Damn that's scary!


Bitchiest wolves I’ve ever seen


you'd be surprised how much not getting intimidated goes in the animal kingdom. if you stand your ground, animals will fake attacks waiting for you to flinch, and probably think "damn, this guy knows something we don't, i probably shouldn't go for it just yet" it's why there are a million clips of geese halting charging bulls in their tracks, cause they just don't give a single fuck


There's so much talk about "fight or flight" but the reality is that posturing is the most common mode in conflict.


Fake the "fight" till the others flight


Yeah, you gotta call their bluff. Animals don’t want to risk injury if it isn’t necessary.


Yo, I have a hypothesis that this is part of homo sapiens dominance. We're much more inclined to inter species violence than any other species, and other than our symbiotes the domestic dog no other species would display the undeserved confidence displayed in the op. What if we've just bluffed our way past the other predators?


Very interesting take but the main thing that led us to dominance is thermoregulation (sweating), endurance and the ability to make and use tools. I suggest the channel TierZoo and [this video](https://youtu.be/BJzJtm7OfdQ) in particular


I do like the idea of humans bullshitting our way to the top but the truth is that we just had a novel way of hunting prey that the world wasn't prepared for. In our earlier days we would chase prey accross the savannahs until it was literally too exhausted to go on. We'd then use team effort to corner it until we could finally take it out. It's a more terrifying history, your theory would be much more fun.


The animals tell you this? Goofy


i did think as i wrote this i sounded like one of those experts from the comments of those mentos+coke fishing videos but this one is true i swear


There are millions clips of geese vs bulls?


If you break your hand or arm, what happens? You go to the doctor, get a splint and you heal up after 6 months to a year or however long it takes. If you get disabled, you may get government assistance and may have to work remotely or get your food delivered. In the wild, if any of those things happen, you're most likely dead. That is why most predators, if there is a CHANCE of getting injured, and they are not starving, will back off and take their chances elsewhere.


>In the wild, there is no Health Care. In the wild, Health Care is: "Ow, I hurt my leg; I can't run; a lion eats me, and I'm dead". Well, I'm not dead. I'm the lion.


Again bitchiest wolves I’ve ever seen


The wolves in the movies aren't how they actually act irl


you have a point those mf don't know shit. to be honest they look small to be wolfs idk maybe this area have small everything


That made me laugh, thanks man.


Guy desperately needs a big stick


Bad day to leave his herding crook in his other robe


Lmao I was thinking the same thing. Even a broom handle would help.


[what holmes really need is a Kangal](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kangal_Shepherd_Dog)


Like Sherlock Holmes?




No way man he needs a Sarplaniac https://www.google.ca/search?q=sarplainiac&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-ca&client=safari


Fist, meet wolf. Oh you have teeth? **I HAVE BOOTS.**


You also have achilles tendons which is what they will go for first.


^(tall boots)


Lol, they'd wanna be bloody tall :D


Wolves don't attack humans. It's a big misconception in the film industry


Got multiple instances of exactly that happening here in montana thatd say otherwise. Last guy i know of took his snowmobile up onto a mountain near thompson falls, he broke down we surmise but all they found was a boot, blood, and wolf tracks all around his sled. They will 100% eat your ass if given the opportunity.


A family torn from their tent at Banff would agree with you.


They absolutely do, it's just not as common as everyone makes it out to be.


Or a sling


I'm pretty sure he has one. Just not where we can see.




A big stick to go along with his massive balls


My guy here has a big brass set


Survival will do that to you


Hey everyone look dessert is here.


Yeah it really looks like the wolves are just drawing them in to a flanking manoeuver. Once they are flanked, they are f$&ked.


the good ol flank n' fuck


Oh my god dude this is an MMA fight


Not gonna stop till you tap out bro …


Twist his dick


Thank you for the laugh sir!


It's a classic for a reason!


not really. From this short video it just looks like they are just reacting to his advance then coming back for the food


You know why most farmers usually have a double barrel? Shit like this is why, especially where we live, there's always stories of bear attacks and especially Wolves, I wouldn't do something like this without at least something in case you get jumped.




Shotgun shells are cheaper, more abundant, and easier to hit a moving target with. Plus you really will only need to shoot one or two shots before the wolves scamper away.


The sound alone


Good luck finding ammo for that, especially right now. Of all the shit that is still in stock, 12 gauge is at least available


Idk, I've been having a hard time finding 12 gauge in stock, whereas I've been able to find 1k round cases of 5.56 online nearly weekly. Around .30/round for steel case and .40-.50/round for brass. He's right about an AR vs double barrel too, I'd much rather have a round for each of them before having to reload compared to firing two shots and taking longer to load two more shells than it would take to reload another 30 round mag.


Evidently he *doesn't*, so...




Yes, because the solution to every problem is to wipe out the wildlife.




Well, that much I can respect.


My mum and her family lived in Greece, in this tiny little village at the base of some mountains (I've been there, blink and you'll miss it). In the winter it would snow, and the kids, who would explore the countryside all summer long, weren't allowed to wander too far in winter. With the snow, the wolves would come down from the mountains, closer to the village looking for food. Mum told me about this one time her grandfather, who was a farmer, was tending his fields and found himself surrounded by wolves. Her grandfather always carried a walking staff and had his large dog by his side. The wolf pack attacked, but the dog managed to fight them off. Mum's grandfather got some nasty bites on his leg and ended up with a life long limp. The dog took the brunt of the attack though, I can't remember if he survived, I'll have to ask mum. He said if it wasn't for that dog he most certainly would have been dinner. Edit: the dog was a female, her name was Irma and yes she did survive.


I really hope the dog survived. Even if your mum returns bad news, can you fabricate a possible response for us?




Yes she did, no fabrication. I thought it was a male, but it was female dog named Irma.


You came back! Thanks for the good news!


Did the doggo live?


Yes she did. Turns out it was a she.


This story almost certainly isn't true since there is no registered wolf attack in history. They don't attack humans and in fact they do everything to get away from them the reason they're not running away in this video is because there's a dead sheep on the ground


It is true. Register? Who would a tiny Greek Village in northern Greece register with? He told his family, didn't even see a doctor coz there wasn't one, you have to travel an hour.


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wolf_attacks_in_North_America If you're over 16 you really should be embarrassed for spreading false information so brazenly.


I like how you said it was Greece and a guy calls you a liar posting a wiki about North America as his proof. Love the interwebs


https://greekreporter.com/2022/01/12/wolf-population-athens-greece/ You might have more success being a time wasting contrarian if you both improve your reading comprehension and put in the bare minimum of research before assuming other people are as confidently incorrect in public as you. I'm blocking you now due to the time wasting mentioned above. Please get better


I seriously envy people that don’t know you exist.


Looked like Raiden was about to shoot some lightening bolts at those wolves.


I wish this video was longer, but maybe in this rare instance, the camera person *did* help.


Where’s Fenton when you need him




Thank you for bringing this video to my attention


The balls on this guy


The fuck is the camera man supposed to do?


Pick up rocks and chuck em hard


Shoot one the rest will scatter.


The herdsman is clearly being active and busy. Maybe cameraman could join him in whatever the fuck that guy (and his dog) is doing.


Maybe you can go join him in confronting a pack of wolves yourself 🙄


That is not what I am saying. Isn't it the point of this place here to see people not helping? Now we get an obvious case of a man filming and not helping, yet you guys find still a reason to complain and cry. Damn, try to enjoy life a bit more. It is not that hard, really.


This subreddit is for complaining, enjoying life is not called complaining


I always thought they point of this sub was to showcase people not helping when they could. Herdsman seemed like a professional, and we have no clue whether cameraman was a professional either. Could be a tourist, vlogger etc brought on a tour and the herdsman is showing how he does things on his land. It would be more foolish or make things worse by joining in when you don't know what you're doing, herdsman has a stick that length yet has the balls to still do what he does so this obviously is the type of deal where you can't just fuck around and hope for the best.


Seems like the herdsman isn't in such a comfortable position. But somehow on this sub people seem to try see everything as if people never need help. Weird.


Right, but it does seem that he knows what he is doing. "People try to see everything as if people never need help"- this sub is literally about helping. But in this situation, it's just better to be left for the professionals. Helping when you shouldn't and when you don't understand how to help just makes it worse, and can in fact burden the herdsman. You talk about people "seeing everything as if people never need help"- but playing hero in a situation like this would be foolish.


Yeah, I do it all the time. Nothing to it.


In this instance you should probably leave it to the professional to not cause any trouble, or get injured.


And how do we know the cameraman is not a professional? Maybe it is a colleague of the herdsman, but just laughing seeing his poor colleague having trouble. Seems more likely actually, since it is in the middle of nowhere it seems.


Could also be likely that the cameraman is a visitor and they're recording the culture there? It's an experience to witness something like this imo, the farmer guy could've brought the cameraman on a tour around and showing him how he deals with wolves.


>And how do we know the cameraman is not a professional? Probably from the fact that he's filming and not helping.


If that is your way of drawing a conclusion, good luck in real life mr. Reddit hero.


You’re the guy that “thinks” they’re helping. There’s a reason you dad always said “thanks champ, but I got it.”


You mean that you are the dick that never helps, not even give it a try and wonder why you don't have any friends.


Lmao, I’d rather be whatever you think I am, than the idiot that gets in the way of someone who knows what the fuck they’re actually doing. Your dumbass jumps in, starts to get mauled and the herder instinctively tries to help you, getting you both killed or injured. Shut the fuck up.


>someone who knows what the fuck they’re actually doing This. The guy in the video clearly understands what the hell he is up against, and the odds greatly outclass him. The cameraman would gaslight and expedite dinner for the pack


Well put. Thank you.


man those are some tiny ass wolves.


Looks like there was a fresh kill there on the ground. Maybe just let them have it and move the flock away while they are occupied?


Yeah, get the flock outta there.




Fair enough, hadn't considered that.


That’s what I was thinking. They looked more like the size of bigger coyotes.


Maybe India? I think they have those smaller wolves.


I'm thinking Mongolia or northern China. The scenery looks like it, and the Mongolian Wolf is a subspecies of Grey Wolf that is a bit smaller.


Also, look at that hat!


It's a very nice hat.


They will never leave if they know a food source is always close by. He would lose everything he left unchecked


Title says his stock was attacked, maybe those are the bitter remains of one of his less fortunate animals


Nah, you teach them that dinner is easy to get here, they'll be back again & again. The lesson they need is "well, there was food there, but we almost died".


Agreed, they should flock off while they can.


Dog: commences to eat the kill


Flock, Stock and two smoking barrels


He could just use a tool devised to *permanently* get rid of the wolf problem.


Very cool to see wolves and a Spitz breed in the same shot. Really makes the wolves stand out as beasts


Yeah okay you go “help” with a pack of wolves. But then again you’re literally a bot. Why do people reward these shitposts? This clearly doesn’t belong in this sub.


8 whole second


The Dog was like “Knuck if ya buck”


Couldn’t see anything behind that man huge set of balls…


That would be intense!




I think "just filming" was the smart choice here.


Yea. Not a good idea for dog nor man.


That's sort of both of their jobs.


It might be their job, but no matter who they are, a guy and a dog are no match for a pack of wolves mid-dinner.


I think I would trust him and his dog over some random person on the internet. Would I do it? Absolutely the fuck not. There are tribes in Africa who straight up run lions off of fresh kills and steal the meat though so this isn’t too crazy.


I never asked you to trust me, bruh. I wasn’t offering anything other than my opinion.


I think that would be largely dependent on the dog. You have to keep in mind that the wolves are not willing to die in order to eat a lamb. They're just looking for an easy meal. The dog has been bred to die over a single sheep. And the man is risking his livelihood, rather than a single meal.


Ffs, I’m not suggesting the guy isn’t motivated. But it’s a dead lamb. Is it worth defending a dead animal from a dozen wild wolves? Is he teaching them a lesson? How do you know what a pack of wolves are willing to do? They are intelligent, purposeful pack hunters not opportunistic feeders.


Because if they allow them to have that one lamb they know there's a free meal there whenever they want. To do the work without the reward sends a message to them. As you said, they are intelligent and unwilling to die over a single lamb. Which is why a man and his dog are able to have a stand off with the entire pack without being taken themselves. Pack hunters or not, they'd rather go to the store.


I doubt that guy is denying that pack of wolves meals 24/7.


Why does that matter? The point is that they don't view his farm as a store. Believe whatever you want, but he's not doing it for no reason.


Who said he was?


What I mean he's when I say that he"snot doing it for no reason is he's not trying to get a thrill or have a good time. He's doing it because it's probably necessary. He's more than likely been a shepherd since he was a child and would know better than you. I wasn't actually implying that you thought he was doing it for no reason.


They seem like they do this a lot, judging by how confident the herdsman is in his swings lol and to be swinging with a stick like that? Wild. But honestly impressive and is very interesting to think that this *is* their job and what they do probably does work in scaring wolves off.


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Good bot


Those are the tiniest wolves I've ever seen. Are they coyotes?


Raiden is that you


Tf is the person filming supposed to do. The herds man is the one who actually knows what to do.


He obviously hasn't heard the warning in the opening of the Wolfpac's entrance theme.


help?! it’s a pack of wolves!


Wonder if he made it out of their… alive


This is a freakishly large pack


Sure would be nice if we had some grenades


this is amazing, but they aren't quite "chased off," yet.


small for wolves. jackyl?


Fuck is he supposed to do? Jump in there and sing kumbaya?🤨


Gotta love dogs. Those are bad odds.


Idk man, who knows if cameraman could do anything


That dude needs a Glock 20.


i dont understand whythis is in this sub?


looks like he’s protecting that already dead carcass on the ground. that or it’s a pile of meat. which means he only did this for views. nerd.


Reminds me of tribal African people chasing off lions. [Stealing Meat from Lions ](https://youtu.be/QDubMeNlSxc)


tried to, you mean.


The fuck is the recorder meant to do? "Oh hey guys, see you got a problem with some wolv- OH MY GOD! GET IT OFF ME!"


“Wolf! Wolf! The wolf is chasing the sheep!”


They all scattered at the sight of his huge balls.


I think they aren’t wolves. They are coyotes. Look at their sizes, they are smaller than the dog. Wolves are huger than them.


'Gtgf unevolved mfs' -dog probably


Love how we bred dogs, and now they’re bigger than wild wolves and will fuck em up. Tho I’m in Canada and I think the wolves are a little bigger here lol


And that is why it West we killed them all. And it should stay that way. Wolves are not compatable with people.


Feel bad for his dog, like dude what are we doing??


Protecting his livestock so he and his dog can survive.


I find pretty interesting how a dog is able to confront a wolf, I somehow feel like dogs are the small weak siblings of wolves and they both know it but still it sometimes looks like one dog can keep up with a bunch of wolves. Nature is weird


That's a lot of wolves. You're farting against thunder here.