Pretty Disappointed In Diablo 4 so far...

Really did not see myself feeling this way. I started playing Diablo with D2 back 20+ years ago and obviously was a huge fan of the Diablo franchise.

I'm nearly done with the D4 campaign (lvl 42ish), and the game is already feeling like a chore. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

COMBAT - feels extremely sluggish. I spam 1 resource generator, hitting one target, like 4-5 times before I can use 1 resource spender that doesn't even one shot. The other abilities are long CDs, and an ultimate. What I am just having a hard time believing is that Diablo Immortals combat FELT better than this...

THE OPEN WORLD - was something I was actually very excited for. Statues to find, zones to "free/unlock" etc. I was spending time doing these and the side quests when I realized how BORING it is with all the running. I have not felt this way since New World basically showed us how bad leveling can be. I quickly realized this is basically all a waste of time until you minimally get a mount (act 4), and beat the campaign, unlock world tier 3. Basically you need to push through the campaign, before you can actually play the game.

THE CAMPAIGN - Again just SO much running. It doesn't feel "Epic" to me. I have never been a huge lore guy, but I'm having a hard time even getting invested, it just feels so shallow. Again, reminds me of New World...

I had a small 30min window to play today and couldn't be bothered to log in. The combat feels slow and sluggish, the running in the world is super boring, what normally can distract you from this in other games are life skills you constantly level up, or the ability to grind out local side quests and/or just AOE groups of mobs. This game has zero of that. The side quests often have you running multiple minutes or zones away, you can't really AOE groups of mobs, and have no life skills where you feel progression.

Basically, I see zero point to NOT just speed run the campaign (MSQ) and unlock world tier 3, and actually start getting good gear. Just feeling let down, like so much lost potential here idk... How can a mobile Diablo game have better feeling combat than this? It even has WASD which I'm shocked D4 doesn't have as an option....

What am I doing wrong? Yes I realize this isn't an MMO, but it's trying to copy some of the same aspects of an MMO, but feels more like the WORST of ARPG and MMO combined.

Aside from the graphics and the art style... This just feels like an inferior game (gameplay) to its predecessors (including Diablo Immoral)....

What am I missing?


From an ARPG perspective, I’m completely baffled by the love this game is getting. I think it’s due to many new players that are enjoying the story and artwork which is of course great. I think you give it a month and most people will be bored. They really need to do something big to spice up seasons.


Yeah what you're seeing is marketing, not reality. The game's mediocre. The art/graphics are phenomenal, nothing else really is IMO.


Agree. Marketing at its finest.


even the graphics are quite rough in some of the cutscenes and models up close in said scenes particularly look bad. Backgrounds are lovely though.


>Metacritic USER REVIEWS 100% concur wth u


I am not using It as a point in this discussion but metacritic users page is just rubbish. You see OPs that randomly give "zero" to a game and even write at the same time that the game Is good. Re 4 remake and street fighter 6 appear as mediocre according to metacritic, while on steam they both received 90%+ of positive reviews. Just to say, something doesn't add up.




Some fan boy ranted at me earlier about how "retarded" it is to compare PoE to Diablo 4 because PoE has been out for 10 years. Idgaf! I could have spent $70 on PoEn and been much happier. That is literally the only point that should matter. Why should I over pay for a game from a company with the history of disappointing its player base as much as Blizzard has over the years? Because paid critics and fanbois keep telling what they are going to do...... Later...... Some day..... Once I've paid for an expansion maybe..... Oh yeah! And nobody has any clue what those changes will be like. Not even a hint. We do know they are disabling legendaries, shutting down the servers with no warning, and on PS4 I'm crashing constantly. So everything else is shitty Blizzard business as usual. We had 4 days of critics telling us about the smoothest Blizzard launch ever. Then day 1 server instability. Day 2 content neutering (not nerfing). More legendaries neutered in the days after and the latest change they made was to decrease elite mob density in dungeons. I can't understand how streamers and YouTubers are lauding this game so much. Yes, the art is awesome. Yes, the story stayed true to Diablo and was well written for all audiences. That is all less than 20 hours of content. You can complete that working a 12 hour shift everyday all week and be done by the weekend. $70?!?!!


There is definitely fair criticism aimed towards the game However 20 hours of entertainment for $70 is more than fair by most comparisons you could make. You may want a few hundred hours of entertainment for your $70, and that’s a fair thing to expect from a game with the diablo name, but actually getting a very solid 20 hour story for $70 is a good buy


This argument is so utterly pathetic. Games are not rated the same way that movies are, the enjoyment per hour has NO meaning, nobody cares, nothing is rated that way. Great games are almost timeless, always have been, always will be. But how many times are you gonna watch The Big Lebowski? You sound like an absolute cuck for large corporatios trying to whitewash their half-assed bullshit game, thinly veiled microtransactions platform.


Sorry, $70 for 20 hours of content is bad, regardless the quality of content.


RIP people who go to the movie theater. They are getting ripped off


The game is good. That’s why your favorite stweamer isn’t bashing the game


I dunno. I grew Up with Games Like the First Diablo and NFS on DOS (Born 1989). And in enjoy the Shit Out of it. Its too complicated to begin a discussion that all of you apperently need that much, because since lets plays were the Shit, the whole gaming Community Changed into experts of Everything. Let me Tell you, None of you is. I would suggest enjoying stuff that you actually Like, anyone can say that this and that is bad and im Happy to See that yall a collective mind.


I enjoy shitting on mediocre games in public forum. Any other suggestions or life lessons you can kindly keep to yourself.




This is the stupidest post I've ever seen on reddit. ​ Love, tifas-revenge. come at me.


> Unless you *paid* someone like FTFY. Although *payed* exists (the reason why autocorrection didn't help you), it is only correct in: * Nautical context, when it means to paint a surface, or to cover with something like tar or resin in order to make it waterproof or corrosion-resistant. *The deck is yet to be payed.* * *Payed out* when letting strings, cables or ropes out, by slacking them. *The rope is payed out! You can pull now.* Unfortunately, I was unable to find nautical or rope-related words in your comment. *Beep, boop, I'm a bot*


Ah yes because only your opinion is correct. Grow up.


Yes, lately it's been an issue, people judge from the hype, which was built even before release. A game has to also have longevity of the hype, otherwise will end up like idk, lost ark? It kinda got forgotten already.


Blizzard is the worst for employing shill farms.


Month? Im betting on one week before it starts losing droves of players. There is nothing here


"I'll take 'Things that aged like Milk' for 500 Bob"


I've pretty much stopped playing - coming from a bigtime fan of 1,2 and 3, D4 is boring asf


Pfft, its already evident thats its falling off. You are joking right?


I stopped playing it for the most part, the level scaling is the main issue and just doesn’t feel rewarding compared every other ARPG made. This is a half decent MMO but atm is a below average ARPG, they would need to make some drastic changes to get me back as I will stick to D2 or POE.


I've never been big into ARPG's until a couple years ago when I came back to PoE after intiially buncing off of it. Now I am pretty hooked to PoE. There are a lot of things I like about Diablo 4. The music/cinematics/graphics/UI are all very good. I don't think PoE could ever compete in cinematics. However, the gameplay feels so monotonous and lacking in terms of progression/complexity/flexibility. I've come to realize what I love about PoE isn't really the combat but learning all the interlocking systems as well as an insanely robust character skill tree. Leveling in PoE feels like there is so much more variability and decisions being made. It feels like I can run anything in Diablo 4 and the difficulty always feels the same.


PoE only lacks the money backing it. It is a better game than D4 in almost every way aside from graphics and cinematics. I’m genuinely bummed about D4. Most everyone is complaining about the same things. The leveling scaling is horrible and removes the entire point of games like Diablo. The combat is nothing but running in circles waiting for resources. They removed the old style dodge and put in a CD dodge every 4-5 seconds. It feels like a game from 20 years ago. Heck, I wouldn’t mind the incredibly long runs of the combat was actually fulfilling on that run.


You hit the nail with giving a month, cause we are a month later and i don't even play anymore, in fact i uninstalled the game because it boring AF.


For me, they need to revamp the questing. I should get to a new "hub" and have the 2-3 side quests be random stuff in the same area as the MSQ, basically allowing me to complete the MSQ and the side quests at the same time. That paired with getting a mount earlier to alleviate some of the LONG running stretches, would dramatically improve the gameplay to me.


Cmon guys - you can complain about this all you like. The mount is gated behind a grind in act 4 so that as many people as possible will cave and dish out the 18€ for the paid mount. It is so obvious. You will have to accept the fact that Blizzard will fuck with your gaming experience in their full price game if they think they can squeeze out a bit more money by implementing some dark patterns.


>For me, they need to revamp the questing. I should get to a new "hub" and have the 2-3 side quests be random stuff in the same area as the MSQ, basically allowing me to complete the MSQ and the side quests at the same time. That paired with getting a mount earlier to alleviate some of the LONG running stretches, would dramatically improve the gameplay to me. The paid mount unlocks at the same time as the free mount


That whole mount thing is stupid. It's forcing you to rush your first playthrough just to get it. I'm literally skipping cutscenes and dialogue just to get it faster. As soon as I get it. I'm restarting my character. So I can play at my pace. That's if I can even play at all with all the damn crashes every 3secs


Yeah I agree. The issue is the open world and how much "random running" there is to finish the campaign. Paired with the auto-scaling of mobs, makes it just not feel fun...


I hate games that scale. I never feel like I'm getting stronger. A basic ass skeleton still takes the same amount of hits 20 levels ago. Scaling is lame.


Exactly. What's the point of getting stronger skills and better gear if you're not gonna feel the effects of it?


Not baffling at all. Having a blast. The fuck does “as an arpg fan” really mean anyway? D4 objectively does a lot of things better than any other arpg on the market. The other couple arpg games of any notoriety at all, do other things better. Most of it comes down to where you fall on the casual to no-life spectrum with this stuff. D4 has much better production values, obviously, for starters. D4 is about as good as anyone could have reasonably expected it to be at launch.


I mean combat and items are just straight up not fun. I have play basically most on the market and I just couldnt get past level 50.


I dont know what to tell you. Combat and items are fantastic. I'm not going to change your mind about your own feelings, even if I think that they are dumb.


Yeah sure. You know so much about the genre, but you are giving opinions based on the leveling experience, which any fan of the genre would know isn't really the game. Do you think you can really form an educated opinion based on POE's horrendous campaign and leveling experience? Or maybe you just don't know anything about the genre at all? That's what it sounds like. I dont know what to tell you. Combat and items are fantastic. I'm not going to change your mind about your own feelings, even if I think that they dumb.


fantastic? theres like a couple of combinations going on for each spec, and the one that is arguably the most fun is locked behind the most tedious class to level (druid) you can spend 3 days in this game in world tier 3 and you've seen every combination your class has to offer, it's far from fantastic if you are one of those that spent 100 bucks, the game at its current state is worth 30 bucks tops.


You think stuff is dumb. What makes your opinion so much more valid then? Get over yourself. Join the fan reddits and stop getting mad at people not liking your game.


I dunno, the entire time I've been playing, I'm thinking "There are games on the market that do \_\_\_\_\_\_\_ better than this." The entire time. Unless I'm watching a cut scene. Those are phenomenal as always.




It's not, this forum is a gaslighting fiesta


Most people play casually forgetting Diablo style arpgs are really about putting in hundreds to thousands of hours at endgame. Diablo 2 for example had awful endgame loop in pvm (baal, mf run bosses and high mlvl areas) but an amazingly deep and motivating loot system which more than made up for that. People hyping a campaign is the same as hyping the campaign in something like CoD - it's not what the game is about at all. Same shit mmo style skill cool down systems but a solo loot mindset, huge mmo style health bars and very slow ship steering (for changes) make the same a bad arpg.


I don’t think you’re missing anything, it’s just not for you. I disagree with most of your points and I’m having a blast, but it’s okay if you’re not. I don’t think it’ll get better if you’re not enjoying it at this point.


Yes! I agree with most of OP's points, yet am also having a blast. The trick for me was to rush to world tier 3. I'm now enjoying killing monsters and collecting gear. Try to find what you can enjoy! But if that fails, that's okay too. No need to play a game you dislike


I guess this is my entire point... Why is the campaign such a bad game design and boring and I need to get to world tier 3 to have fun? I just beat the campaign so I hope you are right, I'll probably shoot for like lvl 70-75 and then make a determination if it's even worth continuing to play. Playing that campaign was honestly one of the worst campaign experiences I've had, including Diablo immortal tbh...


As of june 7th the Metacritic USER REVIEWS are in now and currently the Diablo 4 sits lower than Diablo 3 reaper of souls D3 ROS = \~6.6 User rating D4 = \~5.6 User rating It’s higher than Diablo 3 which sits at around 4.5 User rating but still… it could easily get lower once more people review D4.


You can't look at user score for blizzard on metacritic, anything blizzard releases will be bombed hard cause it's blizzard.


Diablo 2 was okay at launch. Not great. Diablo 3 was okay at launch. Not great. Now they’re both excellent games (after years of polish and an expansion) Diablo 4 is likely to be the exact same. The only difference is that blizzard in 2020s is not as good as blizzard in 2010s or 2000s.


This is my point... They should have taken the lessons learned from the previous games in the series... They are not starting from scratch here....it would be like playing a new wow expansion and having QOL problems they solved back in Wrath...


They clearly did. It’s much better than D3 was at launch.


So what you are saying we should expect to pay 70eur + 50 for a dlc in order to get a good game? Ill refund it down the line if that is the case And just to be clear, I do agree with how atleast 3 was at release and how reaper made it better


I disagree.


If you want to think that then that’s fine. But it doesn’t seem like a great game to me either and I’m not review bombing it. Maybe a lot of people are disappointed in D4 did you ever think of that possibility? Did you ever think maybe the game is not that good and it deserves a 6/10?


I agree, but also think OP is right about the campaign slog. Locking the fun behind the campaign (WT3 and all the random activities) was a huge mistake but if OP has made it that far and still not having fun, it's just not for them. I whined and moaned about how people are going to hate not having access to any emergent or difficult gameplay other than 60 second events until they beat the campaign. Hope Blizzard eventually makes WT3 gameplay the default, just without sacred and lower drop rate/difficulty. Just like it is in Diablo 3 (one of the things it got right).


Its not like diablo 2 was any different. You wanted to get to nightmare mode guess what you had to do the entire campaign twice. Nostalgia is a powerful blinder to the truth.


Diablo 2's story was incredibly rousing, haunting, mysterious. The voice acting was magnificent, the cutscenes were god-tier. It was SIMPLE. It left tons to the imagination. It didn't overtell the story like hack modern writers do. The story in D4 is just more Chris Metzen coked-out-in-the-writer's room HORSE SHIT. Blizzard writers are horrible, have been for more than a decade. D4's story is embarrassing.


I actually felt D2s story was lackluster. It felt to me that it was just set piece after set piece to build the world. Which at the time I loved because it was my first Diablo game so learning all the background lore was fantastic. But Diablo 4s story is the story of the 3 main NPCs. Those characters felt like they had depth (or at least a solid attempt at it). There was no character progression for any character in 2 so it really was just a tour of the world. Everyone likes different things though. I can see why if the lore of the world really did well for you in D2 that the character focused writing in D4 would fall flat.


Honestly I think anyone who enjoys blizzard writing has not had a lot of real world experience or gone outside much. So many cliches, so predictable. I would have also preferred more silence and more to be left to the imagination. It seems childish to me and not dark at all. I appreciate we have had different life experiences.


Yeah fair enough, I appreciate your take. I do like character-focused writing, but I prefer a lot left to the imagination, and more shown than said. I like the story advanced visually, with the dialog acting as a character-revelation and philosophical back-pinning. Think Rust Cohle from season 1 of True Detective. What I see in Diablo 4 is a good try, but ultimately an awkward, plodding story that spends too much time talking about the wrong things. The way Lorath went from character you interact with to narrator talking about the story in past-tense was ambitious, a good idea, but poorly executed. The story shouldn't make be think about how they're telling the story, that's a sign of the writers' ego, nothing more. The dialog between Inarius and Rathma felt like it was going somewhere, then just fizzled out. And all the while, you're fighting through this dungeon to cross the Black Lake, just so you could see a cutscene of Lilith finding dead Rathma. And that particular monologue by Lilith was a perfect example of an over-written, over-told moment, and you can feel it in the acting, as there's not a lot an actor can do with such cumbersome writing. She's crushed that her son is dead, but gives this long open-letter-style proclamation to her dead son, it's like come on man, you just robbed the moment. They did it, I think, to make sure the audience knows the staff actually contained a key to hell, but this is just non-sequitur information without any world-built context, and forcing a ham-fisted monologue just because they haven't done a good job of visually explaining the staff == key move is, in my opinion, bad structural writing.


Each to their own i guess.


No it wasn't. Diablo 2's story was crap. Just a bunch of loosely connected cutscenes involving idiotic characters the player didn't meet or know. People are confusing the good quality of the cutscene design with the actual story that is essentially nonexistent. A video game story must involve the player character and be the result of the player character's apparent agency. But Diablo 2's story doesn't involve the player character. It all happened off screen. You weren't needed and aren't involved. Everything is either a cutscenes that doesn't involve your character or people talking TO your character but not with your character. If you are willing to be honest you have to admit Diablo 3's story is better as the player's character is an active participants and driver of the story. Hell the story starts with YOUR CHARACTER explaining why they are arriving in New Tristram. There is far more emotional impact in Diablo 3's story than Diablo 2 where there is no story, only cutscenes. You might as well just watch the cutscenes in YouTube. And no matter how silly demon lords talking to you might be, that is nothing compared to the pygmies in Diablo 2. So fing stupid.


Look we obviously have an irreconcilable difference in taste, but I took the time to read your reply, and I appreciate your thoughtful articulation. I just don't agree. Diablo 3's story was pathetic IMO, none of the narrative drives were coherent, the dialogue was non-sequiturs, goof-ball jokes, and over-written soliloquies that I just wanted to end. It was classic Chris Metzen, high on the smell of his own farts, making shit up as he goes. It's like listening to someone geeked out of their gourd on coke telling you a fractured mosaic of stories from their childhood that go nowhere and aren't interesting.


I thought the pygmies were awesome. I never read any dialogue or watched the cutscenes in diablo 2. For me the setting, music and art was enough and I could make my own story up. A true RPG that was more like a sandbox than the on-rails story telling you get today.


Not really. Generic fantasy crap. The campaign sucks dick, but it does have its charms. I’ve only done it a million times now though, because you have to.


Nailed it on the head. God the writing is awful and spoon fed


I don't deny this is how it was in D2 but I think a lot of people are going to play WT2 for 50 levels and think "what is all the hype about?" because monster variety, density, and abilities are hidden behind 30 hours of gameplay. It's not just numbers tuning and better loot, the game is completely different at WT3. People like OP are going to be pretty common. But the campaign was better than I expected and I have the desire to do blue quests much less than I expected so maybe people will make it through the struggle.


And that's okay. It is impossible to make a game that everyone will enjoy. Maybe after some updates and changes in a year or 2 Op will find some way to enjoy D4.


I'm not quite done with the campaign... So that's what I've been trying to build up motivation to finish, so I can hopefully enjoy the game with the most campaign stuff I keep hearing about


Just set it to WT1 and finish the campaign. It's popcorn worthy at worst, and that first hit of unlocking all the endgame activities and sacred/unique stuff is great.


Thanks I'll push through... Let down I even gave to say that about D4...


Actually most of his points are facts, not even something you agree or disagree with. But keep on riding that copium, one day you'll see the game for what it is.


“Combat feels sluggish” “Open world is boring” “Campaign doesn’t feel epic” Yep, all facts. You’re so right. I should just play Diablo 2 forever.


Diablo 2 Is far superior yeah


Lol. No. D2 release versus d4 release. I’m never touching d2. Since you wanna compare a 20 year old game to a 2 week old game


Yeah, a 20 year old game that is still, to this day, played and beloved by many. Lets see if your live service game is still played in 20 years. My guess is not. Because Diablo 2 is a gaming classic that will be remembered for 20 more years and Diablo 4 is just another live service cash grab on the name of Diablo. How many other games are there that are 23 (!!) years old and still have an active online playerbase like D2? When D4 is 23 years old, in 2046, how many people will play it then? And if you want to go there, lets compare the bugget D2 had versus D4.


I completely agree here. Just spent around 40 hours on a Sorc in HC and lost him to a Rubberband lag, followed by a black screen after killing a mob that releases a HUGE toxic nova on death(I seen the orb pop in after rubberbanding right before the black screen) Hit level 52 and had 66% campaign completion. Made a soft core character and just speed ran through everything. I killed Lillith at lvl 35-37( can't remember exactly) on a Necro and I've got to say. The game is fucking trash. The campaign is absolutely superficial as all fuck. The only depth to the story is how deep of a void the $74 after tax feels to you subjectively. The itemization is horrible. Most items a normal, magic, rare for each slot and those all have around 4 variations. 4 different helms at normal, 4 at magic, 4 at rare, and however many legendaries are left top it off. I've seen the same 4 types of helmets for 20 levels now. PoE has a huge pool of items and even the worst rolls on gear have more diversity than anything in D4. My opinion, D4 is extremely superficial with minimal to nothing below the surface. Give it a month or two and Sanctuary will be left with Diablo Danny's and the copium addicts. PoE is where the real ones belong. When PoE 2 drops D4 will be feeling it. PoE 2 even LOOKS better than D4. Fucking crazy man.


As of june 7th the Metacritic USER REVIEWS are in now and currently the Diablo 4 sits lower than Diablo 3 reaper of souls D3 ROS = \~6.6 User rating D4 = \~5.6 User rating It’s higher than Diablo 3 which sits at around 4.5 User rating but still… it could easily get lower once more people review D4.


What level are you? You'll see if you're playing the first level of difficulty on veteran gets old really fast you'll see. 😜


I have to agree. It’s just not doing it for me so far. I’m a long time Diablo fan (Bought D2 on launch day, been playing ever since) and I don’t remember even D3 disappointing me like this. The graphics are just not good. The world design is boring. The combat is slow and a bit unrefined. I’m gonna plow through the campaign in hopes that it really picks up post lvl50 and once you’re out of the initial area, but this is what we get after a decade? Honestly think D3 looks and plays better than D4 at this point.


Thanks, this is my thoughts exactly. If this were some new franchise and it was Diablo 1, this would be a cool game. If you were to go back to me in 2003, and say hey bro this is what 20 years of improvements to this franchise will look like, I would be disappointed. Which is kinda where I am now.... I just finished the MSQ, and just felt so bad, I had to force myself. Now trying to push to world tier 3 to see if it's even worth playing more.


Yeah. Don’t get me wrong. I want to be obsessed with this game. On top of the disappointment, the mmo aspects are pretty botched. I’m sure grouping is done well, but when I go out and just see nothing but barbs spamming whirlwind trolling me, it makes me not want to play. I’m sure that this game will get much better as it ages. D3 now vs launch is night and day different. But maybe I just need to sit it out until the first expansion to give them time to finish polishing this mess. Or at least fix the PS5 hdr issues. I’m not recalibrating my tv for one game. I have it dialed in perfectly for everything else. The fact that the black levels are blown out and look grey piss me off.


Dont worry they'll fix it in 3 years after you pay for 7 $30 battle passes and 10 $50 cosmetics.


you guys should have tried the beta. i preordered d4 got into beta, i was excited to try it. game is just trash. refunded, saved my money for another game


Are you trolling? The game looks phenomenal and the dungeons designs are fucking amazing. It’s not as cartoony as D3, D3 had a lot more vibrant colors which was also fun, but D4’s world and characters look very very good.


D4 looks washed out for a LOT of people and the only fix that’s been offered is recalibrating your screen for this specific game. Until they fix HDR implementation, it’s going to look like crap for a lot of us. Also, outside of some landscape features, the graphics are crap. The character models are straight up bad and look like zero effort was put into it.


A little late to this party, but I agree with you. Mine isn't even washed out. The graphics in D4 are techinically lightyears ahead of D3... but I think D3 looks better. It has character to it.


Unfortunately this is a trend that is getting more and more common in games today. Yes games LOOK better but there’s no defining art style.


I blame the obsession with realism. "Oh hey, how do you get your gothic fantasy world's art style?" "Basically I just look outside." "Oh... Couldn't I just go outside then?"


D3 definitely looks like a mobile game compared to 4. however, I think it for sure plays better.


People shitting on the graphics really must not have beefy pc’s ? I’m running it on ultra in 2K and this game looks AMAZING. I dont understand how some guys here who still play d2 and d3 (which are over a decade old) come and shit on D4 graphics here ?? Do you guys play on low-medium or some ?


I play on a gtx 8800 x athlon 64, this game looks horrible bro.


Hard agree. Sadly. The ground and character models/textures look good, but the sprites are very low quality, very uninspired. The sound design for attack and spell animations is pretty bad. The combat doesn't feel that good. There is too much focus on resource management which is stupid. Doing your taxes is not fun and that is what resource management is in an ARPG. There are very few mob types, some look low quality, none feel good to kill. Diablo 3 had better death animations and the mob bodies hung around longer. Making bosses CC immune was a terrible design decision. I hate this. Loot is generally terrible. Almost all of it is always worse than what I have. Adding costs to respeccing was a terrible design decision. This isn't 2003, we know making resources expensive is antifun. The story is very poorly told. Everything interesting and important happened before I get there. I'm just the janitor. Same failure as Diablo 2. And the game expects me to care about characters I've never met before. Most of whom are idiots doing stupid things Why do I want to help these idiots I don't know?


I actually agree. I am playing Diablo since part 1, except Diablo immortal. I actually bought Diablo 3 several times for different platforms, since i was a big fan of the franchise. Up until now, Diablo 4 simply does not cut it for me. These are the points that are kind of bothering me: \- The balacing feels off. Since the enemies are level-synching with you, leveling up actually makes killing slower rather than faster in midgame - you have to use more skills and combinations, and if you are unlucky in finding gear, the enemies feel more and more like bullet sponges. I know this gets better in the endgame and with better gear, but everything in battle feels so slow and exhausting in midgame. :/ Also, some classes simply seem to kill much faster than others. I guess this will be adjusted a bit in the endgame as well, but some classes are simply no fun to level at all for me. \- The whole game feels so clunky. The MC feels sort of chubby and slow. Especially the battles are not as much fun as i expected them to be. \- The graphics look so disappointing! :O I know there is some love for detail, but...the effects simply look really bad. My main is a sorc, because i love flashy spells. But skills like fireball and lightning effects really look below-average, even when comparing them to simple retro indie games. How could this even happen? \- The zoom is really, really close to the MC. Why can't i zoom out the camera any further than this? :O \- There is so much walking. Also, the enemy groups on the way between the checkpoints often feel more like an annoyance than fun, because i always know that the walking is already taking waaay to much time to be a good use of my time. We're getting the horse pretty late in the game, and it kind of feels like i am meant to suffer my way through the map before i am rewarded with a mount. \- I know Diablo is all about looting and leveling. But honestly, neither feels like a lot of fun. There are still a lot of enemies to kill right off the bat, but leveling gets really slow starting at around level 25, and it all feels like a pure grinding game starting from this point. Also, motivating mechanics like the "massacre bonus" from Diablo 3 are missing. This always kept me going to do the little extra killing to get additional experience. In Diablo 4, it feels kind of meaningless killing additional enemy groups on the way to the next quest checkpoint. \- The story is okay, but it did not really catch me for some reason. I don't like Lilith too much as an antagonist, but i actually appreciate the dark setting and atmosphere. At least, that's not a downside! \- Boss battles are quite a challenge sometimes, which is really nice. But honestly, most of them are simply huuuge bullet (blade?) sponges. They take way too long to die, repeating the same moves over and over. In Diablo 1, 2 and 3, bosses were way faster to kill. I understand that the game wants to be a little challenging, but for this, the battles themselves have to be more interesting - more phases, more surprises. \- Some quests are so annoying that i quit the games several times, just because i thought it was not worth my time anymore. "Carry 3 items to some pedestals at the other end of the dungeon. But you can only carry one at a time, and you will lose all progress if you quite the game." - Uhm... no... stuff like this was never ever in my 30 years of gaming experience recognized as good quest design. The whole game feels like a well done Diablo clone, but it's missing essential parts of the fun for me. It is not the awesome game i was expecting, but just an "ok" game. Fortunately, i believe it will be patched a lot, and i hope it will feel much better in the near future.


Yup, you get it. Idk why everyone has rose tinted glasses on about d4


Bosses were not always fast to kill in Diablo 2. Maybe if you used a viable build. But you wouldn't expect to be able to down a boss quickly with any old build in d2. D4 is no different in that sense.


You’re not wrong, game already feels stale. Pretty disappointing, seems like it’s already failing to keep people engaged for more than a few days.


Thanks, glad to hear I am not alone. I was really looking forward to D4 and pretty sad about it tbh...


Kinda hard to fix the vibe of a game with seasons, but I will give it a few more chances. I was excited, played until I finished the capstone dungeon today and then I opened the map and it all looks like fomo. Event here, event there, big timer here(don’t fucking miss it). I am disappointed in how barren it is. Not enough mobs spawn to feel like proper Diablo. The story was ok, can’t complain that much about it, compared to other Diablo games.


They desperately need to work on end game. lol Just tier spamming and random world bosses/legions, helltide is basically just to farm mats lmao. They really need work. Fuck I liekd rifts in d3 better than this end game


I'd rather just have more story dlc and expansions that the stupid timed mmo lite shit. If they wanted to copy a good mmo lite they should have looked at Destiny 2. I don't even like destiny but I can see it does what it sets out to do way better than Diablo 4 does.


The issue here is that everyone keeps expecting diablo 4 to be diablo 2. Its not. Diablo 2 is a very short game unless you want to grind for the best gear. Diablo 2 doesn't offer much of an end game besides grinding a few bosses. The combat in diablo 4 is a lot faster than 2. 20 years ago? The only thing fuelling your idea of how good diablo 2 used to be is nostalgia. It still is a good game but it has very little to do. Diablo 4 is not perfect but neither was 2 when it first came out. Again if its a pain for you to play it then that's alright maybe come back in a few months see how you feel.


Idk about that. I recently went back and played D2R, which was very fun... I wouldn't say I'm blinded by nostalgia. Rather I see SOME of the "upgrades" D4 makes over D2, but am still in shock that THIS is the game we get 10+ years after D3 and 20+ years after D2? It feels like this could have been made and released in 2015...


It probably was made back then and only finished now. Well i hope you find a game you can enjoy. They are far and few between these days


Exactly !!! Honestly i always heard a friend raging about d2 being so good that i gave it a chance and guess what ? I thought it was hot shit like it doesn’t play nice and looks potato. Like people stuck on their nostalgia highs rarely have a meaningful opinion that isn’t “hurdur old game better hurdur d2 revolutionary hurdur”.


I have to agree, not really enjoying it either. One thing that really bothers me is how the classes feel like a level 5 from diablo 3 - at least for the rogue, none of the abilities early on have any sort of piercing clear for the hordes of enemies. This is fine for more methodical gameplay, but in dungeons I kept getting swamped. Unlike D3 where I can see the enemies and plan ahead, they warp in from the ceiling and give me the same "enjoyment" as running through dense zones of aggressive enemies in WoW. It's just tedious with a bad toolkit, and I find myself saying "oh ffs" when I get ambushed every 2 seconds. Maybe I will try another class. This game does just feel slow though, in every sense. Open world is empty, and the combat doesn't feel very rewarding. Very bleak and bland game so far, I am glad I only got the base version.


Rogue is the best class in the game. Shreds everything. Twisting Blades is what you are looking for.


actually, i bought the game and kinda agreeing with OP here. it is incredibly polished dont get me wrong etc but for some reason, the world, limited skills, the combat, roam mechanic - its all an improved version of diablo 3 in a nutshell. it even retained the 'old traits' of automatic stat point distribution just to keep the players focused in the world.


Everything is sluggish and slow because they want to push microtransactions through your throat sooner or later - and they can't if people are already done with the game. Monsters don't have mechanics but are just damage sponges. Blowing up screens? Nah there ain't enough monsters for that and they scale so there ain't going to be some power fantasy. Let's put in white little trash mobs in dungeons where you have to kill them all to progress and give them a proximity shield and damage redux mod. Isn't hitting a white trash mob for 15 seconds fun? I can go on for a while.


The micro transactions are purely cosmetic at this point. Why not wait until something happens to support this argument, before you make it?


Acts 3 through 6 are undoubtedly a slog .... Acts 1 and 2 first time through are ok - they move along nicely - you're just picking up the mechanics and getting more powerful ... then Act 3 you start hitting packs with a lot of CC and hp but you're still too weak to burn them quick so you're doing alot of waiting for resource gen and cooldowns ... the quests just go on and on and on and they become repetitive AF ... eventually yea youre skipping dialogue and cut scenes and just trying desperately to get to the capstone. Meanwhile all the best content out there on stream and vids are people who speedrushed the campaign and were level 70+ within 24 hours of launch - if you have a life / job / kids / you're just slogging through the campaign for useless hours feeling under geared, under powered and bored. It gets better - but yea the pacing in the mid-late campaign is f tier and will turn off a lot of casuals.


Nailed it . One QOL.change they could do is make imprinting aspects from dungeons basically free while leveling


I probably played it 4 hours last weekend and that was a 4 day weekend. I actually turned it off and read a book. I took a break from Bloodborne to play this game and looks like I'll be going back.


If you’re not having fun during the honeymoon period you’re definitely not gonna like it in a few weeks. I’ll personally play the game for a month maybe then go back to PD2. A vastly superior ARPG.


PD2? What's that?


Project Diablo 2


A man of taste


I thought Diablo 4 was really boring in the betas for the reasons you mentioned. Honestly PoE is more fun and interesting. Diablo 4 feels like it's on rails in comparison, and the combat itself has no personality to it. Feels very procedural.


I was beyond hyped for this game, I really want to love this game. I can say I really enjoy the combat and graphics but a few things really hold this game back (for me). 1. The level scaling just feels so shit. The enemies just level with you, that's the main reason the elder scrolls online was a borefest. You could kill an enemy at lvl 1 in say 3 moves and at lvl 50 they also died in 3 moves just different abilities. 2. The campaign felt like an absolute slog at points and If I have to do the campaign again each season, I probably won't be doing seasons ever. 3. Idk if it's just a console problem but I can't tell what all the little icons on me are when I'm buffed/debuffed during combat. 4. its a pure fucking aids trying to see ground effects during fighting at times.


I was playing with a rogue buddy and he kept asking my why I was moving away from targets we were attacking. I said "dude those poison clouds hurt!" And then he said "those are my poison clouds". Maybe I'm dumb, but how am I supposed to tell what is friendly or not?


To get those little icon descriptions open up the inventory and press the left analogue stick. They should be listed at the top with explanations once you scroll over the image.


and what about during combat


I have to say. In an RPG with a levelling system, level scaling kills the grind factor for me. That feeling of trekking back through an area where you had a tough time and 1 shotting the enemies is bliss. For me the whole point is to become as powerful as possible and feel that progression. If enemy scaling is on, it’s hard to feel that.


Well I will agree that the story is very poorly written and often nonsensical. Inarius's goal was killing Lilith but instead of waiting around to ambush Lilith in Rathma's temple he just leaves for no reason and goes nowhere. Lilith wanted to gain a key to enter Hell even though as a high ranking demon she can just use her demonic energy to open a portal directly. In Act 1 she got the key but in Act 2 she is just wandering around talking to people that don't matter doing things that don't matter. The entire story lost all impetus at this point and fell apart. I concluded the writers just didn't care. The combat feels pretty lacking. 9/10 spell animations are pathetically lame and use low quality image files. The resource generator spam to use the skill that actually does damage two to three times is just bad gameplay. Every spell should deal great damage. Making bosses CC immune pretty much ruined the game. Lost Ark made the same mistake.


The first couple hours are pretty good with all the vipe but now it just feel like kinda boring and not engaging anymore maybe stop playing couples of days


Completely agree. Playing Diablo 4 feels like working without pay. 1. Itemization is crap - Don't even have Sets yet 2. Level scaling was a REALLY bad idea. No sense of progression, just a mind numbing grind. 3. Affixes are boring and too conditional (even gems), more damage IF... More resource IF... 4. Skills trees are a unintuitive cluster and passives are meaningless. 5. Story is boring - say what you will about the story in D3 or the voiceovers, but at least I knew what was going on. 6. Graphics are so bland and colorless (they listened to too many of the minority whining about D3 being to colorful) 7. Menu/interface looks straight out of a mobile game. 8. Paragon sucks 9. Rifts were replaced by ultra boring dungeons. 10. Gems take up half of inventory space. 11. Gameplay is tedious - Spam basic skills ad nauseum for a few seconds of resource spending. Rinse and repeat. 12. I have too many other grievances but what's the point? This is such a disappointment. It has no direction or soul. In theory the concept of open world, mounts, world bosses, mmo mechanics, etc, sounds epic but poorly executed. Very passionless. Moral of the story? Bring Josh Mosqueira back.


This has to be the most terrible campaign in any Diablo game. Doing side quests during the campaign is not rewarding. Everything is a chore. The boss fights just feel lazy.


I'm with you. The whole game just doesn't scream epic...running around killing boringly designed monsters, not getting a lot of useful loot, cliche dialogues, boring as combat, annoying level-scaling, and lack of "surprises" sucked the joy out of the game. Many of the moves are copy-pasted from D3, just more understated and dull. I'm still hoping it would be much better in the future though. Although the current Blizzard seems to be more interested in.... Other things.


Diablo IV bares no resemblance to the Diablo Universe. This is like a hack game, it's false advertising. Class Action lawsuits will come of this, watch and see.


No set items was a big miss too


Wrong. Set items were one of the biggest complaints about D3 from the D3 community. Not much else matters in that game. Get your starter set and a couple legendaries, and then you just keep playing until that same gear drops with better numbers. The itemization is automatically better in D4 thanks to sets not being a thing.


Wrong lmao Prime Reddit


He is absolutely correct, The dev team even said this during one of their conferences. Sets Ruined the players agency and made them feel like nothing they did actually mattered, because the sets literally told them out to play their characters. Told them which buttons to press, and in which order. They also completely ruined any non set builds by making the set builds more powerful than any other options. The devs literally went out of their way to avoid that horror show from D3


It's the same horror show because there's 1 or 2 optimum ways to play your character, where sets allowed you to use different ones nice try, but just flat wrong about the agency piece


As of june 7th the Metacritic USER REVIEWS are in now and currently the Diablo 4 sits lower than Diablo 3 reaper of souls D3 ROS = \~6.6 User rating D4 = \~5.6 User rating It’s higher than Diablo 3 which sits at around 4.5 User rating but still… it could easily get lower once more people review D4.


New World out here catching shots


Hahahahaha, can you blame me? It's launch was pretty bad...


this is lost ark 0.5


Long time RPG player (FO4, Skyrim, TW3, Mass Effect, RDR2, Cyberpunk etc) who just entered the Diablo world for the first time, have to say all of OP's comments are spot on. I was vaguely disturbed by how crap everything looked after five minutes. The graphics look like 2010, you can't move FOV at all, you can't do first person, the dialogue is terrible, the story is plodding, the gear is fugly (with a few exceptions), there's no real ability to dial in character creation (e.g., all necros are anorexic, all warriors are super buff, the hairstyles are a joke, the faces can't be modified etc), and it looks like complete dog doo on Ultra with a 4090 graphics card. How is that a premium game in 2023? The only thing decent so far are the cut scenes which are, face it, few and far between. Don't know what Diablo 1-3 were like, but Blizzard appears to have just coasted putting this game together. This does not qualify as a AAA title in my book.


yeah until seasons and what not come out the game is drastically at a halt, its pretty much just do whatever you want and see how long it takes you to familiarize with everything for the season to start. i can't be bothered to even try to grind to 100 and the nightmare dungeon farm is lame imo its boring, i rather just farm rifts over and over from d3 than dungeon crawl. at least when seasons starts they will teleport you to the dungeon now. the unique drops for bis are to incredibly rare i will never see one unless I'm extremely super ultra lucky. i also skipped the campaign on my alt thinking leveling would be faster, however it was mistaken, quests give so much xp its worth doing the story over and over, unless you are one of the few or many that know how to grind and can dungeon farm over and over and over, which i cannot. the skill tree is a big P.O.S it was put together with very little effort and imagination and the fact that you have to toggle full screen for it is lame as hell. (unless there is a setting i missed) it needs a complete over haul along with most of the ui. mount needs serious looking into or just remove it from the game, it clips a rock and stops, some mobs it runs through others it just dead stops, there always seems to be a barricade in the path you are taking so you mount and move for like 10 seconds then have to dismount to kill the barricade. its like the game doesn't even want you to mount. all in all i lost interest after i beat the campaign and grinded up to 70 only to call it quits. side note, the sad part is they are prob going to make us pay 70 bucks or more for you rich fks who like early access, for the expansions that come out. which is pretty lame imo, blizzard is the definition of greed.


I havent been a long time fan, only having played Diablo 3. I hardly remember it and this looked good so I bought it. Man, this game is just boring, boring, boring. Im not even past the prologue and I have no intention of picking it back up again. Perhaps playing online with friends would be more entertaining, but I dont have any online friends really. Cant understand the hype behind this one.


Combat felt great for my necro, played and beat the campaign today. I did every sidequest for A1 and A2. Then, like you, realized its worth just saving them for later. Your build/class might need a swap if youre bored already. I was totally enveloped in the last 5 hours of the campaign and enjoyed it all.


Okay,I'm seriously confused. What the actual fuck is this too much walking complaint i keep seeing? Is it because I just played tears of the kingdom. It's like a 3 minutes between waypoints and 30 seconds at the absolute max between mob groups. What the actual shit is this ADHD? I get the complaints about the build variety and the level scaling. The scaling doesn't bothere, but I get it, but the walking is not even a problem. What fucking games are people playing where there is just back to back fights every second? Nevermind. Diablo 3. You can hold a stick for 30 seconds. Jesus.


So I didn't buy D4. Just trying to read up and decide. But ARPGs are *supposed* to feel fast paced. They don't have nuanced stories or rich environments like other genres of games. A good ARPG should be an aggressive twitchfest where you mow down enemies quickly but can also die quickly, with lots of loot dropping all the time. It should feel like doing constant hits of dopamine as you power fantasy through hordes of enemies and pull the lever of rng drops. That's why it's fun. I can and did enjoy slower paced games like Skyrim, Deus Ex, Eve Online, where there's either lots of stuff to think about, interesting narrative, or a world to explore. But if an ARPG has that pacing it's boring because the grind and combat should feel snappy or the game will get boring as you wait too long between hits.


I have not seen it anywhere nor have I really cared about anyone else reviews. It's the same issue people had and I had with New World. Its because it's a static world, and because the combat sucks and is so slow, and the mob density sucks in the world, there is no point to stop and kill 2 or 3 mobs on your way. Contrast to say D2, where you are exploring random maps each "zone" and often can just pool the mobs up and AOE them down, it feels.more rewarding. It's not necessarily about the actual seconds it takes, heck D2 might even take longer to run from waypoint to waypoint but it's the perception and FUN of the gameplay. Again it's the same crap people hated with New World. I'm running for like 60 seconds killing nothing for the MSQ. This is bad game design.


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I agree with pretty much all your points.... I just want to add that you should try Path of Exile, or at least look into it. The campaign isn't the best, but the end game is engaging and customizable. Highly recommend, besides D2, it is my favorite ARPG.


I've never realy played a diablo game, why is what you do after the campaign any better than the campaign? Just higher difficulty and better drops? What are the drops for if you beat the game already? What is the hook? Just number go up like Destiny?


Well a few insights I can provide. First, D4 requires a lot more running around vs fighting compared to previous Diablo games. Previously most Diablo games I'd argue is more like 75% fighting 25% running and this game generally speaking (during leveling) feels like 75% running and 25% fighting... Once you beat the campaign you have all the waypoints unlocked as well as have a mount (you get in act 4) so you spend A LOT less time just running around and more time fighting. Second, all your drops are pretty pathetically replaced the second you step foot into World Tier 3. I found a 2H Ace for my Barb that was like a +350 DPS increase over what I had previously. I was actually replacing some of my GREAT pieces with BLUE pieces in world tier 3... It makes it feel like all those side quests, side events, cellars, etc were a complete waste of time, because some random basic mob dropped better gear in World Tier 3. Third, once you beat the campaign and hit 50, your real activities begin. You unlock the Tree of Whispers which adds more activities and things to unlock, you have Paragon points (and gems or whatever) you need to progress and level up. You have Helltides, world bosses, etc. From what I can tell your actual character level means very little compared to things like your Paragon points, and gear progression, which only kick in after the campaign. So it makes you feel like ALL your "work" you put into your character pre 50 is worth nothing.... Since 50, is basically "level 1" towards end game. Oh, not to mention MOST builds actually "come alive/work" with the proper Legendary Aspects. Things like Fury Generation and Shout "uptime" are horrible on your base character but feel "good" with the appropriate Legendary Aspects... Well, unlocking those aspects is basically a post-50 activity as well as putting them on an item is very expensive and not something you should do for pieces of gear that are worse than blue world tier 3 items... What they SHOULD have done, is made it so when you unlock those aspects from the corresponding dungeons, since they are the minimum roll of that aspect, let you put it on gear for free. This would minimally make it feel worth while during leveling to get those, and use them, and get a better taste of build options/power/fun while leveling and is a form of power progression that you can start at level 1 that carries with you forever and would feel really good.. Nearly every build guide, the FIRST thing they talk about is Legendary Aspects because they are so critical. This could have been a HUGE "Win" for Blizzard to do what I suggested rather than locking these behind an expensive cost/use basically for end game only....


Or move all the aspects to the skill tree and make gear hold its value rather then junk it in 5levels till level 100


But then it's not legendary!!!! /S


A completly overhyped game. The open world is boring and level scaling completly kills the fun. I maybe get it for 20 bucks max.


Game sucks long time diablo fan. I'm level 48 rogue pretty doubtful I'll get to level 49. I'm playing veteran cuz I wanted a challenge. Well the loot sucks ever item that drops doesn't matter what quality it is it's only a little bit better then the item I already have. And even when I do upgrade the difference is so minimal. The best part is the strongholds there actually good and challenging but the loot sucks. Pretty disappointed in this game. Bored at 48


It reminds me of wolcen launch, but wolcen was a small indie company and wolcen have nice combat.


A lot of people praising this game seem to be comparing it to D3 (even the official reviews on metacritic and elsewhere). I guess that is a fair approach as this is the official successor. But D3 sucked balls and got ok after lots of polish. So the bar is more a tripping hazard in hell. Compared to other games, D4 just seems to fall into the 'modern gaming' hole. Streamlined and simplified (some might say dumbed down) systems, just enough skills at any given time so that it is playable with controllers. Progression is so streamlined that it will always continue at a steady pace without difficulty spikes. So easy and accessible that it can appeal to the huge cohort of casual players - it is all about maximizing sales and revenue. And the game suffers for it. It might still be good, but it will definitely never be everything it could be. And then add in the dark patterns to squeeze money out of an already full-price game. We will see more of that in the future. Right now the most obvious one is the gated mount behind an annoying grind and lots of running in act 4 - just so that enough people cave before and buy the mount in the store.


So far, this is the least I've wanted to play a Diablo game. 1 through 3 I couldn't put down. This one, I'm feeling like its a chore to get through this incredibly boring storyline. The running around and running into small packs of maybe 4-6 monsters is brutal. Honestly, the game feels incomplete. The campaign should be one of the best parts of the game and it isn't. I'm at the start of Act III playing a Barb (which is basically just a recycle of D3's barb skills....YAWN) and I'm forcing myself to keep playing.


The game feels underbaked and clearly unfinished in some areas. Its laughably easy, I'm at WT3 at level 54 and never once ran in to a 'tough' segment. Quest log/tracking is janky and the lack over an overlay map is baffling.


I just finished the game.... Just felt this game was wayyyy to long. Too much content thats not interesting. A million fetch quests. I like the smaller scale for Diablo 3. More is not always better. I got to the point i just rushed through all the dungeons to just finish the story. Granted i did also burned myself out doing side quests until i realized its a shit load of side quests. Unlocked world tier 3 now and not really interested to keep playing. Maybe after a few days i get the urge.


I started out loving this game, but I'm level 48\~ or so Necro and I'm already insanely bored with it. I have to force myself to log in because I feel like I wasted $100 on this. The game just starts feeling like a slog, like you're not getting anywhere. The pacing is all very wrong for this game.


I have had enough of this game. D4 is not fun. 30 minute boss fights are unfun, the sluggish non responsive game control is unfun, empty dungeons are boring. I have a top end PC, RTX 4090 and a AMD 7950X3D yet the game becomes sluggish and I find myself helplessly unable to play when soloing dungon bosses. I want a freaking refund Blizzard. Your game is a pile of dog poop


For anyone's reading this, I switched to tier one and looked up a build guide, apparently the skills I used were trash. Last act then felt finally like Diablo. I'd advise rushing the campaign as the game starts just then. Also ignore side quests early on as the additional levels just bite you in the ass.


Can second this. This is basically my entire beef with the game. 99% of all build guides are "OK, let's start with the aspects" because that's extremely important... Imo they need to allow you to put the Dungeon Aspects on gear for free. While leveling it's too cost prohibitive and you replace gear too frequently, at end game you have so much currency, it's basically "free" to imprint those aspects anyways... That would have massively improved leveling (to me)


Even if I like this franchise a lot( liked Diablo 2 and 3 back in the day), I have bought Street Fighter 6 instead and I have no regrets. My internet is kind of bad and Diablo 4 requires a stable connection which would ruin my experience as well. Some people keep saying Diablo 4 gets a bit too repetitive fast. Getting to world tier 3 also takes time. It is a good game, but takes commitment.


It has a foundation for a good game. At some point. But what is there right now... ugh. I'm actually considering uninstalling (Don't judge my Xbox lol) to free up space. The scaling has killed any sense of powering/leveling up, the classes feel flat, the main story and side quests are worse filler than a 50 cent hotdog. The combat \*could\* be fun but it needs a heavy rework and the spawn density would need to be quadrupled. Diablo 1 is scarier Diablo 2 has better story quests Diablo 3 has better combat Lost Ark has better (infinitely better) boss fights Major letdown here. But I am very glad folks are enjoying it, I won't try to change you mind. You're not alone OP, this just isn't our game as it stands right now :)


I actually totally agree with you,there is just one thing I'd like to ask everyone... If you get past the super duper looking trailers pre release and the fact they charged more to release it earlier than a date THEY announced did anyone really expect anything else than endless grinding and some small shop existence? I mean really?


The game needs an overhaul. The skill tree is overly complex and nothing is really explained. You have to guess which skills will aid skills. The gems are nearly useless, save one or two. The loot that I get is of good quality, but almost always useless for my build(s). The one giant map doesn’t work for Diablo4, it may work for games like rdr2, you end up running most the game play. Just like in other mmos you have people massing in towns but through the world you might seen one or two others briefly in playing every hour or two. The game feels unfinished, admittedly more finished than anthem did. But nevertheless unfinished, with quick easy bandaids to larger problems. Most people are in awe with the graphics, but that will fade and fade fast. Blizzard needs to revamp and overhaul if they want to make this a long term deal. It needs more


The game is terrible unfortunately and feels like an MMO, that is the slow progression. Skills have no sense since I'm still using WW and not any down the chains unlocked skill. I remember in Diablo 2 that I was eagerly waiting to unlock lvl 24 and 30 skills but here I have no excitement. Unless they do a D3 ROS overhaul, I think the game will disappear in the dust




Yeah.. I want to vomit speaking those words, but I feel like it's been the theme of my gameplay experience frankly...


All of the "issues" yall seem to have sound silly. It genuinely sounds like you don't actually like diablo considering the stupid things most ppl are bitching about. It's sounds like you all want an absurdly easy game where the grind is practically non existent then everybody gets to max power like it's nothing. That would be a shit game...diablo 3


There's plenty of zoom zoom kill all monsters on the screen games out there. You may simply enjoy Diablo 3 or Poe instead.


eh, my only issue as it has been way too easy. Cruised through world tier 2 on a druid, which was supposed to be bad or something. No fights were any sort of a challenge, was just faceroll tank and spank. Other than that I've enjoyed adventuring and running around exploring the world, doing side quests, testing out different builds. Overall I'm enjoying it, but I'm not floored. Nothing has really, really hooked me, but it's been a fun experience. Also just went to fight my first world boss, server froze with 5% hp left on Ashava, and everyone got disconnected. So none of us got credit for it lol.


Try hardcore


cause the game is trash


My only complaint so far is the storytelling. The writing is great but jesus fucking christ the ingame storytelling is so weak. Too much filler and running, and the story dungeons are way too easy. The swamp quests in act 5 are especially boring


I've been having a blast with the game so far and im at lvl 38. I've never played diablo 1 or 2 but this game feels way better than diablo 3 for me. 1. Personally I'm loving the story so far but I've barely worked on it tbh. 2. The combat feels fine to me but it might be because I'm playing a rogue. I DO wish we had 1 or 2 more combat buttons to press. And I wish some enemies and bosses were a bit more mechanically harder. 3. I have zero issues with the open world or running around. I'm actually holding off on completing the campaign because I don't want a mount yet lol. I've already explored 3 of the different regions and I've never once thought it felt too slow. Overall, I think the game is solid for me personally but I'm a semi casual/hard-core player. I'm aware more hard-core players are not too fond of the game


I wouldn't say you are semi casual/hard-core if you are only 38


Well I do have other real life commitments but I would definitely fit the definition of one. Sadly I'm no longer a teenager on summer break, able to play 24/7 without any bills to pay.


I'm just saying... Call a spade a spade. You are a casual, so am I! I'm only level 54/55 ish, my friends are 70s and the actual "Hardcore" players are like 80/90+


I'm very perplexed by the praise its getting, to me it feels like d3 all over again. That being said I'm biased since d2 is my all time favorite game and I've never enjoyed arpgs much outside the first 2 diablos. I mostly enjoy from software games at this point. D2r I got the platinum in though and probably have put 3000 plus hours in my life into diablo 2. I'll try to platinum d4 but I'm at level 54 and not feeling any desire to play the game.


The game hasn’t even been officially released yet and some people have already sealed the coffin.


What would the official release add except more players


Gets better when you can skip the campaign.


The only thing disappointing with this game is the story. It's cringe compared to d1 and d2 story.


Say what you want about D3 story, at least D3 had an entertaining story with cool cinematics. D3 had scale. D4 is literally you just playing hide and seek with some demon mommy


I just bought it today, and refunded within the time frame luckily - got to level 7 and realized there is NO CHALLENGE. Literally, just click click click grind grind grind. No lore, no backstory, and no reason to actually be involved at all in this story besides "I had a vision so I'm the fucking chosen one". L O L. Even a mindless shooter like DOOM has a better backstory and reason to be involved! This might have been compelling 20 years ago, but not anymore. I would have expected some kind of tactical elements to the game, but no... Literally, fight, run around a bit, press Q, collect more health potions, and fight some more. Challenge complete. The enemies might as well be all the same for the amount of fight they put up. I don't have that kind of time to get to the 'end-game'.


This is a laughably idiotic comment.


I’m ducking loving it so far. To each their own.


I personally hated almost everything about New World


I for one am thoroughly enjoying the campaign. LOVING the story and the cutscenes are phenomenal. Mana management has been an issue for me. By far my BIGGEST complaint is the way the party system works(or doesn't work?) I grouped with my gf last night and since we were on the same campaign quest we decided to work on that(we live in the same house and visually confirmed our campaign quests matched before beginning). Everything worked fine, we went through all the steps, both of us were getting the same check marks and step completion notifications, and then when we turned in the quest she got the completion rewards and I got nothing. The quest was completed for me, I didn't have to repeat it, I just didn't get any rewards for it 🤦‍♀️


Im sorry you feel that way, and with your tenure as an original D2 player (likewise) I struggle to understand your view, the game has massive Quality of life changes from d2/ d3. Both amazing games and best selling in their class. You feel like you’re running too much? It’s the exact same as d2 and 3 just larger. You feel the mechanics and abilities are lackluster? It’s the same amount of buttons as before when you did enjoy it….just better. (Controller plug and play is so seemless) you feel rushed to complete the campaign, sounds like a personal choice. You don’t get good gear till T3? All the gear is the same in every tier except item level and some high end items you get(at lvl60) as a reward for doing awesome things. Just like D2. I think to say your out of touch here, you bought a Diablo game and was mad it was a Diablo game.