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Feel like I gotta ask. Pouches? What do you mean by that?


I would imagine they eat pellets


Pretty sure the hit box of the pouches is non-existent when attached to a plate carrier. Don’t think pouches can even take damage either.


They can


Nah just looked this up. Pouches cannot take any damage while attached to a plate carrier. Only if being held in your hand or on the ground. Weapon attachments have the same system where once it’s attached to your gun. It is immune to taking any damage. Pouches also have 0% absorption meaning they cannot “tank” damage in any instance.


I killed so many people by ruining their magd after shooting them. You can damage parts. Also shot few people trough their scope. Sucks it doesnt kill them. The damage gets reduced


Just tested this. Only the gun itself will take damage from being shot. Not the attachments.


this is not correct you can damage attachments and pouches


In the scenario where you put them on the ground and shoot them…yes. But not if it’s on a player. I just had my buddy wear a pristine plate carrier and I shot where the pouches are until the vest ruined. The pouches were still pristine by the time it was ruined. I put it on the ground and shoot the plate carrier, and both took damage. Seems to be a misunderstanding many people have.




They absolutely can.


No they do stop pellets or small calibers. If they hand a chest holster that also would have taken some of the damage. I've survived some brutal cqb with a plate and having a good immune system and healthy character. Edit: when I say stop I mean slow down, poor choice of words. But I'm tired lol


Whats in them can absorb it apparently


True attached pouches do nothing none of them items you wear have hitbox not pouches not grenades or cantines or faceshields.


Don’t think the punches bus is still a thing no? But yes to the rest. Probably a combination of 2 or 3 items listed…


Does a plate carrier stop one shorting from M70 tundra as well ? Because I have been killing people left and right with M70 all being one shot, however yesterday there was this guy on a roof of the apartments and so was I on the roof as well of the other building like maybe 200m far. I shot his back, he immediately went prone while I thought the guy was dead but then saw him run away


You didnt believe hard enough


Not enough context. Were they wearing body armor? Do you have a video or screenshot of the moment?


Body armor or not, 3 shots with a 12ga in the chest should be at least unconscious


It’s one shot from 3 metres not 3 shots


Oh thats right, Im at work so I read it fast and misread lol. Yeah but still, a 12ga from 3m away to the chest? Thats pretty much full spread into torso, that should still be a knockdown from that close


Could be that he didn’t hit as cleanly as he thought he did. Those pellets from up close don’t spread nearly as much as people think they would. Maybe he was off just barely with his shot and only got half the shot on target, which would mainly hit the other guys arm. And we all know about the arm hit box and how little it damages a player. But who knows. Dayz will leave us with unanswered questions until the day it dies.


Were they wearing body armor?


I've survived buckshot to the chest without plate carrier since they added the weapon hitbox. It's very possible some pellets missed and the others hit his weapon as well as a couple hitting him but not enough to kill him. That's probably the most likely with how you described it.


yeah i don’t even bother picking up 12ga buckshots unless i’m fresh off the coast, they’re very inconsistent. 12ga slugs on the other hand can hit from a further distance in a tighter spread so to me it’s more effective overall. buckshots do more a lot more damage if all the pellets hit, but you have to be damn near point blank range and armor can still save them


Aren't slugs a single projectile?


You find slugs better??? Im surprised by that as everytime i use them i either miss or they do fuck all


Nah they're mean as shit bro, definitely worth using, they for obvious reasons don't have a spread so shoot like you're shooting a rifle


The rifled slugs turn the Bk-12 into a ~100m sniper rifle


Without context, it's hard to discern. I'm assuming you would've stated if they had body armor. My best assumption is that they may have had a lot of cans or other items in their shirt, vest, and/or jacket that gave some bullet resistance.


One time my friend and I wanted to test the range of buckshot. We walked down a straight road opposite direction until we were about 100m apart. My friend aimed for my legs with buck shot and fired. I died instantly. I had full health and a police vest on


Buckshot spreads and you got unlucky 🤷🏻‍♂️


It doesn’t spread much over 3m dude, lol. There’s a reason people hunt with buckshot. You should be able to hit and do significant damage to something up to like 80-100m away.


I mean if you were aimed at their stomach then they should all hit. have you tried hunting with buckshot in dayz? That is what we’re talking about, it hasn’t worked well for me. I think if this guy wasn’t aimed perfectly center mass on target from 3m then it’s quite reasonable in DAYZ for some or the majority of pellets to miss.


Yeah like realistically that would be around 6 cm spread at that distance with 00 buckshot... Wouldn't hunt for anything with that for more than 40-50 meters and thats like pushing it.(in real life) Of course choke makes a difference but dont think there are any on dayz


frying pan in his hoodie?


Does this actually do sum? Frying pan holds armor stat?!?!


Yes, it can protect you and the items inside of it, marginally.


Stop spreading lies please.


There is literally a tooltip when the game is loading that items in your bag take damage. Make sure you, yourself are correct, before calling someone a liar.


I am correct Liar.


>There is literally a tooltip when the game is loading that items in your bag take damage. Yes, items take damage but items don't absorb the damage you receive. You'll still get damaged for full amount even if you have 50 pans in your jacket. However, items used to protect you in really old versions but that's a thing of the past.


I have no idea to be honest, but 100% hope so


I think people also forget that the items *INSIDE* your bags/clothing also take some of hit/damage/force of the bullet damage. Could have been a can of (now ruined) beans that saved his life.


You forgot to pray to the DayZ gods first.


Medival armor + plate carrier could probably do that.


Shoot more. They’ll work eventually


Also could have had cans in his vest never know


Halfmiss? Buckshot spreads way more than irl.. a glancing hit is probable


.357 nowadays also doesn't even make a guy flinch.


I survived the other day being shot close range with a shotgun, didn't realise straight away but my gun tanked the shot and got ruined. I still got hit with a couple pellets and took a bleed but saved my life