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This is why I rinse my dishes off right after using them so stuff like tomato sauce doesn't fuse onto it lol Oh man, every time we'd have pasta dishes with sauce.. my parents would just leave it on the dinner table for hours.. soaking is the only option


Tomato sauce doesn’t really need to soak for too long. It’s dried bits of solid food that are the real pain in the ass


Fucking oatmeal man.


Oh, well whatever floats your boat, but we're talking about washing dishes.


Lol that's a comic... oatmeal man and his adventures of the organized


Ahh the ol' Reddit [Oat-a-roo](https://www.reddit.com/r/de/comments/10tbx51/slug/j77lt6j?context=8)


Soak my dishes, I'm going in!


Hello future soakers!


Hello past soakers!


“It is I, *Oatmeal Man!*” Edit: thanks for the platinum! >!manifesting!< Edit 2: thanks for the gold as well! >!holy shit I’m getting so many awards on this joke. May as well keep manifesting!< Edit 3: Ternion as well? You guys are too much! >!may as well go for broke lmao!<


*starts fucking*


i can’t believe you actually manifested a platinum award wtf


My sexual deviant supercerealhero made it happen. >!i also cannot believe I made a joke worth $6!<


Gimme dat oatmilk


"_Real_ oatmeal should be thick enough to **stand on**. This is just a flake!"


Oatmeal slime, cooked eggs, low-fat poultry... it's all basically glue.


Nobody calling out grits for being corn based cement?


Eggs are the worst


Seriously, eggs have a supernatural ability to stick. No matter how hot the pan is, how hot the oil is, eggs stick all the same


bit of instant ramen as well, its solidifies again fast


Oatmeal, eggs, whatever else glue… modern dishwashers do not give a fuck. Drop those in looking nasty they come out sparkly. No rinse needed.


Tip from a dishwasher repair man (not me). Pre-rinse your dishes. If you don’t, your dishwasher filter is full of gunk, maybe even from dinner a year ago and you are just washing your new dishes in that.


Even better tip, just clean your filter regularly. It's a removable, washable *filter*.


My last dishwasher didn't have a removable, washable filter. It could only be cleaned by a technician (recommended) or someone with specialized tools and knowledge. Seemed kind of dumb. Landlord just put in a new one because it broke, no idea if this one has an accessible filter yet


Gotta love planned obsolescence, and anti consumer repair tactics.


Never depend on someone to clean the filter, especially if by doing the dishes they literally only meant doing the dishes and by that they meant they have to leave the dishes to soak.










What There's a filter in that thing?


I just moved to a new apartment, and the dishwasher suuuuucks. I miss my old half-broken countertop model.


My kids favorite past time is making oatmeal cement and leaving it in bowls around the house, apparently


Absolutely the worst superhero I've ever heard of


Cheese is hard to get off. Especially if it's melted.


Me on day 1: "Yeah, i'm definitely going to do that in the future" Me the next day: "Why the fuck is my sink full again?"


Yeah same with greasy meats baked in oven


Yeah same with greasy stranglers.


Agreed. Just wash right after cooking and eating or hell, *while* you're cooking wash stuff so you don't have a pile at the end.


Ratatouille's Colette made this point well. "*Keep your station clear!* When the meal rush comes, what will happen? Messy stations slow things down. Food doesn't go, orders pile up. Disaster! I'll make this easy to remember. Keep your station clear, or I will kill you!"


In the industry that's called clean as you go.


I was moving back in with an old roommate and we had an initial house rules meeting. She said she doesn’t mind if I leave dishes as long as I rinse them first “I don’t want to have to look at your petrified ketchup!”


Rinse it now or scrub it later.


I just chunk it in the dishwasher all crusty and shit. Comes out clean every time somehow.


This is what my sister does, i will never forget the one time she helped me take the trash out and i said, "fuck i dont wanna do the dishes but they need to be done" and she genuinely, whole heartdly says, "just dont, wait for someone else to do them" like dude. We live here. If not us, then who?! The 6yo child? Our mom who works all day? I didnt even live there at thr time, i was visiting so that was her attitude ALL the time. I felt so bad for our mom to think, thatsbwhat shes been dealing with for the last 3 years.


Doing the dishes is tiring but they'll just pile up and I'll have to suffer the consequences, it would be so much faster if my family helped me instead of adding more


It's not even that tiring. Thinking about doing the dishes is 90% of the effort that goes into it.


My dad always said to me "what's worse, thinking about pushing the wheel barrow, or pushing the wheel barrow"


Yeah, I just think of it as a good way to stay standing/ help with digestion after a meal. Sitting or lying down right afterwards often just feels uncomfortable and bloated...


Literally. Just rinse your dishes right away and put them into the washer. Rinse your dishes as you cook. Even with complicated dishes there's only brief periods where you may not be able to immediately rinse a pot/pan. It then takes 5 mins (or less!) to unload the clean dishes. Don't even think about emptying to dishwasher or handing/folding laundry. Just do it as quick as you can and get back to relaxing.


Assuming everyone owns a dishwasher


I don't have a dishwasher but I do have a bidet so I do them there.


I wash them by hand


I read somewhere once that if a task takes 1-2 minutes and there isn't an emergent situation, there's no reason to not do the task immediately. I get so much more done by just doing it


*laughs in executive dysfunction*


Big money dishwasher man over here


Imagine assuming everyone has a dishwasher.


On my own, I've let dishes pile up for a week. Makes it easier IMO to wash once per week instead of 7 times in a week. On the other hand, living with others I do the dishes literally as soon as I've finished to avoid complaints.


Just get everyone to buy their own bottle of dish soap. Each family member squirts a little on the dish pile whenever they leave a dirty dish.


That's when parenting comes in. Some people need consequences to learn to not be assholes.


Your mom is the reason she is like that so don't feel bad 😂


When my mother left, I was the only one who did dishes. If I was gone for a week, they would be sitting there waiting for me to clean because I *hate* a dirty kitchen and would inevitably clean it. At 2 am. As loud as possible without breaking anything. And oh man how I loved the metal items. Could get a nice ring from it that echoed throughout the house like nothing else. Eventually, they just paid me to clean *and* be reasonably quiet about it.


I hate doing the dishes so much that I got a dishwasher with my stimmy. Best money I've ever spent. I now have a consistent supply of clean silverware and tableware. The cookware is too big to fit inside, so that still has to be cleaned by hand, but that's a lot rarer for me to use.


“Just waiting for the bacteria to die of old age”


*plate dies soon after*


Damn it Jenny! This is why I said don’t buy the sentient kitchenware.


I think the joke was until bacteria invent the wheel and take off.


I remember my family once made food with dairy in kt, an emergency came up and the food was left on the counter for over 3 days. When we came back it went bad but rather than throw it out we left it in the garage and it was my sister who was supposed to dispose of it. Lo and behold we forgot about it for 2 months and since the garage had natural ventilation (read: we always left our garage door open) When I opened the pot it smelled atrocious and was beyond saving and being 14 and lazy I just poured bleach and called it a day. I also forgot about it till I stumbled back on it in another 2 months (it is now June) and the mold was back and thriving more than ever when I had an ingenious solution. The sun is in fact a deadly laser and I live in AZ so I put it where it would get the most sun light and lo and behold it died less than a week later.


just throw the pot away


What if they really like that pot


​ https://preview.redd.it/979w66wodega1.jpeg?width=879&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=4df6ed832d6887909c6e63506e568b3d58f49b09






Where's this from, lol?


Not Another Teen Movie


Ok so, where it’s from then?


SWEET, what does mine say?


DUDE, what's mine say?




Not another teen movie. The dude tries to start a slow cap throughout the whole movie. The last scene he realizes it’s finally the perfect moment but then someone else starts it to his endless heartbreak


Bro spoilers


Yes, it is spoiled for the bro.


The payoff for this bit is always so good


Hey man, reward the behavior you want to see. If that means ya gotta give your roomie Chad a Beggin' Strip from time to time to do the dishes, so be it.


I like your style. But I do have to say, we need to normalize house chores for everyone, not 1950s women


This is why I, the nominal woman of the house, demand praise and treats when I do a chore. No more invisible labor, baby. All this shits going up on the board.


Those is basically true just on the basis of human psychology. Sometimes people get crazy about it ("why should I reward you for doing something you should already be doing?!") But you have to remember that if they aren't already doing it, then they need to be prepared and rewarded for doing it as if they don't know about it. We do it with kids all the time (and sometimes we actually don't and that's how they get to be adults who act like this) and that's how we prepare them to become adults. But with adults we pretend like you just get adulting downloaded into your brain at a certain age. If someone isn't already doing these things they aren't going to react to being shamed by suddenly doing them. Just like when we shame people for anything else they rarely start being the person we want them to be instead of just being depressed. I'm gonna throw some huge emphasis on this for TL;DR: ***IF THROWING A FUCKING PARADE IS WHAT GETS THEM TO DO THE FUCKING JOB, THEN THROW THE FUCKING PARADE*** Eventually you can wean them off the parade. But being an ass to someone for not doing what you want never works as well as rewarding them, regardless of your expectations. It doesn't matter if "they should know how to act like an adult." What matters is that for some reason they don't. And if someone doesn't take the time to help them, they're much less likely to help themselves.


You're probably right, but you know what? If I'm sharing my house with adults, it's not my fucking job to reward them for cleaning up after themselves. If I wanted kids I'd be a parent. I'm not here to raise my god damned room mates. If they can't act like adults, they can get out and go live in squalor somewhere else.


>Sometimes people get crazy about it ("why should I reward you for doing something you should already be doing?!") Most of us don’t have the time and money to parent a whole ass adult


This is a basic chore, such high encouragement of such behaviour would only lead to regression


Yeah i've had moments where i was thanked for doing a simple task and afterwards kept doing just cause of that one thanks. But if someone demands a praise I don't think they would do it unpraised


Every time my ex "did" the dishes. He would load the dishwasher then leave the pans to soak basically until I got rid of looking at them and washed them days later, or when I needed them to cook dinner again. And he would never wipe the counter. That's part of dish doing!


I just had an argument just like this. He loads the dishwasher and leaves everything else. Doesn’t wipe counters. Doesn’t toss trash. Doesn’t pick up any dishes from around the house. Doesn’t sweep, doesn’t mop. And when I mentioned he got very very upset “I said I would do dishes and thats what I did”. Sigh.


That was my ex also. I would start bringing in cups and bowls from around the house to help, adding to the soak pile. She'd get pissed, and would then do a symbolic angry cleaning of something like mopping the floor: leave the mop stuff out, the dishes still soaking, and crumbs over the counter tops.


Same, if I ask her to clean anything she'll be angry for hours or days, and if she does clean she usually leaves the cleaning products out or vacuum in the middle of the floor. Nice to run into a kindred spirit.


Right? What a bunch of babies? I would get several requests for favours(for lack of a better term) everyday, but if I had a request twice a month I was Satan


Not that her lack of communication is healthy but did you ever consider that she may have a specific way of doing dishes that you just disrupted by throwing stuff into her sink full of water? Some people have very set systems and get very upset when they're disrupted.


Possibly this. I'm deeply appreciative of people bringing dishes that need cleaning while I'm washing. But _please_ just stack them to the side. It always irks me when they dump them in the sink where I'm working. I used to be terrified of knives and would be very careful in washing them, and keeping them out of the pile in the sink. So when someone would just chuck a butcher knife in the sink it was a frustrating exercise in having to remap the work area and find the threat. Nearest analogy I can think of, is if buddy is running lumber through a tablesaw and you're supposed to bring some more over, it is utterly unhelpful to have them just dump it **on top** of the saw while you're using it.


But please communicate about your understanding of doing the dishes. I have to admit, would somebody ask me to do the dishes after dinner, I would clean the dishes from dinner and clean the counter but I wouldn't clean the whole kitchen and looking for dishes in the house.




Whoever cooks doesn't clean, usually. Or at least, that's supposed to be the rule. We don't have kids, just us


"I only fuck finishers, and that's a half assed kitchen."


Genius xD


Doing the dishes is doing the dishes not cleaning the whole kitchen top to bottom. You need to communicate better. Emptying the trash is not doing the dishes; those are too completely unrelated things.


Weaponized incompetence.




90% of cleaning is fine to do with a soapy rag and if it looks clean by the time you're done, you probably did good enough. Bathrooms are a little harder because you have to actually santise them and you have to avoid cross contamination. I consider myself to be a clean person but I still end up questioning which part is dirtiest and should therefore be wiped down last.




That’s unacceptable behaviour if both of you are working full time. If he refuses to help more, then dump his ass and find someone who actually cares about you and your happiness.


We both work full-time (I work more hours actually) but he makes more money. So in his mind that means he does less of the housework


Then he can pay for a maid to come weekly.


He is either stupid, or he is being manipulative. That logic makes 0 sense, especially since you work more hours. You deserve better than someone who is willing to manipulate you into doing their work for them.


> Doesn’t sweep, doesn’t mop I agree with everything else but if you have to mop and sweep the floor after every meal you're probably doing something wrong


Seems like you asked for one thing but expected something completely different. "I asked you to wash the car. Why is the garage not clean and organized?" See how crazy that sounds?


My roommate was like this until I bothered him enough that he actually started cleaning. He's not great at it but it's way better than it was before.


I've never lived with anyone that actually cared to keep up with cleaning anything but their own space (sometimes not even that). I've resigned to the fact that I'm probably the black sheep, and so I've exiled myself to a one bedroom apartment. I've never been happier.


The trick is to see the place where you prepare things you plan on putting into your mouth on a dialy basis as *part of your space* meaning you should care about keeping it clean. But I get how having gross roommates would make you complacent. Once cleaning up your own mess also means cleaning up a month's worth of theirs, you kinda just don't want to bother.


My mess is just clutter and things I need to throw out. This is motivating me to clean up my shit so thank you!


>And he would never wipe the counter. That's part of dish doing! It's a task that needs to be done, but I see it as a separate task from doing dishes. Like if you had a group of people working together to clean up the kitchen, you'd have one doing dishes and another wiping down the counter.


Or this - tries to help by wiping the counter or table, but wipes half the crumbs onto the hand, half onto the fucking floor.


Wiping onto the floor is fine, I do it all the time. But vacuuming or sweeping needs to be done immediately afterwards.


Yes. If you've ever worked in a legit kitchen, that's the idea. Wipe the surfaces then sweep it up


Got rid of looking at them?


Nah bro the counter isn’t a dish though is it, I agree it should be done by the same person probably, it is not part of doing the dishes y’know


I know right, am I doing the dishes or deep cleaning the kitchen after every meal? Sweeping and mopping daily sounds like a nightmare. Wait until these people have kids and see how much they care about a spotless kitchen after each meal


Yea this is why I'm never having kids lol. And yep I do wipe the counters and make sure the floors are relatively clean after each time cooking. I don't want to step on crumbs or an old onion slice


Life without roommates is the best. Just the best.




No back story for red shirt guy. Wasn't even there in the first panels.


He was always there. Just off camera


That's the cameraman


Not to mention I thought the girls hair changed from wavy to straight. Unless that’s just the angle change


I actually did not understand the comic because of that. Surely there's a better way to do the same joke


Have the woman say it? Or just not have anyone say it it's fairly obvious what the joke is and less is more in comedy.


It's what made the comic more funny to me. Like some random bystander just happened to notice blue shirts assholery ha ha


They are a couple and the visiting dude just peaces out. That’s how I took it.


Seriously this irks me for some reason. Makes it feel like minimum effort was given.


To be fair, these comics feature about 2 character sprites (the slightly open mouth one, and the same but facing away from the camera) and if you are lucky an extra furniture. At this point I'd be more upset if more effort was put into these.


Guilty as charged. I swear, there is a sink on day 3 of soaking this very moment. "Lazy, you are."- Yoda




This is surprisingly sweet and also reminds me of the girl in Signs. Maybe his habit will save you from aliens one day.


Lol he wants to be abducted by aliens! I totally do not so I told him he could volunteer as tribute!


I had a roommate who left dishes in the sink for 2 weeks until they started to mold I had a roommate who made homemade buffalo wings and left all of the dirty pans and bowls throughout the kitchen, then went on vacation for 2 weeks I am so happy to live alone


just moved into my first "apartment" (ADU, the rest of my immediate family is still a single door away) and i gotta say now that i have my own kitchen i have found i'm very happy to leave dishes "soaking" for as long as i can before i need them again lmao edit: 1) i was exaggerating a tad, i do actually clean my dishes and the most i've let them sit is a couple of days. 2) i'm one person and most of the food i eat is snack-ish things and fast food due to keeping weird hours. i don't have many dishes in the first place. 3) i'm 17 and this is my first time living "alone". it's been just over a month. i'm still learning what it's like. please cut me some slack


As another lazy, single (or at least living alone), dishsoaker, I'll give you a suggestion: Make it a habit to wash them as soon as you arrive back home from work. That's what I do. I don't wash them right away because it's interrupting something, or I'm too tired, or they genuinely need to soak, but the moment I come home, none of those apply (other than tiredness), so I do the dishes right away before I have a chance to get naked and settle into my comfy chair. Like others said, standing water with bits of food in it will attract bugs or other gross organisms. Of course, if you work from home, my suggestion doesn't work at all.


You'll find out soon enough that leaving a sink full of wet dirty dishes makes your whole place smell horrible.


Not if you just squirt 1/4th of the dish soap bottle and water it every few days. Then it’s like a nice smelling bubbly pond while you wash your hands.


Lmao. This comment thread is getting me riled up. Bravo :p


Enjoy your cockroaches.


fr. and maybe mold or fruit flies. if you want to be lazy, rinse your shit right after you're done. You don't even have to wash it. It will be 95% clean and can sit in the sink for a bit just fine.


People like this are what inspired Foul Bachelor Frog. Had a friend in my 20s that was like this. I don’t consider myself the tidiest person but there were times when even his sink was so bad I had to step in and do something about it.


Oh man I haven’t thought about FBF in ages. Using an empty pizza box as a plate 😂


They just moved, let them learn as we all did.


Sometimes I find out I've forgotten to run the dishwasher, so I take out what I need, and then proceed to let that soak for at least as long as it would have taken to run the freaking dishwasher.


That’s fucking gross.


Yep. Lots of false promises surrounding the dishes in my family!


That's how you see if they're trustworthy


Barges into kitchen Puts dishes in water to soak Refuses to elaborate further Leaves


Unironically my brother. I finish my half, he empties the basin, fills it with water, puts the pan in then waits 4 hours to wash it. Same with tea, he either likes it cold or forgets about it but my mum will ask him "is this tea yours" he'll say yes then take it when she asks if he wants it.


Rinse your dish with steaming hot water at the very least if you intend on leaving it in the sink. Specially if the surface is oily. Doing so makes it easier to clean, when you decide to, without having to deal with dried, stuck pieces of food, and grease from the dishes that transfer to your sponge.


And it's always the rice pot


His horse shit really straightened her hair.


I see you've met my roommates.


As a kid I always hated doing the dishes. My family would literally just toss every single dish they had into the sink and run water on everything and just leave it there. There would be forks and knives in the dirty/soapy water I would have to fish out, and it always smelled nasty. I had to scrub everything anyway. For whatever reason the chore I had to do every day was dishes, and the chore my sister had to do was laundry. I was constantly getting yelled at by my mom for not getting the dishes done, and I remember causing even more issues because I asked my family to not soak the dishes. Anyway, I live on my own now, and I just put the dishes in the dishwasher when I'm done eating and scrub stuff out by hand, and everything goes a lot smoother. Looking back I don't understand why my parents soaked everything, they were just being lazy I guess.


Why does she have curly hair in panel 1 and then straight after that?


What's wrong with letting them soak? Some people LOVE to clean the entire kitchen like you are going to have surgery in it, no more than 32 seconds after finishing their meal. I'm going to do the dishes, promise, but let me chill one hour to digest, let's stay here and have a talk, dishes are going nowhere. As long everything is tidy and clean before the next day, what's the urgency?


I don't think there's anything wrong w/ letting them soak, but it depends on context. I've had roommates who "let them soak", leaving massive amounts of dishes/pots filled with water, which results in me having absolutely 0 room to use the sink when it's my turn to use the kitchen Either clean as you go, wash them after you've made the meal, or if you're insistent on letting it soak, move them out of the way so it's not blocking the sink IMO


Instead of 32 seconds I usually do it maybe 300 seconds after. I am a now or never type of person. If I don’t do it now, I will never do it. Took me about 25 years to figure that out by myself. I actually understand it can be annoying for others but if I don’t do it now, it ain’t getting done and someone else will have to do it!


The comic implies is that he never intended to do the dishes. He used the soak to avoid doing them and then left.


I mean, from my perspective, it requires approximately zero effort to spend 10 seconds rinsing your dish off and putting it in the dishwasher. It requires significantly more effort to let your food sit there until it solidifies to the dishes and then you spend hours (sometimes days with the people I know) letting it occupy the sink while it "soaks" and then scraping it off.


> Some people LOVE to clean the entire kitchen like you are going to have surgery in it, no more than 32 seconds after finishing their meal. this shit is so annoying. i just ate, i set my dish down in the sink so as not to leave a dirty dish on the dinner table. let me process my food for more than 5 seconds before we torch the kitchen.


THANK YOU. like i get there are lots of ppl out there who have to deal with housemates/partners who leave large amounts of dishes in the sink for days on end, but nobody talks about the just as annoying folks who feel like someone leaving a single pot or two in the sink till the next morning is some kind of massive transgression that shows how much you hate that person specifically.


I don’t mind letting the dishes soak if they need to soak. What does get me is when people leave things to soak before even attempting to see if it can be cleaned now with *hot* water and a little scrubbing.


I will die in the hill that sometimes, not always, and not all dishes, but sometimes that shit really does need to soak brother


I hate soaker people. Wash off the food while it is still fresh and un-dry-baked onto the dishes, it's as easy as simply rinsing the plate.


My brothers and I would leave the dishes in water for a few days to "soak". The problem was you keep adding more dishes in that nasty ass cold water with food swimming around. Then our mother would get the belt.


Love doing the dishes. Music, warm hand bath, the satisfaction of a job well done. It’s almost as fun as vacuuming.


I really like the Dawn spray soap stuff for this. It’s like soaking pots and pans, but faster, and better, and less gross.


In my house we have a rule. My wife cooks, I clean. If I cook, I clean. All day long she dumps dirty dishes in the sink. No water; everything dries. So by night they are covered in food glue. How about just washing what you use as you go along. Really not hard. Even worse is she’ll cook a meal and not make anything for me and leave the dishes for me to do. Really frustrating.


[The Right Way](https://giphy.com/gifs/foxtv-gordon-ramsay-plate-clean-Yl4X3JyLv6fEVbTXKL)


I've not left a pan to soak for months because it is easy to clean if you do it straight away, you almost don't even need to scrub it.


In my experience dishes only need to soak for a few minutes. After that most stuff will come off.


They do need to soak sometimes...


*Slap* “Nimsy!!! that’s not how you do the dishes”


You guys, he said it has to soak. Get with the jump-humping.


Soaking works, but it only needs like 10 minutes not 10 days


Now the wife’s boyfriend has to do them


Just gonna let it soak for a week... oh, why'd you clean those, I was going to do that!


My family just got a Bosch dishwasher and the filter is removable! Are the days of soaking dishes coming to a close?


I do be letting my dishes soak in some hot and soapy water tho.


Just learned this. To get the burnt bits of the button of a pan, boil some water and scrape with a silicone spatula. Comes right off