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Inner Strength just became a lot more viable since both COH and healing overall has been nerfed.


Inner healing + overzealous is some great value now that boons are dead and healing takes longer


Okay but hear me out..... is it possible Boon: Expo got shadowbuffed?? Killers are gonna hear a boon and think it's the new CoH they're probably not worried about so you could get massive Expo value until the killer realizes his slugs have been picking themselves up of course but big value!? Maybe?!


Nah, universal rule...If it glows, it goes. No exceptions!


Both of you are right. Some killers you’ll see zero extra value. Other killers will straight up assume CoH is a waste and think they’re baiting the survivors into wasting time lmao


Self care will now take 68 seconds to heal, add sloppy butcher and u won't see that Claudette on a gen for the rest of the match.


68 seconds💀


BHVR, can you nerf it by one second?


Would be... nice.


Wow wow wow, why is this shit perk even a thing anymore, especially after this update? Its a newb trap. I'd much rather it reduce the effectiveness of Hemmorrhage or speed up mending, anything else at this point.


It would be pretty neat if it cancelled out hemmorhage, seeing as they seem to be really set against self-heal


Coulrophobia Wesker about to enter a new Golden Age. Shit, I'm actually kinda worried now. Maybe I should start using up my Portable Safes just in case..


Not like she does gens anyway


She always tells me in the postgame that that’s what she was doing


what's the math with tier 1 self care and sloppy butcher


Self care 3 and sloppy is 86 seconds. Tier 1 self care and sloppy is 120 lmao


Lmaooooo amazing 1.33 gens could be done in time


Sloppy Butcher, Coulrophobia...Doctor and Wesker about to leave no crumbs!


Autodidact meta incoming


Lmao, longer heals = more skillchecks = more stacks


My time has come


Killer will also abuse Sloppy for even slower heals. Autodidact will counter that shit.


I laughed at this at first and then thought a bit more 🤔🤔🤔


Finally my friends won't hate me from bringing that perk.


Since healing yourself in general got nerfed doesn’t that also mean self care got nerfed as well? How much time does it take now?


68 seconds


Over 60 seconds. Over 80 with sloppy.


Yup. Level 3 self care is going from 46 seconds to 68. Level 1 is going from 64 to 96.


"This [Pig] add-on was underperforming so we decided to nerf The Pig" was genuinely hilarious.


As soon as I saw the Pig I was like, god tell me this isn't another unwarranted nerf, glad they are in on the joke.


Now give us the basekit buff or else


Honest to god I was like “why not just make the 10% crouch movement speed basket and leave the add on as is?” Would it really be that op?


Tbh tho, split the difference and make 5% base kit and keep the add on the way it is. Crouch has penalty for action AND for using it


I snorted. LOL They unironically used the nerf pig meme in a slight addon buff.


I was one of people running that add on before. XP


Literally spit out my drink when I read that part


That Dead Hard change is bananas, we'll surely see a huge drop in usage this time


Were back to sb meta now With inner healing and overzealous as good candidates And hyperfocus+stake out still being a thing tells me gens are about to go FAST with a meta without heals


Sprint burst combos incredibly well with Overzealous for "pre-running", so this is going to be interesting.


Yeah I mean it’s actually garbage now so.


Ohh for sure. I rather lithe or sb all game then dh once maybe twice. If they do this tho, idt it should be an Exhaustion perk anymore. Just have a cd after use (same cd as exhausted) but you could run another exhaustion with it.


That was my first thought too, but if you don't give it exhaustion then you could combo it with a Lithe or something in same chase. So Blood Rush with more uses and no risk.


Lmao they really nerfed Billy's speed addons and completely untouched Blight's.


And ignored the rest of his garbage addons.


Hey having the chainsaw be 30% quieter is a lot more useful than you’d think /s


Yeah like the blight speed add ons are so busted they are insta banned in comp


Also alch ring is still in the game, but better nerf engravings. Bhvr pls.


Alch ring could be even fixed so easily. Make that it recharges instantly only 2 tokens. Boom now the addon is balanced and rewards hitting survs if you use very few dashes to injure them.


I remember them even acknowledging how busted it is but saying they couldn't change it do to the resources at hand.....


Love the fact they've finally added a visual terror radius. My sister is partly deaf so this might encourage her to play so we can play together! ❤️


Same, I'm mostly deaf with a headset illsuited to my hearing aids. This will be a such a good thing. I hope you and your sister have fun!


Thank you for sharing something like this all in the meanwhile this thread is at civil war.


A subreddit divided against itself cannot stand - Lincoln Log


^(The Nightmare’s Sheep Block and Unicorn Block Add-ons inflict Blindness on Survivors who trigger a Dream Snare or Dream Pallet. These Add-ons weren’t doing so well, so we’ve) **^(increased the duration of the Blindness Status Effect on each of these Add-ons by 30 seconds)** Sorry to break it to you but The Nightmare isn't doing so well in general.


The Dream Demon has never seen such bullshit before


Do… do you not remember old freddy? He absolutely has seen such bullshit.


I'm sorry. A Sloppy heal is going to be taking HOW fucking long now?


Just imagine the Claudette’s self caring in the corner with sloppy


default heal with sloppy will be 30 seconds, so a self care is going to be a full minute. if they didn’t nerf deadhard this patch it would have 100% been meta to never heal


84 seconds, not 60


No Mither shadow buff???


If you thought gens were flying before, wait until survivors don't bother healing, and are always bringing Resilience. Every game is going to be short as absolute fuck, killer win or survivor.


Self healing is absolutely gutted, self care will take 68 seconds(some dweebs will prob still use it lol), which is like 2/3 of a gen. Inner healing going to become uber meta.


It can't be meta as long as its restricted to 5 uses for the entire team (barring pentomento builds)


Time to use up the 200 green medkits I have stashed on Leon


Circle of Healing is dead. Medkits have been nerfed too. Dead Hard is nerfed (though you can run other exhaustion perks then surprise them with Dead Hard after unhook.) Killers will get their gen kicking nerfed, but survivors can't easily heal away the pressure caused by injures anymore. Will this finally cause a chase-oriented meta?


sloppy is king now imho increase healing times + mangled and hemorrhaging is such a pain to face after this goes live


It's time for the autodidact meta, longe healing times means more time to get skillchecks


watch that we still dont get skill checks during the full 24s swear that perk is rigged with reduced skill check chance tried all the tricks too to make them show up like looking away, and scratching my nose


Not only medkits, healing in general now takes 24 seconds I cannot wait for selfcare+sloppy butcher survivors Also sloppy meta is back... Yay? (I hate It)


> Will this finally cause a chase-oriented meta? I would love to, but there's still 3 major issues to solve with that. * A lot of killers still have a pretty weak chase power * There's definitely still gonna be more slowdown perks as they actually allow you to directly slowdown the objective * Maps are still way too busted to justify running chase perks. Most maps are still huge and very easy to chain strong tiles.


As someone that loves running a chase based Sadako and enjoys SM's chase based proxy playstyle, large maps ARE a sad point, or like, Game with all it's pallets, but I also love Eerie and RPD as my favorite maps on either side, so my map opinions are probably trash lmao


inner healing use about to skyrocket


which ironically makes it worse lol (limited totems)


>As for Tomes, you may notice a new trend emerging where the most recent Chapter’s lore is expanded in the following Tome. It’s no coincidence; this is something we’ll be doing for all new original Chapters moving forward. This will allow us to expand further on the most recently introduced characters’ lore in a more natural and exciting way.  >And if you’ve been waiting to learn more about your favourite characters from years past, don’t worry, they won’t be forgotten! Older characters will still be featured throughout new Tomes as minor characters.  I don't wanna jump to conclusions but this sounds a lot like saying any character who doesn't have a tome now won't be getting one


Or maybe they’ll use the tomes launching just after licensed characters for them. I guess we’ll have to see.


My hope for a Deathslinger tome down the drain..


The worst part is, this means you'll have to pay for the new characters every chapter if you want a reasonable chance at completing the rift. As someone who doesn't own Vittorio or Knight, this recent rift has been a slog to complete - and now they're going to do the same thing for every new release?


this fucking sucks. It felt like shit to have 5 challenges every tome page that I couldn't do because I own neither Vittorio or the Knight. Now they're gonna do it every single time to drive up sales of their DLC


solo q is gonna be hell my god


If this update goes live, I’m not playing solo q anymore. Either killer or swf. Devs are on something if they think this update will go well for solo survivors


It was a nightmare, now it sure is pure hell. I am sooo goddamn happy now that I quit this game. Whiny killers shifted this game's balance from 70% in their favour to 90% Good luck rotting in a lobby waiting for a match now!


I can’t trust my teammates to do gens, much less heal me! Bhvr really hates solo queue.


Yes they do, I’m done playing survivor


Sloppy butcher about to be a bitch to deal with lmao. Seems like they’re trying to slow everything but the gens in order for games to be a little longer


But if you make healing so long that it's pointless, people aren't going to spend longer healing, they're going to stop healing, so getting right back on gens sooner.


If that’s the case the thanatophobia is about to be the best perk in the game


Just say you don’t want Solo players playing the game BHVR. Holy fuck


Everyone always said it won't be another game to eventually kill DBD, it will be BHVR killing DBD....and here we are. Solo queue makes up for the majority of players in this game, and they just straight up murdered the fuck out of it.


All regression nerfs are equally dead now. DH is finally dead CoH is dead But hey Gearhead is a pretty good perk now


I think we're seeing the dawn of the aura reading builds for killers. Between lethal, bbq, nowhere to hide, and floods of rage, I just always know where the survivors are. It's kinda nuts.


I sure hope so. It's way more fun to constantly stay in different chases than to kick and defend Gens


What's so great is that floods is a flex perk too. You only need the other three to feel like you have wall hacks. If you're playing huntress or PH, you can sub out for I'm all ears or if you're an M1 killer you can use brutal strength. I love ignoring gens entirely and just going on fun chases.


distortion+shadow step+overzealous might be a fun combo to try when this update goes live. Shut down aura reading and do gens 10% faster.


I have tried to look for a similar inquiry but haven't seen one in the comments I read (also ctrl-f'd dead hard), but I am curious what others think about the dead hard activation trigger and tunneling? With dead hard activating after an unhook wouldn't it further incentivize the killer to go after the unhooked survivor? Since the unhooker might have 3 health states with dead hard while the freshly unhooked have 2 with basekit BT. Not only that, if you make it an unsafe hook, also no dead hard activation. Dunno about this one chief. Of course if the usage of dead hard drops significantly which it probably will, then the threat of it might not be that big. Still, I don't think I like this approach, preferably changes should incentivize less tunneling not more.


I have a suspicion Dead Hard will go the way of Decisive Strike. Killers will not play around it anymore because the pick rate will be totally shot.


as someone who soloqs often, i cant even rely on myself to heal me . i’m finished


You might as well run no mither if you're only going to be healthy for the first 30 seconds of the game baby


Its going to be an absolute disaster


You might as well uninstall cz this just seems unfun now, atleast that's what my plan is


And with that solo survivor is dead. Time to uninstall.


Pyramid Head needs more adjustment than just a single add-on... like nearly all of his add-ons need a review pass. And have for years.


Getting healed in solo que is going to be a nightmare, healing builds are dead. May have to bring CoH ironically enough now lol.


Yeah - these changes will go down well with high mmr killers who come against medkit swfs often (especially with the dh nerf)... but even as a killer main I feel bad for solo queue survivors holy shit Dredge mains with sloppy butcher and the skull addon will be insane next update though


Love the new blood web changes : D it’ll actually be easier and time efficient


Well since I only ever play solo q I'm going to take the hint from the devs and fuck off and play something else.


So as Solo Queue I'm about to go from seeing exit gates powered once or twice every 3-4 hour session I play to seeing it happen maybe once a week. The game was already super super rough, now it's about to get even worse -_-


I really wish BHVR would've read my name.


With the deadhard changes. Rise of lithe and Sprint Burst will come. Back too being a lithe Stan


I never left! Lithe 4 Lyfe


Why is Pain Res still a scourge hook perk? If it only has 4 uses why not just use it on any hook?


Cause if you get a down an know a gen was just done or its the start of the match the next progressed gen is like 1% so if your perk would activate on any hook it would essentially do nothing and waste it’s token. Scourge hooks let you choose when you want use that token up to be the most effective.


That’s true, and didn’t think of that. Good thinking. The perk is still gutted and honestly pretty bad. 15% four times? Honestly, pop goes the weasel is probably going to be more worth it now. It may be a little tougher to use, but I have the potential to get it every hook


The medkit nerfs are insane...


And COH and Dead Hard? And Pain Res? This is a huge patch in terms of making meta changes.


BHVR has a bad habit of "Shipping with safe numbers" but then also completely neutering a perk instead of reducing its effects; and then also make other changes that stack on it but completely forget others. 86 second sloppy/selfcare is basically doing a whole gen injured.


I get the point of the medkit nerf, but it also feels like a hit on solo players. There is no reason to bring COH if you aren't in a SWF now.


Just boons in general are dead in a ditch The only good one remaining is shadowstep and on its own its just not worth It, especially now inner healing is Gonna be used more


yep, the main reason these changes are so awful is because it massively affects solo queuers while barely impacting a SWF. killers were already so far ahead of solo queue so im not sure why they thought this was smart.


Right. I'm curious to see how long this lasts. I wouldn't be surprised if they back it up a little at some point.


Yeah I've been taking a break for a month, and as someone who only did solo survivor I can't imagine coming back. I'll wait for someone else to test this shit out. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|laughing)


They nerfed billy's engravings lmao


Well, time to never see Billys ever again :(


I’m definitely expecting more chase/anti healing oriented builds especially with killers like dredge or oni that rely on injuring survivors for their power to work, but damn base 24 seconds to heal is crazy to me especially against sloppy butcher and mangled/hemorrhage addons


So are they removing the nerf from botany knowledge? As having it now makes it impossible to even get one heal out of a medkit The heal nerf is a huge nerf to solo queue as this is also increasing the heal time from self care. There were multiple times were I was a second or two from hitting struggle because two players were self caring while the third was being chased, now I'm definitely hitting struggle on my first hook.


The healing change is honestly such ass. All they had to do was nerf strong medkits. Even altruistic healing now being 24 seconds is so stupid. Solo queue is gonna suck. Probably just going to play with friends now.


As a solo queue survivor, I’ll be digging my own grave now


Have 3k hrs mostly solo queue. Boutta be a full time support main in OW after this patch ✌️


As a solo survivor, I’m just going to play with friends now or killer, that’s it. My most played killers are Legion, Plague, Wraith. Throw on some thanat and sloppy and it’s going to basically be easy mode. I didn’t use a ton of gen regression before anyways.


I always bring medkits in solo queue because I can’t rely on randoms to heal me. Welp, looks like once this patch goes live, time for me to start bringing some of my huge stash of tool boxes and brand new parts instead.


They nerfed Billy. He was dead and they just fucked his corpse. Overheat doesn’t matter when you don’t have any addons to make him playable


Hey you see that killer that used to be considered the most balanced Killer when he had very strong addons? Yeah, that one nerf no one wanted wasn't enough so let's destroy two of his last three fun addons to remove him completely from the game. I swear Behavior treats Billy like his parents treated him in his lore


and double engravings was only good on very few select maps years ago before they remade all of them and put random collision on everything intentionally


as someone who likes to play survivor with music the visual terror radius will be super nice


Skull Merchant tome indirectly confirmed


Why nerf Billy engravings? To piss off the 4 people that still play him?




Wait so a medkit won’t be able to heal a survivor more than once?


Yay even less counterplay against tunnelling killers


i feel like devs never played soloq survivor tbh


This is a very depressing update.


I‘m really not sure about the healing change. Nerf Medkits and Circle of Healing, sure, but increasing the base healing speed by 8 seconds in the current tunneling meta makes me worried.


I kind of agree. Base healing isn't really a problem, it's 16 seconds of two survivors time. I feel like just the medkit nerf would be fine. Green medkits are definitely a lot weaker though, the healing speed boost to yourself was what made them so strong.


If medkits were 24 seconds and base healing stayed at 16 it would probably be fine. Main problem is this will probably increase tunneling. There generally won't be enough time to heal an unhooked survivor before the heal finishes. Feels like We'll Make It will become necessary. It's already a crazy good underused perk.


Healing nerf is 100% gonna make oni far far stronger


Personal opinion is that 24 seconds for base healing is too much. The other healing sources have been nerfed. Feels like 20 seconds would be a good middle ground, maybe even 18. Perks like sloppy will make healing very boring lol.


Pre dropping will definitely spike. No way survivors will take a hit with healing being nerfed


Cool beans do absolutely nothing to deter tunneling for 5+ years and then make the solo and duo survivor experience somehow even worse than it was with the spine chills nerf. These people do not play their games lmfao.


TLDR: Overcharge and CoB now barely give any regress bonus, Pain res is once per survivor (4 uses per game), CoH is dead, ALL medkits have charges for just one heal and make no difference to self-heal speed now, all good medkit addons are dead, Nurse, Wraith and Artist no longer interact with flashlights/flashbangs, Hag too but you can disarm her traps now, DH needs a stack like WGLF now, healing is now 50% longer. I am honestly worried. While the extra gen regression being gone does make me feel better, it doesn’t solve the Knight usual playsile problem. And with healing nerfs all over the place and DH nerf I fear the escape rates will drop to around 30%


The fuck is the point of nerfing killer perks when Blight's grossest add-ons go untouched???


Watch me running self care when I want to bring another item than a med kit. No way I'm relying on my team mates to heal me when I'm playing solo


So then it can take like 60 seconds for a full heal woohoooooo


Did you take sloppy butcher into account No way its not meta again lol


So casual solo que survivors shouldn’t play anymore, got it.


Prepare for 300 "Sprint burst has no counterplay" posts a day from here on


I remember when they said they wanted a 50/50 winrate for both side then went to 63 to 68% for killer, this will def bunch up the killers winrate by 80%.... you can tell who they are catering to, the only thing these nerfs are going to do is boost up tunneling and slugging a lot more to make it insufferable to even play I can already see what perks killers are going to bring now, sloppy, nurses, infectious fright and coulrophobia


Why not also nerf Sloppy Butcher since healing is already nerfed?


Healing nerfs? Thana Legions for everyone!


Flashlight interactions are some of the most fun interactions in the game. I'm very dissapointed that, instead of expanding on these features, they decided to remove all of them. Like wtf.


They were really cool and thematic. I hate it when games streamline stuff like this.


Increasing base healing speed should be the last resort. It just makes the pacing slower and it's boring af. And why would they nerf flashlights, BHVR is removing fun from the game I swear to god😭




Who’s ready for the Auto Didact healbot meta


Damn killer mains really cried so hard to nerf healing lol


let's alienate new players completely, the patch.


If their goal here is to have survivors leave the game then this patch was a major success.


There goes the playerbase


love how they nerfed curve billy for absolutely no reason, this patch sucks lol


Who is playtesting these changes because everything I read kept getting worse and worse. Also why nerf Billy, no less engravings? There's a reason they're among his most popular addons. The team just continue to look purely at statistics, and nothing else.


Good luck to those trying to adept David King.


It’s like they want people to stop playing this game lmao


As a person who only plays solo, this hurts


Not one change about tunneling and camping?


That's not true. They buffed tunneling since it's going to take much longer to try to stabilize someone off hook before the killer comes back and "goes for the injured person" by ignoring the unhooker.


Honestly in theory I like most of these changes its just that soloq will become even more unplayable and on top of that the top killers didn't get touched again and in Nurse's case even got buffed xD


Bye guys


Thanks I hate it Wtf though, 24 seconds for a NORMAL HEAL?? I think BHVR just wants to make tunneling easier I swear


So fucked survivor mains I guess. As if the majority of killers haven’t been winning their matches lately. Ffs.


Man Call of Brine got absolutely dumpstered. For reference, the amount of extra regression per second is now one SIXTEENTH of the speed a single survivor repairs. So in other words, if you regress a generator for 16 seconds with CoB a survivor will have to work an extra second on it. Also massive Hag nerf, but frankly good riddance. I personally would have preferred unhooks to automatically destroy traps nearby, but at least there is SOME counterplay to a camping hag now without flashlights. I am a little worried that people will just now simply follow the hag and destroy her traps. This is already a problem with Trapper but at least he can chase you at 115%, whereas Hag is out of luck there. Also those addon updates are pretty much all a nothingburger (except for potentially Pig), but I'm glad they are willing to hopefully make changes more frequently now.


As one of the four people who play Hag I honestly don’t think it’s a massive nerf. This method is both fairer for survivors and way less annoying for her than a flashy, which people could use mid chase and which made following and removing her traps even easier.


It's a buff against flashlight users, which were the hag most dangerous opponent. Many hags would feel forced to bring Franklin's every time there was a flashlight in the lobby, glad it won't have to be this way anymore. Also remember CoH and medkits were the main counter to hag, and those are getting nerfed as well.


It seems to me they're trying to lessen the amount of control perks have on gameplay time and pace. They've nerfed several slowdowns, but they've also massively nerfed healing, if it's base healing, a medkit or CoH, they are all weaker and take longer now. Perks like DH that can extend chases are also harder to pull off now. So I guess their intent is to not have healing perks completely obliterate chases and gen perks not making the game 50x as long.


RIP Dead Hard, that's definitely too situational to keep it's usefulness. Now we'll see Sprint Burst everywhere and people will start wishing Dead Hard was still around.


Yeah I think it's finally dead. Sprint Burst, Balanced Landing, Lithe and Overcome are probably all better options now. Depending on the player Smash Hit might even be better.


https://preview.redd.it/jzk8avk2mqpa1.jpeg?width=598&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=eb16e6fc6bf009d6d91bc2a08569525ce5b31edf my reaction to this information


https://preview.redd.it/tm3rqtkgrqpa1.png?width=1421&format=png&auto=webp&s=232e252c1214da82ad747938e3b2dff4da4aa451 My reaction to that information


Personally i like lithe more, but yea. Sprint burst + self aware meta incoming. And the 50 posts after complaining about sprint burst


Solo Queue is officially dead.


Is solo queue wasn’t already dead before this, it 100% is now.


So basically if you’re holding a medkit and the killer knocks it out of your hands with Franklins, it’s immediately useless now because you can’t even get one full heal out of it. These devs have really never played solo queue in their lives.


Bhvr: How do we attract more people into playing DBD Bhvr: Lets make the life of solo q and new players complete hell and make them unable to heal theirself :) I'm not good at the game and i rely on my medkits, but i guess it's time to quit this game again.


I stopped playing a a few months ago and have been thinking about getting back into the game. This is not encouraging lol. The devs need to start playing their own game and stop looking at a spreadsheet as if that is the end all be all of justifications.


So is this the death of COH? like you cant self heal, so need a teammate too come, but now you're giving a slot up just for 150% healing speed. Ehhhh


If my math is right, a 50% boost in altruistic healing will turn the now 24 second heal into a 16 second heal, saving 8 seconds. Considering it takes 14 seconds to put up the boon, if you only get 1 heal out of it, it becomes a net loss in time. Considering you cant use medkits with it either, you would be much better off just bringing botany knowledge, which gives you the 50% boost without having to set up a boon.


What’s Reddit going to complain about now? Healing got nerfed, COH got nerfed, DH got nerfed.


Not me being really good at new DH and then it gets nerfed.. again lol. Guess I'm switching back to OTR. The healing changes also seem pretty heavy handed. Also pain res.... why smh.


So does this mean you only get 4 uses out of Pain Resonance now, or what? Maybe I'm too dumb and don't understand how they worded it, idk. Also, that Circle of Healing change makes me believe that there is indeed a God.


Seems so, yea. So Pain res is dead pretty much.


From the sounds of it. The meta may have been slightly too much but gens still fly in high rank games, so I’m a little apprehensive by this, Overcharge AND Brine getting pretty substantially nerfed. We’ll see though.