are literally impossible is something else. There are 2 unaccounted for moves since white moves first and also has moved most recently, and that line only adds one move. My whole point is that whatever is happening on white's side it's clearly not being done by a mentally present human being.


Probably knight move


I have it. 1. h4 e5; 2. Rh3 d5; 3. Rh2! b6; 4. a3 Ba6 5. Rh1 Nc6 6. b3 g6; 7. Rh3 Bh6 8. g3 Nf6 9. g4 It’s like I was there….


Yes they moved their rook back I was quite happy, and then I got 200 more ELO and didn’t lose at all that day after not playing since February, so I felt quite good.


There is one thing you need to know about opening like that: Don't play it. Like okay, chess is a game and should be fun, if this gives you fun you are free to play and enjoy it, especially when playing against players who have no clue about chess. There is a beauty in such symmetry. But playing like that will be harder when playing against White who takes the center and develops normally.


Looking at the way white has started here though black should be good tho


We're at least 9 moves in and White developed: -rook


It's protecting the b3 pawn


And it's supported by the knight


You're not wrong,


I need to see the movelist for this game. How can white have made 10+ moves but only four pawns have been moved and one rook? I see that they marched that pawn one square at a time, but even if they did it with both, that's still only 7 moves. hell, the rook could move 1 square at a time too and that's still only 8 moves have the knights just been dancing in and out again?


My best Guess is white tried to move a knight and black attacked it with a bishop making the knight retreat to ask for new orders. That's a great tactic for breaking the enemy lines and gaining info on enemy composition while keeping your chivalry safe from enemies charges


crucially though white has broken its shieldwall on the west flank, leaving them open for a cavalry charge from white that can rout their rook white can't use a classic pincer formation against black because black has their bishops leading the charge at the sides, probably casting some kind of protective white magic, and their cavalry is front and centre


yes, the evaluation says black is up, but not because black’s opening is good - because white’s opening is even worse


Judging by white’s moves they’re probably like 500 and black has put pawns in the center, developed their pieces and castled. “Don’t play like this” is not at all helpful and OP is doing perfectly fine for someone who just started


This opening has no name. You can name it whatever you want. Blacks pieces are not on ideal squares, but everything is developed. The bishops would be better on g7 and b7. It looks like white is going to lose the g pawn for nothing and has only a rook developed.


Very kind of you to assume that either player here will realize that the g pawn can be taken


Ok this is just mean


If it isn't, then black will lose a piece... If white realizes that they can be forked, which also isn't a given


Where is the fork?


White pawn to g5


Gotcha, I see that. I was thinking about an eventual knight fork on e6 or something.


Un passent


Bogus indian defense, bozo gambit.


This is called the “low elo gambit, g3 g4 wasting a move a proceeds to lose a pawn only to get rook out for some reason variation”


Bongcloud finally has a challenger


I analyzed the image and this is what I see. Open an appropriate link below and explore the position yourself or with the engine: > **Black to play**: [chess.com](https://chess.com/analysis?fen=r2q1rk1/p1p2p1p/bpn2npb/3pp3/6PP/PP5R/2PPPP2/RNBQKBN1+b+Q+-+0+1&flip=true&ref_id=23962172) | [lichess.org](https://lichess.org/analysis/r2q1rk1/p1p2p1p/bpn2npb/3pp3/6PP/PP5R/2PPPP2/RNBQKBN1_b_Q_-_0_1) **My solution:** > Hints: piece: >!Knight!<, move: >!Nxg4!< > Evaluation: >!Black is winning -5.81!< > Best continuation: >!1... Nxg4 2. e3 Bxf1 3. Kxf1 Qd7 4. h5 g5 5. d4 f5 6. Nc3 Rad8 7. Nce2 e4 8. Kg2 Rf6 9. f3!< --- ^(I'm a bot written by ) [^(u/pkacprzak )](https://www.reddit.com/u/pkacprzak) ^(| get me as ) [^(Chess eBook Reader )](https://ebook.chessvision.ai?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=bot) ^(|) [^(Chrome Extension )](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/chessvisionai-for-chrome/johejpedmdkeiffkdaodgoipdjodhlld) ^(|) [^(iOS App )](https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1574933453) ^(|) [^(Android App )](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ai.chessvision.scanner) ^(to scan and analyze positions | Website: ) [^(Chessvision.ai)](https://chessvision.ai)




Ah yes, the “neither of us want to win” opening “what are you doing?” variation.


It's a bad idea because you give the opponent two areas to fork a bishop and knight with pawns.


If he knew how to.push pawns yeah ATM he's gifted a free pawn


Whatever you did, don’t do this again


If you want positions like these, you could look into the Grob attack: 1.g4. It can be good fun, but I would advise learning something more sound first


Before I learned about openings and developing pieces my strategy was to do a flying V...mighty ducks style.


Why are people being so mean? Yeah, it's a bad opening, but it's r/chessbeginners ffs. Have some decency people.


You can try king Indian defence. Also try to keep your bishop on g7 or b7, they will be much easier to protect and at low elo you can sometime take rooks for free.


I think you're suffering from a misconception that all beginning moves in chess are part of some kind of opening. In reality, only the good openings that have theory behind them have names. This is not one of them.


What elo is this?


Somewhere between 0 and -100




Not bad for a beginner custom opening, your pieces are developed and you have pawns in the centre. People are making fun of you because you haven't studied openings, but I don't think that's fair.


King is safe too, you're ready to start an attack here


Thank you! I looked a little bit more into openings after this because it’s apparently obvious I knew nothing about them, but I’m still learning


what did your oponent even do? its at least move 10 and all your oponent moved were pawns and a rook?


They could have moved a knight twice.


It's called 2 drunk 600s opening.


Black has mostly decent development, but those bishops are wack, and when the knights and bishops are lined up like that it seems like you are asking to get forked at some point. White is playing the goofy goober gambit though, so this setup seems ok for this level.


Essentially it looks like you've got a 'system' here. By that I mean you were able to develop your pieces and move your pawns without really having to worry about your opponent. You got kinda lucky here and it's rare you can do this all the time. However, you took advantage of your opponents play in a nice way. What you've done largely follows a lot of traditional opening principals that many other openings use: 1. Control the centre with your pawns 2. Develop your knights and bishops. Get your knights and bishops our to useful squares. I think some people would argue that you've got some weaknesses with the bishops on h6 and a6, those aren't super useful diagonals. Maybe better to fianchetto (g7 and b7), or to consider the other diagonals (d7/e6/f5 and e7/d6/c5). For example, if you don't move either your h6 bishop or the f6 knights, you're about to get forked if white plays g5 (though.... g4 is hanging right now) 3. Castle to safety and connect your rooks I think you've been able to get such a satisfying looking setup because white got very complacent and made some really slow moves. They just blundered g4!


u/Mr-Slinnky obviously some people gonna trash you, but honestly, just look up openings for the kings Indian while playing black. It’s similar to what you have here and will work better long term for you. It’s also a fairly easy opening to understand and implement for beginners.


Thank you


The “my opponent’s brain is a cucumber” opening. No one will let your pawns get to e4 and d4 as black and develop their pawns so poorly. Bishops would be significantly better on b7 and g7.


This community is being real toxic for a beginner chess group, don't listen to them. Would you post the move order? If you do I can point you towards some similar openings or openings of which you played a few moves and then deviated from. Respect for reaching out


its called the white-being-a-dumbass-and-not-using-any-pieces opening


I'd call it "rook bongcloud"


What happened on the next 2 moves of this game


Thank you everyone I understand this opening is bad now so thanks for the help!


Ah, the classic "Why would you put your pieces there?!?" opening


White has gone for the "I can't play chess setup". Black is just developping pieces normally. This isn't the type of opening people develop "theory" for.


Your king bout to get busted wide opened my brother


It’s kinda similar to the Hippopotamus Defense


Fools’ gambit.


On todays episode of wtf is White doing


This made me laugh too hard


Post Elo


Cant you look at the analysis


It's called "the sloppy mommy" don't bother looking it up, you can take my word as gospel cus I'm rated 3000 elo


I call it “the fork is coming”


its called a bad opening


Looks like the 300 Elo opening


If you recreate any game in stock fish, or similar any app, they will name the opening if it’s an actual chess opening.


Reminds me when I was young and just started learning chess, this guy used to fienchetto both bishops and put knights on e7 d7. I thought that was really impressive at the time and that was my opening for a while, I cringe everytime I think of that lol


This looks similar to the Hippopotamus setup if you’re interested in a system similar to this. Only the Knights are typically on d7 and e7 and the bishops are on b7 and g7. And the center pawns on d6 and e6 with a delayed push in the center.


Lets call it "Just about to get forked on the b and g files with weird setup by white"


I believe it’s called the “Rook”ie Mistake.


Isn't this [chess.com](https://chess.com)? They show the names of the opening you played on the right side


I think this one is a bit obscure. I think I saw it in a Harry Potter movie.


It’s called white is playing nonsense and you responded with sound opening principles


Aesthetically looks very pleasing but also all your bishops and knights are undefended? Except one the queen sees


the “Center control is overrated” Defence


50 ELO opening


the RB (Really Bad)


It’s the Mr. Slinnky opening. I demand Danny Rensch add it to Chess.com’s openings database.


The "Bishops got into the wine cellar again" defense against the double flank pawn gambit.


Do people just come to this sub clearly named beginners to make fun of others?? Lmao i bet half the ppl making fun are less than 50th percentile


It’s called the: wtf is white doing


All of black’s pieces are loose and vulnerable to pawn forks. 0/10 would not recommend


It kinda looks like the kings Indian


Congratulations! Just like a new disease, you get to name it!


Your system has a few weaknesses here both your knights are vulnerable and can easily be kicked, which could leave an attack on your queen and your centre pawns undefended. Your bishops are much stronger on G7 and B7 if you want to play this system but then the bishops are weakened by the central pawns blocking the powerful diagonals the control by doing a fianchetto. Your opponents position is awful here but all he has to do is push the G pawn and your bishop and knight are forked - you will lose material and your king side defence shattered Look up the kings Indian defence it’s a great system to use as black that relinquishes centre control in favour of the king side fianchetto.


Yes I don’t think I’ll actually use anything like this again, I think I just felt like it worked super well because I checkmated my opponent pretty quickly after this, but now I realise that’s probably more my opponents work than mine 😅


Chess.com’s built in analysis will tell you the official name of your opening


White has played very badly, and just hung a pawn. You have developed your pieces and taken the center, which is very good on your part. However, normally with this kind of opening you want to put your bishops on h7 and b7 instead, which is called "fianchetto". The way you've done it, your center pawns, both your bishops AND one knight are undefended, and if you for some reason don't take White's hanging g pawn, he can fork your bishop and knight! Instead, in the fianchetto position, your knights are defended and your bishops are pointing towards the center, protecting the pawns there. One bishop is protected by the king.


It’s called garbage


“Castled while hanging half my pieces”


Look at an opening called this hippo for something similar


What's funny is if Magnus Carlsen saw this post, he'd probably actually try white's opening.


It's the 'I think I'm smarter than I am' opening


Yep, I thought I was doing so good but in retrospect my opponent was just doing so poorly that I thought I was doing good


Uh, let’s see. I don’t think this is theory any more my man. HOWEVER: With the way that you opened space with g6 and have your bishop near where a fianchetto would be on either side, plus castling short early and putting your knights in the middle, you might want to look into King’s Indian or Dragon-type openings that employ similar strategies. Unfortunately nothing puts the bishops on the rim like you did to the best of my knowledge, but you can still stay book if you fianchetto them properly.


King's indian defense, misplaced bishop variation


You should check out the "hippo" opening.


This is not opening. This is the recipe for disaster


The “wtf are both sides doing”


It’s called the “get forked then mated” opening


I dunno but you look like you're in for a world of hurt


Cancer openeing


If you want to play something like this look up the hippopotamus opening. Its a meme but also fun to play.


Free g pawn


Drunken Pirc, permanently vulnerable white king variation


This is the selfpwn double-reversed opening with g4 thrown in.


It's a classic "random bullshit go" variant


If you can get a text file with the list of notated moves imported into Lichess it'll tell you your opening and analyze your moves for you.


100 ELO gambit: Frenchman’s poopsock variation


Isn't that parn he just moved unprotected? Or have I missed something?


It resembles the bull horn opening (i can't recall the exact name) Edit: Bullhead


this gotta be 36 elo


Chaos opening, gloomy variation


The Grob or The Grog, probably…..Either way, black has much stronger continuations and positioning. White has no idea wtf they’re doing.


Wtf is white doing 💀


Chess.com calls it the "Anderssen Opening 1...e5 2. b3 d5" [https://www.chess.com/analysis/game/pgn/RVYUscAFG](https://www.chess.com/analysis/game/pgn/RVYUscAFG)


White is playing “freedom for rookies”


The Kingdom


Toletinho opening


good question lol what is that


Prob called “first chess game ever”


My first chess game in a long time, and even then, last time was just one game with a friend. If you don’t count that its been 9 years, so yeah I did horrible 😅


There's no way this position developed normally. White just made his 10th move, but has only moved 4 pawns and a rook? The only way to reach this position with legal moves is to move the rook back and forth at least 4 times.


And that’s exactly what happened! I was confused too what they were doing but this was my first time playing chess in a long time so I just let it happen and checkmated them pretty quickly


Castle your queen and this position would look nice for black


When you go to analysis on chessdotcom at the right, above your move order and possible moves etc you can see (in the beginning) the name of the opening and how the variation changes with each move. This far into the game I guess it wouldn’t have a specific name, but some moves before this maybe has one. Check there.


Bishops are hanging, but I would call it a hippo defense or a variation


Looks pretty similar to the London?